September 11th Bug-Fixing Build

There’s a weird bug that prevents players from starting new save files at the title screen. I haven’t encountered the bug myself, but in this build, I attempted to solve the problem. If you’ve been encountering that bug, please download this build and let me know if it still happens!

For a list of everything else that was changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous illustration of Osana by Sjao!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would make a character forget what they were supposed to be doing if they spotted a dropped weapon on the ground while on their way to check their locker for a note.
  • Second attempt to fix bug that would cause characters to continue vomiting indefinitely if the player attended class while someone was vomiting.
  • Fixed bug that made Senpai hold a bento and chopsticks in his hands if the Low Reputation Game Over cutscene was triggered while he was eating.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to steal Sakyu Basu’s ring right off of her finger, after she had already caught you attempting to steal her ring.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause Senpai’s face texture to become messed up during the “Meeting Amai” cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that could make Senpai fall through the ground during the Low Reputation Game Over cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the shadow behind the tutorial text to not always match the text in front of it.
  • The end of the intro animation has been changed to avoid triggering seizures in people with epilepsy.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would prevent the player from being able to start a new save file.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana to freeze in place if she witnessed a murder.
  • Fixed bug that made the Low Reputation Game Over cutscene appear blurry.

In addition to the above, the Info Point system has been slightly reworked:

  1. Taking a photo of a student’s face will now give you 1 Info Point.
  2. Taking a photo of a student’s panties will now give you 5 Info Points.
  3. Taking a photo of a popular student’s panties will now give you 10 Info Points.
  4. Planting a bug will now give you only 5 Info Points.
  5. Same as before, giving Info-chan a stolen smartphone will now give you 20 Info Points.

I still intend to implement one more way to earn Info Points, but I won’t implement it until the demo is a little bit more stable.

57 thoughts on “September 11th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. “Planting a bug will now give you only 5 Info Points.”
    Aww, come on, Dev! LOL.

    But seriously, thank you for all you’re doing! 🙂

  2. Oh very well! I’m very glad, there are so many bug fixes every days.
    I also discovered a mini bug, When you are in the town you can still press “+” to speed up time.
    And also i don’t think that make a lot of sense that Kokona go to dates at morning.

  3. Hey yandere dev can you make android ver of this im Download it on my laptop but its always crash soo pls make android ver of it i beg you Thaks!

  4. I found a super weird bug. When I tried doing any of Osana’s expulsion methods, and when the Counselor cutscene begins, it’ll have that warning that says it’s the “End-of-Day cutscene”. Then during the cutscene, the Police Investigation music will play.

    Once the cutscene ends, Ayano spawns outside of school at the same spot you normally go to end the day. Other things I noticed was how all weapons disappeared and the camera completely broke.

    The weirdest part of this is when you kill a student and ended the day. The police investigation music will play while showing the outside of the Counselor’s office. The game is stuck there (Unless you load a recent save).

  5. Darn the bugs are only worth 5 now ;-; good work yandere chan like how everything is going keep things in a slow steady paste take some time for self care ok

  6. I think that Yanderedev is doing very well in development and I like that it is spontaneous that he comes up with very original ideas
    And hopefully yandere simulator is successful because it is a wonderful game

  7. The changes with the Info Points, taking photos of students is a really good way to earn a point. Since it rewards the player to learn more about the characters, it’s a really good way to get the player to see all of the students as ‘real’.

  8. I’ve been trying to take panty shots for the Osana rejection method on Wednesday, but it won’t let me. I’m on an old computer, so the frame rate is between 10-30 fps, would this cause me to be unable to take panty shots? I also had to turn all of the setting to the lowest it can go…. could that be why?

  9. Yo, Yandere dev. I just saw a bug. After I leave Osana’s phone on her desk I cannot switch back to my phone. It only happens if
    I leave the phone while equipping her phone

  10. I found a really weird bug in this build. It happens whenever you do any type of scheme to expell Osana on any day. Before the Guidance Counselor cutscene plays, it’ll give the “End-of-Day” warnjng despite being in the middle of the day. The police investigation music also plays during the cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, Ayano spawns outside of school (at the area you go to end the day). To add on, all weapons have disappeared and the camera is broken.

    If you kill someone and end the day, (doesn’t matter if you try and get away with it) the *ACTUAL* End-of-Day/Police Investigation Cutscene is bugged. The police investigation music plays while the screen shows the outside of the Guidance Counselor’s office as if were the Guidance Counselor cutscene. The whole game is then stuck, unless you load a save.

  11. Hey, I have a suggestion, in relation to the future weeks and rivals. So basically, my idea was that of a different atmosphere/feel for each week, to give it a different feel. For example, The amai week should be brighter and more cheery, to fit in line with her personality, and the game should reflect that. Another example is maybe Osoro. I think her week should be way more edgy and violent than the others, maybe make it a week where it rains, so that more people are in the building, creating more obstacles.
    Also, one last question I had, was related to what you said in a video. I remember you saying, “I don’t want every rival to be a clone of osana.”. How do you plan to do that?

  12. here is a bug i found: if osana sits on the fountain and reads senpais book he gave to her and u crouch or do something she witnesses she just goes away without stretching so i cannot throw the book in the water 😦

  13. Suggestion: I think it would be logical to be able to buy a power strip from the electronics store.
    I think should be atleast 14.99 (If it does get added).

  14. Attempted to fix bug that would cause Senpai’s face texture to become messed up during the “Meeting Amai” cutscene.-yeah when you said that I saw what happened to his face while playing the demo yesterday. And I thought, what the heck is wrong with his face?! 😨 glad you got that fixed! 😉 btw does his face texture act all weird if you change the way you want your senpai to look like? Cause if so then that might be another bug. Is it a bug if you had senpai’s skin to look white and then something wrong with it with the cutscene with ami? It looked weird! 😂

  15. Suggestion: after the befriend/betrayal, the Thursday cutscene of osana with senpai in the street still happens even after osana said she would not be with senapi anymore
    fix it please

  16. Yandere dev please read this, the game is outside the monitor and i can only partially see the game elements like sanity meter, time etc. I tried lowering the resolution and it didn’t work. Please fix this.

  17. With the new info point upgrade, perhaps adjust the amount of points each item costs when the player searches the list of things from Info Chan. Or nerf the amount of points one gets from performing various tasks. Also, make Budo as strong as Raibaru. If he defeated her, he ought to have the same strengths as her and serve as a second bodyguard patrolling the school

  18. /Interpreter/
    I am having a serious problem that I cannot deal with while uninstalling the game. Apparently, the fact that I saved the game before influenced new games. If I start saving from the very beginning, then some of the characters will already be dead. I reinstalled the game several times, but there are dead characters in each of the three slots. What should I do?

  19. Can you please make it when you put a bug in the student council room (or in any place the popular or important people talk in) it will give you 10 or 15 info points

  20. Hey,I tried eliminating Osana many times by killing her dismembering her and disposing of her body with the case but the game doesn’t count her as dead and when the week ends it just says Osana asks Senpai to meet her under the cherry tree… etc. and after I press continue the screen just becomes black.

  21. Uhhh… Yandere dev I was scrolling through yandere sim videos and I found this… “Ayano is a yandere but she doesn’t act like one. She doesn’t stalk her ‘senpai’ enough to figure out who is her next rival. She’s literally just a psychopath, not a yandere. a serial killer.”

  22. What can I say? It seems that everything is going very easy. Keep working on that bug, we are sure you can fix it.

    A separate question. How will you feel if Ayano mistook you for Sempai?

  23. Looking good! If there was one thing that I’d want in a future build, I think it would be having a notification of some sort pop up when you do something that would give you Info Points that tells you how much you earned and how much you currently have. I think it would be useful

  24. I love the panty update I get really nervous taking panty shots because I am scared that my reputation will go down and I will be caught by a student council

  25. I love the panty update I get really nervous taking panty shots because I am scared that my reputation will go down and I will be caught by a student council oml

  26. no matter where I download from, there’s a folder that it says is essential to open the game that is missing. “DEMO_data”
    I need help, it won’t let me play without it.

  27. Hey yandev, there’s a really annoying bug. Turning on low detail students messes up the game. When I was doing the alphabet killer challenge ( problem doesn’t exist only here ), I couldn’t kill Osana at all. There was no option to speak, attack or interact with her at all. Her body is not there as well even though she is in range. Please fix.

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