Yandere Simulator’s Official Demo Is Now Available!

Pretty much everything I wanted to say today is contained in that video, but there’s just one thing I’d like to elaborate on…bugs!

I spent the past 6 hours hunting for bugs in the build, and actually found a bunch of critical game-breaking glitches! Bugs that made the screen turn white and never return to normal, bugs that made multiple scripted events occur simultaneously, bugs that made Yandere-chan blink out of existence during cut-scenes…I managed to fix every issue that I encountered, but dang, I’m really glad that I decided to bug-hunt before releasing the demo!

Because I could easily find so many issues during a simple, cursory playthrough of the demo, I’m sure there are other issues that escaped my notice. This first release of the demo is doubtlessly going to be a bit rough around the edges. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day watching people stream the demo so that I can take note of bugs and quickly prepare a bug-fixing update to release within 24 hours. If you run into any issues, I apologize in advance!

There’s only one thing that I foresee being a problem. I usually test the game at a resolution of 1280×720. I recently learned that the depth-of-field effect looks different depending on the resolution that you’re playing the game at. So, if the game looks blurry for you, you might want to try switching to a resolution of 1280×720, until I can release an update that makes the depth-of-field effect appear consistent across all resolutions.

While implementing Osana, I made dozens of fixes / changes / additions / improvements to the game. Because I was making so many rapid changes to the game, I didn’t actually log most of the fixes/additions. I can show you a changelog, but it won’t actually be a complete list of all the changes. Click “Continue Reading” if you’re interested in seeing it, anyway!

  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to attempt to attend a “meeting” while standing at their desk, if the player arranged a meeting with that student and then advanced time by attending class.
  • Camera sensitivity when aiming Yandere-chan’s phone camera is now determined by the Camera Sensitivity option in the Settings menu.
  • Removed exploit that allowed the player to kill without consequence if they were standing in the middle of the Occult clubroom.
  • The button prompts that appear at town will now change depending on whether the player is using a keyboard or controller.
  • It is no longer possible for characters to get trapped if the player blocks their path using a jug of bleach.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to stop a student who had been “Sent Home” by aiming a camera at them.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to use the “Send Home” feature on a student who didn’t have a phone.
  • Fixed bug that make it impossible to pick up the cello case, even after joining the Light Music Club.
  • It is no longer possible for characters to get stuck at the entrance to the gardening club.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to pick up one of the tapes in the basement.
  • The Hardware Store on the street now has a shopkeeper.
  • New music by CameronF305.
  • Implemented Osana.

176 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s Official Demo Is Now Available!

  1. Congratulations on releasing the demo! I downloaded it as soon as it was released, but when I reached the title screen, I could only hear the title screen music and see a black screen! I’ve been looking forward to this demo since October, and I really want to play it. Can you tell me what might have gone wrong?

  2. So me being crazy killed the nurse and stole the ring well i stole the ring reported Osana then killed the nurse well her blood was found and the police where called. Well After the ploice came the and cut scene was done it didnt move on but gave me a black screen. Then they found her body in the game so I think I found a glitch.

  3. Just downloaded the game, and after the sponsors, I’m getting a totally black screen, and can’t play the game.

  4. Congrats on releasing the demo! Sadly, the game won’t download for me yet, regardless if I use the (current) launcher or if I try to download it directly. The zip file I get when I try to download it directly is empty, and the message I get from the launcher is “unable to download the game at this point in time.” I’ll keep trying, and hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

  5. I play on a Surface, and no matter what I do I keep getting black screens. I pressed a bunch of buttons and the option screen shows up (new/load game, settings, exit, ect.)

  6. I CAN’T BELIEBE THIS!!!!! After 6 years waiting for her, she’s here right now. Thanks you YandereDev. Congratulations 😆🤯🎊🎉

  7. I have a bug for you if you pass time or just walk away from Osana when she is having her convocation with raiburu Monday morning outside the school she gets stuck

  8. Excuse me, Yandere Dev… How do I do the Befriend/Betray elimination method? There isn’t even a scheme for that… I already did the conversation with Osana but nothing worked. Is that feature not in the game yet?

  9. Yandere Dev! For Osana’s befriend/betray cutscene I think you could the animations from Kokona’s befriend/betray cutsvene! Also,THE DEMO IS SO AWESOME I LOVE IT!!!

  10. Hey YanDev, congratulations on finishing the Demo! I’m proud of ya! I went to download the demo, and I would’ve written my opinion on it, but you see- it doesn’t… load. All I get is a black screen after the sponsors’ screen, my computer was able to load all previous builds with no problem and I put in the resolution that you have recommended. Other people have reported the same problem, so I’m guessing it’s a little bug.
    If it helps somehow,

    I’m in Windows 10, my computer is able to load games such as Don’t Starve Together, Dead by Daylight, and Friday the 13th with no problem or lag.

    Hope this gets fixed soon, excited to test the game out!

  11. Everytime I try to play the demo I get a black screen instead of the title screen, is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

  12. It’s really annoying, whenever I eavesdrop on the convo at 3:35 PM on Monday, I just don’t learn new info… I tried purchasing the scheme though I didn’t feel like I needed it, still nothing. Befriend betray was the elimination method I hoped for the most… Please fix this bug ?

  13. Yandere Dev i played the demo and i finish it tonight and it is beautiful, I will let you know if I find any bugs on the Yandere Simulator game

  14. To mark this occasion, I leave this comment here since I already left one in the youtube channels!

    Tl;DR Thanks for making and continuing to make this game Yandere Dev! We always believed in you despite the…. “other” voices around

    -signed, me who’s been here since 2015

  15. Hello! Amazing job Yanderedev! You really put in so much work and we are all proud. The one thing that bothers me though is that you have animations for the befriend kokona scene. I think you should re use them because the poses are just not demo quality (in my own opinion). Thank you for understanding!

  16. I found an error. After I got the microphone from Info, after I got the microphone yo be able to récord Osana’s conversation with Ronshaku I can’t use It. I can’t use the microphone. When Osana go to Talk with Ronshaku I approach the tree. But when I approach the tree I can only Spy, I can’t use the microphone. I can’t récord the conversation. Another error than I found, when I want save the Game doesn’t save very Wells. And don’t know if saving is just a mistake ir is just because the Game is only a demo, but just un casa I report about that

  17. Um i cant use the cheats?? i completed the game and i dont get it i put debug in and it says i have it but when i enter a new game i dont but when i enter the same game it gives me only cutscenes and when i restart the week i have to eliminate her agian :/

  18. I typed the debug thing in the extras and it said the command was in effect but it wasn’t working and then once I left I had to do the demo again

  19. Of anyone if getting a black screen after the sponsors, I think I figured out how to fix it! (at least this is what worked for me) press enter, and the menu should come up. Reset all the graphics settings back to default, and everything should appear again! hope this helped someone! 🙂

    • you need to hide in the table thing while eavesdropping, and you need to make sure when eavesdropping on her and raibaru’s conversation that the “eavesdropping” notification pops up

  20. Well, actually, when I use the save and load, Everything is bright and Osana is walking, but she’s not moving, idk if somebody has the same problem

  21. Osana is here! Thanks for fixing so many bugs so far. Osana is coming to school! Now I am ready to beat her. 🙂

  22. Everytime I start up the launcher after downloading the update I try playing it and the screen is just black and is playing music that gets louder and louder. How do I fix this??

  23. When I try to steal Sakyu Basu’s ring, I don’t have the option to put it in Osana’s bag, I even tried getting Senpai away from the place when stealing it, but it just wont give me the option for some reason.

    I also found bugs like Osana being stuck walking if I get in the way of her talk with Raibarou at the start of Monday, right after her talk with Senpai.

  24. How do I get the cheats to work? I put the cheat in but if i start a new game I don’t have the extra option,and if I got back to the save I just get the ending to the demo

  25. So proud of you for this milestone! 🎉 After the things you gotta do for Osana Build, (fixing bugs etc.) please take a SERIOUS rest!
    Sending lot’s of strength and light! 🙋🏻‍♂️

  26. When Raibaru offers Osana to “cehck” out the other clubs there’s a misspelling.
    Raibaru has lots of sliding and clipping glitches

    1 that I can say for sure is that when Osana goes off to take her call and you put a bucket on the door AFTER she passes it, Raibaru dodges it but slides the rest of the way.

    Raibaru keeps getting stuck in walls. There’s so rhyme or reason. You just have to catch it

    When Osana kicks the vending machine the sounds dont co-respond with the kick.

    I know its not major but…

    I got caught by Kuroko stealing test answers. However after the guidance counsellor I went back to steal them and the bar was ⅘ done! Where I left off! What’s bothersome though is the sound still goes on for the full length instead of the time remaining.

    InfoChan shouldn’t be wearing her unifrom outside of school
    She also said that I got away with murder when what I really did was Befriended her

    You know what, you watch YouTube! Jay A.K.A. Kubz Scouts found a strange bug with Raibaru

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