Where is Osana, and what is taking so long?

Osana’s not finished yet. She should have been finished by now. I owe you an explanation. That’s what this blog post is about.

I have a lot to say about the situation. How much? Well, this blog post is over 3,300 words long. That should give you an idea.

Scroll down past this fan-art by Akihito_Draws and click “Continue Reading” to get started.

43 seconds into this video from January 16th, 2017, I made a vague comment about how “a lot of stuff […] going on in my personal life […] took up a lot of my time, and took a lot of my attention away from Yandere Simulator”. I never divulged the details, but now that the situation is practically mainstream knowledge, I have to talk about it.

Starting around January 2017, I began to receive massive amounts of harassment. This was the point in time when people began to:

  • Prank call my phone
  • Send weird things to my house
  • Post my personal information online
  • Make attempts to hack into my accounts
  • Send me lengthy essays telling me why I should kill myself
  • Flag all of my social media to try to get my accounts banned
  • Try to convince my team members to stop contributing to the project
  • Submit false reports to the police in an attempt to get the SWAT team to show up at my house
  • Spam me with gifs of people being killed, dead bodies, pictures of mutilated genitals, gore, scat porn, bestiality, animal abuse, gifs of animals getting killed, etc.

Many content creators receive harassment, but what people have been doing to me has gone far above and beyond what a person usually experiences on the Internet. I wish I could be an emotionless robot or a solid stone wall that is not affected by this stuff, but the truth is that, yes, it has affected me. Receiving all kinds of abuse and mistreatment on a daily basis gradually reduced my mental health, resulting in depression, lost enthusiasm, lost motivation, and most importantly, lost productivity.

If I had to explain it with a graph, it would look like this:

In 2016, my productivity was great; I was kicking ass and working fast. In 2017, my productivity fell like a rock as a result of the harassment I was receiving. The harassment continued throughout 2018, so my productivity stayed low. In 2019, the harassment subsided, and my productivity began to return. But, in 2020, a new wave of harassment began, and so my productivity plummeted like a rock.

I cannot possibly overstate how much of an impact the harassment has had on development. If this year had never seen a spike in harassment, I would have finished Osana in February and released her by Valentine’s Day. Actually, if the harassment had never begun back in January of 2017, you probably would have gotten Osana in early 2019.

So, what caused the harassment to begin in the first place, what caused it to continue for multiple years, and what caused it to become so widespread?

The answer to all three questions is the same thing: Misinformation. People are constantly saying things that aren’t true – things that cause them to feel justified in treating me like garbage.

“Yandere Simulator is made entirely of stolen assets!”

Not even true. When Yandere Simulator was an early prototype, I temporarily used a small number of models that came from other games, as placeholders. These models were always a very small minority of all assets in the game. I never intended to use them for long, I have already replaced all of them, and at this point in time, Yandere Simulator is now composed of 1% store-bought assets and 99% original assets created specifically for Yandere Sim. Also, I always removed placeholder assets immediately if the original creator ever asked me to.

“YandereDev streams video games all day long instead of working!”

Not even true. You can visit my Twitch channel and see the length of each stream; they’re short. It doesn’t make sense to make a big stink about this, anyway. It’s perfectly normal for people to come home after work and enjoy a leisure activity before going to bed; that’s daily life for millions of people all over the world. There is nothing weird about playing video games for a little while after the workday has ended.

“YandereDev fired a tinyBuild programmer because he couldn’t understand his code!”

Not even true. I never “fired” anyone, and I had no problem understanding the tinyBuild programmer’s code; the problem was that there wasn’t much work for him to do, since we couldn’t refactor the game while I was still adding features in order to maintain a regular upload schedule on YouTube. I explained the whole situation in detail here.

“YandereDev doesn’t credit his volunteers!”

Not even true. The game has a credits screen, where every volunteer is credited. That’s literally the opposite of not crediting people.

“YandereDev wants to include a rape feature in Yandere Simulator!”

Not even true. Someone photoshopped a Reddit post that I made to create this false narrative.

“YandereDev wants to kill his parents!”

Not even true. I made an edgy post when I was a teenage kid, but that was 16 years ago. Obviously, any post that old shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“YandereDev wrote an erotic story about rape!”

Not even true. I planned to write a story about a rape victim who became a vigilante that killed rapists and child molesters. The story began with the protagonist being raped. I never finished the story, but you can tell from reading the rape scene that I intended to portray rape and rapists as absolutely disgusting, not erotic.

“YandereDev portrayed himself as a cute, innocent girl in order to gain sympathy!”

Not even true. The purpose of my Hate and Shame video was to ask people “Imagine how you would feel in this situation.” My YouTube analytics page tells me that the majority of my audience is female, so I made the protagonist female to make it easier for my audience to relate to her.

“YandereDev portrays his critics as demons!”

Not even true. The grey gremlins in my Hate and Shame video represent people who stalk, dox, and harass others over the Internet – not critics.

“YandereDev kills Midori because she represents his fans and he hates his fans!”

Not even true. Midori represents the concept of a ditzy person asking silly questions with obvious answers. Not fans. I “kill” her in my videos because it became a goofy running gag.

“YandereDev spends all day reading e-mails instead of working on the game!”

Not even true. There was a brief period of time in 2016 when e-mails ate up a huge chunk of my time, but it hasn’t been that way for years.

“YandereDev is intentionally prolonging the game’s development to make as much money as possible from Patreon!”

Not even true. That doesn’t even make sense in the first place. I almost never mention my Patreon at all; if my goal was to make money through Patreon, I would be promoting it constantly. Furthermore, prolonging a game’s development would only serve to anger the supporters, resulting in less money. This narrative falls apart after 2 seconds of thinking about it with common sense.

“YandereDev defends pedophiles! YandereDev believes that pedophilia is a sexual orientation!”

Not even true. People seem to have developed this impression by completely misinterpreting some random remarks I made when I was arguing with someone in 2014. I made those remarks largely because the person I was arguing with was frustrating me, and I just wanted to be contrarian towards them. I compared mental illness and sexual orientation because they have one similarity: a person has control over neither of those things. This was not a statement that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

“YandereDev wants to abolish the age of consent and replace it with a “sex license”!”

Not even true. The same answer from above applies here as well. During that argument from 2014, I focused on trying to contradict my opponent so I could feel like I was “winning” the argument. At some point, the discussion turned to a hypothetical thought experiment about a “test” that could accurately measure someone’s level of mental development to determine whether or not they had mentally reached adulthood, and could be trusted to engage in sexual activity. My casual speculation about the effectiveness of this hypothetical test should obviously should not be taken as an indication that I actually want to abolish the age of consent.

“YandereDev refuses to accept programming assistance!”

Not even true. I am currently accepting programming assistance from multiple programmers, and have always welcomed programming assistance throughout development.

“YandereDev bans people and blocks people when they post an image he’s insecure about!”

Not even true. On January 20th, 2020, while I was sleeping, someone came to my Discord server and posted unflattering pictures of me from when I was a teenage boy, in an attempt to troll. This person got banned by moderators, and then went on Twitter to say, “YandereDev banned me for posting his face!” This caused tens of thousands of people to come to my Discord server purely to post my face, under the belief that it would make me angry. They all got banned for spamming, which cemented the false narrative that I was personally banning people because I was insecure about an old photo. By the time I woke up and got out of bed, there were tweets about the situation with 40k likes. False narratives run wild on the Internet.

“YandereDev uses the Patreon money for personal purchases!”

Weird narrative. The Patreon money was always my salary for working on the game, not the game’s budget. I was transparent about this from Day 1. Once I started earning beyond $3.5k per month on Patreon, I started putting the surplus money towards Yandere Sim. I stated this extremely clearly in the “Goals” section on my Patreon page. Every year, I log how the money is spent in “Transparency” posts. Even with that said, every personal purchase I make is made with my savings from before I even started working on Yandere Sim.

“YandereDev owes tinyBuild money!”

Not even true. When tinyBuild and I parted ways, the final draft of the termination agreement did not involve any debts.

“YandereDev doesn’t think games improve from criticism!”

Not even true. In this screenshot, I am not replying to the guy with the cat avatar. I am replying to a completely different guy whose message was not included within the screenshot.

“YandereDev is a bad programmer!”

The code in Yandere Sim was written hastily so I could maintain a rapid upload schedule for YouTube. That code was written to facilitate YouTube videos, not to serve as the game’s final code. It doesn’t reflect my idea of how to write efficient code. It doesn’t even matter, because the plan has always been to hire a programmer to replace me and re-write my code, anyway. I explained this in thorough detail in a video from 2018, and everyone seems to have completely forgotten about it. I wrote a longer explanation here: https://yanderesimulator.com/CodeExplanation.txt

“YandereDev’s code is bad because of if-else statements!”

Clickbait YouTubers have exaggerated about how bad if-else statements are in order to make sensational, scandalous videos. if-else statements aren’t even a big deal, and do not actually have a significant impact on framerate. Real programmers can easily explain all of the ways in which these YouTubers have gotten their facts wrong.

“Someone re-created Yandere Simulator in less than 2 weeks!”

Not even true. Someone extracted Yandere Simulator’s assets and used those assets to develop a simple game prototype. They created an announcement trailer showing off what they had done. Despite the fact that their prototype only contains a fraction of the functionality of Yandere Simulator, their announcement trailer gave hundreds of thousands of people the false impression that it was possible to “re-create” the entirety of Yandere Sim in only two weeks.

The only reason that their prototype looks even remotely presentable is because they simply copy-pasted all of the assets that were created for me over the course of 6 years. (Not store-bought assets, but Yandere Simulator’s original, copyrighted assets.) They created nothing original, and simply stole all of my material. It’s the most blatant theft I’ve ever seen in the history of the game industry.

Because hundreds of thousands of people were tricked into believing that it’s possible to re-create Yandere Sim within two weeks, my work has been completely devalued, I have begun to receive a massive amount of harassment, and I have started to lose all of the support that I had spent 6 years building up.

This is not a case of “another developer is making a superior game!” but is a case of a con artist is pulling a scam that is tricking hundreds of thousands of people into hating me.

“YandereDev threatened to commit suicide to pressure a game developer into cancelling his game project!”

Not even true. I spoke to the guy who ripped my assets, and explained to him that his project was causing people to harass me and pull their financial support from me, as a result of being tricked by his misleading video and misleading statements. During the discussion, I expressed my feelings honestly. I told him that I felt his actions were “ruining my life,” “destroying my life,” “ending my life,” etc. This somehow got spun into a narrative that I “threatened suicide,” even though I never actually said anything like that.

This is the screenshot that people use in order to push this false narrative. There is not a single sentence there where I “threaten suicide”. It simply doesn’t happen. In case you need me to spell it out for you, the meaning of the last sentence is, “If Yandere Simulator would ruin/destroy someone’s life and end their career, I would cancel Yandere Sim.”

“YandereDev deletes comments because he can’t take criticism!”

And here we are at last. Here’s where we get to the heart of the situation.

Whenever I saw people spreading misinformation – like all of the false narratives I just debunked up above – I recognized that these untrue accusations had the potential to do severe damage to my reputation. So, I blocked/banned anyone who spread misinfo, and deleted their messages.

When people saw negative messages disappearing, they assumed that I was “censoring criticism”. That’s not the case; I was simply deleting falsehoods. You can’t call something “criticism” if it isn’t even true in the first place. However, “YandereDev can’t take criticism” is a more entertaining and scandalous narrative than “YandereDev prevents the spread of misinformation,” so that’s the narrative that people went with.

“YandereDev, I heard a rumor about you that you didn’t address here!”

I’m not trying to debunk EVERY false narrative here, I’m just giving you a sense of the crap I have to deal with. If there is something else you want debunked, go here: https://yanderesimulator.com/debunk/

By now, you get the point, right? There is no end to the false narratives and untrue accusations that other people create about me. I’m not trying to sound melodramatic here, but I feel like it’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m at the center of the largest misinformation campaign that has ever occurred in the history of the game industry. I can’t think of a single game developer who has ever been targeted like this before.

All of the misinformation above was picked up and spread by clickbait YouTubers who made tabloid-style videos demonizing me and vilifying me, causing hundreds of thousands of people to develop false perceptions of me. And, after hundreds of thousands of people were tricked into believing that I am an evil villain who deserves mistreatment, harassment skyrocketed and productivity plummeted.

“But, YandereDev! There are screenshots and video clips proving that you’re a bad guy!”

You can have a real screenshot of something that really happened, and you can use it to paint a completely exaggerated picture of someone – like many of the things I debunked above.

Imagine that I have a photo of you drinking a beer; this doesn’t prove that you’re an alcoholic. But a dishonest clickbait YouTuber would probably hold up the photo and claim you’re drinking beer 24/7, all for the sake of getting clicks, views, and precious, previous ad revenue. This is basically what happened to me, but on a much larger scale.

“Why don’t you just stop checking social media?”

Way ahead of you. I stopped using social media years ago. But, I still need to use e-mail and Discord to talk to volunteers and recruit new volunteers. So, there is always a flood of harassment to see every day, even when I keep my exposure to the Internet as minimal as possible.

So, now you understand the situation I’m in. The next thing you have to be aware of is that, when you are put into a situation like this, you become incapable of thinking about anything else, and spend all of your time with very dark thoughts:

  • It’s hopeless.
  • Why even bother?
  • I don’t deserve this.
  • It’s all pointless now.
  • Maybe I should just die.
  • How could this happen?
  • I may as well not even try.
  • If I die, this will all go away.
  • Why did this have to happen?
  • I don’t have a future anymore.
  • How can these people be so cruel?
  • What’s the point in trying anymore?
  • I didn’t even do anything all that bad.
  • My life has been completely ruined forever.
  • After this, I can’t have a normal life anymore.
  • Everything I’ve worked for has been destroyed.
  • The only way this is ever going to end is if I die.
  • There is absolutely no way to recover from this.
  • None of this should have happened in the first place.
  • I’m not a robot! Of course I’ll get emotional sometimes!
  • How can anybody do something like this to another human being?
  • This will last forever. This is my life now. This is never going to end.
  • This pain and suffering and misery isn’t going to go away until I’m dead.
  • This sucks worse than anything else that has ever happened to me in my life.
  • Millions of people have been tricked into believing things about me that aren’t even true.

When those are the only thoughts that are swirling around in your head, every waking moment of every day, you can’t exactly focus on work. The majority of your time is spent asking yourself, “If my future has been completely destroyed, why should I even bother?” and struggling to motivate yourself to get work done. You can be sitting at your computer with your fingers on your keyboard, and yet you can find yourself completely unable to type a single letter, as a result of being too depressed and miserable to lift a finger.

“So, what now?”

I can’t think of anyone who has ever been put into a comparable situation, and managed to recover. Once you have been labeled as “This person doesn’t deserve any empathy or compassion and it’s perfectly okay to abuse them as much as you want,” it’s pretty much over. That’s a lifelong label, even if you don’t actually deserve it.

Developing a video game is pointless, if nobody is going to support your game because they’ve been brainwashed into believing in a false version of you that isn’t even real. Thus, if your reputation is being tarnished by false narrative, debunking the untrue accusations becomes a higher priority than game development.

I don’t want to make videos about anything but game development. However, my only hope might be to create a video (or multiple videos) going point-by-point down the list of every single false narrative and systematically debunking them all one-by-one, with receipts whenever possible. However, even if I release a video that successfully dismantles every false thing people say about me, there is a still a chance that it won’t do me any good, for one very simple reason:

If you really, really enjoy the sensation of ridiculing and shaming other people over the Internet, you’ll just plug your ears and dismiss everything I have to say in my defense, and continue believing whatever mistruths you wish to believe in, so you can continue to feel justified in engaging in all the fun harassment that you enjoy. There is literally nothing I can do to stop that.

Harassment isn’t the only problem, either. The Anti-YandereDev community convinces my fans to stop financially supporting me, putting me beneath the poverty line and putting my future in jeopardy. The Anti-YandereDev community even hacks my accounts and sabotages the game’s development in various ways. Every day, there is some new drama that other people have created, some new mess to clean up – something else that takes my time away from Osana.

Under the circumstances described above, is it really any wonder why the game is taking 6 years to develop? It was always going to take a long time because of its ambitious nature, but let’s be real here: it probably would have been finished by now if it wasn’t for all the problems that other people created for me.

Depression, lost motivation, lost enthusiasm, acts of sabotage, minutely hatemail, constant harassment, character assassination, lost financial stability, drama being forced onto me every day – each one of these things slows me down like a heavy weight tied to my body, causing me to progress forward at a snail’s pace instead of moving at my maximum speed.

And that is my explanation for why Osana isn’t out yet. Maybe by August 1st.

Scroll down for a list of bug fixes in the latest build.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

This list is especially short, because I’ve been focusing 90% of my time on Osana and only 10% on other things within the game.

  • At the end of the intro sequence, some images rapidly flash onscreen. Those images were screenshots from the Rival Introduction Video that I uploaded in 2016. Actually, in some of those screenshots, you could see 3D models that came from other video games! Oops! Those 3D models were removed from Yandere Simulator a looooong time ago, but I still can’t feature those screenshots in the game; that’d be a copyright violation. The offending screenshots have been replaced with new ones. Now there should be absolutely zero copyrighted content in Yandere Sim. If you actually find a copyrighted model somewhere in the game, please contact me about it immediately!
  • Someone recently informed me that Yandere Simulator’s FPS display was inaccurate, and was displaying a number lower than the game’s actual FPS. I am now using an FPS counter supplied directly by Unity, so the FPS number should now be as accurate as possible. It turns out that the game’s actual framerate was about 5 FPS better than what that number was reporting this whole time, haha!
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan’s character model from showing her new hair color after the player dyed her hair outside of home and school (for example, in the street or in the Kokona Befriend/Betray cutscene).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s corpse to burst into flames when being removed from a locker, if that student had died from being set on fire earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to fail to recognize severed limbs if those limbs were inside of a cello case (with its lid open, exposing its contents).
  • Fixed bug that made the game fail to activate Yandere-chan’s Club Benefit at the start of the day, if her club benefit was the Occult Club’s benefit.
  • Fixed bug that made the game fail to activate the benefit that comes from reading horror manga books (less sanity decrease when committing murder).
  • The Light Music Club / Martial Arts Club will no longer be willing to “Practice” (play music or spar) if it’s lunchtime or cleaning time.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a teacher from noticing a pool of blood while investigating a report of a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to dip a mop into any bucket at any time, even if the bucket was empty.
  • Fixed bug that would cause camera problems if the player was tazed by the headmaster while crawling.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from using the same door as a bucket trap twice in one day.
  • Lowered volume of “power up” sound effect when using one of the Gaming Club’s computers.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Martial Arts Club’s benefit from functioning.
  • The manga store and game store on the street now have background music.
  • Kokona’s Befriend/Betray cutscene now has background music!
  • Reduced the filesize of some files that were way too huge.
  • Updated Saki Miyu’s hair texture.

697 thoughts on “Where is Osana, and what is taking so long?

  1. Made a burner account just to comment cause I don’t really want to express my appreciationfor the game publically with everythingunder fire. I only recently got back into YanSim watching Jay, but I’ve kept tabs here and there since the start. I always wondered how it took this long to make a game and now it’s all clear. I didn’t know what to believe for a moment myself. I sincerely hope others like me search out answers themselves and find this post. It’s incredibly unfair what you’ve had to go through. I hate this, and sincerely hope Osana makes for a jump-start to get people to shut up and stop making your life a nightmare.

    • yandev we love you dont give up! theyre just bored edgy teens that dont have anything interesting going in their lifes so they need to make a problem out of nowhere

    • Damn you’re smart, I used my main account and now people are going out of their way to message me on my youtube.

    • I had this completely made up inage of us storming inti hate videos on youtube and commenting proving them wrong

      • Hey, YanDev… Even if your attention mostly come’s from CyberBullying and EVEN more… At least u have attention, u can use this against the haters!!! You can prove that your not doing all these terrible things… I know it’s hard to deal with when your in the situation. Just know there will be ALWAYS hope, there will be always ppl supporting u, don’t give up, ignore the bullying (At least try, Ik it’s hard!). You have been working on this game SOO HARD, are u just gonna give up bc of stupid stuff haters say? They hate bc they have nothing else to do with there lives… not everybody’s gonna hate u, but… Everybody can love(Not love like LOVE) u… Even tho there’s the smallest chance ever, it’s that small light shinning that will lead u to victory!!! Even if somebody makes a “better” version of Yan sim(probably NEVER, even tho ppl support Love Letter), the Og will always be the best!.. Even if, ppl say Yandere-Chan isn’t a real “Yandere”. Keep up the good work Yandev (sowy if this text didn’t make much sense TvT)!!!

  2. “This will last forever. This is my life now. This is never going to end.”

    I seriously felt that one…

  3. damn.. I want to cry when I read this. you don’t deserve such humiliation.. Devpai, please don’t forget that people who love and respect you very much more than these assholes. we adore you, Yanderedev!💖🌸💌💕

    • I personally think that everyone shall have their own opinioin about something or someone. But it shouldn’t go to the lenghts of tellling someone to commit suicide.

  4. I trust you Yandere dev and i still support you. I truly think you can finish this game. I hope you can learn to ignore these awful people and continue to make Yandere simulator. There are still people who support you. I think even the worst human beings on earth shouldn’t be told they are worthless and should die so neither should you. Ill continue to be your fan even if you end up quitting in the end but just remember those 6 years of your life you have put into that game. Good luck. Hope things get better and that you finish Osana soon.

  5. Of all the dumb criticisms, the one that really baffles me the most is where people attack you for ignoring a potentially suicidal girl in your Twitch chat. I know you said you wouldn’t have ignored it if you knew the full situation, but you made the right choice regardless. You’re not a therapist or a suicide hotline. When you’re streaming, you’re an entertainer. You can’t, and shouldn’t, be expected to offer advice to every person who comes into your chat with a problem unrelated to you and your profession. What if you give her bad advice that only makes her situation worse? Even if you do give her proper advice, what if this prompts more people to come to you for advice? How long before you say the wrong thing, out of frustration or for any other reason? If every semi-big Twitch streamer offered their life advice to suicidal people, there would be catastrophic consequences. And how long before trolls come in and just pretend to be suicidal?

    The best and only thing you could do to potentially help these people is to offer links to self-help websites in your Twitch profile, but you’re by no means obligated to do that. You should NOT, under ANY circumstances, personally respond to these people, no matter what they say or threaten to do (you really shouldn’t even direct them yourself to any self-help links you may have set up because that means you’ve acknowledged them and that may make it seem like you don’t actually care; leave that to chat/mods). I realize it seems wrong to just ignore a person who says they’ll kill themself, especially if they’re asking you to talk to them, but it puts a responsibility on you that you don’t deserve and are not qualified to handle, and could (and likely will) easily lead to very negative consequences if you try to.

  6. Yandere dev,

    Do something about you’re mental health GET A THERAPY! those enoying people are just hating because they have nothing to do in their life just Get A Therapy! It will help (hopefully) and maybe when osana is in the game, the hating will stop who knows🤷‍♀️take care of yourself❤️

    • I don’t know how to support this comment, but I think, that’s the best solution. Nothing becames better if you have mental problems. I’m sure that’s hard to ignore bullying by yourself, and it’s better to work with your emotions.

  7. Yandere dev, we will always support you. Never give up. Keep developing the game don’t get distracted. We are here for you yandere dev. Just ignore everything that happend lately, and focus on the game! ❤

  8. No matter how long it takes we will always support you. I can’t wait to see what Yandere Simulator has in store for the future.

  9. Hello YandereDev, this is the first time I am commenting on this site. The Development of Yandere Simulator is somthing I have been folowing for more than 5 years and to be honest I enjoyed every single Update. By that I mean, that I was always counting days for the 1st and 15th of the month to read or watch what was new. Even though I was never sure if I would end up acually playing the game, I planned on buying it anyway and loved to see the improvements and the polishing the game had received over the years. But that beeing said, I am used to wait for updates due to my long time reading of Skip Beats (running for 18 years) and other manga. It was the same thing like waiting a day, a weekend or even a week for the next episode of a TV show. Nowadays most of us are quite spoiled in that regard, because Netflix for example just playes the next episode if you are not doing anything and “all” you have to wait for is the next season. People are not really used having to wait anymore. Some people claim, that it can not take that long to develop a game and that others have done it in much less time (Some people can write a book in 3 month, Georg RR Martin is writing Winds of Winter for nine years. What counts is the end result.). But everyone works differently and there is one of the most important factors that affect work in progress. That factor is life itself. Somtime life makes things easier, sometimes harder. But none of your fans or haters can imagine how the factor life has affected your work and it is not your obligation to share it with us. Receiving hate on the internet is not a logic thing most of the time. Voice actress Laura Bailey got death threats inclunding not only herself, but also her husband and her baby. All that because a character she voiced was hated. Was that understandable? No, but it was easy. Because they had the loathed character in mind while sending their messages and not the person Laura Bailey. It is a similar case with the hate you receive. People know you as YandereDev, that guy that is developing Yandere Simulator. It is easy to hate something or someone, when you do not have to see them as a person with feelings and an actual life outside of Yandere Simulator. It is easy writing comments or sending stuff, when you know, you will never have to stand in front of that person. Those people find it easier to follow the mass and probably feel like part of a group. It is not necessary true, that they all have the same or even any opinion in that matter, but it is easy and fun to gossip about stuff and way harder to admit to others and yourself, that you might be or have been wrong (One who was able to admit just that was a German Youtuber called IBlali).
    All in all I am very sorry to hear about the amount of harrassment you have gotten and how it must have affected you. I hope you have people that are close to you, with whom you can share the pain and frustuation you probably feel (If not please find someone you can trust with that). Please do not forget, that you are not YandereDev but the Person behind that alias. That is part of your work, even if it is or was a passion project. You are a person, you have your own feelings and you have your own life outside of work. All of those things shuold matter the most to you.
    Greetings from a Fan from Germany

  10. I’m very sorry for all that’s happening. I feel like people treat harassing you and ,,Yandere Simulator will never be completed” as a meme and don’t actually realize you’re a human being. I think that you should make a video after Osana’s release (so that people will calm down in some way) where you talk about the harassment you received and how it had a major effect on the game. Also, I think that you should bring light to the problem connected to popular youtubers promoting the game while it was missing a lot of the features and while you were still inexperienced and set the expectations for it (like giving a too early release date) too high.

    Ps:I agree with the person in this comment section, with how you should manage your online image. It’s not just for your mental health (of course, that’s also important) but also because it may be bad for the future where people will refuse to work with you because of the bad reputation you had. Please take care

  11. I feel like there’s lots of game devs who DO get this much hate, if not more, but the difference between them and you is they’re probably in bigger companies, so they have a lot of “distance” between them and the products or their messages due to having a huge team they can use as scape-goats or whatever.

    As for this being a life-long label, yeah.. possibly, but only to people who don’t matter. If a future employer is like “We would’ve hired you, but we found [misinformation].” You could probably easily explain how that’s just leftover misinformation from back when you developed Yandere Simulator, and here’s [video, blog-post, video] to prove how things were just cropped out of the image or taken out of context.

    As for me, I’m not going to set my mind on believing anything until I’ve seen it with my own eyes and with NO CONTEXT REMOVED OR ALTERED, AND it has to be something recent, not from years and years ago.

  12. Hope hope you’re doing great YanDev! Do you think Osana will be ready by August 1st as you said or is it not gonna happen? Just asking because some people said they’d be a little disappointed if she wasn’t ready by then.

    • I don’t think he will reply, as he said he is really hesitant to give a date, because if something happens and she’s delayed people will get angry…

      • Yeah, the thing is that in the post he said “maybe by August 1st” but people interpret that as “she’ll come out by August 1st”. He should either not say anything, or confirm a date; not an ambiguos “maybe” because that gets people impatient.

  13. I would like to request something can you make it so that
    chrome users can install it too i really wanna play
    sorry and thank you for your time

    • If you just mean chrome as in a chromebook, I dont think that’ll be possibly. I had one when they first came out and from what I could understand, it must be on the google play store in order to download, and I don’t think an entire game like this will be able to be on the play store.

  14. Dear developer, although trolls are visible because of their mass nature, but the main user loves and respects you and your work very much. I’ve been waiting for this simulator for many, many years.

    Do not be discouraged.

  15. Just try to not care about what they say I know it’s hard but just keep developing your awesome game. Both my sister and I will always support you. Hope you’re okay❤️

  16. Dear yandere dev.
    If you are reading this, I just wanna say this.
    Don’t give a Frick about haters, they have no idea what you’re going through. I’ve followed your yandere simulator progress since 2016 and I always started getting more and more excited about the final game. But when I started to see hate about you, I started to feel really mad and sad. But, I hope you’re doing well right now.

  17. This situation is really worse than ever. There are no words even to convey all the shock from such actions of such individuals. These actions are illegal in general. Nobody deserves this kind of bullying, threats, spreading false rumors, and the like. It is completely illegal to enter personal space and ruin the life of any person.
    In fact, creating your game is very interesting to watch. Even if it takes a long time to develop, it will still be interesting to see even the smallest update, even if it involves changing the regular font.
    I just want to say that the development of this game is much more important for the players themselves than empty shouts of accusations and dirty rumors. Your efforts are not wasted. At least there are still those people who will follow the creation of the game until the very end.

  18. Dev-kun they are just bored teenagers who have low iq and have nothing better to do with their lives.
    Theyre just spoiled brats whos mom (karen) keeps insulting you for the minor of crap. Dont forget were always here to support you and even tho im just 1 the barrer of immense fans who are here will always protect you.
    Its ok if osana is late! We will wait pacefully
    We love you ❤❤❤💕💞💌💌💌💘💘💗💗

  19. Come on, cheer up. Look the positive side. The Coronavirus has not stopped you. Those who hate you won’t either.

  20. Mr. Dev, I don’t know what to tell you to make this all go away, but look how far you’ve become. To others, it’s just a hobby. But to your supporters and to you, it’s a work of art and hard work. What the others have failed to realize is that you’re a human, not a super computer. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve already heard, but there are people on YouTube who claims to “make your game better” without putting any effort into it; basically, taking a movie that hasn’t even came out yet and turning it into a clip (nothing more, nothing less).
    You’ll always have us as your supporters, no matter what.

  21. Don’t let them get to you is what I say. When I watch that Video I had to get evidence for both sides. Being a one man team at first sucked. Yeah other indie game developers who were one man teams like Scott and Toby. I pretty sure they had years of experience at making games. Scott i think having the most because he had several failed games. They never had any backlash from their games. Yandev take the time you need. People will complain about anything. And the way the world is rn it sucks!

    • I don’t think you should compare Five Nights at Freddy’s to Yandere Simulator. There is barely any coding in FNaF

    • I brought this up with Yandere Dev once when sending fanart, he’d had a rough month and I was trying to cheer him up. A lot of haters compare Yandere Simulator to “Undertale” and “Stardew Valley.” Both of THOSE games are 2D. I worked in a small three man team to code a 2D game within a month for IST class, 2D is not NEARLY as difficult as 3D. 2D has clear collision barriers, walking is only two-four directions, the area is very simplistic.

      3D meanwhile needs models, which, as someone whose worked with Blender, Unity, and Sculptris, are a lot harder than drawing up some pixel art (Which yes, I’ve also done). 3D requires even more collision boxes, more directions, more details. It’s a lot harder to perfect, and takes a lot longer to work with, especially as a one man team.

      Looking at the bug fixing builds for Yandere Simulator make it clear enough just how difficult working with 3D is, every update there’s a colossal bug fixing list because Yandere Simulator is a game that Yandere Dev cares enough about to FIX. Hell, most big studios don’t even give a shit (Cough cough Bethesda).

      Honestly, I feel the ‘two week yandere sim’ game, is lying. Yandere Sim took 6 years because Yandere Dev showed production from the very start, he showed the animation tests, the killing tests, the stealth tests. He showed the bare bones, and grew from there. For all we know with this ‘two week build’, they could’ve been developing for years before they showed this version, and I can bet cash that it’s not nearly as comprehensive as Yandere Simulator is.

  22. I think, Yandere-dev, that it is your game, and you can dalay Osana as long, as you like 🙂 We’ll wait.

  23. Hi this has nothing to do with the post but how do you active the Lifenote easter egg? I’ve watched the anime thing, which didn’t work, and then I tried to open the easter egg menuwhich didn’t work either but that might just be my computer.

      • To activate any Easter egg you need the debug menu and not just press the button only?? Weird but ok
        I hope you listen to this whilst working

        Sooooo sooooothing! SOOTHE yourself YandereDevu-Sama!

  24. People who are hating YandereDev now, soon after Osana is released, they will download the demo and be raved about it. Hypocrites

  25. Hello Yanderedev. I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to express my thoughts here. I find it pretty funny that your real name is Alex which is my name as well. I’ve been reading this development blog since 2015 and I’ve always liked seeing how the game has progressed since then. I don’t care that I’ve waited this long for this game. As long as it eventually comes out that’s all I care about. You’ve actually been an inspiration for me in the way that you helped me see that I want to be a game developer. I like when you make videos on how game development works because I like learning about what actually goes on during a game’s development. I find it very sad that a lot of people treat you the way they do. I’m sure you’re really just a good guy who wants the best for his game. You don’t deserve the hate and harassment these people are giving you. I’m sure if they were in your shoes they would feel the same way you do. So I hope you can continue working on this game and finish it so you can shut these hateful people up. I can’t wait to see the finished game and I know you’ve been working so hard on this. So please don’t give up and know that me and many others are still waiting patiently for this game. We’re all cheering for you. We know you can make it! I hope you see this message.

  26. Uhhh, in the latest build of the game budo has a task. Is that supposed to be there? I thought yandere dev would put Budo’s task in the game when osana comes out.

  27. If making this game doesn’t make you happy anymore then move on. Don’t make yourself miserable. Your life is more important than a game.

    • Pretty much what I said on several channels, “I don’t care one way or another, but sending hate to someone is unnecessary and cruel. If you don’t like something, move on. Life’s too short to hate on something.” The response? They actively went to my channel to hate on me.

  28. There are more fans of your project than ill-wishers. You are already an adult enough person who should be able to ignore people who are deliberately engaged in knocking out the ground from under your feet. Just think about how much joy you will give those people when you finish the demo. To people who believed in you. You need to focus less on the bad things and more on the good ones. It is difficult, but we believe in you, you will succeed! Hold on!

  29. Quick reminder to YandereDev, I will continue to play the game, even without Osana. Its still a good game! But its unfinished!

  30. The people who are supposedly harassing you though, are going to shut up once the game is finished. They’ll probably act like nothing ever happened.

  31. yandereDev you keep doing what you do. True fans of the game will understand why it is taking so long. You are doing a amazing thing. don’t let the negativity get to you. Most people love your game. So just do you.

  32. Hi yandev, is there a method to clearly see the buttons when you play in the lowest possible quality? For example, when I have to open a door, I don’t understand if I have to press E or F (even though I have learned all the commands by now)

  33. hey man, keep on trucking. you’ve done a lot of things that i disagree with, and honestly this whole post didn’t do much for them, but i don’t think you’re an awful person and i majorly empathize with you- programming’s hard, especially when you have depressive thoughts and are getting as much hate as you are. the harassment certainly isn’t warranted. i can’t imagine how much it’s weighing down on you, but yandere simulator is a FANTASTIC game and once it’s fully out, i’m sure all of the people who are being horribly cruel to you will still purchase it. i wish you all the best, and do try not to let all of the assholes get to you- you have a vision here and i totally believe in you!!

    • Raided by trolls 24/7.

      Now that it’s invite-only, everyone there is friendly and the subreddit is peaceful.

      Simply message the moderators to be let into the subreddit.

      • Honestly I can’t find any yandere sim subreddit that isn’t raided by trolls 24/7. (I literally went to ‘Yandere Simulator Positivity’ and it was filled with hate. So I 100% understand that choice.

  34. Yandere Dev I know you have a bad time, but I beg you be strong and doesn’t pay attention on people that say shit about you and what you do.
    Love and support from fan from Russia!

  35. This broke my heart every time I’ve seen this type of criticism, in return that criticism turn to verbal harassment to yandere dev if this harassment does not stop the yandere simulator progress that yandere dev will be discontinued, and it will be our biggest regret to what have these people have then to make yandere dev stop this progress in the end they’re only reward that they given them is nothing, they only warship the creator of love letter as a god but not a real person its true that yandere simulator does not charge the amount of money You all think of, but think have u ever criticise the man who started this development until it became the most famous game that some youtuber played what ever happen to that moment, the moment yandere dev pull the biggest update in the year 2015, ever since the year 2020 came They tried to turn yandere dev supporters, fan, developers againts yandere dev to higher up the verbal harassment in this whole community, i dont know when will this drama/ harassment will end these people are turning this into a threat to yandere dev, when will there be a time when someone have to put an end to this whole Drama/harassment.

  36. I’m sorry you are going through all of this. I have been following you for years and now I can say I feel connected with you. I can’t say that people who think this game is taking too long are not right, but all this drama, all this hate is really too much, and you don’t deserve this. You have created an amazing game, and I will wait even 10 year to have it, there is no need of a copycat. I will always support you and your creativity ❤️ Please don’t give up ❤️

  37. yandereDev, it’s alright. You have proof you’re not the bad guy. We’ll stay with you throughout the builds of Yandere sim and your struggles. Also, I think you should talk about this with someone (like a friend or therapist) I hope you get better and this whole harassment will end at some point..

  38. i was seeing youtube and it recomended me a video called ‘YandereDev is fake’ i was yelling ‘THAT’S NOT TRUE!’ i almost became insane, i didn’t see the video but i gave it a dislike >:V
    There are some people that say things like ‘YandereDev is fake’ ‘YandereDev will never end the game’ but i’m pretty sure they are just jealous because the game is too good, and even they don’t even know how to make games, i don’t know too but i’m pretty sure that it’s really hard, so i really wanna tell them ‘WHY DON’T YOU HELP YANDEREDEV DO THE GAME AND SEE HOW HARD IT IS HUH?’ sorry i’m just little angry :’v

  39. Hey there YandereDev! I’m just curious to know when is an estimated time that the demo will be released? Not trying to rush you or anything. I’m just wondering. Btw I truly think you releasing Osana will stop a lot of the hate that you’ve been getting. As someone with severe depression I know exactly how you feel. I know how the trolls are and how they work. They got no proof or rational arguments. All they know is how to be pricks, make people angry and hurt them. You’re much better than that. They don’t deserve you. Once Osana is released however, they literally won’t have anything to attack you for. Take care, I’m still looking forward to this awesome game.:)

  40. Even after all this hate on YandereDev, I still support him. I think he is such a nice and talented person and no one and should receive so much hate and be judged. Its discusting how internet can be so emotionless and honestly dumb. I support YandereDev since 2014 from whoole different country (Czech Republic) and even here some Youtubers played YS and loved it. I think people should really focus on someones feelings because they never know what that person can be capable of doing. Speaking for myself, and I ended up in mental hospital by trying to kill myself after what hate I had.
    People in these terrible days should support each other and just be fucking pround. Either way, I still stand YandereDev and this whole game and always be ready for new updates 💞

  41. Hey yanderedev when is osana coming out and also i found out that inku basu’s profile picture is buggy

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