What is taking so long?

Yandere Simulator has been in development for over 7 years. That’s unusual. What’s the holdup?

In this blog post, I’ll attempt to explain the problem.

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43 seconds into this video from January 16th, 2017, I made a vague comment about how “a lot of stuff […] going on in my personal life […] took up a lot of my time, and took a lot of my attention away from Yandere Simulator”. I never divulged the details, but now that the situation has intensified, it has become necessary to talk about it.

Starting around January 2017, I began to receive massive amounts of harassment. This was the point in time when people began to:

  • Prank call my phone
  • Send weird things to my house
  • Post my personal information online
  • Make attempts to hack into my accounts
  • Send me lengthy essays telling me why I should kill myself
  • Flag all of my social media to try to get my accounts banned
  • Try to convince my team members to stop contributing to the project
  • Submit false reports to the police in an attempt to get the SWAT team to show up at my house
  • Spam me with gifs of people being killed, dead bodies, pictures of mutilated genitals, gore, scat porn, bestiality, animal abuse, gifs of animals getting killed, etc.

Many content creators receive harassment, but what people have been doing to me has gone far above and beyond what a person usually experiences on the Internet. I wish I could be an emotionless robot or a solid stone wall that is not affected by this stuff, but the truth is that, yes, it has affected me. Receiving all kinds of abuse and mistreatment on a daily basis gradually impacted my mental health, resulting in depression, lost enthusiasm, lost motivation, and most importantly, lost productivity.

If I had to explain it with a graph, it would look like this:

In 2016, my productivity was great; I was kicking ass and working fast. In 2017, my productivity fell like a rock as a result of the harassment I was receiving. The harassment continued throughout 2018, so my productivity stayed low. In 2019, the harassment subsided, and my productivity began to return. But, in 2020, a new wave of harassment began, and so my productivity plummeted like a rock.

I cannot possibly overstate how much of an impact the harassment has had on development. If the harassment had never happened, Osana would have been released years ago, and the game might even be finished by now.

So, what caused the harassment to begin in the first place, what caused it to continue for multiple years, and what caused it to become so widespread?

The answer to all three questions is the same thing: Misinformation. People are constantly saying things that aren’t true – things that cause them to feel justified in treating me like garbage.

“Yandere Simulator is made entirely of stolen assets!”

“YandereDev streams video games all day long instead of working!”

“YandereDev fired a tinyBuild programmer!”

“YandereDev doesn’t credit his volunteers!”

“YandereDev kills Midori because he hates his fans!”

“YandereDev spends all day reading e-mails!”

“YandereDev is prolonging the game’s development to milk his Patreon!”

“YandereDev defends pedophiles!”

“YandereDev wants to abolish the age of consent!”

“YandereDev threatened to commit suicide!”

None of these statements are true; each one of them is false, and they were all debunked years ago. However, people keep spreading these dumb narratives anyway.

Whenever I saw people spreading misinformation, I recognized that these untrue accusations had the potential to do severe damage to my reputation. So, I blocked/banned anyone who spread misinfo, and deleted their messages.

When people saw negative messages disappearing, they assumed that I was “censoring criticism”, which led to yet another false narrative:

“YandereDev deletes comments because he can’t take criticism!”

No, that’s not the case. You can’t call something “criticism” if it isn’t even true in the first place. However, “YandereDev can’t take criticism” is a more entertaining and scandalous narrative than “YandereDev prevents the spread of misinformation,” so that’s the narrative that people went with.

There is no end to the false narratives and untrue accusations that other people create about me. I’m not trying to sound melodramatic here, but I feel like it’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m at the center of the largest misinformation campaign that has ever occurred in the history of the game industry. I can’t think of a single game developer who has ever been targeted like this before.

All of the misinformation above was picked up and spread by clickbait YouTubers who made tabloid-style videos demonizing me and vilifying me, causing literally millions of people to develop false perceptions of me. And, after that many people were tricked into believing that I am an evil villain who deserves mistreatment, harassment skyrocketed. As a direct result, my productivity plummeted.

“But, YandereDev! There are screenshots and video clips proving that you’re a bad guy!”

You can have a real screenshot of something that really happened, and you can use it to paint a completely false image of someone.

Imagine that I have a photo of you drinking a beer; this doesn’t prove that you’re an alcoholic. But, a dishonest clickbait YouTuber could hold up that photo and make the false claim that you’re drinking beer every hour of the day. This is basically what happened to me, but on a much larger scale. I elaborate about this on the Debunk page.

“Why don’t you just stop checking social media?”

Way ahead of you. I stopped using social media years ago. But, I still need to use e-mail and Discord to talk to existing volunteers and recruit new volunteers. So, there is no way for me to completely avoid seeing a daily flood or harassment messages, even when I keep my exposure to the Internet as minimal as possible.

The next thing I need to explain is that, when you are put into a situation like this, you become incapable of thinking about anything else, and spend all of your time with very dark thoughts:

  • It’s hopeless.
  • Why even bother?
  • I don’t deserve this.
  • It’s all pointless now.
  • Maybe I should just die.
  • How could this happen?
  • I may as well not even try.
  • If I die, this will all go away.
  • Why did this have to happen?
  • I don’t have a future anymore.
  • How can these people be so cruel?
  • What’s the point in trying anymore?
  • I didn’t even do anything all that bad.
  • My life has been completely ruined forever.
  • After this, I can’t have a normal life anymore.
  • Everything I’ve worked for has been destroyed.
  • The only way this is ever going to end is if I die.
  • There is absolutely no way to recover from this.
  • None of this should have happened in the first place.
  • I’m not a robot! Of course I’ll get emotional sometimes!
  • How can anybody do something like this to another human being?
  • This will last forever. This is my life now. This is never going to end.
  • This pain and suffering and misery isn’t going to go away until I’m dead.
  • This sucks worse than anything else that has ever happened to me in my life.
  • Millions of people have been tricked into believing things about me that aren’t even true.

When those are the only thoughts that are swirling around in your head, every waking moment of every day, you can’t exactly focus on work. The majority of your time is spent asking yourself, “If my future has been completely destroyed, why should I even bother?” and struggling to motivate yourself to get work done. You can be sitting at your computer with your fingers on your keyboard, and yet you can find yourself completely unable to type a single letter, as a result of being too depressed and miserable to lift a finger.

“So, what now?”

I can’t think of anyone who has ever been put into a comparable situation, and managed to recover. Once you have been labeled as “This person doesn’t deserve any empathy or compassion and it’s perfectly okay to abuse them as much as you want,” it’s pretty much over. That’s a lifelong label, even if you don’t actually deserve it.

Developing a video game is pointless, if nobody is going to support your game because they’ve been brainwashed into believing in a false version of you that isn’t even real. Thus, if your reputation is being tarnished by false narratives, debunking the untrue accusations becomes a higher priority than game development.

I don’t want to make videos about anything but game development. However, at this point in time, it may have become necessary to create a video (or multiple videos) going point-by-point down the list of every single false accusation and systematically debunking them all one-by-one, with receipts whenever possible. But, even if I release a video that successfully dismantles every false thing people say about me, there is a still a chance that it won’t do me any good, for one very simple reason:

If you really, really enjoy the sensation of ridiculing and shaming other people over the Internet, you’ll just plug your ears and dismiss everything I have to say in my defense, and continue believing whatever mistruths you wish to believe, so that you can continue to feel justified in engaging in all the fun harassment that you enjoy. There is literally nothing I can do to stop that.

Harassment isn’t the only problem, either. The Anti-YandereDev community convinces my fans to stop financially supporting me, putting me beneath the poverty line and putting my future in jeopardy. The Anti-YandereDev community hacks my accounts and sabotages the game’s development in various ways. Every day, there is some new drama that other people have created, some new mess to clean up – something else that takes my time away from development.

Under the circumstances described above, is it really a surprise that the game has been in development for over 7 years? It was always going to take a long time because of its ambitious nature, but let’s be real here: it probably would have been finished by now if it wasn’t for all the problems that other people are constantly creating for me.

Depression, lost motivation, lost enthusiasm, acts of sabotage, constant harassment, character assassination, lost financial stability, hatemail on a minutely basis, drama being forced onto me every day – each one of these things is like a heavy weight tied to my body, and all of those weights are causing me to progress forward at a snail’s pace instead of moving at my maximum speed.

And that is the reason for the game’s development speed.

If you treat someone like garbage, they will work slower.

If you want someone to work faster, you have to stop treating them like garbage.

Scroll down for a list of bug fixes in the latest build.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

This list is especially short, because I’ve been focusing 90% of my time on Osana and only 10% on other things within the game.

  • At the end of the intro sequence, some images rapidly flash onscreen. Those images were screenshots from the Rival Introduction Video that I uploaded in 2016. Actually, in some of those screenshots, you could see 3D models that came from other video games! Oops! Those 3D models were removed from Yandere Simulator a looooong time ago, but I still can’t feature those screenshots in the game; that’d be a copyright violation. The offending screenshots have been replaced with new ones. Now there should be absolutely zero copyrighted content in Yandere Sim. If you actually find a copyrighted model somewhere in the game, please contact me about it immediately!
  • Someone recently informed me that Yandere Simulator’s FPS display was inaccurate, and was displaying a number lower than the game’s actual FPS. I am now using an FPS counter supplied directly by Unity, so the FPS number should now be as accurate as possible. It turns out that the game’s actual framerate was about 5 FPS better than what that number was reporting this whole time, haha!
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan’s character model from showing her new hair color after the player dyed her hair outside of home and school (for example, in the street or in the Kokona Befriend/Betray cutscene).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s corpse to burst into flames when being removed from a locker, if that student had died from being set on fire earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to fail to recognize severed limbs if those limbs were inside of a cello case (with its lid open, exposing its contents).
  • Fixed bug that made the game fail to activate Yandere-chan’s Club Benefit at the start of the day, if her club benefit was the Occult Club’s benefit.
  • Fixed bug that made the game fail to activate the benefit that comes from reading horror manga books (less sanity decrease when committing murder).
  • The Light Music Club / Martial Arts Club will no longer be willing to “Practice” (play music or spar) if it’s lunchtime or cleaning time.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a teacher from noticing a pool of blood while investigating a report of a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to dip a mop into any bucket at any time, even if the bucket was empty.
  • Fixed bug that would cause camera problems if the player was tazed by the headmaster while crawling.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from using the same door as a bucket trap twice in one day.
  • Lowered volume of “power up” sound effect when using one of the Gaming Club’s computers.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Martial Arts Club’s benefit from functioning.
  • The manga store and game store on the street now have background music.
  • Kokona’s Befriend/Betray cutscene now has background music!
  • Reduced the filesize of some files that were way too huge.
  • Updated Saki Miyu’s hair texture.

845 thoughts on “What is taking so long?

  1. Hello YandereDev! I was wondering about the other rivals ( I am definitely NOT trying to rush you). What rival will be next? Love ur game! Bye!

  2. Hi Yandere dev! If somebody is saying bad stuff about you, just remember, they will all die eventually.

  3. Er.. Hi Mr.YandereDev, you know, I really appreciate your project a lot, and it inspired me to live on a lot throughout my university life depressions, I wished I could help you more, I really feel sorry of what happened to you, but I got my financial limits and I also rather remain a low profile.
    I know life is tough, and I think there are certain reasons behind your vulnerability in developments that I need to inform you as a token of gratitude, make sure you can overcome those obstacles easier on your own later.

    (Read this when you have time)
    – Most game developers opens demo of the game when they are more than 60% of development or above, opening the demo sooner may opens to more harassment possibilities, especially if your game got such a high profile before its release, I think. Since you’ve opened demo early, it is also a nice experimental experience as well to know what early demo is like.
    Well, I’ve seen an Activision game Crash 4: It’s About Time released demo when they’ve made the game more than half way already, and also that is the sequel game of my childhood game (they had to because it is a long waited true sequel). Since Yandere Simulator has all new characters not seen in any other games before, and not a sequel or prequel to begin with…
    – Most people are so freaking gullible in false information, that I feel you, and I know most of the time is best to ignore, but since you are having a high profile now, it is harder to ignore, so that you need to keep defending yourself and improve your cybersecurity more. After the project is done, those attackers will have no powers left, they’ll all rot in hell of their own mind.
    – I know you are a freelance, even so, time is tough to manage, and you are… like us, human beings, we all got to rest and relax at times, I know how tough a software developer’s life can be, since I’ve worked in such field before. People who expect you to be a damn perfect utopian overworking robot are just heartless.

    I don’t expect a reply, but you can reply me if you wish, in case if I wanted to come back here to this comment again. I expect a final game to be finished as much as other fans, but I also do understand that making one game is a technical and art process.

    • I forgot one thing, confronting attackers requires you to be bold and assertive, while maintaining your morality, let’s face that.

      • They haven’t maintained THEIR morality, why should he?
        If they stoop down to levels so deep, the only way to fight back is to get to their level.

  4. Hey Yan-dev I’m a very big fan of the work you have been doing over the past fev years and I just want to say there are more people out there who appreciate you then those assholesmwho don’t stay strong and move on we all believe in you

  5. Hello YandereDev! I got really interested at your project and your game, So i got a feedback 2 for you, So here is the feedback i wanted always, I was thinking that you could add an Programming club, Programming club is that when atmosphere is getting lower and camera’s and security are starting there will be a minigame on shutdowning camera’s so there is programming club so the minigame will be more easier to turn off camera’s and those students that is trying to turn on camera will get harder form them. My second feedback is that you must also schedule some breaktimes so you wont get tired, Don’t get to much worried about the feedbacks and developments you must relax and take a break. That’s all my feedback’s thank you.

  6. Why? Why this kinda reminds of Amanda Todd, a girl who committed suicide because of the massive harrassment she received, I hope you dont have the same fate as her… The drama really traumatized me I actually avoid searching any Yandere related in the internet to avoid hurting myself, Yanderedev face that ppl use for their propaganda really disturbs me alot, I am so anxious… That many ppl think you are playing the victim card… 2018, the year where the drama started, I suffered from depression, and my family make things worse, your story kinda hits close to home, I was been insulted by my family, I rather stay silent, if I insult them back to defend myself, I will be marked as rude and disrespectful, I also experienced bullying in my childhood, I have been called insane and crazy, I sometimes responded with violence. I also remembered when my classmates mocked me because I am afraid of the earthquake will might happen again, they want earthquake just because so the classes will be suspended.

    Many ppl just make propaganda for attention and views, many ppl claimed that you are a lazy developer but they are the same ppl who complained about housechores and schoolworks in the internet, they make propaganda to taint your image down and thinking they are doing the right thing, I kinda feel bad for you, they send you some disturbing vids, I wonder if they send you the video where the police shoots two innocent people.. Many ppl are gullible they just believe it straight away and many ppl also hate you because its popular and trendy…. Also they never knew your struggles, keep up the good work, remember not all the claims in the internet are true, so thats my thoughts about this

  7. Dont worry, YandereDev. I am still supporting you, I draw plenty of fanarts, I always keep mentioning you in Twitter and waiting for your approval. I reading your story and breaks my heart and kinda relatable. I, who suffer from depression and anxiety, has no one on my side only my friends in FB but they are not that active, not even my family wont be there when I need their help. I also experienced bullying, I was been mocked and shunned for having masklophobia (fear of mascots) by my classmates, teased me for having anxieties about earthquakes, I was been called “insane” or “crazy”. I rather be silent than to talk about my problem to the ppl with closed minded o mga sira ulo.

    I feel they make rants and clickbaits and memes mocking you just for attention, (magpasikat or mga patagad), and I wont buying on their lies, many ppl think you are playing the vicitim card.

    I dont understand why you received so much hate just because of your minor and past mistakes. They go batshit when you used to wrote a story that contains rape and slavery but few ppl criticize the Bible passages that are sexist, misyognist, homophobic, racist, and promotes rape and slavery, I feel the Cognitive Dissonance and Hypocrisy of the Anti YandereDevs.

    Hey are those ppl who said that YandereDev is lazy are the same ppl who complained about their house chores and school works in the internet,

    LoveSick is just a plain rip off of your game, that game was created because of that drama shit, Watashi no Mono was been dragged down and do an ultimate and abysmal comparison between your game and that fan game, like without Yandere Simulator, Watashi no Mono will ceased to exist.

    Anyway, if those ppl who send you some graphic violent videos, I wonder if they send you a video of a policeman shooting the old lady and her son, if you see it, me and my fellow Filipino Netizens see it too.

    Anyway, YandereDev stay strong : )

  8. I’d like you to release a video addressing all of the “false” claims. A good one would be appreciated – a long, none-manipulative, informative video. Once you get all of that out, you’ll feel much better because you know the truth is out there. You may think, “I already debunked everything, so what’s the point?”. But no one has time to read through paragraphs upon paragraphs of information, which all seem very manipulative. Perhaps it’s due to the harassment that you express your feelings this way, but trust me: once you upload a good apology video that addresses everything, it is no longer justified for people to do what they’ve been allegedly doing for years (not like harassment is justified in the first place, but for those people who do harass you).

  9. I can’t believe that people are actually doing this. This is cruel, like what did he do?! He just wanted to make a game, like leave him alone if it’s just for fun.
    I hope you’ll get better YandereDev.

  10. hi yandre dev the download launcher and the link doesn”t work how i download yandre simulator plz tell

  11. yandere dev i have a qaustion if you are able to get more voice actors are you gonna replace the voice actor of yandere chan ( michaela laws) with someone else or are you gonna keep it the same?

  12. Hey yandere dev I just thought of the amai I think there should be a new elimination if you think it’s lame then it’s okay but all the cooking club members and amai will be in bakesale what if we told museme that like example saki hates amai cooking and then theyou will have a fight then they will discuss in cooking club then we can poison the food (lethal poision) and then policy will come to school then many students blame amai for it because she was hosting the bakesale then she will be arrested

  13. I believe in you! Stay positive. In fact, I like seeing the slow development of Yandere Simulator, because most games update the game at I pace I just can’t keep up with! Your pace helps me see all the devolvement and functions. Also, I bet not even a quarter of the people who think you’re too slow actually never made a game as advanced as yours. Make sure you take care of yourself.

    Love, Bird

  14. Yandere dev I know how you feel but I hope your okay I’ve been a fan for soooooo long now ever since the game came out I love everything about the game especially the bugs because they’re actually fun not gonna lie but if anyone says that stuff agian remember you have us♥️💌🖤 please remember that 😔😌Love ya!

  15. heyyy yandere dev, i feel very bad for all the harassment you have been reciving, i have a question if you could please answer it…will you make a response to the actual critisism you have gotten on the game?

    • What criticism? I haven’t heard any. I’ve just heard people making completely untrue statements that don’t have any basis in reality.

      It’s boring to hear nothing but fictional narratives and false accusations. It would actually be super refreshing to hear actual criticism for once.

      • Someone on YouTube said that in your game there was sexualization ( I don’t know if I spelled that right’) of minors because the uniform is from Japanese “middle schools” and that senpais sister is 17. And about the rival, Mida Rana. Just not sure about this. Also, I love the game!! (Sorry if my English is horrible)

      • All of the characters are 18 or older.

        The uniform was chosen because it is associated with anime, not because it is associated with middle schools.

  16. This comment its not really relevant to the topic but I was thinking. Maybe if the player achieved something big, the would get a cutscene or a flash back where the player can watch or play as ayano when she was a little girl to give the player an interesting perspective on the ayano to truly understand her. Its just a thought that I had and I kinda thought that it might be interesting or something. BTW I love the game, I haven’t played it yet because I don’t have a computer but I’ve seen people like rassbowski and kubz scouts play it and it looks really fun. So maybe just maybe you could give my idea a try maybe make a video discussing the idea and check the feedback Thx.

    From Josalyn
    P.S. maybe for the sewer elimination you could make the sewers more dark and the liquid dark too just so it doesn’t look like soda cause to me it kinda does just saying. ❤

  17. Hey yanderedev! I just wanted to say how much I love your game,This game was my literal childhood and I’ve never thought that a game this good would ever get this much hate.Everything will get so much better, and I dont get how people can hate on you so much when they don’t know what’s going on in your life and the types of thing you go through or have been through. Some people just don’t get that some of the things they say can seriously mess with people and how they think,mentally and physically.People really need to understand that depression is not easy to deal with,and them sending you death threats and just even the most disgusting things being said about you can make your depression even worse. I really hope you get through this storm and you won’t have to deal with this harrassment anymore,just always remember that you are so loved and so important to sooo many people. Take your time with the game and just try to ignore the hate, I know its hard but you can do it plus their opinions shouldn’t matter since some of them wouldn’t know how hard it is to develop a game, stay safe and please drink lots of water <3!

  18. I love how the game is now, I kind of went to play it after a very long time and I really impressed, it is very beautiful man! even though it took so long the game is beautiful.

    But well, I recommend that you really continue the game man, if you finish the game and everything you can really have a chance to change your image on the internet and still have a beautiful game, Good Luck I give you 🙂

  19. I understand how hard is to create a game and I appreciate u’re trying ur best to give us a wonderful experience of this game. Hopefully, u will get enough money from the crowd funding campaign and finish this game. I really want to see this game finished and play it as a continuous story.

  20. Yeah I use to believe this crap, but then the more videos I began to see the more annoyed I get, I had no idea why though.

    It was not until a while later I began to realize how disgusting it all was. I knew about this game from my sister so I always enjoyed watching kubzcouts play it.

    To the honest I thought the hate was criticism until I began to realize how it was merely just a hate bandwagon. It wad at the same time I figured out about fallacies from my English teacher 😅

    So yeah, I don’t believe it anymore, at this point. I don’t even care, it’s now becoming a shit show now. And I hate it when a youtuber I like reports on it without any evidence.

  21. This kind of harassment is absolutely unacceptable. People out there will do anything to paint someone as a villian, which is completely stupid. Ruining someone else’s life is completely wrong and for the people who have been harassing you for years, they wont get away with it! I came into the Yandere Sim fandom believing all the false rumours about you until I digged up the truth myself. It is so unbelievable how newcomers come to the fanbase where all these false rumours are pouring around and nobody even bothers to dig up the truth! I was lucky that I was a developed person who bothered to dig up info about the real reason behind these certain lies. I am so sick of seeing these false rumours spreading without people bothering to look up the truth before speaking. I’m sure though that the day will come where everyone realizes that all these false information are just lies. Lies made by people who are bored with their lives. I cant wait for that day where the harassment comes to an end. Dont worry Yandere Dev, that day will arrive soon. Those ignorant people wont get away with it.

    With that being said, how are you feeling Yandere Dev? I hope that you are doing alright. Make sure to take care of yourself first before continuing with the development of Yandere Simulator, because your health matters more. The work and improvements that you’ve been upgrading the game with are absolutely amazing! Make sure to stay hydrated and safe. Take care >.<

  22. Good day dear Yanderedev I am very fond of your game and still respect it I am very sorry to see the fact that there is so much to hate about you and your game. But that was not I will support you and I think you will answer me this question, and when will the other competitors come out after Amai? I will be glad if you answer

  23. It’s definitely not fair that you get all that harassment, you don’t deserve it. You’ve tried so hard at the game and people respond to you with false rumors, harassment, etc. I am amazed at how strong you have been and how despite all that massive harassment you have been able to get ahead even though the game is not over, I really appreciate all your effort.

  24. Hi! I’m sorry for your story, but at the same time I think you should go ahead to prove to haters that you are stronger! I love your game and I would like to play the final version, it’s my deam! Take care of yourself 🙂

  25. YandereDev. I really appreciate your very VERY hard working project. I didn’t know how desrepectful how these people did to you. I don’t understand why these things would happend to you. . . Do you have anxiety? You have depression? I see things hasn’t going pretty well. I feel bad for you.
    I hope the bright side wins the dark side.

  26. For the haters who are reading these comments, I hope you don’t scroll away from mine. Anyways, I just wanted to say that YandereDev is a good person. Sure he has a few flaws and stuff like that, but he tried his best to push through. I know that it’s like to recieve negativity from other people, and I can say this: if you were the victim you would slowly start to feel depressed, suicidal, angry, anxious, etc. Who knows? You people are just making false info out of jealousy, anger, or impatience. Making a game, especially while facing harrassment, bullying and abuse, is very difficult. I am impressed that YandereDev still works on his game, which shows that he is a strong person. If this continues, eventually YandereDev might do something very extreme to himself, and maybe… even kill himself. I know. That was very dark. If he does do that, it’s because of all of the emotional abuse that you have given to him, making his death your fault. I know that I’m saying extreme stuff right now, I know that it might not happen, but WHO KNOWS? Honestly, you people make me sick. Knowing that you are putting a person’s LIFE at risk just because of envy and greed. I CAN’T BELIEVE ANYONE WOULD DO THIS! THIS ISN’T RIGHT, YOU’RE POTENTIALLY RUINING A PERSON’S LIFE FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL GAIN! I am losing more and more faith in humanity as the days go by. All of you fakers. Even those not partaking in the Anti-YandereDev thing. If people were hurt because of your lies, alright. If you become the victim, then I hope you learn your lesson. If people die because of your lies… then that’s on you. Have fun in heck, and again, sorry for this comment becoming very dark and cruel, but hopefully this reminds you that YandereDev has feelings, just like everyone.

    • Anti YandereDevs are really insane as Kakampinks or Leni Supporters…

      Both of them keep on making propaganda against ppl who they hate the most…

  27. Ive never engage in that drama because I cant stand on how you have been demonized and the ridicule… I rather distance myself for the sake of my sanity and my mental health… I can defend hou tbh because I will be ridiculed…

    I still support you… I kinda hate that most ppl had this kind of mentality…

  28. Hi! So I know I’m like realllyyy late on this, but I just have a question, I know this is not related at all to you’re post (PS, im super sorry you get all this hate! Hang in there <3) But whenever I try to kidnap someone, there's never the box to put them in, or it just kills them. I got my biology up to level 2, and do what the scheme tells me to do, but it always kills them.

  29. Even in this day, I am still siding with you, Yandev… I know how it feels for being harrassed since I experience the first hand of online harrassment because of my content in Tiktok

    I dont listening to the rants against you since its like listening to the hypocrites inside the holy walls…

    Please dont pressure yourself in finishing the game because of the people being that impatient and cant keep their pettiness to themselves…

  30. Wow after reading all of this word for word almost a year late… I’m disappointed in people, I’m sorry you were/are going through all of that. I personally think your doing a great job at things like taking criticism, one of your recent videos shows how you add features because you watch people’s videos and analyze them. I really do understand what happened or is happening still, I personally love your game, it’s fun to play around without to much content, some people fail to understand what a demo is, which seems to be a lot of the issue, a demo is NOT fully DONT and is released to collect criticism, and one question, will any rivals have personas that are not in the game? I know the rival intro video kinda showed them but I’m still not sure…
    TL;DR I’m very sorry about this, and will any rivals have personas that are not in the game? I know the rival intro video kinda showed them but I’m still not sure…

  31. Hi yanderedev. I just want to start off by saying I’ve been a huge fan of yandere simulator since it originally came out and seeing it improve over the years feels like a proud parent watching their child grow up. I have noticed one bug that’s in the game I’m not sure if it’s the game itself or if it’s my laptop that I’m using but in the first day especially there’s moments where the NPCs are glitched out. What I mean by that specifically is that there’s a purple silhouette with their eyes and hair floating in midair. As hilarious as this bug is it feels off to where it’s hard to take this game seriously, no disrespect in saying this just some constructive criticism if it indeed is a glitch in the game itself, and if it’s with the laptop I use is there a way to fix this? Let me know about this. And as to the false allegations I understand perfectly as I’ve been down that road where I was falsely accused of being a pedophile and a catfish all because some punk ass kid on discord didn’t get his way. My honest recommendation for that is show anyone falsely accusing you of such allegations the full story in form of evidence and tell them that if they still don’t believe you tell them to kick rocks. Don’t stress over it too much, I know it’s hard to do but trust me as long as you know for a fact that you’re innocent that’s all that matters. As for the harassment I feel you shouldn’t have to limit yourself with communication because there’s true fans like myself included and so many people who follow the game’s progress and updates almost religiously. Anyway let me know your thoughts on this all. Much love and support

    • Thanks for your kind words.

      The blue and pink silhouettes are a setting that you can activate or deactivate from the Settings menu. The purpose of the setting is to give the player the option of disabling character models that are far from the camera in order to improve framerate.

  32. Do you wanna know what the dumbest thing about this crap is?
    Even if ANY of those were true, there would still be no reason for you to receive this much harassment, YandereDev.
    You are just inexplicably the laughing stock of the internet.
    Those people just REALLY hate you.
    If they had the power to do so, they would KILL you.
    Even though they had doxxed you…
    You are lucky to be alive, YandereDev.
    Because someday, somebody WILL use those credentials you have to murder you.
    If they hate you enough to write long-winded essays about why you should die (we all should), what is stopping them from killing you directly?
    Just because it is illegal doesn’t mean SOMEBODY won’t direct all their unreasonable, worthless hatred of you directly into your lungs.
    It’s only a matter of time, YandereDev.
    You can’t run. You can’t hide.
    Nobody can flee from the mob, when it is out to get them.

  33. i felt really bad for you reading this… i got to know “yandere simulator” only 2 years ago and i never knew about the harssment you been through, i’m disgusted by the behavior of those people…
    please take your time making the game, if i was you i would probably kill myself because of depression.

    stay strong:)

  34. I’ve only supported Yandere Sim for a year, but I immediately fell in love with the master piece you have created. All this hate is absolute bullshit and those haters should burn until they turn to ashes. Absolutely disgraceful the things they do to you. I am so sorry you have to go through this pain YandereDev. I always knew you struggled having freedom too. You want to work on Yansim, but you also want your old life back. This could make anyone depressive, but death threats and all these other things?! Insane. You’re a human, just like me, just like everyone in the world, and you do not deserve this pain one bit. But, a little more on the positive side, always remember, you have millions who adore you in the world for what you do. You have created something which is trending on all platforms, you are technically famous, you have achieved more than some people do in their lifetime. Stick by those who care for you, and stay strong my man. Forget about those bastards, and focus on what you love most. ❤

    P.S: Dm'd u on discord my name is Sonicgamer67891. I dm'd u a while back and u thanked me for my very kind words. All the best YanDev, I hope things get better for you. ❤

  35. If I was older, I would have volunteered to work with you, and then everything takes its time and then I’m sure the game will have made a lot of progress! And you’ll find volunteers over time.

    Regarding the subject of this page, the people who insult you and again, they slow you down, it’s true but we will support you forever, at any time!

  36. Hi YandereDev! I know saying your age online is really risky, but since i pretty much don’t have any people to rely on, i’d like to say something about me!

    I’m still really young! I’m 11, yet in my whole i have been through so much. When i was 8 or 9, i realized that life is cruel. Back then, i didn’t know what depression was, but now i know i had it. I’m a loner, and i don’t have friends in school, even though i’d really like to. When i was at the age of 9, sometimes i thought “Just what is the point of life?” or “I just wanna die.”. And it’s still not better. I can’t really tell my mom. I don’t like her. She is all kind until you spend more time with her. Probably she is the reason i have depression from the age of 8 or 9.

    Why? Because she sometimes screamed to the point i’d go to the toilet and cry at the age of 8. She was fighting with father for reasons like not taking the dog out, or because he forgot to buy something. And not too long ago, actually yesterday, she told me “There are some places where parents leave kids, and they find better families, so if mommy is so bad, maybe you can go there?” Besides that, one of my brothers is also the reason i have depression. He said he is always joking, but i was taking that seriously, since i’m really insecure of myself. He called me “fat”, and when i was extremely scared of dark, he sometimes turned the light off when i was showering, leaving the light off until one of the family members turned it on. Sometimes i even waited up to 5 minutes for someone to turn on the lights. I was crying so loud, yet no one heard me… Or perhaps they just ignored the scream of fear until it was annoying? One time, it took 8 minutes for someone to turn it on. I was scared, i didn’t see anything, i screamed, i cried out loud, yet no one turned the lights on. One time, the person below us even asked if everything is alright, because she heard me crying. Mom told him to stop, and he did so, but not for long. After a year or so, he did the same thing, but he turned off the lights off up to 1 minute, and turned it on himself. For a kid like me, that was scared of most things, it was really hard and scary. Probably the reason i was scared od showering when my brother was home.

    Now i’m crying 2-8 times a week. I don’t have much people to rely on. I have one true friend that i can tell everything. My cousin. She’s the one i trust the most. She helps me so much in my life. Only like 5 people in my life are the reason i’m still standing. If it weren’t for them, i’d probably be dead by now.

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