Yandere Simulator’s Official Demo Is Now Available!

Pretty much everything I wanted to say today is contained in that video, but there’s just one thing I’d like to elaborate on…bugs!

I spent the past 6 hours hunting for bugs in the build, and actually found a bunch of critical game-breaking glitches! Bugs that made the screen turn white and never return to normal, bugs that made multiple scripted events occur simultaneously, bugs that made Yandere-chan blink out of existence during cut-scenes…I managed to fix every issue that I encountered, but dang, I’m really glad that I decided to bug-hunt before releasing the demo!

Because I could easily find so many issues during a simple, cursory playthrough of the demo, I’m sure there are other issues that escaped my notice. This first release of the demo is doubtlessly going to be a bit rough around the edges. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day watching people stream the demo so that I can take note of bugs and quickly prepare a bug-fixing update to release within 24 hours. If you run into any issues, I apologize in advance!

There’s only one thing that I foresee being a problem. I usually test the game at a resolution of 1280×720. I recently learned that the depth-of-field effect looks different depending on the resolution that you’re playing the game at. So, if the game looks blurry for you, you might want to try switching to a resolution of 1280×720, until I can release an update that makes the depth-of-field effect appear consistent across all resolutions.

While implementing Osana, I made dozens of fixes / changes / additions / improvements to the game. Because I was making so many rapid changes to the game, I didn’t actually log most of the fixes/additions. I can show you a changelog, but it won’t actually be a complete list of all the changes. Click “Continue Reading” if you’re interested in seeing it, anyway!

  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to attempt to attend a “meeting” while standing at their desk, if the player arranged a meeting with that student and then advanced time by attending class.
  • Camera sensitivity when aiming Yandere-chan’s phone camera is now determined by the Camera Sensitivity option in the Settings menu.
  • Removed exploit that allowed the player to kill without consequence if they were standing in the middle of the Occult clubroom.
  • The button prompts that appear at town will now change depending on whether the player is using a keyboard or controller.
  • It is no longer possible for characters to get trapped if the player blocks their path using a jug of bleach.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to stop a student who had been “Sent Home” by aiming a camera at them.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to use the “Send Home” feature on a student who didn’t have a phone.
  • Fixed bug that make it impossible to pick up the cello case, even after joining the Light Music Club.
  • It is no longer possible for characters to get stuck at the entrance to the gardening club.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to pick up one of the tapes in the basement.
  • The Hardware Store on the street now has a shopkeeper.
  • New music by CameronF305.
  • Implemented Osana.

180 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s Official Demo Is Now Available!

  1. I know I’m a little late on this but I want to Congratulate you on finally reaching that goal! We all knew you can do it! Sadly, I can’t play the demo due to having a not so great computer but at least I can watch others play it and I must say, it looks awesome! (despite the bugs here and there.)

    Again, congrats on finally getting Osana out! We still rooting for you!

  2. Osana is finally here! I think now would be the time to consider changing student routines or adding more students who walk around and talk to others. Maybe an extra 5 students per classroom, who don’t belong in clubs but do walk around and talk. Maybe like the two guys talking about anime, these people can talk in places around school that are conveniently nearby wherever the rivals are.

  3. I guess my first question is about the Announcement Room. I know it will be used for security in the future but what about when normal, who will it be used by? The Staff? Or students? Will there be announcements at different times of the day or just mornings and afternoons? Is this everyday or a weekly thing? If you were to implement weather would they talk about it? Upcoming exams? School field trips? Holidays? Special events like an upcoming play or special guest? A recycled introduction of motivation for students, and possibly an anthem (I’m from Canada and we always stood and sang O Canada). Would they talk about mysteries activities or events, caution and warn others? Remind students of the rules and so forth? Saying they found unsuspicious missing items? Talk about missing students and ask for prayers for their safe return or students to report any information? Talk about news of the city or town they live in? Sport Events? I can see numerous opportunities that could be used. I remember in Persona 4 Golden how at the beginning on the intercom a staff member told the students to stay in their classes until they had further information from the police and giving the students orders to return home immediately. And that just created a new question, if a teacher has a teacher’s pet report a body and it’s still there and they call the police why don’t they call or inform the rest of the staff that there is a murderer on the loose? That one of them could warn the students in the Announcement Room to go to their home room or hide, or have some type of cautionary action like in school shootings. I know it would be time consuming and more harder but I think it would make it more challenging and difficult and make more consequences for the player for murder. And maybe to prevent this the player would have to tamper or break or mess things up in the Announcement Room to buy more time before the school is in panic. Or till the Staff member goes to the Head Master who may or may not have access to his own system to access the intercoms.
    Also, for burning any student, I think there should be consequences for burning a student inside the school. I am wondering if the school will have fire alarms/smoke detectors and a fire sprinkler system. It would be more realistic to a school and make players cautious and mindful of were they should set someone on fire. Also, if the player uses a fire alarm and press the button or pull down depending there should also be consequences if the player tries to use it as a prank or to mess with the school. Like with the school roof and the punishment of a fence the fire alarm would be more secure, the second time would be glass and the third time could be with a key that only staff, possibly the Student Council and maybe Club Leaders would have access with keys (or perhaps cameras aimed to them). Also, with adding a fire distinguisher to the game as a weapon it should also be used as its purpose. If the player or other characters see something or someone on fire, they should try putting it out, I can see Staff, Student Council, Heroics and those who see their love ones on fire run and get the fire distinguisher and put them out. Also, I think dropping a fire distinguisher/ fire extinguisher in the incinerator would be naturally dangerous (and anything that is pressurized and could explode) and should be cleaned of blood, but if blood is found on it then I think as a punishment it should also be more secure similar to the alarm.

    Also, I was thinking there should be consequences of stealing items particulary keys. If a student has lost something, they should report it and ask friends to help find it or themselves looking for it like Osana. If you frame someone for stealing a student’s property, they should hold a grudge or show resentment to the one they think stole from them, spreading rumors and lowering reputation or even ruining friendships. Also, for students who lost their things or have it stolen they should be more cautious for their belongings making it harder in the future. Also, if key’s go missing there should be concern and consequences for the players actions, locks being changed, and those who keys were stolen being more cautious and aware of their surroundings. And if caught with stolen items and key’s the punishment should be harsh. Also, if items go missing in certain parts of the school, mostly club room items that club members would notice they should also be awry and cautious that someone is stealing from them. And if the player is spotted red-handed by the one they stole from or their friends the player should be reported and that they should be punished by having a grudge on them by the one they stole from and their friends.

    Also, a side note I would love if you added the flower option to the desk of a deceased student or a bullied student. Also, once you fully have the school completed and mapped out you should have a ‘Fire Escape Plan’/’Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan’ it would make the school more real and help players locate their position, Fire Exit, Assembly Point, fire distinguisher/ fire extinguisher and fire alarms are. Also I would hope you will be fallowing a school system similar to persona of exams, holidays and special events and so forth of the year, and the possibilities to do during holidays and such. Also, I think a School Store would be beneficial to the player, it could be used to buy gifts for rivals for the suitors to give, gifts for Senpai, as well as other possibilities. And I have a solution to the person behind the counter and it’s thanks to the drawing in the ‘Let’s Examine Persona – Part 2’ video. The illustration looks bored and tired, so what if they suffer from boredom and fall asleep? I had the idea from the video game ‘Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge’, in the game Aladdin has two types of weapons, his sword and a throwing weapon, in the level of Agrabah there is a man selling apple’s and is looking around cautiously until he falls asleep for a few seconds until he wakes up and repeats or unless Aladdin makes noise, so Aladdin has to do a certain walk to steal the apples. So, what if you wait for the store keeper to fall asleep them making a noise to signal the player that they are asleep or having Zzz’s popping out of their head so you can do what you need to do before they wake up. This is my suggestion of how you can have this kinda character and option in the game (but the Street is a great addition and I can see so much potential and possibilities). Also, I have another question regarding of friendships, mostly with the rivals. What if with the suitor or helping your rival and befriending them gives you bonus options, like rewards for sparing and keeping your rivals alive. Like that the friendship continues forth throughout the game, like if you were to let Osana live and when Amai appears what if there are options of seeking help from Osana and advice and so on and so worth till Megami appears, that you the player have all these friends you somehow bonded with and befriended and due to what you did they got your back and are supporting you, that since they found happiness in a suitor or whatever you helped them with they’d want the same for you. I think it would be interesting and unique and would give the surviving rivals a bigger role and purpose throughout the game. Also it be great if they could teach and help the player with prepairing to be with Senpai, like for example Amai teaching to make meals to prepaire for marriage or something.

    Another thing I can’t help but think of is showing results from your actions, like if you helped Osana with her stalker you should show her distancing herself from Senpai and how he’d react, or seeing her with her boyfriend. Also I’d suggest that you have Raibaru and Osana talk about Kyuji and how she is feeling about him and is falling for him maybe conflicted with her feelings for both boys until she finally picks Kyuji seeing him as perfect or her dream man.

    Also I think there should be consequences if you were spotted by the stalker when you are in his room, that he’d never forget you (despite his obsession with Osana and stealing her cat) also if you had her hook up with Kyuji I think you should show or explain if her issue was resolved or handled by the stalker situation and how that would affected her despite being inlove and having a boyfriend. Also I would highly recommend naming her cat, it would make it allot more personal and sweeter. Also I think for sneaking into the stalkers house I think the player should have the option to wear or not wear a mask and having the others react accordingly. Also I think with the stalkers reputation and by what his sister said the player should have had the option to unlock or pick at his door, also an explanation of were his parents went when grabbing the cat and leaving. I really enjoyed the stealth and sneaking aspect of the game and it was very exciting to see and makes me wonder if that could happen at the school.

    Also with spreading gossip about Osana we should see the bullying take place and how it would affect her and how Senpai and Raibaru feel about it, and how others would react or say when she commits suicide.

    Also this might be a milestone and would be allot of work but I think Yandere-Chan when in her different personas should talk and speak like how those personas show fitting to the character she is portraying herself as.

  4. YandereDev, first i want to tell you that i love the demo. It has some bugs but i’m sure you can fix them. But i need to make two questions
    1- The reputation bar and the sanaty bar don’t seem really…..Well, the old ones looked better. Are you going to replace them in futures updates ?
    2- Do you hace some ideas of how to make the experience of eliminate Osana and Raibaru a little bit harder ? Because it’s too easy right now
    One other thing. Please, make the video of the character model first. I really want to see it

    • 2. *have
      More substantially, the question of how to make a systems-driven game like this harder is almost as complicated as the question of how hard it should be. If you want to increase the difficulty, you need to tweak systems in such a way that they increase the difficulty of all the complicated paths, without making any of them unfun…and since all of this is subjective, it’s more a matter of tweaking the gameplay experience so it appeals to your target audience and fits your vision of what the experience “should” do.

      TL;DR: Game design is more art than science…and like all things in art, small changes can have non-obvious impacts.

  5. I really love it so far! and when all the bug fixes are done you should take a brake for a while you deserve it after all these years! :3 and I haven’t found many bugs expect the save thing where if you load a save everything goes bright

  6. Will you give us the cheat code for after you’ve unlocked cheats? Or is there none yet? Will we have to find it in-game or on the menu screen?

  7. The demo game said that after the first time I defeat Osana, I could access the debug/extra menu but even though I beat Osana and get the screen that I can now access the debug/extra menu, I can’t figure out how to access it even if I look it up and do what people say should work, I can’t access the debug/extra menu. Is this normal? Or is it just not available at this time?

  8. I ended osana, but I do not know how to.. how do I say this? I dont know how to get into week 2, I searched it up more then 1000 times, No bugs or anything except when i play the ABC killer challenge, i couldnt talk to hazu, kill him, or even make him notice me. and i accidently placed my wrench, and my puzzle cube down, i couldnt even pick it up!

  9. i finished the demo twice but i can’t access the debug commands or the modes. i tried to type different things in the cheat codes thingy in extras but it still doesn’t work?

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