September 14th Bug-Fixing Build

This bug-fixing build is about twice the size of a normal one! Made a few breakthroughs and fixed some very stubborn bugs that I hadn’t been able to fix in previous builds. You’ll definitely want to check out the list of changes below, since it most likely announces the removal of several problems that had been impacting your enjoyment of the demo.

But, to get to that list of changes, you’ll have to scroll down past this striking illustration by wolf-fram!

This one really stirs some emotions! That tired, weary look on Ayano’s face says, “I’m sorry that you have to die, but it’s the only way.” Chilling!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the girl sitting next to Yandere-chan to perform a “changing clothing” animation if the player used the glowing pink portal in class to advance to classtime from lunchtime.
  • It is now possible to save and reload the game during Osana’s Thursday rooftop event without the event glitching out. This means that you no longer have to reset the entire day if you fail the event.
  • There is now a little notification that pops up whenever you earn Info Points (aside from when you take photographs, since you already see a text message from Info-chan about that.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to be perpetually alarmed by something invisible at the location of Osana’s death, if Osana’s corpse was dismembered and disposed of.
  • If you complete Osana’s task and return her phone charm, that charm will be visible on her phone from that moment onwards, anytime her phone is visible.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the rival’s map marker to become visible during regular gameplay (outside of the map screen) after they had been murdered.
  • Fixed bug that granted the player an extra bottle of poison after they had poisoned Senpai or Osana’s bentos, either lethally or emetically.
  • Fixed bug that would make a little “F” key appear over the X button when viewing the Sunday Info-chan cutscene with a controller plugged in.
  • Updated the ceilings in the Senpai Creation Scene and Intro Cutscene to match the ceilings that are found in the school environment.
  • Fixed bug that would make the photo of Senpai and Amai slide out of Yandere-chan’s phone during the Sunday cutscene with Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug in Osana’s pool event that would make her character model turn invisible if the camera was adjusted to certain angles.
  • Re-fixed that pesky “End of Day Police Sequence Gets Stuck Forever” bug that would occur when trying to frame Osana for murder.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the Sanity label from updating properly if a student had been dismembered earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the ground to the south of the school gate to be invisible when viewed from the map screen.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from using the pink circle to finish the day if the police had been called.
  • Fixed bug that would negatively impact the framerate while any dismembered limbs were present around school.
  • The screen will no longer become blurry while sabotaging Osana’s phone during her Thursday rooftop event.
  • Kyuji will no longer try to follow Osana into the girls’ shower building.
  • There is now an illustration for the clerk of the Electronics Store.

47 thoughts on “September 14th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. However, you haven’t fixed the bug where the guidance counselor calls Osana to talk but she has been kidnapped by Yandere-chan, and the game soft locks. (pls fix that)

  2. Thank you so much Yandere dev but please rest. You’re uploading a lot of fixing builds lately and we dont want you to always not get rest and fix all the time!

  3. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev!

    Know how it’s possible to kill Senpai in the game? Well, obviously that destroys the point of the game, so here is a suggestion. If Senpai is ever killed in the game, that will cause an automatic game over.

    As to how “Snap mode” could play out after that, I was thinking it could focus on Yandere retrieving a knife so that she can follow Senpai into the afterlife, instead of taking him with her.

  4. Yanderedev, I have an idea for how you can eliminate Hanako with the befriend/betray elimination method. So she’s being bullied. Why? Because she is always around senpai. And then when you get her to a place to talk about bullying; she says “i’M BeInG BuLlIEd iN ThE IrL”.

  5. thank you I would kill osana in the girl’s shower building and he would just find her body and It would upset me so much because he shouldn’t be allowed IN.

  6. i like the bugs when a girl or whatever he follows you than if you go in the book room if you touch him he does nothing

  7. Fixed bug that granted the player an extra bottle of poison after they had poisoned Senpai or Osana’s bentos, either lethally or emetically.- glad you fixed that yandere dev! I had that problem with Raibaru too after I tried to poison Osana’s bento. & I was like: huh? What’s up with that?!

  8. Also there is another bug were after i murdered Uekiya Engeika Right in front of the one of the two Basu sisters right after I framed one of them. Then at the cut sense were the police come to Arrested one of the the Basu sisters & say that she was framed ( cause I framed her) but after that it says at the police cut sense that both of the Basu sister witnessed Ayano murdered Uekiya , but how can both of the sisters say that when right after I framed one of them & was put in jail for framing?! HUGE BUG! 😧

    • I have not been able to download the version with Tsundere-chan, the Internet is very bad in my country and the first time I downloaded it it was with errors. Let’s see if the second one goes well.

  9. I have a bug…. while playing Yandere simulator, I was doing the “Expel Your Rival” elimination… and I was using the speed up thing that needs a Senpai picture, to make it faster. Can you check it out? there’s lots of bugs going on with that elimination. I Think… I don’t know if this update fixed most of the bugs…

  10. I’m still new to the game so im still learning how it works Can I ask why I can’t proceed to week 2? Im stuck on Sunday 😐 I hope someone will answer me 😊

  11. YandereDev I need your help fixing bugs before releasing new builds and adding these seems to be less:
    While in mission mode and killing Nemesis (attacking from behind) she only deviated a few centimeters and stood up pressing (F), … maybe she and I killed together so … The screen froze in my and her position … but everyone was active … especially when the Student Council or the teacher passed by … resulting in a screen END OF MISSION …
    + In save and download mode after I save and open the upload, I can’t open (New debug {/ **) … or lose water in the detergent basin … but still the mop … and when immersed in water in a tub magically when taking water … 😲
    When making the Student Council or the student’s attention with the weapons that fell on the ground and attacked from behind. Her students all see me like looking through her legs … = _ = …
    + When crossing the bridge in the Japanese garden or the place where carrots are grown at the Gardening Club … The footprints that leave the blood will be printed again through the bridge or deep in the ground …? Why did the shovel fly out of the carrot garden? When I put them on the ground?
    + Holding a screwdriver or a paper knife and hitting the student council … Yan-chan will be expelled ???
    + I hope YandereDev will update the way that the Martial Arts Club practices instead of the way criminals fight, please update … Why the Martial Arts Club is practicing in the Japanese garden and when clicking on the episode Practice going back to the upstairs club ???

  12. After taking the time to go over everything, I have a few notes. I love the new title screen showing how we eliminated the rival. Maybe even if it’s non-violent we could see them there in some way? Osana and Senpai’s conversation while walking to school giving us an elimination clue is a good idea. More of that would be welcome. The school has a nice layout and following Osana to learn about the clubs was great. The voice acting is good and I look forward to the updated character models if this gets the funding. Kinda hope that the different violent eliminations get different amounts of blood on us in the future, a stab in the neck leaves less than decapitation. I found it dissatisfying that we can’t do anything to the stalker. (Can I at least kick him in the nuts?!) Osana’s so-called ‘dirty secret’ that we can spread around isn’t all that big. Maybe something more scandalous than silly?
    We see Osana’s body in the other eliminations but when drowned in the pool she just vanishes.
    Osana’s befriend/betray elimination phone call should be on Thursday otherwise we spend the rest of the week watching her break her promise about staying away from senpai. It would also give us the rest of the week to get close to her and ridding her of the stalker would be our last chance to stop her from confessing her love.
    As for Ribaru, the bullies would be no match for her so that method of getting her away from Osana doesn’t make sense.
    Besides Osoro, Mida, and Megami, there’s really no reason for the other girls to not already be present in the school. They could meet and get close to Senpai at different times, Amai could have been in the school this whole time then met Senpai like she did after Osana’s elimination.

  13. ”If you complete Osana’s task and return her phone charm, that charm will be visible on her phone from that moment onwards, anytime her phone is visible.

  14. Hey yandereDev, everytime I try to do the debug quick start the game runs into an error. I mean EVERYTIME.
    Is this something you can fix? I’ve never had this problem before.

  15. YandereDev, there is a pathfinding bug preventing the player from sabotaging Osana’s Thursday event. After 4:00, her movements become janky and she purposefully walks into walls and other decorations, getting stuck in them. This causes Raibaru to run back and forth in an erratic manner. When Osana is killed in this buggy state, both Raibaru and Osana teleport to the roof (where they’re supposed to be). No matter how many times the game and day is restarted, she still does the same thing.

  16. Small thing here, but:

    How. Do I. Kill. Raibaru. In. The. ABC Killer Challenge?

    LIKE: There’s only 3 confirmed methods for her to die. But you can’t make a mindslave in that challenge. Plus, I can’t get to lunchtime to poison her since there’s bodies all over the school. I can’t go to class. A N D: Osana comes sooner than Raibaru. Budo is one of the first few to take out, so you’re basically DOOMED if you don’t do his task before you kill him.

  17. Will the drive to suicide feature be different depending on the rival for example if oka already has a low reputation for being occult n all then wouldn’t it be the easiest elimination method for her?

  18. I’ve been getting this small bug, wanted to know if anyone else was getting it. Basically, after speaking to a lot of students(complimenting/gossiping), the students become blurry whenever you talk to them. It’s been happening to me in every new build, i’m unsure whats causing it.

    Could this be a low framerate/low quality issue? is anyone else getting this?

  19. Hey yandere dev. I have been having problems where when I launch the game, the screen is so small. This only happens in Yan sim but on other games on my PC, if doesn’t happen.

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