September 9th Bug-Fixing Build

To see a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling artwork by GenesisRosario!

  • Removed exploit that allowed the player to kill Osana effortlessly in the locker room without Raibaru knowing if she was splashed with water before having a phone call with her stalker.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a student to be alarmed by the existence of a corpse even if they had just been told by another student that a corpse was present at school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana’s voice lines to continue playing during the “End of Day” sequence if the police arrived during that scripted event.
  • Teachers will no longer be alarmed by the sight of Yandere-chan picking up a suspicious object if Yandere-chan is about to be chased by someone.
  • Raibaru should no longer be able to be alarmed by nearby students’ reactions while she is performing a takedown on Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Osana’s rooftop events from stopping if she was splashed with water while walking to the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to activate the fan decapitation even if Osana wasn’t anywhere near the fan.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer be considered “eavesdropping” if she is talking to another student.
  • Fixed bug that caused a black bar to appear on the right side of the tutorial window.
  • Removed debug commands that were not supposed to be accessible in the street scene.
  • Providing Info-chan with a stolen phone is now worth 20 Info Points instead of 10.
  • It is no longer possible to kill Senpai with an electrified puddle of water.
  • Changed the character model that Senpai is using when he meets Amai.
  • Adjusted collision boxes around the stalker house.

50 thoughts on “September 9th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Well, this has been REALLY bugging me lately. If the Occult Club students (well, most of them) are cowards, then why do they perform group take-downs if at least four of them witness you commit murder? The same also doesn’t really make sense if Horuda or Hazu witness murder and help take Ayano down even though they’re shy, timid, and would overall never have the courage to even attempt to restrain a murderer.

    Overall, I kind of think cowards, loners, or those who don’t have any sort of self-defense stat whatsoever shouldn’t perform group take-downs.

  2. Hey, Yandere Dev! I have some suggestions for the game to tell you. I think a game should combine various methods, such as if the player chooses to deal with Osana Najimi in a peaceful way, can the player match Osana Najimi and help her deal with the stalker problem? Will Osana Najimi help Ayano aishi in the next rivalry mission? In the end, will Ayano aishi and Megami saikou let go of the family hatred and become an alliance?

  3. Can you increase the male student role that is critical to the outcome? For example, a character with the same strength as Megami saikou.

  4. But the only thing that gets me every time is Raibaru following Osana to the locker room. She should instead wait outside the locker room and if she sees yan chan in any suspicious way she should go and check inside the room. This could be a good solution to this problem.

  5. The lists of bugs are so short that you skipped yesterday because there was too little. At least I think so. We’re so close to endgame.

  6. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, you can add this new feature that would be: all students not they will lower my reputation if i tansport the broom, bleach, bucket, school bin with long weapon inside during cleaning hour

  7. There’s also a bug where I stole Osana’s phone, took a panty shot on it, and put it on her desk but because I told her to go to her locker and then she got splashed with water she wasn’t looking for her phone. Also, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but every time I invite Osana to the rooftop so I can befriend her, it only gives me the option to push.

  8. Yandere Dev you can read this comment it is important, I found new bugs in this latest update of yandere simulator, the 1st bug would be: I killed Raibaru I finished the day, then I moved on to the next day, I killed random student in front of Osana remained paralyzed it did not move. The 2nd bug would be: I joined the gaming club I increased the seduction, the problem and that I can’t get any student to chase me with this method. Can you fix these Yandere Dev bugs please?

  9. Dear Yandere Dev,

    I don’t know if this was already known, but during the “decapitation elimination” for Osana, where we decapitate her via fan on the roof, I noticed that Yandere-chan stepped on the pool of blood but leaves no bloodied footprint. I think that leaving behind footprints in such a manner will make this method of elimination a bit more challenging if implemented.


    – A fan

  10. Yandere Dev you can read this comment it is important, you can fix this bug that would be: when I finished torturing Osana, I wanted to know what she wanted to do in the whole day on Friday so I saw that Musume wanted to talk to Osana, then Osana went computer lab for put music on his cellphone on Fridays. I found another bug that would be: I deleted all saves the Yandere Simulator, I did “new game”, I have seen on Ayano’s cell phone, I have seen that I have 100 “Info points”

  11. Yandere dev, I have suggestions and questions. When yandere Chan drowns osana and lunch time ends, Raibaru automatically knows Her location and runs to the corpse. It’s the same with the boyfriend who continues to follow Osana’s corpse. Can make small soundscapes where Raibaru wonders about osana’s disappearance and searches for Her all over the school. Yagdere Chan will need to get rid of the corpse in time, or wait for Raibaru to go to the restrooms. I think it will be plausible. Waiting for an answer

  12. The Raybar machine knows to find osani, when we kidnap her in the box. She runs there and stands, making sounds of ” hmm”

  13. Hi Yandev! I wanted to propose you an idea, use it if it suits you and integrate it if you have time. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Yandere could make a pact with the stalker? It would be a good way to get rid of Osana right? For example, that Yandere could choose between saving the cat or making a deal with the boy so that Yan chan brings Osana to him and he makes sure she doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. Tell me if that sounds like a good idea to you.

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