May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

This update isn’t too special; I just wanted to upload a new build to reassure you that I’m still actively working on the game and making steady progress every day.

But, depending on how things go, the next build could be a lot more interesting!

  • There were always meant to be 10 Headmaster cassette tapes, but putting lore tapes into the game hasn’t been a high priority for a long time, so I neglected that feature for the past several years. Recently, I had a power outage for a few hours, during which I wasn’t able to get any work done on the game. So, I used that time to write the last remaining Headmaster tapes! The Headmaster’s voice actor has recorded the tapes, and I’m almost ready to put them into the game; I’m just waiting for an audio engineer volunteer to apply an “old-timey cassette tape” effect onto the recordings.
  • The “Yandere-chan and Info-chan meet for the first time” text message conversation was written back in 2015, and is some of the oldest content in the game. I feel like the writing was pretty rough, and that I could have worded things much better. I also feel like there is some important gameplay information that needs to be imparted to the player (panty shots aren’t the only way to earn favors from Info-chan). With these things in mind, I decided to re-write that conversation. The voice actresses finished recording it recently, so the next update will most likely contain an updated Yandere/Info conversation!
  • Ever since I first implemented the Student Council girls, I’ve wanted each of them to have voice acting…but it was difficult to locate the ideal voice actresses for the job. Recently, I decided on the actresses who I believe would be perfect for the Student Council girls, and the plan is for them to record very soon! Depending on their availability, the next build may finally contain voiced lines for the Student Council girls!
  • For the past 5 years, Yandere Simulator’s school hallways have been empty and devoid of props and decorations. It was never meant to be that way; the hallways were always meant to have props, but there were always higher priorities than aesthetics and decorations. At this point in time, though, we’ve finally reached the stage of development where there is practically nothing left to be done, and I have recently received a ton of appropriate props for the hallways, so it’s possible that the next update will finally contain fully-decorated hallways!
  • There is only one more “lore” tidbit that I want to be included in the Osana demo. After it goes into the game, there will be no remaining “lore” items taking any of my time away from Osana. I have the necessary models and voice acting for it, so it’s possible that you may see it in the next update!

By the time I release the next update, it’s likely that I will have finished all Osana-centric tasks. After I hit that milestone, the last remaining task will be to give the game a fresh coat of paint (new UI, new HUD, new title screen) before releasing Osana. I want the new graphics to be a complete surprise, which means that once I begin working on the new graphics, I won’t be releasing any more builds until Osana is complete.

In short, what I’m saying is that, after the next update, there may not be any further updates until Osana is finished. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but there’s a strong possibility that this will be the case. (If critical bugs are discovered, I may need to release bug-fixing updates or something.)

Anyway! To see a list of everything that was fixed/changed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous artwork of Prealle!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • When I upgraded to Unity 2019, Unity defaulted to producing 64-bit executables, meaning that the game stopped being compatible with 32-bit systems. I recently tried to produce a build that would be playable on 32-bit systems, but when I tested it, I encountered a bunch of crash bugs, so I had to revert back 64-bit. Unfortunately, Yandere Simulator may be restricted to 64-bit systems for the forseeable future.
  • If a teacher (or student council member) sends Yandere-chan to the guidance counselor for carrying a weapon, the weapon will be taken away and put inside of a box in the faculty room. As of now, if Yandere-chan is spotted carrying a fire extinguisher, the fire extinguisher will now be returned to its original position instead of the box in the faculty room. For now, fire extinguishers are (deliberately) the only exception.
  • Prior to this build, if the player joined a club, the game would remember what club the player joined, even if the player reset the day, got a game over, or loaded an earlier save immediately after joining the club. As of now, the game will not carry the player’s club status forward to subsequent days unless the player successfully makes it to the end of the day.
  • Removed exploit that would allow the player to get an easy panty shot by getting so close to a student that they were clipping inside of the student’s body, then pulling out their camera, inserting it inside the student’s torso, and aiming the camera straight downwards at their panties.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “follower countdown timer” to remain above the head of a student who was previously following Yandere-chan, if the player attempted to splash them with water twice within one day.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to use the “Find Student Locker” feature if the player had placed a note into a student’s locker earlier in the day, and then killed that student.
  • Prior to this build, a bloody weapon would not be considered “suspicious” if the weapon itself was a non-suspicious object (such as a screwdriver). This oversight has been corrected.
  • Prior to this build, the act of using a handheld blowtorch to cauterize a corpse’s wounds was not considered to be suspicious behavior. This oversight has now been corrected.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to take a shower while standing outside of a shower stall if she activated the shower prompt while standing in just the right spot.
  • It is no longer possible to sit on the bench where Sakyu / Inkyu have their daily conversations, during the point in time when they are meant to have a conversation there.
  • If a Teacher’s Pet runs to the faculty room to report a murder to a teacher and discovers that all 6 teachers are dead, they will run out of school instead.
  • Obtaining the “Genocide Ending” will now result in dark, creepy music playing during the game’s credits, instead of the normal credits music.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the laughing feature to become broken if the player was mashing the laugh button while loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a phoneless’ student’s phone to magically re-appear in their hand if they heard Yandere-chan giggle.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the map to perpetually move if the player was holding down a movement key while summoning the map.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to notice Yandere-chan if she was aiming her camera while crawling.
  • Wielding the drama club props will no longer be considered suspicious if Yandere-chan is a member of the drama club.
  • The grass in front of the school will no longer fail to change colors properly when lighting/atmosphere changes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Midori to perform a “texting on phone” animation while searching for her lost phone.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track how many blood pools were at school, and where they were located.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track the locations of all buckets/mops/bleach containers at school.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track the contents of all buckets containers at school.
  • Saving/Loading will now properly track how much blood a corpse has spilled.
  • Various code optimizations to make progress towards improving framerate. (Previously, I was at 47~52 FPS, but now I’m at 52~57 FPS!)

268 thoughts on “May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Comments like this slow down the development. It’s a waste of yandere devs time if he even bothers to read something as long and negative as your comment. If you want to stop following the development, then go for it. That’s not going to affect anyone, but what does really make people disappointed and unfaithful in humanity is when people think its necessary to broadcast their hateful opinion right in Yandere devs face. I remember watching a video by yandere Dev called ‘hate and shame’ and well, you can probably see why your comment reminded me of that video. Unless it’s helpful like constructive criticism or kind and supportive to help yandere Dev keep motivated for this game, don’t say anything at all.

    • Wait aren’t you just writing a long comment just like you said are things that are slowing down the development?

      • It’s not like I’m trying to address yandere Dev directly, so technically I’m not slowing down anything. The hate comments that intend for yandere Dev to read it are the ones that slow down development

    I think i’m a really big weirdo because I literally only want the props in the hallways xD I thought the hallways were already full but I am not complaining when getting more decorations! I also can’t wait for the headmaster tapes (even though I will probably have to listen to them all at once to actually realise whats going on xD) And new graphics! Hopefully the new models will be in after the crowdfunding event!!!

    Oh and Yandere dev, if u are reading this (u prob wont) how will the hair function work in the demo? (Since there is a hair shop in town what will happen because most of the hairs (longer ones) clip when running or when using different personas, so are you gonna update them or only use the ones that don’t clip or do it after the demo with the new models? 🙂

    • Can someone help me? I did the Fun girl thing, put it back to normal and now it appears like it’s still wrong, when I fixed it! Is it a problem with the game or my device? How do I fix it?

  3. Yayy! We’re so close to the finish line! Honestly I’m so excited to play the demo! I can’t wait to play the next big update! You’ve worked so hard to this point that I hold an immense amount of respect for you. I’m sure, no, almost certain that the finish game is going to be huge: a critical and a financial success! After you finished the game, you should 100% take a nicg, long well deserved vacation because you really deserve it after all of that hard work!

  4. hey yandev! have you ever thought about getting a writer? i kmow it seems you already know the whole story or what’ s gonna happen in the game, but a writer can make the execution of your visions to be more interesting. hey i’m not doubting you, but a writer can help a lot in terms of the story.

  5. If you’re gonna hate because YanDev didn’t release the demo because you want it right now,you’re acting like a little kiddo. And fixing bugs doesn’t mean “progress”? If you don’t know what are you talking about get out of this blog and do something else with your life. I saw many kids with the same “explanation” for they is called “opinion”,if they are insulting you and you are trying to insult them back,they will call you a “hypocrite”. Lol. Those kids don’t even have a brain and they are arguing. If you don’t like the game,the developer or the fans get out of here. We don’t need people like you here.

    • RIGHT!? Ugh I hate when I see these people that are so impatient. And they aren’t even happy that they get a big updata once per month. You are right with all the things you said right now. So happy that there are still people out there who aren’t toxic and don’t spread hate

    • And if he DID released the game like how it is, wait for how many will complain that the game is a “buggy mess.” Look at the outcry on Elder Scroll Online, No Man’s Sky, and Fallout 76, the moment they were released.
      Then again, these same people ridiculing “progress” once said “they don’t have time to teach us game developing and programming” moments ago. Soo…

    • Yep. There’s only one person for the game, and it’s him. He does everything. He shouldn’t be treated like crap. It’s 1 guy, not a team of 36 people.

  6. Wow!That’s amazing if student council will now have voiced lines.This is example of how you are remembering things you’ve said earlier and now im gonna remind you one thing.In one of your videos you’ve said :It is not possible to interact with faculty members.I want to see it in a demo.
    And i hope you want it too

  7. Dear Yanderedev,this game is going to be fun.
    I also wanted to remind you of something that you forgot and id like to mention.You have said that Ayano (in order to splash somebody with a liquid)would learn how to make it look like an accident and after that should be able to splash with water any student.This would not happen if Ayano is holding a bucket with blood.Because it always look suspicious.I hope that you are going to implement it soon in the game

    • Yandere dev thought that tripping and falling at any time was too overpowered so now the only way to make a student get splashed by water/blood/gasoline is to make the student pass by the specific swinging door with that liquid

  8. I love how I can put so much more time, and have so much more fun with Yandere sim then any other game I play. Keep up the great work Yandere dev. I know your gunna feel so good when Osana is added officially. I’m really looking forward to eliminating Osana in every way possible

  9. Good job, but whenever I pose the students, save, and load, they don’t stay in said pose. They walk to their assigned destinations. 😦

  10. Funny thing, I actually wondered what the student council girls’ voices would sound like before this announcement.

  11. I’m soooo excited for new features (and youtubers reaction to them), especially story-related things, it’s really fascinating!
    Also I wanted to ask if drama club accessory for Yan-chan will be changed, because it’s strange that everyone else have roses and she gets some thing for neck (idk how it’s called) when she joins the club.

  12. It is good to add the voice of the student council! The frame has been improved so I can do many functions at once! There’s still a bug in the save function, but it’s getting better! Thank you for fixing the bug! Yandere Dev!

  13. This is great! Hey Yandere Dev, I have some important feedback but two questions!
    It seems that I’m not experiencing any objects or students glitching out while playing this build outside the ABC killer challenge. However, I think my windows 10 is a 64 otherwise a 32 bit system. I have to look.
    Anyways, my first question: I did find a glitch, but if the glitch happened because if it happens to turn out my computer is a 32 instead of a 64 bit system, should I still report it?
    Second question: This could be answered by anybody, but for the genocide ending to trigger, do we have to kill the teachers too? I may have misread his previous build. If we have to kill the teachers too, is our only option to press “s” from the debug menu because joining the martial arts club did not help at all. I was just wondering about that because if we can’t access the debug menu in the official demo along with how joining martial arts club, then we are technically screwed on the strength to fight against teachers.
    Third question: This really isn’t an important question but it’s for Yandere Dev and the fans. I did karaoke to “It’s Beginning to Look A lot like Murder” in Star Maker. If any of you are interested in it, let me know and I will drop it down as a Google Drive Link since not every one has Star Maker. I might drop it down as a link anyways. But this tribute I did got a lot of likes. I saw someone unfollow me but that is ok. They messaged me saying I was crazy and that they are unfollowing me because Im not a good girl if I’m playing these games. I’m not gonna lie, his message was very sexist but I don’t care because he doesn’t matter to me. I know how to play these mind games too and I’m very successful at it if I think someone deserves it.

  14. Yandere Dev, just curious. In the future, if muja kina’s week appears, is there going to be any Kubz Scouts references tied to her elimination methods?
    I just thought it would be funny to mention because Jay is always going on about the NurseBooty. XD

  15. Hey Yandere Dev, just wanted to let you know theres still some empty rooms in the school, like the Workshop. Are those on your list of things to do before releasing Osana?

    Btw, if this slows down development on her in any way please just ignore and move on lol

  16. im proud the game has gotten this far!

    btw: for the people who dont like YandereDev i was messaging him on discord and hes actually really nice. he put an emoji of yan-chan hugging a heart after i told him he is my fav developer.

    • Awww. People just want to see his bad sides. Only because he was mean to 1 or 2 fans out of 2 million it doesn’t make him a bad person. I have also sent him so emails and his replies has always been so nice! So happy that there are people who don’t spread negativity about somebody they don’t know anything about

  17. I have already reported this to yandere Dev. Has anyone had this bug where all the female bodies glitch and are just like flat textures everywhere. The iris of the students and hair remain but everything else nope

    • The upgrade to Unity 2019.3 on April 10th had an unexpected consequence: the female student material requires Shader Model 5.0. Pretty much every video card since 2010 for AMD/NVIDIA (~10 years old) or 2012 for Intel (~8 years old) supports DirectX 11 Feature Level 11.

      We’re still hoping to make a fallback shader that supports older, DirectX 10-era (DirectX 11 Feature Level 10_1) graphics devices, but no promises at the moment. (Also, it’s possible that something else may require DirectX 11 Feature Level 11 at some point.)

  18. I want a Yandere girlfriend 😂❤️🗡️. I was thinking, if YandereSim is an Anime game, it would be better if Hanako calls Sempai onii-chan and not big brother. Right ?

    • Since Osana says “Dummy” instead of “Baka” (April Fools gags notwithstanding) it’s better for Hanako to say “Big Brother”. It’s what Sally calls Charlie Brown, so it’s not totally out of place.

  19. Yandere Dev, I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished! I can’t wait to see where the game goes from here!

    P.S. You’re an inspiration! I aspire to be as hard working as you! 🙂

  20. I really can’t wait for the Demo with Osana and Raibaru! But… Maybe if the game can save the hairstyle and the accessories that you put on Ayano? Sorry, I’m just… having problems with making my custom character.. -_-

  21. Hi YandereDev I found some bugs :

    -When a student warns a professor because there is a weapon on the ground and that while the professor picks it up or call th police and we attack him and we kill her. The student who is with the teacher will react extremely oddly. The student will not see that we have killed the teacher unless we show up a lot.

    -The fire extinguisher, the dumbell, the baseball bat and the PipeWrench don’t make the student bleed and there are no blood on the weapon when we kill a student with it. The axe, the shovel ans the guitar make the students bleed but there are no blood on the weapon when we kill a student with it.

    -Yandere-chan can block a student in the toilet’s entrance, the toilets and the storage rooms for the science club by standing right outside the door because (it’s a very litlle door)

    -Yadere-chan can’t join the sport club when they are at the swimming pool

    -The sports club run very slowy when they are at the field

    -When we trap a bucket of water on a memeber of the music club or on one of the martials art club and and that we ask for the student to whom we have the trap will be in a towel or wet in the process of attending or doing the “practice” with us

    -When a member of the cooking club see a wepon or blood on the ground. When he is going to make the animation “look at the object on the ground”, the member of the cooking club will hold his tray of food only with one hand

    -When yandere-chan is carrying a pop from the drama club, sha can lose reputaion even if she’s in the club

    -When a professor discovers a body and he calls the police and the player saves the game at that time and instructs to save it; the game will be totally buggy

    I Have also some suggestions:

    -When the art club, the science club and the martial arts club change clothes in the cabin, the members are totally untidy and all move in the cabin at the same time. I propose to make an order for example it would be first budo then another member etc. And if a student is late because Yan-chan has spoken to him, the members will wait a little and if after a while he is not there, another member will change before him.

    – When the cooking club distributes food, members can walk a long time behind a student until he stops, which is not very realistic. I propose that when a member wants to distribute food to a particular student, the student will turn around if the member who wants to give him food is close enough to the student

    (Sorry for my bad English)

    • In the May 1 patch, when Ayano hit another student with a weapon like a fire extinguisher or a baseball bat, the weapon has no blood. This is my guess. And I am not good at English.

  22. OOPS I forgot a suggestion

    -When the player steals a phone in the showers, I think it would be better if the player could not replace the phone while the person who is search for it is searching at his table because otherwise the person would know that it is us thief

  23. Hello ! I’m AliAli currently I’m creating a fangame on yandere simulator and for this visual novel I was wondering how the members of the Saikou family would react if they knew that Megami is in love with a girl ? His parents or even his grandfather would take that badly ? Or they would accept that Megami is in a relationship with a girl ?

    Sorry for the inconvenience and my english isn’t too bad ? I’m belgian. Even if it’s been more or less four years that I learn English, I sometimes still make some mistakes.

    • I think that they wouldn’t accept Megami but eh maybe you could change that only for the shake of the story

    • I’m interested ! Well, I’m interested by anything that concerns Megami… Good luck with the game ! I might play it when it’s out ^^

  24. I dont want any suggestions to get in your way but, I think it would add interesting game play if Ayano could officially join the “Gossip Girls” if you can call them that and maybe once a week they meet in the bathroom and they have voice lines and if you gossip about any NPC the girls will try and get information on them and if successful you could learn an embarrassing secret to use against your rival. Every club or group has a perk so joining the girls would give you something like, ‘Your reputation degrades slower when seen doing suspicious stuff” Or “Gossiping with other students becomes twice as effective’ but you should have to be the opposite of the delinquents if trying to get in. Your reputation would have to be in the light zone, you have to have the girly persona, and you have to do all their tasks and gossip with each of them about a student. Just a thought but i think it would come to Ayanos advantage in game. 🙂 best of luck Yandere Dev!

  25. Oh! New Headmaster tapes! Yay! I can’t wait to hear them! Ryoba’s story and how she and the Saikou affected everyone really intrigues me! I think Ryoba has to be my favourite character so far!

  26. I hope there would be the possibility in the demo to change the controls of the game because for people with azerty keyboard, it’s not very easy to play ^^
    Btw, few builds before this one I had the possibility to change the controls before starting the game but not now, if someone have a solution I would be happy to know !

  27. I wonder if students would recognise Ayano as being a club member if she didn’t wear a certain club’s memorabilia? Like if she wasn’t wearing her music club hair pin on a given day, would she be considered club-less to a person who barely knows her? Or barred from club activities if she didn’t wear the club item (like not wearing the rose-club pin, would the drama club leader say she wasn’t “dressed” for club activities?)?

  28. Yandere dev i was wondering if you are going to change the hair models and school uniforms ,like the one you stated in one of your old videos , before the demo release ?? -sorry for my bad english-

  29. Legend has it that once Midori has texted an email to Yandere dev once, she has never stopped, and even if she lost her phone, she will still text with an invisible phone…

  30. Iv been following the game since 2015 (I think) and I didn’t even have a computer to play the game. Now that I do I’m having so much fun playing the game. Keep up the good work!

    Suggestion: I think that the student council uniforms should be able to be changed when you start a new game. U shouldn’t be allowed to make them have the same uniforms as everyone else. Maybe they should get their own set of clothing choices.

  31. Recently i saw a couple of Animes where the history is developed in a High School with seven mysteries or legends. It would be cool if YandereSim had something like that. The cherry tree behind the school, the ghost of the girls bathroom in the third floor and the piano in the utility closet can be three of them

  32. It’s crazy how it feels like we are nearing demo release. The game really seems to be going through big changes. As happy as I am as it seems we get super close to demo release, I just wonder if the game will have a bit more substance. I’ve watched the backstory videos and I’ve followed up on the lore but when you open the game, you really don’t get the same feelings as you do from watching those videos. The characters are all bright and referenced to other characters or have pun-ish names. Whereas the main character doesn’t seem to give off as much personality as the side characters, same can be said for the love interest. In movies and other games, the side characters really don’t have too much of a look to them but for every character in this game, they have something going on in terms of appearance. If they don’t have to much relatively to gameplay besides being a small assistance for the player, shouldn’t their appearances be dialed down? Not that there’s necessarily an issue with this but I just wonder if the game will ever give off a more professional (for lack of a better term) feel.

  33. I am curious about something… I don’t want to be Midori or become her,but I have a question..I saw in your video a model with Ayano Aishi,it was very pretty! The question is…will this model be available when you finish the models? Or this will be a model in the game? Have a good day/night! 🌸😅🤗

  34. YandereDev, first let me tell you that I LOVE all the work that you have done for this game and for all of us, which is why I’m looking forward to be able to play the full game in the future.

    Now I just have one question: When will be able to play with a Female Senpai? Or is that part of the future game or DLC content?


  35. according to the steam survey 1.93% of the users are using 32 bit systems today. and further more nvidia stopped supporting 32 bit systems. so the fact that yandere sim supported 32 bit systems at one point is impressive

  36. Ah! Thanks for confirming the plans for the graphics overhaul! Can’t wait to see how this all works out!

    Keep it up, Dev!

  37. It would be cool if while Ayano is listening an important headmaster recording he suddenly appears in the room and apprehends her before she was able to hear crucial information. This is not a suggestion, is a theory of something that Yandere Dev might do with the headmaster tapes, because he won’t spoil all the lore in the free demo.

  38. When will Osana be released? It’s been a long long time for her. I know you want her to be absolutely perfect before releasing her, but no one can honestly predict what the players will do and there will undoubtably be glitches and bugs they come across no matter how much polish you add.

  39. I know Yandere dev might not read this but, watching all of his videos again I am really excited and can’t wait for an update on the yakuza. When the idea was first mentioned I had a few doubts in mind such as how would it even work and would he still look the same when the delinquents looks we’re changed, but watching and listening to the story on what could happen and how him and info chan are different it got me excited and wondering how the ending would be overall I am all for the idea and can’t wait for an update video on him maybe even more than I’m excited for Osana.

  40. Hey! I just wanna say don’t listen to the hate, I’ll for sure buy the game when it comes out and it already is amazing so im super excited! Good luck working

  41. This is a small question but while you’ve been working on the game and Osana have you been working on events and interactions for the later rivals like Oka Ruto and Muja Kina or has your focus only been on the game now and Osana? Sorry for the inconvenience 😅

    • If Muja kina’s week has any Kubz Scouts references, I’ll just die laughing.

      If there’s any week I’d pay to watch, it would be Jay trying to eliminate Muja Kina while he’s mentioning that NurseBooty

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