The Last Build Before Osana?

As you already know, because I explained it back in 2017 and have explained it numerous times since then, I decided not to implement Osana until Yandere Simulator contained every feature and mechanic that I felt was necessary for the game to match my vision. My vision was so elaborate, it took 6 years of work to reach this point…but I can finally say that I have a build of the game that contains pretty much everything that I felt was important to put into the game before releasing Osana. (There are still a handful of minor wishlist items that I am interested in implementing, but all of them are lower in priority than Osana.)

The last remaining task is to overhaul the game’s UI and improve the graphics. After that, I simply have to test all of Osana’s eliminations one-by-one, and then release her once I’ve fixed every bug I can find. If this build contains any critical bugs, I might have to release a bug-fixing build within the next few days…but if this build is stable, then the next build may be the build that contains Osana.

I have an estimate for how long this will take, and I want to say, “You’ll have Osana on Ju██ ██th!” but if something goes wrong and delays Osana, people will get upset that I missed the release date, so I’m going to keep the release date a secret until I’m 100% certain she’s going to be released on that day.

(It’s worth mentioning that this build does not contain voice lines for Student Council girls, since I am still waiting on two voice actresses to deliver their lines.)

So, what does this build contain? Aside from 30 bug fixes, this build also contains…

  • The ability to get Student Council girls fired from the council
  • Expanded saving/loading functionality
  • A new phone for Yandere-chan
  • Numerous UI improvements
  • Props in school corridors
  • Theme music for stores
  • New background music for normal school gameplay
  • New background music for the Alphabet Killer Challenge (provided by Fonix!)
  • The ability to hide dead bodies in lockers in corridors (outside of the ABC Challenge)
  • Re-written dialogue for the initial text message conversation between Yandere-chan and Info-chan
  • Overhauled Calligraphy Room and Drama clubroom
  • A screen for viewing the game’s controls
  • Six new Headmaster Tapes

And a bit more, too! For a full list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration by an extremely talented artist who chose to remain anonymous.


  • Previously, it was possible to create an impossible Multi-Mission by designing the mission so that the player had to eliminate a Student Council girl with a method that did not apply to them. (For example, it was impossible to kill a Student Council girl with fire, because they dodged buckets of gasoline). As of now, Info-chan offers a new service: for the price of 25 Info Points, Info-chan will get a girl fired from the Student Council, which turns that girl into a normal student (no more pepper spray, no more supernatural dodging skills, etc). From there, you can interact with the girl normally, and kill her using methods you couldn’t use before (such as putting a note in her locker to lure her to the rooftop and pushing her off the roof). This feature is only accessible in Mission Mode, since it was implemented to accommodate Multi-Missions about eliminating Student Council girls in specific ways.
  • The saving/loading feature will now accurately track which students are arrested, broken, dead, dying, expelled, exposed, holding a grudge, kidnapped, missing, photographed, replaced by a substitute, and befriended. Also, the saving/loading feature will remember reputations, which students have had their phones stolen in the past, and which students the player has already taken a panty shot of.
  • Yandere-chan’s phone was designed in 2015, and was modern at the time, but looks outdated now in 2020. The appearance of the phone has been adjusted to reflect the look-and-feel of modern 2020 phones. This has resulted in a lot of extra space in many of the menus! In the near future, those pause menu screens will be updated in order to account for this extra space. The current phone artwork is placeholder and will be replaced before Osana is released.
  • I was planning to avoid updating any aspects of the UI at this point in time, and save it all for the Osana demo so that the new UI would come as a complete surprise…but I couldn’t resist quickly updating the Calendar screen. Take a look if you’re interested; it’s an example of the type of UI improvement you’re going to see in the upcoming Osana build.
  • I always intended to populate the school corridors with props and decorations, but it wasn’t a high priority until now. As of now, props have finally been placed into one of the school corridors (turn left after entering the school) to simulate what it’ll be like once the entire school is populated with props. The ceilings around school look different, too.
  • In the future, each store on the street will have its own theme music when the player is accessing it. However, as of now, there is only one theme, and it’s the lingerie store theme, so you will hear sexy sensual music inside of every store on the street.
  • The Alphabet Killer Challenge now has a unique background music! It’s over 10 minutes long and goes through many changes so that it doesn’t get too repetitive during such a long challenge. (Press “M” during the challenge to play in silence.) The music was provided by Fonix!
  • Info-chan now refers to her currency as “Info Points” instead of “Panty Shots”. Open Info-chan’s menu and press the “F” key (or X button on controller) to see a tutorial pop-up describing the different ways to acquire Info Points.
  • From now on, whenever a character discovers a corpse, the player will see a camera shot of the character who discovered the corpse at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Added one new background music track to the game (actually nine variations of one track, one for each possible combination of school atmosphere and sanity) provided by CameronF305!
  • As of now, if the player gets a “Dark Ending” (for example, the Genocide Ending) the credits screen will get more spooky (red text, no cherry blossoms).
  • The “hide bodies in lockers” feature from the Alphabet Killer Challenge is now a part of normal gameplay.
  • The initial text message conversation where Yandere-chan meets Info-chan has been re-written.
  • Updated the appearance of the Calligraphy Room (it is now closer to its final form).
  • Replaced most of the models in the Drama Club with new, higher-quality models.
  • The player can now view the game’s controls from the pause screen menu.
  • Placing a Bug for Info-chan now gives 10 “Info Points” instead of 5.
  • Added six new Headmaster Tapes – #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, and #9.

Bug Fixes

  • If the player carried a corpse in Yandere-chan’s arms and dropped it off the roof, then dragged another corpse along the ground and dropped that corpse off the roof, the first corpse would teleport back to the top of the roof. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent surrounding NPCs from being easily able to detect Yandere-chan’s misbehavior if she had been sent to the guidance counselor earlier in the day, while crouching or crawling.
  • Fixed bug that would make it impossible to use the “put note in student’s locker” feature for the rest of the day, if a student witnessed a corpse after seeing a note in their locker.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible for the player to remove a bucket trap from a door if the player picked up a bucket with water after creating a bucket trap elsewhere in the map.
  • If you saved the game while students were swimming in the pool and then loaded the save file, the swimming students would do all sorts of strange things. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to slide across the ground while performing a frightened pose if they noticed a corpse while running to report a bloody weapon to a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to run towards their locker instead of running to safety, if they discovered a corpse while on their way to check their locker for a note.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to ignore giggles for the rest of the day if they sent Yandere-chan to the guidance counselor while responding to the sound of a giggle.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to run around freely while being chased by a student council member if the council member gave chase while Yandere-chan was laughing.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from successfully loading if the player attempted to load a save file from a day when a Memorial for a dead student had taken place.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Basu sisters to have their daily conversation at their lockers, if the player got a game over while the two sisters were at their lockers.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the framerate to drop significantly if the player asked a student to follow them (even after the student had stopped following the player).
  • Fixed bug that would prevent outlines from appearing around a student in Yandere Vision, if that student’s info was unlocked by paying Info-chan for info about them.
  • Finally fixed that annoying issue where, when you turn the camera and look at the students around you at the start of the day, the game stutters for a few seconds.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “carrying drama club props is no longer considered suspicious if Yandere-chan is in the drama club” feature from working properly.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to spawn with a duplicated weapon in her inventory if the game was saved while only one weapon was in her inventory.
  • Restored boats to the ocean visible from the street. (Apparently, they disappeared when I updated the game to Unity 2019, and I didn’t notice until now.)
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to attend class in the gap of time between being spotted by a Heroic student and being chased by a Heroic student.
  • FINALLY fixed that super-annoying bug where the Student Info menu wouldn’t show character portraits if it was accessed from Info-chan’s Services menu.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from acknowledging the fact that Yandere-chan had picked up a weapon that they were currently investigating.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freak out if the player attempted to load a save while on a day when a student memorial had taken place.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student to snap out of the “dying from poison” state if the player used a radio while a student was dying from poison.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the faculty to detect a murder weapon at school even if the player had cleaned blood off their murder weapon.
  • During the Alphabet Killer Challenge, stink bombs will no longer have an effect on characters who have witnessed murder or a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera’s rotation to snap to default rotation whenever the player stopped aiming their camera.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from attending class if they had gotten into a physical struggle earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “innocuous objects become suspicious after becoming bloody” feature from working properly.
  • Attempted to fix “female students are invisible” bug, which would only happen on certain very old graphics cards.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to attach multiple buckets to the wood-chipper, instead of just one.
  • Tutorials may have been broken in the previous build. This bug has been fixed.

405 thoughts on “The Last Build Before Osana?

  1. Poor Student Council Girls!After being fired from the council,again,being fired by flames!!!😂😂😂

  2. As someone who has played the game since a long time I think it could be useful to add to Ayano’s phone a “schedule app”. It could give the player the class time, where he should go to class, lunch time etc… But also the player could write things he needs to do so he won’t forget it (meeting a student somewhere, complete a task that can be done only at a precize moment etc…)
    Even just a way to write a checklist could be nice for prepare murders or remind of the lists of useful tools that are in the game (diffenrent weapons and advantages of this weapons…)

    In general I think it could be nice if on Ayano’s phone there is “tools” for the player just for not being frustrated too often if you are clumsy like me ^^ I hope my comment isn’t too confused
    ANW ! I’m just so happy for the next build :3 ! I can’t wait ! x)

    • As nice as the first half would be (classes, meetings, etc), I feel planning for murder in the phone is leaving an evidence trail. I’d hate to be arrested because my phone had a list of weapons and their uses (Though I did study torture in english class instead of actually paying attention because I was curious about silver bells and cockle shells.)

      • Perhaps for the murders part, there would be a code to enter the app and if the person gets it wrong, the stuff you’ve noted gets deleted… We only must write it somewhere in real life, and in the game, there would be an explanation to how Yan-chan doesn’t get arrested for having suspicious stuff on her phone

      • Yes I agree with you if it become something that can be bad for the player it would be useless.

      • Something that could deflect that is if Ayano made it passed a certain day and earned enough intelligence to use fake words instead of weapons, or make her own coded language. So like, if the player lists weapons they can get arrested if the police are called, however, if the police are called and check everyone’s phones, they’ll see Ayano has to “Pick up some pork for dinner”.

    • And Fun Girl will finally be told to stop stopping us from playing!
      j/k, it was a brilliant anti-cheat measure… When it worked the way it was supposed to ^^

  3. Good game design means testing core elements before you implement side things. This game hella feature creeps. Osana should have released first and you worked backwards on elimination, not wait for the full game to be complete. You’re going to find out Osana is unbalanced and buggy and going back to fix all of it will be another large project to tackle. When working on puzzles, you start with the solution and work backwards. This was week 1 of game design for me in what is considered one of the best programs in North America. We literally went through Yanderesim and talked about how the game design choices were going to cause more issues in the future and it served as a key examlple on how not to make a game.
    This isn’t hate, I’m telling you straight up from game developer to game developer: Releasing Osana this late into production was a mistake and in the future the rivals should be added in first and the elimination obstacles added after ample testing. That way exploits can be found more easily.

      • tori
        It’s just how I feel about this comment. Maybe it wasn’t the author’s feeling when he wrote it. Idk why you said it’s not an “entire speech” I’m sorry if I did a mistake english isn’t my first language but I try to be as understandable as I can x)

        This comment just look like someone’s contemptuous speech to a child who made a mistake if you see what I mean. When you’re talking “from game developer to game developer” you use words such as “I think”, “In my opinion” not “Osana SHOULD…” He’s not his mother is he ? Does this “1 week in what is considered one of the best programs in North America” made of him someone who can guess future and say to a stranger what he should do of his game ?

        I mean I would be okay with this comment if he just gave his opinion with sentences that reflect a positive attitude toward Yandere dev. Well in my language it’s not the way you’re supposed to talk to someone when you’re polite and humble. Maybe I’m wrong after all but I’m not sure of this because I see that I’m not the only one who thinks this comment sounds bad 😉

    • Yan Dev has confirmed in the past that because future rivals will be using most of the same scripts in terms of generic events (Outside of rival specific events) Future rivals will take MUCH less time to implement, I would even say under a month per rival. So we waited 6 years and now we’re here, everyone makes mistakes but learning from them is the most important, I’m sure future progress will be a lot faster, I trust in Yandere Dev.

    • “This isn’t hate” are you sure about that? Because you just said rude things about all of the things he’s been working on for the last 6 years. If he wanted to create the other rivals first he would’ve done that but he had other goals which I personally think was a good idea. Don’t come here hating on this and then saying this is not hate because it is

    • Actually, there was someone who had to imitate Osana before she got released. Maybe there are bugs about Osana herself, but to test all the things out, since 2014 we had Guinea Pig proudly called “Kokona Haruka” for testing all the bugs you probably could find in all the elimination methods, so I don’t think it is such a big waste. A substitute instead of adding the rival what could cause in bigger boredom than the final, official demo could have.

      • I think in the past 6 years, he has been working on the major things the game needs. It’s not easy to make a video game. He also said that when Osana is implemented, it would be easier to add every single rival into the game because the past 6 years he has been working on things that the game definitely needs.

    • I’d say July, because I’m sure there’s going to be a video about Osana, and if the graphics are finished by June 15th, he’ll need time to make the video. I’m 90% sure it’s going to be complex, like the SNAP mode video, so it may take days to make.

  4. omg im so happy that Yandere Sim is close to being finished. Like i made an entire slideshow about this game and presented it to my class; that’s how good this game is gonna be.

    • While it would be great if that were true, I don’t think YandereDev would release her that early because if he followed tradition the next build would be June 15th. Maybe you’re right but I doubt it

  5. I have ideas for tasks for the Student Council girls that you might like. Of course if you were to implement I would suggest after Osana or the Kickstarter but it’s up to you

    Kuroko- “Gema Taku’s grades have been falling recently and I can’t speak with him about this because I never have time. Could you speak with him about this?”
    Accepting- “Thank you. I hope he’ll understand”
    Declining- “Oh well, maybe I’ll be able to find some time”
    Completing- “You are a really big help”

    Akane- “I’ve been noticing some boys following me and I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination. Could you see if it’s not just me?”
    Accepting- “Finally I’ll be able to figure this out”
    Declining- “Oh well I hope it’s just my imagination”
    Completing- “So they have been following me! I need to catch them in the act!”

    Aoi- “These boys were having an argument the other day and I couldn’t step in. I have a feeling that they might fight again. Can you tell them that if they fight again the consequences will be more severe?”
    Accepting- “These boys better listen… or else”
    Declining- “I guess I better make sure they don’t fight”
    Completing- “Heh. Looks like they knew what was good for them”

    Shiromi- “Everything has been so boring lately! I wish something would happen to spice things up. Could you cause a tiny disruption? I just need some fun”
    Accepting- “Alright! Now I’ll get to have some fun”
    Declining- “You’re no fun”
    Completing- “Nice work! This’ll be good”

    Again these are just suggestions but you could use them if you’d like

    • I love your tasks! I think the last task would be good for one of Musume’s friends since they like gossiping and dramas and stuff.

    • hey may I send this to yandere dev and give you credit like ” you said all of this follow then on discord please” or ” they did this not me don’t give me credit,” this is because I love your idea it go good with becoming a member also I have him on discord
      I would love to see him put these in the game!

      • Of course! I would love to see this in the game as well and I don’t think he’ll see it by me just saying it here

    • These suggestions are genuinely good. They perfectly fit each character’s personality and they also completely fit the overall narrative of the game.

      I will keep an eye on the final tasks of the four student council girls and see whether YandereDev decided to use your suggestion or not. 😀

  6. Reduce the main menu’s brightness, the main menu is like turning on your phone with full brightness in a dark room

  7. New music is relaxing, but I use headphones and drums actually beats my ears, it really hurts except when I turn the volume down almost to zero

  8. Can i ask something?
    What was the story of the info chan and how she used to know yandere chan

    • Info-Chan saw Yandere-Chan stalking Senpai and decided to help her because she wants something bad to happen to Osana. We don’t know why she doesn’t like Osana and how she saw Yandere-Chan. We don’t even know where she gets her info from

      • She got her info room when she transferred into the school. In a video Yan dev made, The headmaster has some disturbing secrets. Info Chan said that she wants an own room only for herself, she knows the secrets of the headmaster and if he doesn’t give her an room, she will post them and put the school into the ground. The headmaster accepted it and that’s why there’s always an camera outside her room
        Hopefully you understand 🙂

  9. Hey guys and Yandere Dev,
    I have a question maybe some of you can answer or maybe Yandere Dev can answer. Yandere Dev, please read this or keep tabs on this post just in case we can find out what causes those glitches. The last paragraph is what I want to emphasize most since you wanted more theories. I did send them to you an email as well. So, some of you or most of you are able to achieve the Genocide ending.

    So, I have a few problems.
    My first problem trying to achieve this ending is how items and characters will glitch out, particularly around 10 am in game time. It gets worse if I don’t go to both classes. Here’s the second problem: Before the May 15th build updated, I didn’t have a problem with going to class either. However, I did a thorough check to make sure there were no bodies left behind for a faculty member to check in this new build. I even checked twice and a faculty member saw a corpse which I call bullshit on, but okay… Sorry, for my language. I’m just in that “mood.”
    I was wondering if anyone who has achieved the Genocide ending, I need to know a lot of things as I really want to replicate some examples I would get under this comment if I get any:
    1) What computer, screen resolution, and graphic settings are you using?
    2) For the Genocide Ending, are you killing teachers too? I forget what build the Genocide Ending was introduced but I thought we had to kill teachers too.
    3) Do you go to one class, two classes, or no classes in the game? If you go to one class, which class are you going to (morning or afternoon?) If you go to both classes, are you doing killings before the first class?
    4) A little repetitive to number three, but when do you start your first kill? Do you kill anyone at lunch?
    5) If you got the Genocide Ending, did you run into any glitches?
    6) Last question, what launcher did you use (I used Mega).

    I know that’s a lot of questions, but I really want to replicate to see if any of the strategies you guys use are a success. Some questions may be unnecessary but I rather have more than the sufficient amount of information than to have barely any information. Plus, my high school was a magnet school where I was in AMSAT (Academy of Math, Science, Arts, and Technology). So, we did a thorough scientific method. It was Hell. At least if I am going to put to good use the very thorough scientific method they made me do at school, I might as well test it out on a game.

    I don’t think it’s my computer because my computer is a new computer and is a gaming computer. I’ve seen lots of improvements through this new computer. I get the fps Yandere Dev talks about now. Items do glitch out less but it’s more of the NPC’s than the items now. Items don’t glitch out until about after cleaning time now. Yandere Dev, if you are reading this, please know that I sent you an email (I accidentally sent two but go with the most recent one) of bugs that are new along with another theory. I still believe in the theory that the longer that Ayano doesn’t go to class, the most likely that bugs will occur with the glitching out. I think another valid theory could be either Ayano’s game code could have “mutated” to where she glitches out or the NPC”s and items codes “mutated” making it where Ayano can’t interact with NPC’s nor the items. I know I’m probably not using the right terms as I’m not a game developer. My vocabulary has been influenced by “Wreck It Ralph.” Even if we never find out the reason for these glitches, it’s no big deal if I can’t achieve the Genocide Ending as there are more important things going on in the world right now and I can always see a video on YouTube, even though it would be great to say “I finally achieved the Genocide Ending on my own!” Not to be condescending or anything. No one comment anything negative against Yandere Dev please just because of that comment I made. I’m just stating how most of us would probably agree that one of the greatest feelings in the world as a gamer is to achieve endings on our own. Thank you!

    • 1) Personally, I used Low graphich 2/8 res textures because I don’t have a very powerful computer.
      2) Yes, we must kill teachers too, I usually do it last (there’s an exploit : the five left of them don’t notice you killing another teacher all at a time, or else they’d pin you down. They notice one or two at a time.)
      3) I don’t go to class at all, I teleport to the rooftop to make it 7:06 again
      4) My first kill is Akane. I join the art club, put on the apron, take the cutter, hide it and wait just behinf where Akane stops. When she’s in front of me, I kill her and then kill Geiju.
      5) No, I didn’t have glitches
      6) I use Mediafire

      • Thank you! That’s quite helpful! I had no idea we could teleport to always make it 7:06. Although, I bet we can’t do that in the game unless we want to lose Senpai. And i was able to get the Genocide Ending and complete the ABC Killer Challenge too without using Easter Eggs if I got stuck. I would constantly save the game after each kill. When it glitched out, I reloaded from my last save point. I’ll stop whining now about how I couldn’t get the endings now. I even saved the last point before the Genocide Ending where I just kill the last teacher. I actually just decided to kill all teachers last. I’ll try to download from Media then. I think I’ve downloaded from them before and I still got glitches. However, I’m now on a gaming computer. I wouldn’t say my gaming computer is powerful. It’s a used G3. I desperately needed a computer when my other computer crashed. But it is powerful to where it made the game work so much better on it then my other computer. I didn’t join any clubs when I’m not doing the challenge. I was stealthy while killing everyone (I killed Akane first by having her go towards the radio and then I grabbed the magical girl wand when her back was turned).

    • Don’t be afraid to check out some of Yandere Dev’s older videos. A lot of them talk about the core gameplay mechanics being implemented, and they’re still very helpful even if they are a bit old.

      • Can you recommend some videos, psychosaikou? If you can’t leave a link, maybe the title of the video since I read Word Press can spam it to a user’s inbox if there are links. When I started to play Yandere Simulator was when I was a junior at my former college I graduated from. So, about age 21 for me just incase if there were any questions about what age I was since we have to be at least be 18 to play the game. I don’t remember when the game came out. I remember years like 2014 or 2015 that this game came most likely was starting to be in development for. I would have been either a minor or barely legal. I don’t watch a lot of YouTube videos. But if you are to recommend some videos that you are talking about with either the link or perhaps the title (I assume the YouTube would be Yandere Dev) or even from a build, please let me know. There are literally so many videos that I don’t know where to start.

  10. Since Osana is almost completely implemented will we be seeing a mac and linux version soon?

  11. Yandere dev, Yandere dev!
    I heard that once Osana has been rejected or got paired up with a suitor she would cut her hair to symbolize a new start away from her feelings from senpai, is this a rumor or is it true???

  12. How could you guys be this heartless as to say mean things to YandereDev? Some of you have got no heart, don’t you…

    • RIGHT!? And they come up with some stupid excuses and act like they are innocent angels that haven’t done anything wrong. I mean if they hate Yandere Dev,then they should ignore him. Nobody should respond with hate no matter what happened

  13. my birthday will be on june 16th. if osana gets released on that day i will LEGIT have a panic attack >.>

  14. I want to be able to choose gay characters, because I also want the characters I play to like senpai who is female

  15. The demo is almost upon us. & With it, comes the Crowdfunding Campaign. Can’t wait for the demo to come out & hopefully, his Crowdfunding Campaign is a success. Hopefully, it can reach additional stretch goals

  16. I’m gonna try my hardest to convince my parents to donate for the campaign (as I can’t myself) it may be hard since they don’t like me playing a violent game but I think I know what arguments to use. I hope we’ll raise enough money to help you, Yandere Dev, this game has so much potential…

  17. why now the box cutter screwdriver or any other weapon that wasn’t considerate suspicious now it suspicious?

  18. For anyone who’s interested, the binary message in the art is an excerpt from the beginning of the April 15th post: “Hi! No video today, but I’ve got a new build with a ton of fixes. Most notably, there was a bug in the previous build that would prevent any characters from spawning (or”.

  19. Helllo yandere dev! I have actually been following development for years but this is the first time I have said anything in the community first of all great work on the game but I also have a quick question will you ever reveal the names of characters like Megamis mother? Or the parents of any of the other rivals? Or will we have to find out later in the game itself or do you plan to do some big reveal anyways great job on the game! And I hope you have a wonderful day

  20. So basically the latest we can have Osana is July 31st and the earliest would be today. I don’t think its coming today so I think it’ll come July 15th. I would love to say June 15th but I’m just not sure.

  21. Yandere dev yandere dev!
    I think there shoudl eb a tutorial at the start of the game showing the core mechanics: IE WASD for running and ctrl for giggling. If i was a new player I would probably need this since when I first joined the game I didn’t know any of the controls

    • Now, we have tutorial pop ups and the loading screen is a controls screen, we can also access it from the phone menu

      • I know but I think it would be a good feauture to add, for a 5 min tutuorial of the controls and how to take panty shots or load infochans menu. It is not ver essential but I think it would be a cool idea until Kokona’s tutorial is present( the drama one after ayano meets senpai)

  22. Hey Yandere dev are you going to add new props the the schools cafeteria because right now it looks really boring…

  23. Yandere es muy Bonito porque me ayuda a saber que pasa si se hacercan a mi Sempai asi que NOT TOUCH MY SEMPAI

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