September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve been receiving a ton of really useful feedback about the demo over the past 2 weeks! A lot of this feedback comes from new players who have never played the game before, or who are returning to the game after several years of not playing it. These players have offered a very valuable perspective, because they have identified numerous ways in which the game is confusing to newcomers.

As it turns out, the vast majority of Yandere Simulator’s features are “hidden” from the player; there is no way for new players to know about most of the game’s features without guidance from a third party or a YouTube video. (For example, most new players don’t know that it’s possible to clean a bloody weapon by washing it at a drinking fountain. Did YOU know that?)

But, more importantly, most new players don’t know about the Schemes menu, don’t realize that the dialogue in Osana’s events is explicitly spelling out exactly how to eliminate her, and completely miss out on most of Osana’s daily scripted events. I’ve seen too many players just aimlessly wander around school, feeling lost and without any type of direction. Something clearly needs to change.

Whenever I’m faced with a game design challenge like this, I ask myself, “Well, how have similar games tackled the same issue?” which, in this case, translates to “Why doesn’t Hitman have the same problem?”

The answer is that Hitman has a playable tutorial that teaches the player everything they need to know in a fun and engaging way…while Yandere Simulator has annoying tutorial windows that interrupt gameplay in a very obnoxious way. The tutorial text is also way too long, prompting most players to ignore and disable the tutorial pop-ups.

The solution is adding a playable tutorial to the game, or delivering important information to the player in a way that is less obnoxious. I know exactly what the playable tutorial would be – a school play where Yandere-chan acts out various murder scenarios. However, adding a playable tutorial would take a couple of weeks…and it feels like we’re in a delicate, time-sensitive phase of the game’s development right now. Is this really the right time to add such a feature to the game?

Fortunately, I have an idea that might be the perfect solution! However, I don’t want to begin working on it just yet – I want to make a few more bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements before I move on to making serious additions/changes to the game’s design. There will probably be a few more bug-fixing builds until we reach that point.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful illustration by Vinaera! I love the art style!!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from recognizing kidnapping as a non-lethal elimination method if the kidnapping was performed without the Befriend/Betray method.
  • There is now a button prompt that appears onscreen when using the “Pass Time” feature to let the player know what button to press to stop passing time.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to run around the counselor’s office if she was caught misbehaving while sitting on a bench.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student’s reputation from returning to the correct value if the player reset the day.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to poison Osana’s bentos while Osana was standing right in front of them.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to slowly float up in the air while using the “Pass Time” feature on her phone.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to appear blurry at the beginning of the day if censor options were enabled.
  • Your current rival is now identified on the map by a marker, the same way that Senpai and Ayano are.
  • It is no longer possible to pause the game if someone is chasing you or about to chase you.
  • The ability to invert the camera’s X-axis controls has been added to the Settings menu.

82 thoughts on “September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hello YandereDev ! I allow myself to leave a comment for me also to speak about my experience on the game ! I am a former player of the game (French player, sorry for my bad English), having stopped playing for several years. I discovered your game in 2014, I loved following the game update and seeing the game evolve. I loved YS so much that I wrote fanfiction about the game method of the time. Then I stopped until I found out that the demo was finally available ! I thus discovered methods that I did not know (such as the waitress work mini-game, SNAP mode, etc.) and it was a great pleasure to rediscover the game ! I hope you manage to finalize it for good, and I would love to play the game again when it’s over ! Bonne chance, YanDev !

    • The bullies don’t either. I think it’s because they are doing it in their own time, not during call. Or, it could be apart of the headmaster allowing the students more freedom.

  2. Hey YandereDev! A couple years ago you replied to a reddit post concerning a Mac version of Yandere Simulator and said you might make a Mac version after Osana’s release, is this still going to happen?

  3. Sadly, people left the development because they didn’t want spoilers, now that they cam eback, they are completely lost and everything is new for them. I watched CoryxKenshin’s video of the Demo, and he didn’t know nothing about Raibaru, he didn’t know where the weapons were located, he forgot about quite everything (except BaldPai). He just go straight against Raibaru and tried to kill her (His reaction made me laugh, tho). At the end of the video he said that he would have waited until the “experts” Of Yandere Simulator upload new videos, such as Kubz Scouts or Bijuu Mike.

    • I followed basic updates but didn’t play that much. So when I came back, I was super lost, even with knowledge on what Yan-Dev had put in. As a semi-old player that hadn’t played in a while, the schemes were super useful at least ^^ Though I felt like a granny with the stuff I was using the schemes for.

  4. i feel like when there’s a dead body found, a teacher should make an announcement on the speaker to get everyone inside a classroom… weird how there’s a dead body and ppl are just walking around like normal until their AI detects it

  5. I think the tutorial is a gr8 idea. Even if it adds a few weeks to development. Every game with extensive features needs a tutorial

    I’ve been following for years and I had no idea you can clean bloody weapons!

    • Maybe you can even make it in steps. Like. Do one tutorial for the basics. And then have subsequent tutorials for other niche things to do in the game?

  6. I really appreciate how on top of everything you are in terms of actively fixing bugs. I know it may be really tough with how mean spirited the internet is but I just want to thank you for your work on this awesome game until now. I don’t want you to be worried about this game being compared because this will happen either way no matter what you do. I just want to say that you have a great foundation so far for what this game could be. I do not want you to get lost in the negativity. Just focus on finishing up and keep on doing what you’ve been doing!

  7. I do think that add the tutorial with Kokona it’s a very good idea, I will took a couple of weeks but , now or later you need to do that. I think that is better do it now. If you make the tutorial at this point of time after you can fix bugs and add small feature.

  8. Thank you Yandere dev for noticingthis, when i watch players play yandere simulator they have no idea how to do things like plant bugs or know info chan or know when any events are happening and it makes me very frustrated.
    if i could suggest a couple of things :
    make the students walk faster, or at least osana and raiberu since they walk SO slow and most players think they are walking someone unimportant and loose interest and they end up missing events.
    Maybe on info chans menu there should be a pop up saying how to earn points, if you havent already because people only know the panty method and that only supplies 2 points and is very hard to achieve

  9. it’s always a dilemma for found a way for “balance” tyhe game :/ many players complain if the game is “too easy” , but will complain if that become too hard x) but i admit than an active tutorial (but optionnal) for methods or others will be nice. ^^
    now, we’ve many options for learn by youtube or the wiki by example (but iunderstand if some players don’t want a “spoil” either.
    anyway, good luck in your projects 🙂

  10. I personally think if there was a tutorial of game play it shouldn’t be every elimination obviously, so if is was just the basic way to dispose of the weapon, body and other evidence including a voice over it with the last part being a sort of cut scene of ways to eliminate your rival then showing how to get to the schemes menu and receive points for Info Chan.

  11. I was a newcomer to the game because I did not want spoilers, (I used to watch all the updates and watch people play it but then stopped as Osana was getting more into completion), and I honestly navigated the game fairly well. I, however, did read EVERYTHING, all tutorials, all scripted events, all info chan messages in the menu. However, that is just me, most people do not have that same experience (Granted that I knew a bit from your videos, did not know about the blood washing). I think you need more help, I would suggest trying to get more people to help you out with the game or something! I enjoyed the game so much, I check every day to see if there is an update so I can check things out. I really cannot wait for the full release of the game because it’s so good. However, don’t rush it, then the game will be a disappointment and all the work you put in will be for nothing. There will always be people here to play your game even in 2025. The game is good and it will be even better if you take your time and do the best you can.

  12. Until you make a play tutorial, why don’t you try to express importance of the tutorial windows beforehand. Like as soon as normal gameplay would start. Make a window pop up that says “welcome to Yandere simulator! These tutorials offer valuable information and will appear as you play. If you REALLY think you don’t need them, you can disable by pressing _button_ and reenable them by pressing _button_”

    How is that?

  13. I say add in the tutorial feature. If this is an issue that’s affecting players during the demo, it’s obviously a major issue you’ll want to get to work on before the crowdfunding campaign. Otherwise, players playing the demo may lose interest and may not want to play when the full game comes out.
    Also, artwork isn’t displaying.

  14. Yandere Dec I think it would be cool if raibaru dies osana would confess to senpai the next day because she would be completely destroyed inside and she would confess to him because if he say “yes” she would feel much better

  15. There’s a glitch with saving/loading that makes the drama club go back to the drama room from the gym, it’s annoying and just asking if you can look into fixing it. And yes it is replecatble

    • Sorry to point out another glitch but this one is very annoying. If poisoning Osana’s bento it seems to be a 50/50 chance that the event with her and Taro just doesnt play and she goes straight to eating, it’s very odd.

  16. Hey Yanderedev, you see… It’s true when you finish a week in the video Game and enter Menu’s extra, there you can start using the commands, but the fact is that… For example; if you save the game to continue later, when you continue with the game from where you left off, the commands can no longer be used anymore. Even if you continue from you saved you can’t longer use the commands anymore. You hace to constantly have to be finishing a week in orden to get into Menu’s extra and be able to use the commands

  17. Sorry to point out another glitch but this one is very annoying. If poisoning Osana’s bento it seems to be a 50/50 chance that the event with her and Taro just doesnt play and she goes straight to eating, it’s very odd.

  18. And btw I know this is by design but could pass time feature via your phone still be enabled even after a murder, it makes the genocide ending kinda annoying and a chore to have to sit through class without being able to pass time and just waiting.

  19. Hey, isn’t it kind of odd when you eliminate your rival, the Osana and Senpai street cutscene still appears? Can you fix that?

  20. Hey, I remember you saying something in a video a while ago about Kokona (I think it was her) asking the player to help with a play about a serial killer, and that served as the game’s tutorial… I think that would be a perfect tutorial, since you could show off all the important features in the game. Perhaps there’s multiple scenes, showing different challenges you could face (someone taking a picture of you, someone guarding the body, someone finding blood or a limb, etc) and different things to do (washing the weapon, getting rid of blood, getting a new uniform, etc).
    As for introducing schemes, maybe Info-Chan could mention coming to her for help in the beginning game texts.

    Of course, these are just ideas.

  21. Yes, I knew about the water fountain. I just don’t really use it because I want to clean up quickly and I’m already by the incinerator anyway.

    Also, please add Kokona as a tutorial, as I (and quite possibly others) think that it’s crucial for a demo to have one and Kokona would be perfect for the job as our ex-rival.

  22. I recall that a few years ago, he came up with a tutorial that included doing a ‘play’ with Kokona that taught players the basics. It never truly got implemented, obviously.

  23. Pausing should always be possible.
    E.g.,if I receive an important phone call.

    Btw the escape key should go to the settings/a menu, where you can leave the game, and enter should be equivalent to the e key.

  24. Wow, a playable tutorial for the demo is a great idea! It would put Kokona to good use and show new players what to do. A lot of fans love Kokona, and I think she would make a perfect tutorial rival! Go ahead and implement it when you can, and maybe make a video about it, too.

  25. Here’s an idea – you could (also) add random tips to the loading screens. It’s very cheap to add while still having some good impact. Something like “Did you know? You can clean bloody weapons by washing it in drinking fountains!”, or “Your gossip will be more effective on students you befriended. Higher reputation can also help!”.

  26. I think useing kokona as A tutorial would be great but, yandare dev I found A bug were when you beat the game use the cheats menu to use debug menu that only A new file can use cheats and only on the first day.
    The next day all the cheats are gone and even if you retype the cheat in And reload the file you have to start another new file you use cheats.
    The only reason I’m even useing cheats is to use pose mode.
    Was this done on purpose?
    Aslo speaking of pose mode I found A glitch were if you go into pose mode and try to stop Osana or riabaru they will not care if you use stop animation and walk off glitchy to class.
    Aslo they will do there normal events even during pose mode as well.
    Just wanted you to know.

  27. That’s true. One of my friends downloaded Yan Sim but he was very confused, he didn’t know what to do, not even what his objective was and he was asking me a lot of stuff. Hopefully, the new tutorial system helps more people like him in the future.

    • I saw on the loading screen that you could spawn a trail or open a map, so for a little while I used those, but it wasn’t long before I figured out how to get to class without them.

  28. Info-chan says in the intro to check the Favors app for guidance, so I don’t know why people aren’t finding the Schemes menu. Maybe there should be an “Open Phone” prompt? Other than that, I think if you just removed pop-up tutorials (but left them in the Tutorials app), labeled the map, and put in the Tutorials app one that listed bug locations, the tutorials wouldn’t be annoying, the phone would have everything the player needs to know to eliminate Osana, and it would be simpler and take less time to add to the game than a playable tutorial. Besides, isn’t Osana already the tutorial?
    By the way, I noticed that the “Info Points” screen in the Favors app was missing the new method where you take photos of students’ faces, and the “Info-chan’s Services” screen in the Tutorials app was missing that and the stolen-phone method.

  29. if i’m not mistaken, the planned tutorial was going to be kokona asking yan-chan to help her rehearse for a play, was it not?

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