September 4th Bug-Fixing Build

Hey! Got a bunch of bug fixes for ya! This should resolve problems that were preventing some of the elimination methods from working. Demo should be real smooth now!

To see a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork by AzurraMysteria!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the police investigation to get permanently stuck if the player tried to frame someone for murder. (I was never able to reproduce this bug, so I’m not entirely sure if it actually got fixed, but I think I found the problem and solved it.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause a pink marker to permanently appear onscreen if the player laughed nearby while Osana was waiting under the confession tree.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the camera to clip into the ground if the player zoomed the camera out far enough when spying on Osana’s interactions.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Provide Stolen Phone” prompt from disappearing if Yandere-chan was no longer in possession of a stolen phone.
  • Fixed bug that made Yandere-chan’s text messages appear orange instead of pink (orange is meant to be the color of Osana’s text messages).
  • If Raibaru isn’t present to witness Osana’s troubling phone call, then she won’t have a rooftop conversation with Osana later that day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to repeatedly spam the “I smell gasoline” voice line over and over if she smelled gas nearby.
  • It is now possible to use the Settings menu to determine if the camera will be over Yandere-chan’s shoulder or behind her back.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to place a stolen phone in the Cooking Club instead of only on the student’s desk.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the player from being able to record Musume+Osana’s conversation on Friday morning.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the demo to fail to recognize that Osana had been eliminated if she had been drowned.
  • Fixed bug that made Musume act “broken” if the player performed the Befriend/Betray elimination with Osana.
  • The player can no longer use the “Speed up time” command if they are holding something in their hand.
  • If Osana burns to death, her death will be considered a “freak accident” rather than a murder.
  • Fixed bug that let the player use the “Speed up time” command even without a photo of Senpai.

71 thoughts on “September 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi, Dev! Just curious (though I know you might not respond, lol) are you planning to continue to use trello for the other rivals as well? Or has that been discontinued? Anyway, great work! Super proud of the work you’ve been doing, and I cant wait for the Crowdfunding campaign!

  2. Quick questions. You may have already have this answer on the home page or on the blog posts, but if you don’t answer it’s fine. My questions are:
    1) exactly how much is needed for the crowd funding campaign? Depending on how much, I might know a guy who might be able to help. He’s not my sugar daddy nor my lover even though people thought he was my sugar daddy helping me pay for my textbooks in college. That wasn’t the case. He was just very kind towards me without expecting any favors. I just thought I clear that up if someone read this and thought he was my sugar daddy.
    2) And how do we donate?
    3) I feel you said the game will be on Steam site. Correct me if I’m wrong though. If I’m wrong, how will people be able to pay and play for the game? I mention this as my third/fourth question because I’m not sure if you put the full game out yet due to my current studies.

    I’m really proud of you Yandere Dev. I haven’t been able to play the demo yet, but I know I’m going to be blown away by it when I play it versus just by watching other people play it. Keep up the good work!

    • 1. The amount of moneynneed haven’t been announced yet, and it probably haven’t been negotiated yet either. On her last stream, Michaela said that they were negotiating with the voice actors on how much they should be payed.
      2. Even tho there is nothing posted yet, the donation are most likely going to be through Kickstarter or similars
      3. The game WILL be on steam once finished, it is not finished yet. This week, the demo was released. Alex said that, if some people donates enough money, they’ll have free access for the final game once finished.

      Hope I answered everything

    • Hi Becca, I can expand on yoru third question. What he meant to say is that once the game is in a good spot, he’ll put up on Steam early greenlight and allow people who want to play it early to pay 5 bucks since it is is early access. Once the game is done, he’ll allow those who supported the game through early access to upgrade to the full game for free.

    • I’m predicting itll take atleast 10k, probably more though I’d think. As said, more than likely a kickstarter campaign will be put up soon. He said before there will be stretch goals, so there will be a base price just for the game to happen and then the more money, the more extra content that can be added, like extra modes, extra rivals, etc. We’ll all just have to wait a bit to see what the kickstarter says.

      As for the copies of the game, usually for pledging or donating a certain amount, you’d get a copy of the game. Not a contest! Its not who donates the most gets a copy. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns give rewards for donating, and often, a copy of the game you funded will be one of the rewards. Usually its something like donate $5 to get in the credits, $10 to get in the credits and a small prize(like a sticker, or possibly your name in a different part of the game), $15 to get your name in the credits, the small prize and then a copy of the game, and then with each addition, you get more gifts, like personal thank you notes, merch, etc. Usually higher donation amounts like $1000+(depends on the game and team) get to do stuff like work with the creator and make a character, item or something that’ll go in the game.

      Basically, you’ll get a copy of the game if you donate the right amount, usually its between $15-$30. As you said, the game will probably be on steam.. After the game is funded, a steam download code for the game will be sent to you.

    • like mentioned before the goals haven’t been announced yet, but there will be multiple goals. you could be looking at any number, so i wouldn’t worry about that just now. it’s really cool that you have someone like that & wanna help finish a game! & don’t feel like you have to defend yourself for knowing someone like that. not all people like that are sugar daddies/sugar mommies & if people assume that knowing nothing abt you then don’t bother paying them any mind.

      donations & funding NOW (like patreon) go to yandere dev’s income. if you wanted to donate to the game itself, then i’d wait for the kickstarter before donating!

      i also believe he mentioned a steam release but the process can take over a month to finish before you’re given the ability to release your game on the store page, which i believe he’s saving for when the game is further in development. he COULD get the game released now through steam direct but i’m not sure if he would since the game is looking forward to wide scope changes.

  3. Hey, is this a bug? Osana was kidnapped in the Befriend and Betray section of Osana removal methods, but Senpai was kidnapped and the game ends. Hmm, that’s weird.

    • Its weird you have to replay the save file and watch the cutsceneS whenever you relaunch the game. And then once you do that enter the cheat and then go to a fresh save and press r on it. You must stay in that save though because once you go back to the main menu you gotta repeat the finished save where you beat the game and do it all again. A little inconvenient but hey its the price you pay whenever you wanna cheat i guess

  4. I encountered several bugs when i tried to kidnap Osana:
    1) When i kidnap Osana on lunchtime, Raibaru will go next to the chest with Osana in at Cleaning Time, and will continue to turn and react with “Hmm…” To nothing;
    2) When i bring the Mind-Broken Osana to School on Thursday, the “Osana Talking with Senpai on their way to school” Cutscene will perform anyway;
    3) When i bring her to school, Raibaru will rapidly changes her Shoes and reaches Osana. She will walk against her non-stop;
    4) if i order the Mind-Slave Osana to kill Herself, Raibaru won’t even react to her death until another student (like Kyuji) witnesses her;
    5) When Raibaru calls the police, i laughed next to her, she reacted with the… Uhm… Shocked animation, then she returns to mourn Osana’s death and calls the police again;
    6) When the police arrives and the Mind-slave Osana killed anybody, the End-of-the-day scene won’t end.

  5. Hey, I’ve found a bug!

    If you matchmake Osana successfully, on Friday (after it shows the cutscene), the screen goes to black and it won’t move onto Saturday.
    Is it okay if you can fix this??

    • I did the matchmaking and it allowed me to continue to saturday. I’d start a new game and re-do the matchmaking and see what happens. Make sure you’re also running on the most updated version of the demo.

  6. Hello, YandereDev

    Just wanted to say that the bug that would cause the police investigation to get permanently stuck if the player tried to frame someone for murder is still happening.

    Please fix it, so I can frame Osana

  7. hello. there is a bug that reveals hidden Kokona quest and mix it with Osana quest
    – get task to save a cat for Osana. You need to know stalker’s address
    – kill Osana and get away with it, return home
    – chose go to stalker’s house and save the cat
    – you will get texts with Osana even though she is already dead
    – Osana will come to your house in the morning, kidnap her
    – go to the basement in the evening and use camera
    you will now have access to Kokona’s quest!
    everything is documented in this channel

  8. Hi Yandere Dev! I don’t know if this counts as a bug but, when you speed time on the phone the students seem to walk in a circle and not do anything else and it made me miss the Osana and Senpai talk about the ruined book so when it ended up being Friday Senpai accepted Osana instead of rejecting her. Sorry for making you think you need to take more time on the bugs it’s just rather annoying so please fix it if possible 🙂 it’s okay if you can’t.

  9. BUG ALERT!!!! osanas betray and mind break when she comes to school I made her kill Shoku when he was near senpai so senpai would see osana killing but senpai would just happily eat his food and then sit down at the fountain and read when osana is litteraly killing Shoku and he ignores it all and everybody just stands around after the murder suiside the only person who does anything is raibaru who performs her osanas death reaction and when the police arrive it just says that they found a weapon with the blood of osana and shoku then the game freezes and I try to hit e to continue but I cant pls fix this bug it. Sucks I really wanna see how everybody reacts to osana in the game

  10. I’m sorry but it doesn’t seem like you fixed the framing bug, I used a boxcutter and framed osana by killing horuda peresu (Lonely girl whatever her name is) and it did the same thing it won’t let me progress foward

  11. When will you do the crowdfunding campaign?
    What is the amout of money that is needed so the crowdfunding campaign succeed?

  12. Hey Yandere Dev! So I found this bug where when Info-chan posts a photo featuring Amai & Senpai. In the photo he has black & brownish clothes. Meanwhile in the cutscene he has different clothes.

    Also when Info-chan sends the photo it floads off of the phone.

  13. Found bug after kidnapping/mindslav-ing Osana:
    1) After giving a knife to Osana and letting her kill a student, the police investigation scene repeats forever; you can only hit the esc key to stop that, only to go back to the latest saved moment. If mind-broken Osana kills herself, the same thing happens.
    2) After bringing mind-broken Osana to school on Friday and wait until 6:00 PM without giving a knife to her, the confession cutscene starts, resulting in a Senpai lost game over.
    3) It seemed to me accidental, but after attending the class in the morning, mind-broken Osana gets stuck in the lunchtime even after you give her a knife. After selecting a student to let Osana kill, she can’t get anywhere or you can’t attend the class in the afternoon since “murder is taking place” HUD prevents you to do that.
    Only you can do is wait until 6:00 PM, and then the police investigation scene starts as if Osana was murdered. (Senpai’s event on Saturday goes on as such, too)

    After all, I’m enjoying playing the games! Can’t wait for further development and successful progress of YandereSim!

    Best regards from Tokyo

  14. Hey Yanderdev. I found a mistake. When you saving, when you load from save, after Osana and Raibaru are talking… When they finish talking and suppose that they have to go to other place, Osana can’t mover from the place that she is. She stays going around in circle

  15. Hey! This is awesome!! I personally can’t play the demo because of don’t have a PC but I keep watching videos and is literally INSANE that the player has so many ways to eliminating Osana!! I always find other video that eliminates her in a new way!! Keep up the good work Yandere dev!!

  16. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, I found another bug that would be: when Osana starts changing shoes Raibaru can’t change her shoes, Raibaru doesn’t have animation changing her shoes. I found a bug that would be: when I use the basket to put a long weapon in and then when I move the basket it drops my reputation because of the students if I move the school basket with the weapon inside. Can you fix this Yandere Dev bug please?

    • Raibaru does change her shoes and does have an animation for it. You dont get to see it when Osana is alive though because Raibaru has already changed her shoes before you even get to the school.

  17. Hey Dev, I think this is important.
    Gema Taku isn’t appearing in the game. I just downloaded the new build, and he didn’t appear there. Since he’s not there, the club disbands, and I can’ do the recording method on Friday.

  18. Hello, Dev!
    Today i’ve noticed an issue that happens when i get to the friday 6pm cutscene. I eliminated osana twice on different saves by pushing her off the roof in one and befriending her then pushing her off the roof in the other, but when i get to the friday cutscene it says the thing about osana confessing and yandere-chan watching from afar, then i press E to continue, and it goes to a completely black screen with only my fps showing on the right with the music playing in the background. the only way i can get out of this is exiting the game entirely. Not sure if other people are experiencing this.

  19. Don’t know if this is a bug but if I kill Osana in front of raibaru on Monday and then the gym teacher sees the weapon In hand I successfully eliminate and beat Osana

  20. Hey I got a bug that’s been happening ever since the Demo dropped. Whenever I try to frame Osana for murder (Followed all the steps and used two different students and got the same result) The screen gets stuck on the “Police find the blood of (Student name) on the boxcutter” even when I press E it still just returns to the same screen.

  21. Hey YandereDev how hard would it be to reimplement the ‘trip’ gameplay function? I really enjoyed playing with it, but if it is too hard you don’t have to, keep up the amazing work YandereDev and you really do deserve a break since you have implemented Osana.

  22. YandereDev, when are you planning to initiate the crowdfunding campaign?

    Afterwards, are you going to plan on taking a vacation?

  23. Well, recently as i played the game, i wanted to play mission mode again, and so i did. As i finished, the game camera started glitching out of bounce, and i thought that i should restart the game, and so i did. Well, all the normal save files were then replaced with the mission mode, for some reason.

  24. yan dev, when info chan says us who is amai, can you change the color of the messages of ayano ?

    does somebody understand me ?

  25. I may not be able to personally play the game, but I’ve seen multiple Youtubers I like play it and I’m super happy with what I’ve seen! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Yandev!

  26. Hey yandev! Can you make it when students witness a student burning to death and there’s a fire extinguisher nearby, they will pick up the fire every and spray it on the student who is burning.

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