Live-Updating Osana Checklist

Every animation, cutscene, gameplay mechanic, feature, model, scripted event, and voiced line related to Osana is in the game. In that sense, she is “finished.”

However, I can’t release her until I’ve tested every feature related to her to confirm that everything is working properly – and that is a lengthy and elaborate process. When I test a feature, I don’t just test it once; I test it about 5~10 times in a row, doing things differently each time, to make sure that there aren’t any circumstances that would cause something to break. This process has been revealing a lot of aspects of Osana that require fixes and improvements. The last thing people want is a buggy and unstable Osana, so I’m taking the time to fix bugs, remove exploits, resolve game design flaws, and improve anything that looks janky.

Instead of attempting to estimate Osana’s release date, I’ve decided to use “Trello” to create a page where you can see a live-updating checklist of every feature that I’m currently testing, and every issue that I’m currently fixing:

You might be wondering, “Why does this phase of development take so long?” For a detailed explanation, scroll past this gorgeous artwork by Esther-shen!

If you’re watching the Trello checklist like a hawk, you might notice that, sometimes, hours will pass without any of the checklist items being checked off. This is an indication that I’ve encountered serious bugs or game design flaws that are taking an exceptionally long time to resolve.

There is one particular checklist item that has taken far more time than previously expected. And that item is…

That item at the top of the to-do list – “Create Schemes for each one of Osana’s elimination methods” – exposed a large number of issues that I had not anticipated, and fixing those issues ate up a huge amount of time. I’ll provide you with a couple of examples…but, first, I’ll summarize what Schemes are.

“Schemes” are like walkthroughs that guide you through specific elimination methods. You may ask, “Why does the game need to contain something like this?” the answer is that the player should be able to learn any information they require within the game itself, instead of having to rely on third-party sources. If it wasn’t possible for the player to learn about elimination methods within the game itself, the player would have to go watch a video on YouTube if they want to learn how to do stuff, and that would just be lame.

Before you say, “That’s weird and unnecessary! No game has ever done that before!” I’d like to mention that Hitman 2016 had a functionally identical feature called “Opportunities.” In my opinion, going down the checklist of all Opportunities and experiencing all the content in a mission was one of the most fun aspects of the recent Hitman games.

There are 17 different ways to eliminate Osana! Some of those methods involve complex scripted events, and even fully-voiced cutscenes! Because the Osana demo is packed with so much content, I think there is a very real possibility that most people who play the demo won’t even realize how many different options and activities are available! To ensure that players know exactly how much content is in the demo (and how to access all of it), I think it’s absolutely imperative that there is a Scheme for each of Osana’s elimination methods.

Now, here’s where it gets complicated…

When a Scheme is active, some instructions appear at the top left corner of the screen. When the player completes that objective, the instructions update to describe the next objective.

In order for this to happen, there needs to be code checking whether or not a Scheme is active, and also checking whether the or not the player just completed a specific action. If a Scheme has 10 steps, this means that there will be 10 different places somewhere in the game’s code that are checking whether or not the player has just completed an action that should move the Scheme forward.

Updating a multitude of scripts, testing the Scheme, and fixing any bugs related to the Scheme is a huge investment of time. As a result, it is very – VERY – time consuming to make a Scheme become fully functional. Because there are 17 elimination methods, that means there are at least 17 Schemes, which creates a tremendous amount of work. I estimate that creating a functional Scheme for each of Osana’s elimination methods would add multiple weeks to her development time! That’s the last thing that anyone wants…but, without Schemes, people might not know how to access all of the content in the demo!

Fortunately, I arrived at a solution: Instead of editing dozens of scripts just to make the instructions update automatically, I have given the player the ability to advance the instructions by pressing a button!

In the Osana demo, only the first 6 Schemes will have instructions that automatically advance whenever the player completes an objective. The rest of the Schemes will require the player to manually press a button to advance the instructions. I know, I know, it’s a little unconventional…but this reduces the amount of time required to complete Osana by multiple weeks. Sometime after releasing Osana, perhaps I can update the game to make Scheme instructions automatically update. There! Problem solved!

Well, aside from that, there is a completely different aspect of implementing Schemes that has eaten up a lot of my time…

To implement a Scheme, I must first write out the instructions that will be shown to the player. These instructions need to be short, simple, and clear enough for any new player to understand. While writing these instructions, I think critically about the game’s mechanics from the perspective of a completely new player who is experiencing the game for the first time. As I do this, I often realize that there are certain aspects of gameplay that might frustrate new players. Whenever this happens, I try to solve the problem before moving forward – and that can sometimes require me to add new features/content to the game. For example…

Some of Osana’s elimination methods require you to put a note in her locker. Osana will only take a note seriously if it references her “Dark Secret”. In order to learn her Dark Secret, you must eavesdrop on two conversations that take place on Monday. But…what if the player missed those two conversations? Should the player really be permanently locked out of any elimination method that involves putting a note into Osana’s locker?

Of course not! That wouldn’t be fair to the player. So, I decided that there should be an alternate way to acquire Osana’s Dark Secret. To solve the problem, I updated Info-chan’s “Services” list to allow the player to purchase Osana’s Dark Secret directly from Info-chan. This is an improvement to the game’s design – and it only happened because the act of implementing Schemes for all of Osana’s elimination methods caused me to think critically about where a new player could get frustrated with the game.

(Artwork by guivaz2014)

What I just described happens literally every time I start writing instructions for a Scheme; I realize something important for the very first time, and need to take action to fix a game design flaw or remove an exploit. This is what I call “Hidden Work”; it’s when you think that there are only a small number of simple tasks remaining, but once you actually start working on those tasks, you suddenly discover a bunch of small problems that each require a unique solution. It’s very easy to say how much “Work” is remaining, but it’s impossible to know how much “Hidden Work” is just below the surface.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “Schrodinger’s Cat” before; it’s a thought experiment which describes a cat that is both dead and alive simultaneously, until you check on it to find out which state it’s in, at which point it becomes either dead or alive. Osana is like that, too!

As of right now, Osana is finished – but, as soon as I start writing the instructions for a Scheme or bug-test one of her elimination methods, I might discover a game design flaw or bug that needs to be fixed, at which point she still stop being “finished”, and will require more work. I won’t know until I check, so as of right now, she is “Schrodinger’s Rival” – finished and unfinished at the same time, pending some more bug-testing.

If you don’t want to read everything I just wrote and just want a quick status report on Osana, here it is: Osana is finished, and now I’m just bug testing before I release her. The process of bug testing is taking a very long time, because I’m being super thorough and fixing every problem I find. I don’t know how many more issues I’m going to discover, so I can’t predict when I’ll be done bug testing.

Even after Osana is done, I still want to update the game’s graphics before I release the demo. So, it’s not like Osana will be released instantly as soon as I finish bug testing.

You can check this Trello link to follow my progress as I tick tasks off the checklist one by one:

Didn’t you say that Osana would be released on August 1st?

I said “maybe,” remember?

At the time I said it, it was a realistic estimate. However, the act of implementing Schemes revealed a lot of bugs / game design flaws that needed to be fixed.

The problem with attempting to estimate Osana’s release date is that it’s nearly impossible to make a meaningful prediction, because I have no way of knowing what kind of new obstacles are going to come into existence in the near future. I can’t predict the number of new bugs/exploits that will be discovered, and I also can’t predict what kind of unnecessary obstacles other people will create for me that will take my time and attention away from development.

That’s why, this time, I’m not even going to bother estimating the release date at all; instead, I’ve provided you with a live-updating checklist so you can see for yourself how many tasks remain and observe the pace that I’m working at. This is honestly what I should have been doing in the first place.

Why does the number of tasks on the checklist keep changing?

Because of the sheer amount of content and mechanics in Yandere Simulator, I couldn’t possibly remember absolutely everything on the first try. I simply wrote as much as I could remember. The process of playtesting Osana regularly leads me to remember many of the other things that also need to be tested. As I remember / realize what else needs to be tested, I update the list.

What a massive blog post! Instead of using your time to write this post, you should have used your time to work on the game!

Well, I can’t just leave people in the dark, can I? I have to communicate with my audience; I have to describe what I’ve been up to, and I have to provide an explanation for why Osana isn’t done yet. A thorough, transparent description of the situation is the least I can do for the people who check this blog.

Anyway…because it has become tradition to upload a new build on the 1st and 15th day of every month, I’ve updated the game again. Here’s a list of all the fixes/changes/additions in the latest build.


You’ll notice that this list is extremely short, because I have been spending the overwhelming majority of my time on Osana, and practically zero time on miscellaneous little bug fixes.

  • Fixed bug that made a cake float in the air, visible through the window of the Cooking Club, when Yandere-chan joined the cooking club’s club activity after 5:00 PM. (I can’t believe this bug wasn’t noticed until now.)
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to only be able to display certain tutorial pop-ups, even if the player was trying to use the Tutorial menu to make completely different pop-ups display.
  • Miscellaneous fixes throughout various areas of the game, like updating the “Kidnapped Musume” video thumbnail to feature the new basement.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to buy products in the street scene without actually having enough money to afford those products.
  • Minor, miscellaneous adjustments to the Student Profile screen (centering the reputation graph and Info-chan’s static).
  • Updated most of the classroom models and textures to match the art style used by the rest of the game.
  • Fixed visual glitch that was causing the bottom half of some students’ eyes to appear white.
  • Various code optimizations that resulted from speaking with a very helpful programmer.
  • Re-positioning certain props in the school environment to prevent clipping.
  • The framerate when shadows are enabled should now be better than before!

376 thoughts on “Live-Updating Osana Checklist

  1. I love you Yandev continue doing amazing!
    I think that these people trying to bring you down through harassment are just trying to make sure you can never succeed. Honestly how could they in good faith still try to complain when they are trying to delay the game through harassment, I could never imagine that. Seriously trying to undermine a game for no reason other than following the trends.
    People want to bring this man down by saying that he promised Osana on August 1st, but he said MAYBE. Maybe means that it may or may not happen. Plus writing scripts is not a easy task.
    In the end Yandev I think that I made this long enough I might be able, with luck, can sneak in truth and maybe have a single person see it. We are all fans of the game, at least I hope so. Yet I cannot say that the way it is being developed is correct. He streams at least ,according to twitch and charts, 3-4 hours fairly regularly. It is not a sin to want to have freetime to yourself, that is a right that everyone holds. But writing essays and copyright striking youtubers for criticism and buying subreddits (Just incase you dont know why thats bad, it is very against reddits TOS) is certainly not helping the game.
    We need to pile together with Yandev, to let him test the game without any interference from anyone.
    TL:DR Yandev we all love you and focus on playtesting and leaving the drama behind!

  2. Hello YandereDev, I am here to say some final things:
    – You CAN leave fans in the dark. Secrets are more attractive than you think.
    – Some people are wondering about the extend of harassment you are going through, so you can say yes-no to this suggestion: A diary of today’s harassment attempt done to you, which updates everyday.
    – You have made friends with some good people. When the time comes that you release the finalized version of the game, you don’t have to worry about Yandere Simulator getting the recognition that it deserves. I am 100% sure about it.

    Do your best on completing this delicious piece of cake you meant to deliver to your precious fans who are watching every step you are taking forward with hope in their hearts. You maybe on your own for now but everything will click into place, as long as you focus on what matters the most (and i’m telling you it’s not the antis).

    If you have read this, please leave a short “Ok”. We do not need any other explanation since we all know you aren’t good with it. “Believe in Hope”.

    • Why would you want him to upload daily harassment blogs? What problem would that solve? You’re saying that not uploading developement blog posts is fine so he doesn’t waste anymore time on it but instead he should waste even more time on harrasment blogs? Also, I don’t think it’s healthy for him to write blogs everyday about him being harrassed, because it will remind him everyday about how bad people are treating him, while it’s better to forget about them and focus on the good things in life. I’m not saying that your suggestion is dumb, I just don’t see the what it would solve.

  3. Well done Yandere Dev! You do not deserve all this appeal to yourself, I am generally surprised how you work in such a state. Good luck to you. Greetings from Russia!

  4. A quick bit of criticism- I don’t believe that you should be able to buy Osana’s “Dark Secret”. As you say, there are 17 methods of elimination, and a game like this abousltey SHOULD rely on accurate timing, you should have to restart the week or choose a different method. An example (though maybe not the best one) is pokemon- if you accidentally KO a legendary, you cant just buy another chance to catch it. You reload a save or move on, ya know? I think the schemes for a demo are an ok idea but I don’t think they should be included in the final game. It should be the job of dedicated plays to figure out the more complex methods of elimination, if you’re just told exactly what to do for ALL of them, where is the fun? Maybe a scheme or two for varying difficulties of eliminating, but surely not all of them. An example here (again, not the best) but in skyrim there are plenty of things the dragonborn can do that have no quest objectives and are not mentioned anywhere in the dialogue. Just my two cents! 🙂

    • ” you cant just buy another chance to catch it.” But you can go and beat the Elite 4 a gain to make it respawn.

  5. Yanderedev, there’s something you should know. I had this bug/glitch (??) happen where I can’t attack nor talk to most of the students for some reason..

    • There’s a bug report section on his website! Go report the bug there with steps on how you encountered the bug 🙂

  6. “But…what if the player missed those two conversations? Should the player really be permanently locked out of any elimination method that involves putting a note into Osana’s locker?”

    Yes, they absolutely should. A player can only make meaningful choices if those choices have consequences, and sometimes that means rethinking one’s strategy. If they can access any elimination they want without doing all the steps, it cheapens the victory and takes away from the replay value of the game because there’s no reason to look for stuff you missed the first time.

    Besides that, the only way to truly know what players would have trouble with and what comes easily is to release a demo – to a small group of play testers if you don’t want to go public yet – and ask them to report on their experiences. For instance, most new players would probably start by following Osana around and looking for weaknesses. So odds are good that they would overhear any necessary conversations without hand-holding.

  7. Yanderedev, Yanderedev!

    It seems you are pushing through from your obstacles! Thats great to see!

    Your almost there! \o\\O//o/

  8. I know it’s a weird question but does senpai that osana is a tsundere? Because she is always mean to him and senpai would reject her for being so mean BTW I’m just crying because osana is almost released and I don’t have a pc and almost everyone has one TwT

  9. I think including a scheme for every single elimination is a bad idea. Wouldn’t it be more fun for players to come up with ways to eliminate Osana and see if they work? Sure, people may post about them online, but that’s better than spoonfeeding it all to every player.

  10. Wow I’m so happy that it’s almost finished! And yandere dev take all the time you need to fix all the bugs. Like you have said, we would rather have a complete Osana that took a long time to come out then a buggy Osana that doesn’t work properly.

  11. W-woo hoo! Osana is al-almost here! Just t-two questions. 1. In t-the future will we be a-able to kill rivals in M-Mission Mode? and 2. Wh-what will happen to the m-magical girl wand and the M-Miyuki Easter egg?

    • maybe you will have to activate a cheat code to get the easter egg menu. or, if you kill your rival using easter eggs, it won’t count and the day will restart. that’s my prediction..

  12. I’m a big fan of of the game idea and I have been on your side for the last 2 years and not once did I get mad about the game taking so long. No matter how long testing things out and fixing bugs takes I will still love the game idea and all the hard work your putting into it. Just know that i’m really proud of everything you’ve been able to do with this game idea and ignore all of the haters because they don’t have the right to get mad at you about the game if they don’t even know how to make a game. If you’re reading this than just know that all your true fans are willing to wait and don’t stress yourself out to much because that can be really bad for your health.

  13. Q: Will the framerate be fixed in the demo? I don’t think I saw you mention that. I know there’s ways to increase framerates, but the menu seems, tacky and simple. And it doesn’t work that well. The game looks horrible once you disable various things. It barely does a good job. Also ( just a request ) , you should put options in the corners to let the player know how to open the phone. 🙂

      • yeah i see that. my 8GB of ram and my graphic card that is not desined for gaming can make the game run at 25 to 30 fps ( thats my laptop that i have set to low fps to make it run better) you really did a great job on the fps so keep it up

  14. Cool, I’m really excited to try that beta. After waiting 6 years a couple of months it doesn’t matter.

  15. The Trello progress monitor page is a very good idea. However, I’d advise you against getting overly obsessed with hunting for exploits and glitches on your own. A single developer can only do so much. When the demo is out, the players will inevitably find the craziest ways to break the elimination methods. Going for a reasonable polish and then doing a closed “beta” with trusted people (maybe Mission Mode Winners/long-time subscribers from Discord and Twitch/people who submitted several useful bug reports in the past, etc.) would, in my opinion, be a more preferable approach (due to the current adverse atmosphere, an open beta might produce very poor signal-to-noise ratio.

  16. I think the dark secret should cost WAY more, setting it at 10 makes listening to the conversations null as you can just set one spy bug and get it. I think if you miss an event you should be able to pay info points for it so your not locked out of that elimination but the game should punish you and reward sneaking around and getting the information organically.

  17. i don’t care how long i have to wait for osana to come out because all the hard work you put in is worth the wait and for the haters who are constantly hating on the game are just jealous because they can’t make a game and put 6 years of hard work into it like you have. like i said before all the 6 years of updates and bug fixing builds are totally exciting to see because it means you are working hard to make a perfect game for the true fans who want to see you and your game succeed. Your work is truly splendid and the demo is going to be great because of all the love and care and hard work you have put into it.

  18. Yandere Dev, do you know one thing! Scew all this assholes that treat you bad and say shit about you, I know that Yandere Sim will be a great game and I trust you know how to become this game a true legend. Because YOU are fantastic and have original ideas and more important, You had never give it all up until now, even though all difficulties. Keep doing a good work! And about the other
    cheap copies, Who the hell cares, right

  19. I have one more question, will you tell us if osana is released or do we need to figure it out by ourselves? 🤔

  20. Yandere dev, you dont need volunteers, im sure you have all you need to finish osana (Unless the volunteer is an experienced programmer) You can keep your emails and media in a new tab while programming the game. That way it could be a little faster. and you can completely forget the bullying on the media because your coding the game at the same time.

  21. I am not an extreme believer in hating your work, but I don’t know if I can support your actions behind the scenes. What should I do?

  22. When Yendere Dev finish the game,all people that accuse and treat you bad and even the programer that ¨create Yendere Sim in about 2 weeks¨. they will cetainely run away with their tail between their legs like awfall cowards they are!

  23. When Yendere Dev finish the game,all people that accuse and treat him bad and even the programer that ¨create Yendere Sim in about 2 weeks¨. they will cetainely run away with their tail between their legs like the awfall cowards they are!

  24. I’m very excited to see what you have in store! One little question, I’m pretty sure the demo won’t have them because it would require a lot of testing, but in the final game will we have improved characters models that have the characteristics you have described in the past (improved facial expressions, proportions, etc)? Thanks for reading and keep it up! Lots of love.

      • First off, with all due respect, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to release a video about the release date for Osana. You already stated in a previous video that she’ll be released “when she’s ready.” You’d be better off making a video announcing her release, rather than predict the time and date she’ll be released.
        Fans are already a bit upset about the long delay, so another prediction for a release date would only upset fans more.

  25. Forgive for sounding sort of like a gremlin but what on the Trello list takes so long to complete, because I see that you do some things and then nothing else happens for the rest of the day so I was wondering why.

    • Each day, I have a lot of work to do that isn’t related to the Trello checklist.

      I have to speak with 2D artists, 3D modellers, animators, composers, voice actors, potential publishers, etc. After taking care of all of my obligations, I can finally turn my attention to the Trello checklist.

      As the blog post explained, I often discover game design flaws and have to spend time re-working Osana or adding new features to the game to resolve the design flaws.

      • Oh, well as long as you are working hard to finish Osana and the game as a whole in one way or another Ill keep supporting you and this amazing game you have on your hands.

  26. While I may not agree with everything you’ve done, I am happy that you are being transparent with the players and continuing work on YanSim. I know it can be discouraging when the whole world seems to want your head, but I’ll tell you, no matter what, your project has an inherent value that cannot be found anywhere else. Continue to work and refine YanSim, but please, release the demo before the end of this year. It will save you a lot of pain and I’m honestly tired of every single person being like “HaR HaR wHEre OsANA”. I hope this turns out as great as you’re imagining it.

  27. Hi Yanderedev, I hope you’re doing well and I am super happy Osana is going to be released soon!!

    I have a question though, you’re saying you want to change the graphics of the game but on Trello the tasks concerning this topic do not mention the character models you want to change so badly according to your video “The Future of YS’s Character Models”. Are they going to change or not, and if so, will they be updated with the demo or later? 🙂

  28. Keep it up, YandereDev, you will see how “computer harassment” will decrease when everything is “signed, sealed and delivered”!

  29. Y’know, releasing Osana now might be good for your mental health, even if she’s still glitchy, it will kill off some arguments because of it, such as you not coding, you wanting to milk it, yada yada. releasing Osana now and getting rid of glitches later would be the best way to go. remember this isn’t the demo, so if Osana is still glitchy it won’t mean anything.

  30. I’m honestly really, REALLY happy to see how well you made this post. I mean everything is really informative and organized! It’s professional when you have EVERY reason to not want to be. I would have quit by now if I was in your shoes.. and its inspiring to see you continue regardless.

  31. I’m glad the coffee break before the developement of Osana, the first [special] rival went well. I hope you can make and finish the rest of the other [special] rivals without beeing interupted by fans. I can just play other games instead while i wait. Keep up the good work !

  32. I encountered an error that annoyed me: ‘It was when killing Nemesis’ when attacking from behind I was only a few millimeters away … and the (F) button after that … maybe Nemesis and I attacked at the same time. /…..The screen between me and her stood still / the frame rate was still running / every time
    If the student or the student council passes by, it will lead to a mission completion screen / … and also Yan-Chan’s loss of health in Mission mode … PLEASE HELP I AM IN THIS ERROR …

  33. Hi Yandere dev! Just thought I would mention that i really like the art style in the illustration of Yandere chan! Good luck btw!

  34. Hi ! Just wondering, once all the checkmarks are checked on the lists, even the graphical improvements, Osana will be ready for realease right ? So you will start working on the video, release it, then release Osana ? Or is the video already ready ?
    Sorry if this comment bothers you

    I’m so happy 😀

    Thank you for taking the time out to try and test everything! Hang in there!

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