BITC Crossover Announcement

Hey! I’ve got an announcement to make! I’ve prepared a video about it; check it out!

Yandere-chan is now a playable character in another game! The game is titled “Boobs in the City”. Yeah, I know, the title is very unusual, but it looks pretty fun, doesn’t it?

UPDATE! Nemesis is now a playable character in BITC, too!!

Be warned; it’s an 18+ adults-only game!

If you are of legal age, you can check out the game by following this link:

127 thoughts on “BITC Crossover Announcement

  1. And I thought osana was gonnna be released…..

    I think I am gonna play this game.

    Have a great day yandev😊😊😊😊

  2. in the crush crush crossover, if you looked under “Bust” it would say “Varies” because the bust size was tobbleable in-game. It’s to late to happen now, but imagine if Ayanos sprites had a couple alternate versions where the bust switches sizes randomely. It’s a stupid idea, but it would definitely fit.

  3. This obviously isn’t necessary but it would be really useful to go on a menu where you can quickly change your hair without needing to go through all of them. It could be like two arrows at the sides and then at the center Ayano’s hair, so you can go back if you missed the one you wanted. It’s just improving the Quality of Life but it would be pretty cool to see.

  4. Jesus people, be patient. You will get eventually Osana in this month or next. If it bothers you that much go play some other games like Dead By Daylight, The Sims etc.

  5. YANDERE DEEEEEV . Why do members of the Martial Arts Club use the same animations as the attacking offenders? And why even though Budo is the strongest in the school is not invincible? Since Raibaru has almost the same strength as it is, it is practically invincible without any strategy.

    • The martial arts club doesn’t need new animation or if it does then it will be after the demo

      Also Budo is physically stronger than Raibaru
      Raibaru might be weaker but she has good reflexes

      • But if Budo won it is because he has good reflexes and more strength, however Ayano can attack him from the back, and the animations do not match the name of the club. Why do you need gun fighting animations? If they fight martial arts.

  6. Just…narrate all 18+ video games please. For reasons of course. I highly approve that you are connecting with other suggestive video games and as always keep up the good work and congratulations!

  7. Seems fun, like a mixture of FPS a Galge elements! I especially like the plainness of the combat system: hurt, Hurt and HURT!

  8. yandere dev! after you finish and uplloaud the osana and history of yandere simulator vidoes, could you do a tutorial of osanas befriend betray and matchmaking her like kokona? I know anyone will be able to do it but i think it would be a great way to promote yandere simulator and uploading more vidoes, ( these would come about 2 months or so after osana so we could play it for ourselves)

  9. For anyone who sees this:
    be VERY CAREFUL when using the save/load feature in Yandere Simulator, I used it and it actually caused a REGISTRY ERROR on my PC and while I did not lose any data I did have to perform a system restore which i’m not sure if you can do or not in a version of windows above 7

    • That’s shocking to hear. I haven’t heard anyone report anything like that. I feel like that may have happened due to some other circumstances on your PC aside from Yandere Sim.

      • Perhaps so, this is the first time Yandere Simulator has done anything funky like that, if it does happen again I will let you know what exactly I did. I tried to give a step by step process on how to actually trigger it but understandably i’m not really rushing to attempt to cause whatever it was again.

        If I want to email you something that is not directly related to the game how do i do that without wasting your time (I know you don’t like certain types of emails) Do you have a separate email that you respond to other affairs with or anything like that?

      • Sorry for sounding like a total invalid but by system config, are you asking what my system specs are? (late reply, for some reason I never actually got alerted to responses)

        I have a custom built gaming setup that runs on windows 7, intel architecture not AMD, i definitely have enough to run Yandere Sim in terms of power.

      • Yeah my apologies i meant specs and which btw windows 7 is no longer supported for Microsoft updates but luckily you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free still. I ran yandere sim on windows 7 before and it did run like a charm but that was 2 years ago. Maybe since then the game utilize something that a newer operating system has but windows 7 dont? Like better drivers. I believe it also depend on the gpu you use. Try installing microsoft c + + 2015 runtime and see if that works. It helped me overcome errors from other games i have.

        I hope that helps

      • Wait i just wrote a whole paragraph about trying to get the game to run when the problem was there was a registry error. Lol sorry about the confusion but yeah windows 7 is outdated and its no longer getting security updates. That’s probably the problem there. Yes windows 7 was good but sadly some good things must come to an end 😦

  10. I love that Yandere Sim is getting more crossovers with other games, but I think it should be more clear in-game what their age is. Because right now, it definitely seems like their in high school, and even if their all 18, Senpai is canonically older then Ayano, and its a bit weird that a 19 yr old would still be in highschool.
    Would it be possible to distinctly state in the game that its set at an academy, which could be like a college prep school? Like a stage between high school and university. That could help in showing that its a elite school, as well as be as explain their ages. Even Senpai’s little sister could be explained as being in grade 12, and age 18, and then skipping the last year to join the prep school.
    SO exited for the game!

  11. Yandere Dev if you are reading this I just want to tell you you are a great person and a really good developer! Osana. Will. Be. Epic.

  12. Boobs in the City?

    Basically, it’s a wet t-shirt contest Game, Right?

    Sounds like something I’d love to play. Does it have any H scenes in it? Is it made by

  13. Hey, this is pretty good! This way Yandere-chan would live on! Speaking of living on: what other games would you want her to make a cameo in? Any “Would totally be a dream come true” games?

  14. Yandere Dev,I really appreciate how you are still working hard on this wonderful game,though you have been getting hate. I don’t want to waste your time,but I have a question. Will you add something in the game about Boobs in the city,Project QT and Dark Deception,like you did with Crush Crush? Also,after Osana is finished take a break and try to live your life and try to be happy!

  15. Can I just say that I admire you, YanDev?

    So many developers are running scared of the loony lynch mobs online that get “offended” by . . . well, pretty much everything it seems and here you are not only making a game that hits so many triggers for idiots but even letting your characters crossover with a naughtier type of game.

    I very honestly admire your willingness to be rational about these sorts of things. It’s fun! We’re all here to have fun! None of these characters are real people so whatever happens to them, whatever fan art is made or official art, it’s all just for fun!

    The stop-having-fun people are scaring the crap out of me lately so updates like this give me a tiny bit of hope that humanity hasn’t completely gone off the deep end just yet.

  16. GUYS its not the first of july yet if we look at when yan dev updates the game its ment to be soon not today com one guys

  17. I think that before the game is released (not now) you should put in a Persona Easter egg, like pressing control to have Ayano summon a persona and have a list of skills(from the Persona games) that attack in front of you

  18. Well … that game looks fun 😏😏😏. I think I’ll have a little fun with it while I wait for Osana 😉. Keep working hard YandereDev, I really appreciate you as a person and as a video game developer ✌👍

  19. When you said in the June 1st blog “You’ll have Osana on Ju[redacted] [redacted]th, is her release date actually in June or July or is it actually not in June or July at all.

    Also, I was just wondering: what does Senpai think of Raibaru? Do they get along?

    • Like I said, I “banned” myself from uploading to my main YouTube channel. I don’t intend to upload any content to my main channel until Osana is complete. To get around this self-imposed limitation, I uploaded to an old channel I created in 2006. I might upload interesting behind-the-scenes footage to this channel in the future, which is why I named it “Yandere Archive”.

  20. I’m loving all the crossovers, YanDev, congratulations!! I admit, the only reason I play Crush Crush and Blush Blush is because of you, haha. (petition to add yandere-kun to blush blush anyone? lmao)

    Anyway, it’s very inspiring to see you continue to work so hard, and I’m very proud of you. Keep your head up!

    • Making progress every day.

      I anticipated that she would be complete by now. I ran into a bunch of personal problems during the month of June that slowed down development. It sucks that it had to happen during such a sensitive time in the game’s development.

  21. hi yanderedev! im a big fan :3 and i really like yandere simulator even in its current state without rivals. im so sorry you have to deal with so many haters. many people cant acknowledge that you’re doing this mostly independently and they always compare it to games that have an entire team working on them, and they can’t get it through their skull that you’re a person too and you have a life besides outside of yandere simulator. sadly i can’t download the game right now because my computer is a potato 😦 but i watch all your videos and i watch other youtubers play and it looks amazing. you dont deserve so many haters and theyre just impatient and they treat the game as though its being made by an entire company.

  22. Yandere Simulator is inspired by three games. Two of those are Hitman and Persona, but I never knew which is the third. Can anyone make me out of doubt ?

      • Not a bad theory, but that’s not the game.

        In 2014, after I started working on Yandere Sim, someone recommended that I check out Bully just in case it could turn into useful reference for Yandere Simulator. I played Bully, but didn’t really find anything in the game that I thought would be a good fit for Yandere Sim. Really, the only lesson I took away from that game was the idea of having the current time of day onscreen perpetually.

  23. Hey Dev, I have a suggestion for the match-making elimination method. I have always thought that it would be neat if the rival would ask the suitor questions as the bar fills up. I think this would make the method seem less like a robot saying random things and more like two characters speaking to one another.

    At certain points throughout the bar, the rival would ask a question pertaining to their personality and/or likes and dislikes. The questions would have some answer choices associated with them, and depending on which one you choose, the bar will gain points or lose points. As the bar fills up, the questions the rival asks are a bit more complicated, making you feel inclined to learn more about the rival. Maybe, as a bonus, the last questions would be timed to make the player feel a sense of urgency.

    Since Osana is the first rival, these questions would be fairly simple, making you need to have at least basic knowledge of the type of person the rival is. For example, Osana could ask “Do you know what my favorite animal is?”

    Of course, this doesn’t need to happen immediately or anything I like that. I know you’re working extremely hard to get Osana out to the public, but I just don’t want this specific method to be bashed because “it’s the exact same as Kokana.” I have followed the development of this game ever since it got big on YouTube and I would hate to see this game not reach its full potential. Well, good luck and I wish you the best.

  24. Dear Yandere Dev,
    You said you wanted to change the games graphics, will there be a significant change or will it be minior? If you want to respond please put on a scale of 1-10 (10 being major difference)

    • I saw a video from the channel “AMZE” and he said that it could be that the graphics of the game change. Honestly the graphics of the game look more beautiful 😀

    • To some people, it’ll be minor. To others, it’ll be major. I wouldn’t spend time doing it if I didn’t think it was significant, so to me, it’ll be significant.

  25. Yandere dev I dont know why when I play the game my pc heats up a lot. If you can fix it easily pls fix it.

  26. Just sneaking in there that I would still love to match make Pippi and Ryuto sometime in the future.Just for fun, they are def loved characters like Kokona and Riku to the point I never kill them even if it makes the game harder. Would be a cool side quest is match making them gave you a benefit to match making future rivals or gave you +Rep because people would see you as a caring person, because everyone loves a good cupid….unless they don’t and someone else liked the person you matched to someone else, which might be negative for you, also good for the game. Just my op. Been here 6 years and going strong. I’ll be waiting here with my money, yandev.

      • Hello Yandere Dev!
        I know that you want some of the students in the school to seem like they have lifes and not just mindless npcs. I saw this video on youtube and one of the ideas was to have a couple of people being bf-gf at the start of the game, it may just be simple as them sitting down on one of the benches at lunch(since everyone is sitting outside their clubs) and ( since the cafateria and the outside lunch place are deserted) and eating with the blushing face. I think it would be cool for maybe 4 students(pippi and ryouto) (and “daphne” and “fred” ,dont know threr names sorry). ( This is just an idea, I dont want it to delay Osana at all, I think it would be cool in Amai week since it would feel a bit different than just Osana week if that makes sense 🙂

  27. Will Senpais react to how a rival was eliminated Occur at the end of the day after the player leaves or only occur if the police are summoned to School?

    • It will occur at the end of day sequence, which could be when the poliece arrives but it will only appear if yan chan gets awway with it

  28. Hey Yandere Dev, I have a question, will the demo version with the osana come out with the name “LoveSick Demo” or have you decided not to rename the game yet?

  29. Patience is a virtue. It’s one guy doing all the programming for a major game. Bioshock was DELAYED for 3 years and they had an actual team. I wish people would stop bringing up how long it’s taking as if you’re being lazy. I’ve been here since the beginning and I can say, trust me, he’s not being lazy about this. Where he’s at now is FAAAAAAR better and vastly improved since the start. And complaining about easter eggs and hairstyles he made is ignoring his mental health. working on something so much can make you hate it, so adding things you like or for fun can help a lot. I’M SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. It’ll be fine. Just let him do his thing

    • Thank you, this is exactly the kind of thing I wish the anti YanDev crowd would understand. I feel like they forget that he’s human too, not some robot working on the game 24/7

    • Finally somebody who understands him! But people only bully Yandere Dev because they like dramas and take advantage of his mistakes and his vulnerability.

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