May 7th Save/Load Bug Fixes

Wow! Playing the game with a save/load feature feels like playing a completely different game. It makes such a huge difference! While playtesting, I noticed a bunch of data that wasn’t being tracked by the save/load feature, so I decided to plug those gaps and get the save/load feature closer to 100% completion.

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful illustration of Musume by an artist who I know by the name Rie!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that would allow less than 4 students to perform a “group takedown” animation on Yandere-chan, if at least 1 student had witnessed murder earlier in the day before having their memory wiped by an amnesia bomb.
  • Fixed bug that caused Cooking Club members to travel to their lockers and stay there permanently instead of walking around school handing out food to people, if the player had saved and loaded their game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Inkyu to get stuck on the hedge behind the bench where she talks with her sister, if the player murdered her sister due to low sanity during the sisters’ conversation.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from restoring a weapon to your hand if you saved the game while holding a non-concealable weapon, and then loaded your save data.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to incorrectly believe that a bloody weapon was present at school if a blunt weapon was used for a murder earlier in the day.
  • The incinerator is now accurately tracking Save/Load data (whether or not something was present in the incinerator at the time the save was made).
  • Fixed bug that caused students to get permanently stuck at their lockers if the game was saved/loaded while students were at their lockers.
  • It is no longer possible to cheat your way into the Genocide Ending by using SNAP Mode or the Flame Demon easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that caused corpses to pop out of lockers when loading a save during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • Saving/Loading is now keeping track of what clothing students should be wearing when loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Main Menu” option from leaving the screen while activating SNAP Mode.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Heartbroken” piano music from stopping when SNAP Mode was activated.
  • Saving/Loading will now record the positions of all weapons at the time the save file was made.
  • Saving/Loading now tracks whether or not a given door is locked or unlocked.
  • Fixed bug that causes equipped weapons to disappear when loading a save.
  • It is now possible to load a save from Yandere-chan’s bedroom.

134 thoughts on “May 7th Save/Load Bug Fixes

  1. yay i was hoping for this soon cause I’ve been using the baseball bat for trying to get the new ending and i loaded a save and could pick it up but not use it or any other weapon. Also it would make everything white and i couldn’t move sometimes and if a teacher was guarding body they loaded like at their desk and didn’t even notice the body they were floating over lol

  2. I’m so proud of you! Yandere Dev, I have a question. So, will there only be one song for the practice for the Light Music Club in the demo or will you have all the songs for the music practice in the demo?
    Keep up the good work!

      • I hope so. Do you know who sings the first song? I could visit their YouTube page and see what other music they have. I might even do that as a cover if it doesn’t involve an incident like how Taylor Swift made it where her newest music from the 1989 album couldn’t be found on YouTube for awhile. I just like that song in the music club and it makes me want to do a cover of it. I was hoping it was on Star Maker (I get at least A’s) but I can only find songs that are meant for Yandere Dev to show support. Well, Christmas might be coming early on my channel (It’s Begining to Look A lot Like Murder). It’s so weird how many people unfollowed me after saying “Im a Mess” by Bebe Rexha reminded me of Ayano from Yandere Simulator by Yandere Dev and that it was my favorite game. Free advertisement, but it’s just crazy I thought.

      • Ah right. Quite interesting to see!
        I will try to find the singer for the music club song as soon as possible!
        But I must agree, the song “I’m a Mess” also reminds me of Ayano!

  3. Hey yanderedev, I didn’t know where else to tell you this so I’m saying this here.
    Thank you for continuing to develop yandere simulator despite all the hate.
    I don’t know how you do it, focus on developing one game for years only to have half of your fanbase complain and still have enough motivation to continue.
    It’s actually a bit inspirational to me.
    I strayed away from yandere simulator a bit because of the “fans”. (Which by the way, apparently those people have backed off a bit since then so that’s good. I got a bit worried when bullying you essentially became a mainstream meme)
    I come back and I see a lot of really nice changes, and some really nice progress.
    Thank you for continuing the development, of yandere simulator.

  4. Yandere dev about yandere chan why don’t you put on an apron when Yan-chan enters the Cooking-club, it would be very nice

  5. Wow, this is honestly pretty good. I’m pretty Sure some people will be disappointed that they can’t cheat their way into a genocide, but it’s to be expected.

    I’m excited for what you have in store for us on the 15th May update.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. yandere dev but when Osana is going to arrive in the games please it’s been a long time that I wait it’s annoying

  7. I am so happy that you polished the save and load feature. And I have a suggestion:
    Maybe you could show images at the credits. It could could be drawn or images creating by posing characters.

    And,I also hope you don’t get bullied anymore…..

    • Good idea!
      If you unlock a good ending, you could have Yan-Chan and Senpai together and a bunch of other poses. You could have a few of the Rivals too – each with an elimination method done to them. I hope it kinda describes what you were thinking!

      • Your right. If only a good ending happens like senpai accepts your confession. This would let the player imagine what happens after the game ends in the world of yandere sim. I got this idea from doki doki literature club’s credits. But I decided to change it a bit cause it wouldn’t suit yandere sim….😊😊😊

  8. Good job. Question: Will be In future yan sim a group takedown feature? It seems very unrealistic to me because every normal person would panic and run away. More elegant would be if the student could just report you as witnesses. It would be more elegant and less annoying since you cant move while waiting for students (sometimes like 10 seconds) to take you down. Just an Idea. Keep up the good work. (sry for my english).

      • Youre right. But the idea is still there. I just think group takedown is kinda janky/annoying and unrealistic. 😀

    • I think this is a good idea.
      A group takedown would probably require a big weapon though, a small, concealable weapon would only be able to attack one student but as you’re doing that the other three who were going to apprehend you could take that as an advantage to take you down.
      A big weapon would be able to attack more students at a time within a distance; this could also become a mini game similar to the delinquents.
      Only consequence about a big weapon is that anyone could possibly disarm you.
      This could be where a martial artist is also participating in taking you down – they end up disarming you and then apprehend you with their strength. Though, I’m not sure if that makes sense ahaha.
      Oh well, it was a brief explanation on what I think this feature could be like; it is quite an interesting idea after all!

    PLEASE!? PLEASE!!?? PLEASE!!!? PLEASE!!!!?????!!!!!!

    • There are a lot of games that are similar to Yandere Simulator but they don’t function as great. They use the same model of Yan-Chan in most of them too.
      They are quite unoriginal but like Blue_Wolf said below; there’ll probably be Yandere Simulator on mobile after the PC version & Mac has finished.
      Keep in mind, mobile games are really hard to develop with!
      I hope that helps!

    • Given the fact that Yandere Simulator requires quite a powerful computer to run (8 GB of RAM is recommended), porting Yandere Simulator to mobile phones will require some tweaking.

      If YandereDev would bring Yandere Simulator to mobile phones, it would be an entire different game under the same name.

  10. Wow you really keep me excited!!! I just downloaded yesterdays build and there is already a new one!!! THANK YOU!🙂

  11. Yay ! No more going back to get a weapon then try to find which student called the cops !! NOW THE STUDENT WILL DIE BEFORE CALLING ANYONE MWAHAHAHAHA
    The save/load improvements are really promising so far ! Keep it up Yandere Dev !

  12. Killing everyone really is fun… I had never succeded before, but now with the save/load feature, it’s way easier !
    Time to go beserk !

    • Amazing, right? ^^
      I always killed a lot of people in the old builds (2016-2017 builds) and they were super easy.
      As time passed, a lot of features came to the game preventing you to kill a student with no witnesses, hide a body somewhere in a storage room, etc.
      The save/load feature gives a lot of advantages to prevent anyone from noticing or calling the police; it’s awesome!!
      It kinda reminds me of time travelling; if you know what I mean!

  13. Great! You will complete the Save/Load feature sooner than later!
    It shows by the great progress you have made with it so far; which in my opinion is spectacular!
    Keep up the great work as always YanDev! ^^

  14. Yanderedev, does Rie do commissions? I absolutely love the texture… it’s actually perfect. I’d love to ask her to draw something for me 🙂

  15. Yandere dev when I am in the corridors static appears on the screen. That´s because of mey computer or because of the game?

    • Static should only appear when you take too long in Snap Mode or you try to exit the school by going down the hill (which you would also get a message saying, “No, I must not.”)
      I don’t know if it is the game or not but I think it could be your computer.
      If you see this happening in any other game, it’s probably your computer.

  16. I have a question…why when I enter to the main menu sounds the music of the original main menu and lovesick?

    • Wait so both are playing at the same time or lovesick plays only for a few seconds?
      It’s normal for lovesick to play every 10 seconds but if both play together, that’s a weird bug.

      • That’s unusual. Nobody has reported a bug like this. I suggest re-downloading the game from a different link.

  17. Hi ! I was just wondering, you said you only had to add polish to Osana’s Befriend/Betray event, complete the saving/loading feature and give the demo a fresh coat of paint. What’s left to do ?
    Also, you said in the volunteer page (I think) that you’d require translators only when the game’s script is no longer changing. Will you ask for translators after the demo is released ?
    I’ve had so much fun with the saves, it really is useful. Don’t let the haters get to you, your game is only getting better and better 😊

    • I think that’s it, really. Befriend/Betray polish and visual improvements. That’s all that really remains. (There are two lore things I want to put into the game, too, but they won’t delay development at all.)

  18. The ability to load and save games is what sets professional games apart from amateur ones.
    Nice work! 😀

  19. Yandere dev, I don’t know if you fixed this bug because i haven’t tested this build yet, but if you use the cheat to befriend Kokona and Riku you befriend Osana and her sutor.

    • I understand you may want YandereSim on mobile but it will take a lot of time. Mobile games are hard to make; especially after a pc game that requires a good amount of RAM.

  20. Cool bug fixes! I’m sad we can’t get the Genocide ending with SNAP anymore 😦 but I also really love the fan art! It’s so pretty!

  21. Yandere Dev Um i was wondering every character that is a place holder and you delete them Could you maybe add all their hairs to yandere chan?

  22. I was just playing the game right now and I found this bug where 2 or 3 corpses magically appear inside the music club. Just wanted to inform you so you know ^^

  23. Honestly I’m just super stoked to see the save/load feature nearly completed! It truly does feel like a game experience and I’m super stoked for Osana! Hopefully this is a step in the right direction 🙂

  24. I’ve been into Yandere Simulator since I was 7 and now seeing it come this far is mind blowing! Please don’t ever stop doing what you do, because your the only one who could do it the best.

  25. I reported the bug already, but Ayano’s camera is a bit glitchy… I hope it was just some stuff that wasn’t working together properly, maybe it’ll be fixed in this or the next bug fix. {I haven’t had a response and I haven’t seen it mentioned in the bug fixes. It could just be me but it’s just really annoying, not breaking the game or anything.}

    • Due to the fact that YanSim does take a lot of RAM/CPU the pc may heat up a little. I recommend playing on lower graphics if it heats up too much. Over-heating can cause damage.

  26. Just got the ending. I was like ‘Oh Dayummmm’ When I saw the word ending in this article I was like, YEEEASS. Also, I’m not sure how the Befriend/Betray or the Matchmaking will be a that hard, will they?

  27. Hey Yanderedev

    I am a new fan!! and I am genuinely amaze of your work and the progress you’ve made through the entire years you’ve been working on. i had my mind blown when I found out that Yandere Simulator was created by an indie game Developer. I have watch all your of your videos from your YouTube channel, literally watch every thing without skipping a single video from 2014 until your recent about snapmode and didn’t try to miss just a few second of every video. And also the setbacks which making the game development progress slow.

    I really admire the way you use logic to counter every argument, and to solve every problem you find from the game. There are just people who didn’t realizes how hard it was to create a game especially this one, i just I can’t imagine how hard your situation could be, and I don’t think I can even handle the stress and the emotional pain that you receive from the haters and antiYandereDev trolls. I wish I could handle similar situation you have when I become a programmer like you in the future. it’s just two years away before I turn to one.

    I compared the changes you’ve made from the early one until the recent, it is so satisfying to picture them. I really wish I have become a fan back from the first build you release, but I just discovered this game on the April 1st of this year.

    Despite of all the hates you receive just keep on going! Finish the game 🙂 !! I’ll support and follow your development then buy the first demo once it’s release(hoping it become available in my country).

  28. I can’t matchmake kokona and riku 😦 when i click in the option “Love” it doesn’t work

  29. Ok hi i’m sure you get like a million comments about this but. Oh.. my lord. Siblings do NOT call eatch other like; ” oh hello brother ” or ” hello siser ” it’s super gringy and is just.. eh.. So it would be really cool if you just changed it 😀 otherwise i have nothing really new to say what everyone is saying.
    Keep on working.

    • In Asian culture it’s common to call your siblings “Big sister, little sister, big brother, little brother” (onee-san, onee-chan…). And they use this maybe to convey the fact that they are supernatural creatures.

    • in older videos on his channel (2016-2017) it has a reference sheet on what he wants yan sim character models to be like

  30. You’ve made it so far! I can’t believe the offical demo is right around the corner! You could’ve just stopped because of all the hate, but you pushed through it. I’m so proud of you! Keep up the great work!

  31. I wonder if the boiler room that has a secret entrance that is located under the cherry tree…

  32. I can’t believe how close we are to the demo, keep up the great work YanDev! What exactly is still remaining to acomplish before the demo releases apart of polishing Osana’s befriend-Betrayal elimination? :]

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