April 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! The previous build had some bugs in it. Time to release an update!

To see a list of everything that got fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous cosplay by porceyshire!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause characters to spawn with bald heads and the maid minigame tip screen to only display the number “$55.55” if the player was playing the game in a country that uses “,” instead of “.” for decimal points.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to rotate in strange ways or fail to pathfind properly if the player aimed a camera at them while they were investigating something suspicious on the ground.
  • The science club students should now be much less likely to get stuck when trying to enter the booth to change out of their lab coat.
  • Fixed bug that caused pickpocketing minigame and combat minigame button prompts to be too blurry to read at low quality settings.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Set Trap” prompt to disappear if a door had been used for a bucket trap earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that caused some female students’ bodies to look deformed when playing the game at “Low” quality settings.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to pour gasoline into a bucket that was already full of another liquid.
  • Two students who were out of alphabetical order in the Alphabet Killer Challenge are now in proper order.
  • Fixed bug that caused the framerate to drop significantly after playing the Light Music Club minigame.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the camera from properly following Yandere-chan during an attack animation.
  • It should now be impossible for Nemesis to disguise herself as one of your targets in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause bullies to get stuck in the locker room after sunbathing on Wednesday.
  • Fixed bug that caused a bucket’s button prompt to appear underground if it flipped upside-down.
  • Fixed bug that caused the heavy weight to get stuck on top of the dumbells in the gym closet.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Light Music Club members from spawning with the right stockings.
  • Completing a task for a delinquent will no longer improve your reputation.

274 thoughts on “April 16th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Oh also, will you continue to work alone or will you team up with someone who can help you program? I’m not saying you’re bad at programming, not at all! I just think it an awful lot of work to put on yourself, and seems extremely tiring and stressful. If not then that’s ok! Just wondering for your well being

    • After the demo is released and everyone has an idea of the final game, he will open a crowd fonding campaign to kickstart the game. With the money, he will hire a team of professionals to help him make the game (sorry for the mistakes I can’t spell)

  2. Oh I have have another idea –
    So since you can’t really burn a knife in an incinerator, why not have the player have to go to a water fountain instead to wash it off? You could make it where, of you use a weapon like a bat, where you can’t really wash blood off of it since wood absorbs that stuff, have to put it in a incinerator? If that makes any sense at all…
    idk why I have so many random ideas at 3 am but whatever

  3. Yandere Dev, just out of curiosity.
    What will you be working on next, besides bug fixes, dejanking and polishing already existing features?

    Also, what would changes to the Game’s UI do? I’m just curious.

    Have a wonderful day or night.

  4. On the hard difficulty mode or if the player uses Easter Eggs in the full game, Shaggy will relentlessly chase you and once he catches you, it results in an instant game over which deletes all progress you’ve made in the game.

  5. The library I believe should be two classrooms big and on the first floor. You can move around rooms to make room for it, taking away from the 6 empty classrooms you have which will also create a new place to commit killings. I can try to help in the creation of it. Also, in the creation of a school store, preferably close to the school cafeteria which I believe should also be moved to the first floor. If there isn’t room on the first floor then I believe the cafeteria should be at the first floor and the library should remain on the second. You have a lot of free space in the environment. You should really add a soccer/football field. I can help with that to take some of the burden off. I know how stressful this might be with such an ambition and potentially amazing project.

    • To add onto that, you should, if you don’t have space for that kind of field, include a baseball/cricket field instead. Also, change one of the Japanese gardens into a tennis court or outdoor basketball court. I trust that once you get a larger team after the kickstarter, this game will live more up to its potential regardless of mine and others suggestions though. You’re just one man obviously, you’re going to need help in something as basic as environment design. This is an extremely complex project yet you continuously give me faith in your abilities to handle this.

      • Your ideas are so cool !!! Try suggesting them on discord maybe he will answer you

  6. For when you’re a delinquent, and you say for someone to get away from you, the animation makes it seems like Ayano is shy to say that. Will that animation be changed to a more aggressive type in the future or no? It’s fine if not, cause again I’m just wondering

  7. In the future, will the reputation game over be changed depending on how you’re reputation was ruined? Like if you are spotted bloody, and get the game over thing, instead of students laughing at you will they run away in fear and Senpai will show a scared reaction?
    I feel like Midori with all of these questions – I think it’s cause I finally have time to watch all of the update videos and during that time I get more ideas

    • As of now, there are no plans to change the game over cutscene depending on how the player damaged their reputation; it would add extra work and extend development further than necessary.

      • I feel like rather than the students laughing, they should be whispering about her and talking shit and then like someone whispers smtg to senpai and that’s where the game over would be

  8. Oh another thing – you know how when you join a club you get something that represents it, like if you join drama you get a rose, or sports is goggles, and they just appear once you join? Why not put in an animation that shows them giving you that so it’s not so weird when it just appears out of nowhere.

    Also, I know that if I killed Osana and want to hide her body I would put her in the bathrooms until the delinquents leave their area. To make it more realistic, you could make random students go in the bathrooms from time to time so the player can’t just hide a corpse in a stall.

  9. I know that stuff would take extra development time, and do you don’t need to implement those now, those are just ideas for the future

  10. Hello there, YandereDev.

    As of now, your game contains elements such as:
    – The ability to kill people (students, teachers)
    – The ability to dismember corpses.
    – The ability to kidnap and torture students.
    – The ability to force a tortured student to commit a murder-suicide on another student.
    – The ability to summon demons.
    – The ability to burn people alive, using demonic powers acquired from the occult club.

    Your game also contains positive elements, such as:
    – The ability to compliment students.
    – The ability to help students by doing a task for them.
    – The ability to give students food.

    BUT, the negative things outweigh the positive things.

    Will you consider making your game more positive by, for example, removing the ability to kill people and by removing the occult club?

    You can also add more positive things, by giving Ayano the ability to help students with their homework. This also has the advantage that you can teach the player some interesting school topics, like algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geography, history, physics, chemistry, biology and other fun topics.

    You can make the game like this:
    1. You go to class and the teachers explains you things. You learn by this. This is a tutorial regime.
    2. After school, you can attend the homework class as a tutor and help other students with understanding topics they didn’t yet grasp. This is where the player will need to answer questions about the topic that the teacher explained earlier that day in class. The more questions you answer right, the clearer Ayano is able to explain the topic to other students, the more her reputation gets boosted. If you answer none of the questions correctly (or a very few), Ayano won’t be able to tutor the subject in a clear way, making students believe that Ayano is wasting their time, thus giving Ayano a reputation penalty for being a bad tutor.

    This way, you will have made an educational game, in which players don’t just enjoy themselves thinking of ways to make Senpai love Ayano, but where they also get taught on various school subjects, refreshing their high school knowledge, learning something new or training their mathematical skills. 😀

    What do you think? This is a great idea, isn’t it? 😀

    In case you are actually considering this: I love mathematics and I love programming. I will be willing to help you with implementing the educational elements of Yandere Simulator, should you be considering this.

    • This is such a great idea but the only thing I could somewhat agree with you on is the added after school activity as it might fit in to the school schedule, but not necessarily be an interactive part of the game but instead be the routines of some students to make the school feel more alive and allow players to more consistently feel like they are a murderous, evil person in such an usually innocent environment.
      I can tell you really love school, as do I! 🙂 I think adding your more elaborated on idea will make the game lose its focus unless it’s a mini-game like the clubs (or like the part time maid job). I don’t think it’s entirely fair to add actual STEM topics into the game as not everyone is particularly talented at it, I believe a memory game should be implemented but not exactly in the way of what you might’ve had in mind.

    • Are you serious??? This game is not for kids. Removing the ability to kill will ruin the game’s idea… (Even if you don’t want to play as a serial killer).

    • This isn’t a good idea in my opinion, since that would totally ruin the aspect of the game, and waste 2-4 years of time from Yandere Simulator’s development. Even though there are people who would agree, the game isn’t meant for kids. There is a message before you get to the main menu saying that the game is for adults. If you think that this is a needed aspect to the game, then maybe you haven’t seen it, but there is one. Also, the ability to make the player retain knowledge from classes isn’t really a good idea, either, since it could end up with the player forgetting the lessons, not knowing what subjects they teach, etc. Basically, making the game is supposed to be about a student who is supposed to keep the image of an innocent schoolgirl, while attempting to get away with crimes. It won’t be much of a Yandere Simulator as a ‘Know this and Get a Higher Reputation” simulator.

      • Also, if this was an element of the game, it wouldn’t make any sense to advertise it as an 18+ game.

      • You dumbasses really don’t get sarcasm, so you? This is obviously a fucking joke. With sentences like “This is such a great idea, isn’t it?” . It even has smiling emojis for God’s sake. So get a brain and shut the fuck up.

    • This isn’t an educational game… Removing the ability to kill would rid the game of cool as hell animations (gruesome, but cool) and of it’s concept kinda ? The goal at first, was to kill your rival. Then Yandere Dev added non-destructive ways of eliminating them. But for a ling time, you had to kill. There are more lethal ways to eliminate a rival than non lethal ones. It would make things more challenging, but a lot of people will want to kill Osana when she comes out.
      Of course I’d like the idea of learning through a game, but you can’t cover a lot of things that are taught. Besides, this game is intended for adults who have finished school, it would be boring for some people. I also think you just can’t remove the occult club. It has gone very popular, it was one of the first clubs in the game, it would rid the game of a rival, Oka, or change her completely, and no one wants that. YS isn’t an educational game, and I doubt anyone wants it to be. Even kids (who shouldn’t play it) want it to be violent. How do I know ? I’m one, and a lot of my friends think just the same.
      I don’t think YanDev will ever consider it.

    • Are you joking? The whole game is about a YANDERE, a girl who kills for the love of senpai! It is also called YANDERE simulator! Removing the ability to kill would be the same as making a whole new game! It is NOT a game for kids or a game that is supposed to learn something to you! The game is 13+ and YandereDev even said that he wanted to have the Pegi 12 mark! Again, if you want to do all things that are written in your message, you’d make a completely new game. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings with this comment but it’s just my opinion and looking at the other comments I’m not the only one with this opinion.

    • Whilst I understand where you are coming from, this would be a bad idea (in my opinion) and completely change the game. Unfortunately, if you want a game with more positivity and educational features, you may have to find another. Yandere Simulator is not a game about school and fun with classmates; it is about attempting to maintain the image of an innocent schoolgirl, while secretly committing crimes and eliminating your rivals.
      However, I still respect your opinion.

    • Seriously? Half the game is killing people. Yandere Simulator is literally a MURDER SIMULATOR. Murder is a substantial part of the game!
      You can’t just change it!

  11. In the video you made before Snap Mode, you said you finished tweaking Osanas first elimination method. How far are you now? Not trying to rush you of course, just wondering how far you’ve gotten since then. Also I’m really excited to try out the new befriend/betray method once Osana comes out!

    • I made some outstanding progress recently which drastically improved my estimate for when Osana will be released. However, I’m not ready to announce any official dates at this point in time.

      • Yandere Dev,
        Will we also be able to still do favors for student council members or even become a student council member to where students would do favors for us? I think you said something about this in a video. Also, I do have another theory about why a target or things will glitch out that I will just make a new comment on this blog soon since you wanted more theories. I have a “gut feeling” of what it might be and I’m usually not wrong on these feelings.

  12. Can Budo have the invincibility feature too, as he beat Raibaru previously for the position of Martial Arts Instructor? Also, the Gym teacher as well as not only was she required to know self defense, but her other accolades making her extremely strong as well?

    Will the Gym Teacher actually have use outside of her routine now, especially during Asu Rito’s week?

    Also, can you add the invincibility trait to Shaggy, I mean, Rojasu Norubiru too?

  13. You can still open easter eggs on the alphabet killer challenge by typing SHIPGIRL and collecting the items for bad romance easter egg.

  14. Yandere Dev you mentioned a couple years ago that it’d be possible to speak to faculty members, will this be possible before or after Osana? Or even at all?

  15. I’ve been watching your videos from the beginning and have watched your struggles and triumphs over this game. Keep up the good work and take your time because there is no rush.

  16. I believe that whenever a new rival comes, it should reflect on the school and each rival should have their own elimination methods;

    Like for Oka Ruto, the weather should be dreary and cold, and her elimination method should be like a school haunted house that both of you are in, and you use that setting to kill her.

    And for Asu Rito, the weather could be really hot (the students could wear summer uniforms like in actual Japanese schools), and her elimination method could have something to with a sports festival. etc

  17. Also for the befriend/betray method, it could vary by each rival,

    Like for Amai Odayaka, you two could be baking and Ayano could give her the “Please stay away from Senpai” speech and could kill Amai with something kitchen based.

    And for Asu Rito, Ayano and Asu could be going on a jog, and Ayano gives her speech and could kill Asu by maybe “accidentally” pushing her into traffic.

  18. Recently, when playing the latest build of Yandere Simulator, I realized that, if you kill someone with a box cutter, then put the box cutter in a box to ask someone for help, the student you ask won’t care that the box cutter is bloody. Will this be changed in the future at all for students to act more realistic and maybe think you’re weird and not help you or something like that?

    • That’s odd. I’ve tried framing people too, and found myself unable to stick a bloody cutter into the box… Then I had to wash it but of course I had to commit murder again. But normally you can’t put a bloody box cutter in the box…

  19. Hello Yandere Dev,
    I’m back with another theory like you requested about why items and characters will glitch out as time in the abc killer challenge continues. Actually, more like theories rather than theory. I do have a solution to test out what causes these glitches at the end of it and I would volunteer for it as I already have a love-hate relationship with this challenge anyways. I honestly think it has to deal with the bombs. My second guess could be with it dealing with the Rubik cube. Otherwise, any of the items in the student council room you added. My last guess would have been the lockers in the hallways. I just have that “gut feeling” again. I’m usually not wrong when I have a “gut feeling.” You already know this as you are the creator of the game but I swear I do have a point to what I’m saying and you should come back to this information later:
    So the Alphabet Killer Challenge was added on April 4, 2020. This included just the smoke bombs. The puzzle cube and the robot was added to the April 6, 2020 build. You then added the rest of the bombs and a weapon bag in the April 7, 2020 build. April 10, 2020 was when time didn’t move forward anymore.

    I know these builds were before the Unity 2019 upgrade. I have several reasons why I think it deals with the bombs (mostly the amnesia one):
    1) My first reason is because when I still drop the amnesia bomb on a student who just saw me murder someone, they still technically remember what I did with their line of saying to not talk to them because they know I murdered someone even though I disposed of the evidence. Then, they walk back to being depressed. I am just curious if you intended them to act like how I described? I’m not criticizing you but it’s a curious question I had because I’ve minored in psychology at my former college. I wasn’t sure if maybe the amnesia bomb just gave them temporary amnesia because I thought the character would have retrograde amnesia so they would forget I completely murdered someone or that they saw a dead body.
    2) I’ve noticed with stink bombs that you can force the characters to go into the maze in which they just glitch and are stuck there. This experience was before the Unity 2019 update.
    3) It could deal with the smoke bomb. Although, when the smoke bomb was first introduced, there’s no telling if the smoke bomb could cause these glitches I’ve mentioned.

    The reason I would also suspect the Rubik cube would be because it still will have some strange effect on characters such as when I would give it to a student council member (Aoi, although Akane does it too) and Beruma. The characters I’ve mentioned will play with a Rubik cube while walking still instead of staying in one place. I was thinking one glitch could cause another glitch. That’s the theory behind the Rubik cube. The other items in the student council room I don’t think would cause these glitches. In fact, they were minor in my game play. I do have a question about the robot. The robot has three things it relays to the player: “E,” “R,” and “—.” It doesn’t speak but I can see those symbols on top. What does each one stand for? I was guessing “E” was for empty even though it was sucking up blood. The “R” maybe for resetting or recalibrating? Maybe “—” for processing because it would follow me to clean up more blood later? I’m probably nowhere close on what each one stands for.
    I have another theory but I feel it is split half-and-half on this one. I remember in a video you said something about how if we eliminated a character too early, the demon in the demon world we seek would disappear or we can’t complete the ritual. I really don’t remember much. It’s been so long. If I find the video and you’re still confused, I’ll post it as a reply. I hope I wasn’t dreaming about that video. I wasn’t sure if that same concept kind of happened in the challenge such as maybe once someone got eliminated, a cooking club member had to change their routine to go to the next character that is alive or something like that. I just wasn’t sure if that concept translated over or something.

    So, here are theories already debunked: 1) Time not moving could be the reason because everyone is usually done with their duties by the time we get to a target (cooking club members would have served everyone by then and then start over on serving) (debunked by Yandere Dev). 2) Not putting bodies in lockers causes these glitches (debunked by me).
    Here are other possible theories that I don’t think were debunked: 1) The radio glitching out could contribute to it (although, I truly don’t believe it if we are talking about why objects and characters are glitching out). 2) The other new items in the student council room could be causing the glitches. 3) The addition of the lockers are causing the glitches. 4) As time goes on, the challenge begins to have the objects and characters glitch out to where it’s impossible to interact with them (although, I did have to sometimes set up a trap and I quickly removed it once I was able to get a character to hear a giggle before they walked through a door, which did let me interact with them).

    So, my solution to test my main theories (except the last main theory because I wouldn’t know how to do that anyways). Do you still have those four builds I’ve mentioned? If so, is it possible to access those builds online? If not on a website, maybe as a google link (if you have the space). If you have any of those, please comment the link to those builds then. I would want to access those builds because perhaps by starting with the build where the challenge was introduced, I can help to narrow down if it is a bomb or perhaps a different item causing those glitches. I was thinking that the glitches have to be caused something new that was added to the game. I didn’t notice the glitch the first time in the challenge because I couldn’t get far enough on the first build I’ve mentioned. I will try to win each game without the Easter eggs and will be aware of any bugs that occurred in those builds so it doesn’t factor into my thinking of what it could possibly be. Plus, I will make sure only one version of Yandere Simulator installed before doing the challenge so any other Yandere Simulator files don’t interfere. So, I would be doing a process of elimination by going backwards for those four builds. Please let me know if any of this was helpful and interesting.

      • You’re welcome. Can’t wait for the next build. Might be Saturday I get to it because I have been procrastinating as it’s presentation week for me and it gets crazy the last two weeks of my semester. Although I shouldn’t say “you’re welcome” if it did turn out that none of my theories were correct or even close to it or didn’t really help you out. Although, did any of the fixings you had to deal with were related to any theories I had? If so, which one? If not, then what do you think it was? I mean if it’s not top-secret and you are comfortable answering that. I’m just super curious. Also, I just realized one of my cats looks almost like the kitten in the game. My cat is talented. She can draw hearts and the middle finger in the litter box after I’ve been showing her those symbols with my hands lately. Maybe one day, she might learn how to spell but I doubt she understands what she is doing.

  20. Yandere Dev, I’ve been playing YanSim for a long time. But I was never able to download or update the game without changing my location using a VPN to Australia. It says that the site is blocking downloads from my location (I live in India). But for the latest update, even changing my location wouldn’t work. Is this a bug? Or do I need to switch my location to somewhere else? Where should I change it to? (I feel like I’m Midori Guurin for asking this lol!) Anyone out there who knows how to solve this issue?

  21. I *STILL* can’t play any new builds of YanSim.
    It apparently still loads properly as I can hear the sponsor message and the menu song but visually I get as far as the white screen or a white screen with a really faded sponsor image.
    It’s been like this for a month now.

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