September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve been receiving a ton of really useful feedback about the demo over the past 2 weeks! A lot of this feedback comes from new players who have never played the game before, or who are returning to the game after several years of not playing it. These players have offered a very valuable perspective, because they have identified numerous ways in which the game is confusing to newcomers.

As it turns out, the vast majority of Yandere Simulator’s features are “hidden” from the player; there is no way for new players to know about most of the game’s features without guidance from a third party or a YouTube video. (For example, most new players don’t know that it’s possible to clean a bloody weapon by washing it at a drinking fountain. Did YOU know that?)

But, more importantly, most new players don’t know about the Schemes menu, don’t realize that the dialogue in Osana’s events is explicitly spelling out exactly how to eliminate her, and completely miss out on most of Osana’s daily scripted events. I’ve seen too many players just aimlessly wander around school, feeling lost and without any type of direction. Something clearly needs to change.

Whenever I’m faced with a game design challenge like this, I ask myself, “Well, how have similar games tackled the same issue?” which, in this case, translates to “Why doesn’t Hitman have the same problem?”

The answer is that Hitman has a playable tutorial that teaches the player everything they need to know in a fun and engaging way…while Yandere Simulator has annoying tutorial windows that interrupt gameplay in a very obnoxious way. The tutorial text is also way too long, prompting most players to ignore and disable the tutorial pop-ups.

The solution is adding a playable tutorial to the game, or delivering important information to the player in a way that is less obnoxious. I know exactly what the playable tutorial would be – a school play where Yandere-chan acts out various murder scenarios. However, adding a playable tutorial would take a couple of weeks…and it feels like we’re in a delicate, time-sensitive phase of the game’s development right now. Is this really the right time to add such a feature to the game?

Fortunately, I have an idea that might be the perfect solution! However, I don’t want to begin working on it just yet – I want to make a few more bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements before I move on to making serious additions/changes to the game’s design. There will probably be a few more bug-fixing builds until we reach that point.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful illustration by Vinaera! I love the art style!!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from recognizing kidnapping as a non-lethal elimination method if the kidnapping was performed without the Befriend/Betray method.
  • There is now a button prompt that appears onscreen when using the “Pass Time” feature to let the player know what button to press to stop passing time.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to run around the counselor’s office if she was caught misbehaving while sitting on a bench.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student’s reputation from returning to the correct value if the player reset the day.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to poison Osana’s bentos while Osana was standing right in front of them.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to slowly float up in the air while using the “Pass Time” feature on her phone.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to appear blurry at the beginning of the day if censor options were enabled.
  • Your current rival is now identified on the map by a marker, the same way that Senpai and Ayano are.
  • It is no longer possible to pause the game if someone is chasing you or about to chase you.
  • The ability to invert the camera’s X-axis controls has been added to the Settings menu.

82 thoughts on “September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yes an tutorial with voice acting will be preferable might take some time, but for now an different rival to eliminate can substituted as well or an different or smaller size map of the school could be used just simple subtitles would do a great deal as well ateleast they would be better than the bombarding of text.
    It will be well-worth In the future.
    It atleast new players would not be roaming freely without any reason and claiming it being full of bugs with no goal cuz they are not bothered to watch tutorials on yt.
    Tutorial is actually the better part of the game for me its like an adventure for everyone to learn the cool mechanism and thought put behind them, only brings out an more valuable experience.
    Take gta v for an example it has one of the best entry missions it tells you how to shoot how to drive and how to switch characters, and most importantly steal vehicles while considering the fact that about 90 percent of the playerbase knows the control scheme and mechanics to some extent and making it enjoyable for the newcomers and returners alike.

  2. I guess my first question is about the empty rooms, will they be occupied and have benefits for the player and match the rest of the school looking completed and nicely designed.

    My other question is the Announcement Room. I know it will be used for security in the future but what about when normal, who will it be used by? The Staff? Or students? Will there be announcements at different times of the day or just mornings and afternoons? Is this everyday or a weekly thing? If you were to implement weather would they talk about it? Upcoming exams? School field trips? Holidays? Special events like an upcoming play or special guest? A recycled introduction of motivation for students, and possibly an anthem (I’m from Canada and we always stood and sang O Canada). Would they talk about mysteries activities or events, caution and warn others? Remind students of the rules and so forth? Saying they found unsuspicious missing items? Talk about missing students and ask for prayers for their safe return or students to report any information? Talk about news of the city or town they live in? Sport Events? I can see numerous opportunities that could be used. I remember in Persona 4 Golden how at the beginning on the intercom a staff member told the students to stay in their classes until they had further information from the police and giving the students orders to return home immediately. And that just created a new question, if a teacher has a teacher’s pet report a body and it’s still there and they call the police why don’t they call or inform the rest of the staff that there is a murderer on the loose? That one of them could warn the students in the Announcement Room to go to their home room or hide, or have some type of cautionary action like in school shootings. I know it would be time consuming and more harder but I think it would make it more challenging and difficult and make more consequences for the player for murder. And maybe to prevent this the player would have to tamper or break or mess things up in the Announcement Room to buy more time before the school is in panic. Or till the Staff member goes to the Head Master who may or may not have access to his own system to access the intercoms.
    Also, for burning any student, I think there should be consequences for burning a student inside the school. I am wondering if the school will have fire alarms/smoke detectors and a fire sprinkler system. It would be more realistic to a school and make players cautious and mindful of were they should set someone on fire. Also, if the player uses a fire alarm and press the button or pull down depending there should also be consequences if the player tries to use it as a prank or to mess with the school. Like with the school roof and the punishment of a fence the fire alarm would be more secure, the second time would be glass and the third time could be with a key that only staff, possibly the Student Council and maybe Club Leaders would have access with keys (or perhaps cameras aimed to them). Also, with adding a fire distinguisher to the game as a weapon it should also be used as its purpose. If the player or other characters see something or someone on fire, they should try putting it out, I can see Staff, Student Council, Heroics and those who see their love ones on fire run and get the fire distinguisher and put them out. Also, I think dropping a fire distinguisher/ fire extinguisher in the incinerator would be naturally dangerous (and anything that is pressurized and could explode) and should be cleaned of blood, but if blood is found on it then I think as a punishment it should also be more secure similar to the alarm.

    Also, I was thinking there should be consequences of stealing items particulary keys. If a student has lost something, they should report it and ask friends to help find it or themselves looking for it like Osana. If you frame someone for stealing a student’s property, they should hold a grudge or show resentment to the one they think stole from them, spreading rumors and lowering reputation or even ruining friendships. Also, for students who lost their things or have it stolen they should be more cautious for their belongings making it harder in the future. Also, if key’s go missing there should be concern and consequences for the players actions, locks being changed, and those who keys were stolen being more cautious and aware of their surroundings. And if caught with stolen items and key’s the punishment should be harsh. Also, if items go missing in certain parts of the school, mostly club room items that club members would notice they should also be awry and cautious that someone is stealing from them. And if the player is spotted red-handed by the one they stole from or their friends the player should be reported and that they should be punished by having a grudge on them by the one they stole from and their friends.

    Also, a side note I would love if you added the flower option to the desk of a deceased student or a bullied student. Also, once you fully have the school completed and mapped out you should have a ‘Fire Escape Plan’/’Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan’ it would make the school more real and help players locate their position, Fire Exit, Assembly Point, fire distinguisher/ fire extinguisher and fire alarms are. Also I would hope you will be fallowing a school system similar to persona of exams, holidays and special events and so forth of the year, and the possibilities to do during holidays and such. Also, I think a School Store would be beneficial to the player, it could be used to buy gifts for rivals for the suitors to give, gifts for Senpai, as well as other possibilities. And I have a solution to the person behind the counter and it’s thanks to the drawing in the ‘Let’s Examine Persona – Part 2’ video. The illustration looks bored and tired, so what if they suffer from boredom and fall asleep? I had the idea from the video game ‘Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge’, in the game Aladdin has two types of weapons, his sword and a throwing weapon, in the level of Agrabah there is a man selling apple’s and is looking around cautiously until he falls asleep for a few seconds until he wakes up and repeats or unless Aladdin makes noise, so Aladdin has to do a certain walk to steal the apples. So, what if you wait for the store keeper to fall asleep them making a noise to signal the player that they are asleep or having Zzz’s popping out of their head so you can do what you need to do before they wake up. This is my suggestion of how you can have this kinda character and option in the game (but the Street is a great addition and I can see so much potential and possibilities). Also, I have another question regarding of friendships, mostly with the rivals. What if with the suitor or helping your rival and befriending them gives you bonus options, like rewards for sparing and keeping your rivals alive. Like that the friendship continues forth throughout the game, like if you were to let Osana live and when Amai appears what if there are options of seeking help from Osana and advice and so on and so worth till Megami appears, that you the player have all these friends you somehow bonded with and befriended and due to what you did they got your back and are supporting you, that since they found happiness in a suitor or whatever you helped them with they’d want the same for you. I think it would be interesting and unique and would give the surviving rivals a bigger role and purpose throughout the game. Also it be great if they could teach and help the player with prepairing to be with Senpai, like for example Amai teaching to make meals to prepaire for marriage or something.

    Another thing I can’t help but think of is showing results from your actions, like if you helped Osana with her stalker you should show her distancing herself from Senpai and how he’d react, or seeing her with her boyfriend. Also I’d suggest that you have Raibaru and Osana talk about Kyuji and how she is feeling about him and is falling for him maybe conflicted with her feelings for both boys until she finally picks Kyuji seeing him as perfect or her dream man.

    Also I think there should be consequences if you were spotted by the stalker when you are in his room, that he’d never forget you (despite his obsession with Osana and stealing her cat) also if you had her hook up with Kyuji I think you should show or explain if her issue was resolved or handled by the stalker situation and how that would affected her despite being inlove and having a boyfriend. Also I would highly recommend naming her cat, it would make it allot more personal and sweeter. Also I think for sneaking into the stalkers house I think the player should have the option to wear or not wear a mask and having the others react accordingly. Also I think with the stalkers reputation and by what his sister said the player should have had the option to unlock or pick at his door, also an explanation of were his parents went when grabbing the cat and leaving. I really enjoyed the stealth and sneaking aspect of the game and it was very exciting to see and makes me wonder if that could happen at the school.

    Also with spreading gossip about Osana we should see the bullying take place and how it would affect her and how Senpai and Raibaru feel about it and how they think of the rumours being spread around and how others would react or say when she commits suicide. Also see how Osana reacts to rumours and bullying to Raibaru. In fact how would students react if they actually witnessed the bullies bullying a student? Would they have different reactions depending on their personalities or turn a blind eye? In fact would other students react to the smell of gasoline or notice when someone is wet? Would the bullies snicker when seeing a bucket of water drop on a character? Wouldn’t phone addicts panic about their smartphone getting wet?

    In fact I wonder if the player could reveal the bullying and who the bullies really are.

    Also I am very excited to see the player redeem the delinquents and joining the student council and getting to know the members. And I am very curious about the Yakuza. Also I wonder if the player can become a Teachers Pet by keeping on the staffs good side or assisting other students by taking them to the school nurse, in fact if a student is with a friend or family member or club member maybe they should have dialog if they don’t feel good by getting a headache or running to the bathroom, maybe depending on their personality question if they need help or escort, and if they say they don’t and they don’t return after a certain amount of time maybe they will come looking for them to make sure they are alright.

    Also this might be a milestone and would be allot of work but I think Yandere-Chan when in her different personas should talk and speak like how those personas show fitting to the character she is portraying herself as.

  3. Hey YandereDev! One of the Osoro’s eliminations can be the “Abandoned” elimination causing her to leave school or lose her tough personality. If you do it SEVERLY she might commit suicide(?) if do neutrally, she will leave school, if you do it rarely, she might avoid contact to people and lose her personality. The way you can do is just befriend the delinquents and join their “club”, then hang out with them more than Osoro does. I don’t know why I thought about this but you can hang out with them by intimidating a few people so the delinquents will be inspired by you, but it may have some challenge:

    1. Intimidating people lowers your reputation so you got to do this another way.

    2. You might cause a fight with Osoro when she gets a bit left out or too annoyed.

    3. If you do it WAY too much, the delinquents may get bored and lose interest and hang out with Osoro instead.

    You can change how it is, it is completely up to you if you want to use this idea.

  4. I hadn’t got to submit my thoughts, but this is exactly what I was thinking. First time playing in a long time, though I’ve been following development. Knowing about the schemes is the only way I felt I knew what to do. I hated that the first thing I wanted to do was buy the schemes though… I dunno what would fix that really.

    I also feel like the pop ups are a tad annoying and I think the tutorial would be a way better way to explain how to play the game and give clues, especially when the day immediately opens with Osana interactions. The day starts with Osana before new players would even know anything about the characters, school or game. I think instinct tells the player to listen to the obvious conversation, but afterwards leaving to explore the school, not knowing Osana is going to talk to Raibaru. After that, theyd end up missing a LOT of information….the bento box, the ideal boy, the phone convo, osanas club opinions…if you do follow her the whole morning, immediately after lunch and after school, you again have to follow Osana and don’t have a chance to explore the school. i think the player should have a little bit more time to look around school before being thrown into the meat of the game. Possibly the tutorial could help with this.

    A big issue I was thinking about concerned buying schemes. I enjoyed looking for the bug locations, but I felt that 10 possibly wouldn’t be enough for the whole game of you didnt want to do panty shots. Also, panty shots seem extremely hard to get, so I think its a bit ridiculous to have players possibly depend on them if they’re stuck. Its less challenging and more annoying or frustrating. I think more bug locations or tasks for Info-chan would be helpful, also “opportunities” for panty shots if those are a serious mechanic. I personally feel like finding the bug locations feels better and is more fun, it gives extra interest to the game, while I feel…panty shots don’t. They feel gross, they feel ridiculous, they’re hard to acquire, they usually end in your reputation dropping drastically.

    I’m sure I have more thoughts that I cant think of currently…overall, I’m really enjoying the demo and I’m excited for the full release!

  5. Yeah! Tutorial! I’ve already written a few different ideas on Reddit as the topic comes up often. The one I’ll post here is that since Hanako’s week is a school fair for prospective students that the tutorial could be a memory of her experience from the year before. With the playable section of Kokona’s play is her being randomly chosen from the crowd and dragged into a play for the prospective students and their parents. It could also be a bit of a lore reveal, as parents could recognize her parents and do double takes and try and guide their kids in another direction. And as I also wrote before, after the play Ayano’s father could look away uncomfortable and try to back up until he runs into her mother and as she grabs him and puts her head on him, he suddenly becomes over enthusiastic with a look of pain and fear. No real deep reveals, just lets the player know something else is going on in the background with her parents. Especially if the tutorial ending cutscene ends on a shot of the parents form behind with the music souring.

    Also since Ayano is completely uninterested in things, she could be reading Light Note as she’s walking before she’s grabbed and in the jumbled background conversations could be a clear sentence of “Did you see how she killed that guy the new issue of Light Note? That was brutal.” That would be a clue to read her collection in her room for methods.

  6. Yandere dev if you pretty much Have all the assets from using kokana has a place holder for a rival you could ad her back as a rival in the demo. You can have her storyline and everything be a tutorial that’s more in depth do new players and experience this from assets you already mostly have. This could also give players a sense of progress eliminating two rivals having kokana be the first one but another idea is that kokana can be part of a playable dream cut scene that will be in a scaled down version of the school. It can give players a sense of what’s to come for the next rival(s) but if you fail to Get rid of kokana it won’t end in a game over it would just make the player wake up or something idk just throwing some ideas.

  7. I Have a Suggestion for the Expel Method. So here it is. I Think the Guidance counselor might get suspicious of Yan-Chan if she keeps reporting everything. The guidance counselor is an adult, not a child able to be fooled by one person broadcasting nasty things. I Think Yan-Chan should wear a disguise every day after Monday. This will allow the Player to Report Osana Without the Guidance Counselor becoming suspicious that Yan-Chan is setting Osana up to be expelled.

  8. I’m suggesting he add a concept done by Reuben W on YouTube:Have the ability for Ayano to disguise herself as a rival to ruin the rival’s reputation by dressing up, dying her hair and behaving like the current rival. Once the rival’s friends start following Ayano, do things like laugh insanely and show up late for class to start lowering the rival’s reputation. You get the ruined reputation Game Over, but the rival’s reputation is down low enough that Senpai will reject her confession, for as YanDev once put it “Senpai could never love a girl with a bad reputation.”

  9. May I suggest Kokona dragging Yandere-chan into helping her practice skits for drama club as a way to do some tutorials? Everyone loves Kokona. (Okay, maybe it’s just me).

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