Unity 2019 Update

Hey! I’ve uploaded a new build of the game that runs on Unity 2019. This is a big deal, since it has given the game a noteworthy performance boost (better FPS!)

Purely for the sake of tradition, here’s some gorgeous fan art that was sent to me from an artist who wished to remain anonymous:

The only differences between this build and the previous build are:

  • You now choose screen resolution / windowed mode / quality settings after launching the game, rather than before launching it.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Otohiko from spawning during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • The game is now running on a more recent version of the Unity engine!

Personally, for me, the game is running 15 FPS faster than it did before! I used to get 35~40 FPS, but now I get 50~55 FPS! Wow! Getting closer and closer to that target of consistent 60 with every update! Let me know if you see any drastic performance improvement in the latest build!

595 thoughts on “Unity 2019 Update

  1. Actually, i have a problem and i think it’s equal for everyone. The breast size of some students and of the student council is huge, i hope for a bug fix. Thank you.

  2. Im sorry but this ABC challenge is too hard. The first student is a member of the cooking club and you can’t even give her the puzzle cube to solve because she always says she can’t talk… and time doesn’t pass in this challenge. I tired the smoke bombs but it slowed my game down SOOOOOO much, and people even still saw her body! While the smoke grenades were still there!

    • So in turn its pretty much impossible to get passed even the first student with the fact that 1. the puzzle cube does not work on her, and you also can not talk to her to get her to follow you. 2. Because the smoke bombs decrease (my) framerate heavily (this could just be my computer) But what isn’t my computer is the fact that people still saw her even through the smoke grenades.

      • If you are quick enough you can grab the puzzle cube , run to the club and give it to her and she’ll take it (also do the bucket door trap thing to get the cooking club memebers)

      • Make her stationary by talking to her and before she stops talking talk to her about her task and refuse when you she asks you to help. Keep doing that until the rest of the members leave and the student council members pass the cooking club, then attack her from behind with a magical girl wand. Wait until British boy passes the cooking club and the occult club members enter one of the closest, then hide her in a locker.

    • Aija (the first victim) is very simple to get through if you’re quick enough. If she can’t talk, try to lure her with a giggle until you’re somewhere where you can murder her – meaning you’ll have to keep a look-out for the perfect time to strike.
      Smoke bombs probably harm your performance levels (FPS) quite a lot. I think the fact that people saw the body even though the smoke bomb was still blocking their vision is either because they were walking into the bomb at the time or it’s just a bug.
      I really hope those answered your problems but if you aren’t able to get through the first student, try to look out on what those who have completed the ABC killer challenge did.

      • Thank you, this did help a lot I guess I just wasn’t thinking properly and didn’t realize the other ways to lure her… lol! But this did help thank you

      • I also encountered a bug, where if you go to class during the challenge, time starts passing normally after a while. I don’t know if it does this all the time but it does this sometimes. I will get around to emailing yanderedev but I just wanted to make people aware

      • Ah, that’s quite weird. I don’t think you’re meant to go to class during the challenge though.

  3. You make this instead of focusing on Osana.. please stop being lazy it’s been TOO many years of procrastination.

    • All of this is to finally prepare the game for Osana. Please refrain from being so rude and ungrateful in the future.

      • That is NOT being ungrateful, he’s purposefully delaying Osana. The right thing to do would release her and work on bugs or whatever crap he wants. He’s basically using it to extort as much money out of his patreons and YouTubers as he possibly can. He is a disgusting person.

      • @the jig ypu realize that when Osana is released the game will have full gameplay, turning it into a demo. YandereDev stared that he was done Osana and is bug proffing her. He is not procrastinating her he is making sure he is not disappointing people.you think yandereDev is bad look at other games like fortnite, making millions on kids buying something usless. I think your a disgusting person for going on the internet to trash talk people working there a*es off to please people like you.

      • If you became an honest game developer and became successful, you would actually be 100x better than him honestly

      • Six years? No game ever takes six years. For hell’s sake, that’s longer than most platforms, or OS support cycles last!

      • @ the jig first of all, dude, you have no right to criticize a person who does more than you. Make the game yourself, and only then will you call YandereDav lazy. He is an independent game developer with a small group. He is not a 24/7 game development company. You are simply pathetic because you yourself are not capable of creating games, you can criticize only others!

    • well hes done with osana if you were actually reading all the updates you would know that….. now hes just fixing minor build fixes

    • michele daley@ I Would like to see you do better but you cant making a game with no problems take time good programmers don’t release a game knowing all the problems wrong with the game because a few booties rush him to release stuff that still need progress hes a good programmer but he doesn’t rush to release his work and takes hes time to get everything right and he doesn’t just rush everything unlike other programmers just rush to release stuff to make people happy and then have major problems in the game and bugs just be patient because by the way you are talking i would never wanna play any game you build because your gonna rush everything and the game will be ass because you are too impatient to fix anything

      • LOL, yeah and most professional programmers don’t spend half their time making update videos either. The average turn around is 18 months from concept to release, not six and a half years, with zero signs of ever being close to being done.

    • I don’t want to rude,but Osana isn’t the most important feature. And if he didn’t update the game to Unity 2019 then the would have been so buggy abd low to some people.

    • Vykintas Barcas Why are you waiting just for Osana? I am an old fan and all I have wanted was to see more and more updates about the game,not just Osana. Plus art takes time

    • people disagreeing with you when:


      • Actually, in 2016, he said he would be done in 2019. Yandere dev HAS STATED that back in 2016, he was not as good at game design and programming as he is today. Therefore, him from 2016, had no clue it would take so long. He never said the game would be done in 2016.

      • im the only one that knows that yandere dev doesnt make the assets of the game, he steals it, he said it was placeholder but its still there

      • Sorry, Kokonichan, it’s actually closer to six and a half. I’ve been following this blog since he announced the project in late 2012, with work starting in 2013.IDK about King’s claim of how much he has made off crowdfunding, but it is not exactly like Yanderedev is a one man show; he has people working (volunteering) with and under him here. He has said numerous times he planed to be done within 18-24 months initially. Then it slipped back to 2015, and has slipped back ever since.

      • Then why are you here? Go and do something useful with your life instead of spreading hate.

      • Here’s my personal opinion on this, and you surely don’t have to agree. He made promises that broke and the time it’s taking for him to create and develop a single rival is pretty ridiculous, but I don’t think that he is necessarily a bad developer or someone who is trying to fish money out of us. What I think, and again you don’t have to agree with me, is that he started a project that was larger and harder than he realized was going to be. At one time, I’m sure he STRONGLY believed that Osana would be done in 2016, but he realized that it was going to take longer. No, he surely is not an overly amazing game developer, but he is TRYING! How many times has he shown that to us? In every video, he shows different cutscenes and new gameplay features. If he was REALLY trying to fish money out of us, he wouldn’t care about developing the game whatsoever.

        Again, my opinion. You don’t have to agree.

    • DUDE yandere dev is doing his best imagine yourself in his role its good he moved to another version of unity that way he can update the game with cooler things!

      • In his role you’d be making 3k average a month for sitting on your ass? Also all those things are pointless because the game will never release at this rate. The way you’re supposed to design games is to add the MAIN FEATURE FIRST (i thought this was common sense?) then add extra things to improve gameplay experience. No wonder Osana is a buggy mess! If she’d been added years ago he would’ve had time to fix bugs with her A LONG time ago, and the fans wouldn’t constantly be bugging him to add Osana. He did this to himself.

    • Don’t be ungrateful and rude about it. It takes time to make a game. All these graphics, all this effort that YandereDev made.
      You didn’t even watch the video on Osana Final Progress because she was completed.

      • People HAVE been waiting six and a half years for a game that isn’t even completable yet. It’s barely in it’s alpha stage at this point. Development is moving as slow as molasses. He’s been delaying the release of the demo SINCE 2015, so I think people have been waiting.

    • why don’t you try to make a game during this hard time? the lazy person is YOU, propably sitting on your couch not working and just thinking you know what he should do.

      • That’s where you’re wrong, YandereDev is lazy. He claims to devote his entire life to the game but the updates are so insignificant. Go watch a comparison video of Watashi No Mono and tell me who put more blatant effort in.

      • We’re on quarantine.Everybody is either in bed or in their couch.We can’t go outside remember?

    • Well you try making an awesome complicated, skill driven, stealth game that is completely original that will give people a fun and full experience all by yourself (programming wise) with a great fandom that supported it for 5 years to its fullest that understands how Yandere Dev is putting his heart into his work and is NOT BEING LAZY whatsoever

      • Original? It’s a bad ripoff of Hitman and Persona. I’d HARDLY call the game all of the things you’ve described it as. And sorry but it’s been 6 and a half years, not 5.

    • To make it clear – I’m not one of the haters, I actually respect Yandere Dev and all his ideas.

      But yeah, point is many hours wasted on easter eggs and other (sorry to say) useless features could go to actual Osana development. Sure, development takes a lot of time, I myself program games from time to time and I understand one feature can get even days to make at least playable. Still, it’s about preferences and making core features before moving onto other details. That’s the mistake I also did and it’s thanks to Yandere Simulator I actually realized that it’s no good for making true progess.

      • A lot of people must’ve not watched his Osana’s update so here we go.. Osana is technically done, he is fixing up the game because once he releases Osana it will not be a debug sandbox but a demo so he is fixing glitches and bugs and working on stuff that the fans are liking.

      • @iicrazykingg You say that, but he’s being payed 3k on average a month to work on Yan Sim full time, and fans have waited over 6 years for its release. This is his JOB. It’s not a fun little hobby, so he does owe it to fans of his game to release Osana soon, since he’s constantly delayed the game’s release.

    • This should be done before Osana’s release. Would you like to stab Osana in 5 FPS? Maybe you can but for a V-Slice, it’s unacceptable. He’s getting closer and closer. Jusr wait, don’t bother.

    • Michele you have no reason to talk once you become a indie game developer with tones of stress and tons of fans counting on you you become overwhelmed. Trust me i’m also a programmer. you can share your feelings once you stepped foot in his shoes.

    • Don’t be rude, the FPS will directly impact when the game is released and the end goal is to have constant 60 FPS and that is not the case now. Stop being ungrateful when you don’t have any idea how hard it is to make a game. Have YOU ever made a game that you put thousands of hours and money in just for someone in the comments to say “it’s been TOO many years of procrastination”

    • You are really stupid if Yandere Dev takes so long it is so that when Osana is available is perfect so if you are not happy stop playing Yandere Simulator!

    • This post probably took under ten minutes to make. It’s far, far more important for YandereDev to keep his fans updated, than the measly ten minutes that could have such negligible progress on Osana’s bugs, and general improvements.

    • Please stop. Yandere dev works 24 hours on the game and adding fun little details or just IMPROVING the game performance for people who can’t play the game on their potato PC is to give him some relaxation time and watch how YouTubers react to them. Who knows if he is even able to get proper sleep and food?

    • Ok but jesus he isnt stealing your identity, money or time. If you are fed up with yandere dev then leave the fandom and stop spreading hate on these pages to other fans and yandere dev. If you want Osana, you will have to wait, its Yandere dev’s game that you aren’t paying him for and he gets to do what he wants. remember you aren’t paying him anything and you can choose to not support him and dont post negativity. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if his motivation is affected by you haters which is causing the delay

  4. there’s a huge mistake when i open the game i saw the most of the girls with a ^big^ problem in their chest

    • Yes! This build is running on the Unity 2019 engine and has quite a lot of unusual bugs. The last build was running on Unity 2017 with a few regular bugs.
      Hope that answers your question!

  5. hey yandere dev does the latest build of yandere simulator support windows 7 when i launch the game on the main menu yandere Chan”s model is broken i still want to play this game but don’t really want to upgrade my computer i understand if you don”t reply if you’re busy working on the next build hopefully i can still game this game

    • I’m sure you can if you could before but it is just that a lot of bugs have been discovered recently. Let’s hope for a bug-fixing build soon!

    • iv’e experienced diffrent bug when yandere Chan’s model on the title screen in her home and at school being broken her model is stretched out a lot

  6. released 2019 unity
    11th april
    :no new update
    12th april
    13th april
    14th april

    As you see i really wanna see a new update!
    never give up!
    this probably doesnt make sense.

    • He’s fixing bugs. That’s All.
      I guess upgrading the engine created so many bugs that Yandere Dev is going to be attempting to fix every last one.

      Just wait until April 15th

  7. You should add a checkpoint system to the Alphabet Killer challenge. Even if nothing else is saved (location where the player is, items, etc.) it should at least just remember that you already killed that person.
    So many times I’ve tried the challenge only to die to bugs or lag, and then I’ve had to start all over. It’s really frustrating!

    • It is a good feature and would help out a lot. It seems quite useful if you had to quit the game too, so when you come back – you are on the person that you had to kill.

  8. Good afternoon. I would like to ask you …
    Why is Vidous 7 such a small FPS? There are only 14-10 FPS in the game, and when I speed up the time in general only 2 FPS, it cut me off, I’m from Ukraine and I don’t have much money for a new PC

    • You can go into the settings menu on the phone and press “L” to make all the settings low for a better FPS. I hope that helps you!
      When I speed time, I also get 2 FPS, I think it is normal, so don’t worry!

  9. Personally for me, the game runs on 3-6 fps any time I launch it and it is a serious issue since I can’t play the game like this. Any tips on how I could improve the fps?

    • Yes! If you go to the settings menu on the phone, you can press “L” to get the lowest settings for the highest fps!
      Oh, and you can reduce the quality and texture at the beginning of the game for a better experience.
      Hope that helps!

    • You could also turn on fog. I’m pretty sure it’s still a feature, but I haven’t looked at the settings in a while though.

  10. Osana will hopefully be ready soon. I honestly don’t get why so many people are just being rude to Yan-Dev. He is trying his hardest as the only programmer and once Osana is released, he will have another dev. (Maybe multiple!) What don’t people get about being patient. Not all games take 2 years. Some take 10+. Now calm down about Osana. She’s gonna be added, chill out.

      • Im pretty sure she’s ready too but I heard he’s inproving animations and maybe still working on befriend/betray (not sure on this one).

      • To be honest I just can’t understand people hating on Yandere Dev. Because of him and Yandere Simulator my dream is to create my own video game and to become a successful programmer. And to be honest, I’m learning programming and I find it so interesting and… I can understand the bugs happening… And even the “late development”. Because from what I know at the moment, even a ” ; ” forgotten or a ” { ” placed in the wrong place can destroy the hole program. I used to listen to these people saying bad stuff about him a while ago… But developing a game takes time… And I will wait, no matter what and it doesn’t matter to me if I won’t be able to play it myself. But I want Yandere Dev to be happy, calm and live a happy life and not to give up on his big project.

      • I’m glad! I also hope YandereDev stays happy and carries on his project; it still has a lot of potential! I also hope that you succeed with your dream!

    • Are you serious ? Do you even know what you are talking about ? We all have been waiting for that game for like 4, 6 years and what did we get ? Unnecessary things. You need to understand that we’re not rude towards him, we’re just fans who are fed up. The problem is that he keeps to implement minors stuff, who aren’t even importants for the gameplay or even the game itself. It has been 6 years and that game is still in its early stage… By knowing the fact that a lot of fans give him a lot of money to develop his game.

      • First, those “unnecessary things” are called “Game mechanics”. A game’s mechanics can have such a minor influence on a game that yes, it might just seem completely unnecessary; however, it still impacts a game. For example, Five Nights at Freddy’s had a hidden button you could press that would make a squeaky toy sound. Is it out of place? Yes. Is it unnecessary? Of course not. It was placed there to act as a stress reliever for players who were getting too upset/mad/nervous while playing the game. In Yandere Simulator, I’m assuming you’re talking about Easter Eggs being unnecessary. Are they out of place? Yes. Are they completely useless and unnecessary? Nope. They’re there to keep the player entertained while Yandere Dev works on larger mechanics (Other than Osana) and to give the player a stress-relieving experience if their activity in the game is upsetting/nerve-wracking for them. Yandere Dev stated that he will remove Easter Eggs in the final product (or maybe he said the kickstarter? Sorry my memory can be bad).

        Second, if you’ve been waiting for this game since it’s development, congratulations; you’re part of what’s called a game’s audience, want a trophy for your troubles? (Those take time to make, just like Osana). This game is no longer in its “early stage”, it’s in its pre-demo stage (as I would call it) meaning that it’s waiting for the door to be unlocked so it can enter its demo stage. All games enter this stage at their own pace (a pace that can and is allowed to take years if need be).

        Finally, the money he’s given goes to assets and the game itself. Some of his volunteers actually do charge for a single asset (which kind of contradicts the word volunteer tbh) so imagine those already modest prices times the quantity needed. Game development isn’t cheap, easy, nor perfectly timed; personal/business related things can and will happen that can cause the development to slow down. My advice for dwindling hope? Look on a the bright side: He could go months without informing any of us of what’s developing, leaving us in the dark to think the game isn’t being worked on. Last thing we need is another Bayonetta 3 situation. Can we agree on that?

      • For reasons I don’t know, I can’t respond directly to your message.

        So to begin with, I completely agree with you. The fact that Yandere Dev udape and share his game is admirable, of course. However the thing you don’t understand is the fact that, yes in a way, easters eggs and minor stuff like that are interesting, but this is shoudn’t be a priority. Yandere Dev focuses most of his time making streams or adding uninteresting things to the game, such as easters eggs. I’m not criticizing what he’s doing, of course, but it’s out of context. You also compare a game who was developped by someone who was able to put a lot of effort into it while adding various mechanics in record time, to a game in development for a long long time (2014). The mains and essential game mechanics must be added and prioritized first, in order to then focus on secondary things. Easters eggs are needed in some ways, obviously, but don’t forget that they perform the task as secondary elements, they aren’t importants and significants in the game itself. An easter egg is non-essential and is just a decorative element that somehow completes the main story. In Yandere Simulator, the problem is that the developer does not focus all his time in essential elements of the game but in things that are not yet useful (easter eggs). Easters eggs fulfill the role of «backround story element», however here there is not yet a story or mechanics being associated with it (rivals).

        Second, by saying that I have been waiting for the game since 2014, I mean that us, the fans, have waited for too long. The game isn’t even in its demo stage. I don’t need a trophy for that, of course, but my goal is also to remind Yandere Dev that he must not forget that he has an audience that has been waiting far too long. Many games, with a single developer, much more complex than Yandere Simulator have taken less time to develop, I’m not sure which ones so I prefer not to cite any examples…

        Finally, Yandere Dev receives roughly $500 a month. Knowing that the game does not change assets every month, extra money is possible. In Yandere Simulator, there are a lot of placeholders assets. But what does he do about it ? Nothing at all, he doesn’t even care to change all of that.

        As I said, previously, my english isn’t that good. And I apologize for that.

      • Read the debunk section on yandere sims website, it debunks all of what your saying.

    • Several things I’d like to state, the only reason the game seems to be taking is because we watched the process of creating complicated games since the concept stage , usually when someone releases a game trailer its probably already had at least a few good years worked on.
      Secondly why is everyone attacking Yandev ? Other game devs like omocat started a kickstarter with just a trailer and recieved $203,300 in 2014 and just delivered a demo last year , when they promised a game in 2018 and why is no one calling this person crap out ,even though by haters standards omocat has been worse than yandev by the sheer amount of disrespect they have given to their fans , at least yandev is only using patron and youtube, at least he’s constantly keeping the fans updated with progress ,at least he wants to give people a proper demo before he sets up a kickstarter , I think we should just leave him alone and see the progress

      • Yandev has been rude to his fans. If they make any criticism of his game he overreacts. If it’s on his Discord Server he tends to ban them. He told a fan to k*ll themself, which was completely rude and unnecessary.

      • Your logic makes no sense to me. Someone else can tell someone to kill themselves in the same angered tone/intention but when Yandere Dev does it, it’s “completely rude and unnecessary”? Second, he can take criticism. What he can’t take is comments calling him “lazy” without providing ways he can improve or help.

        This is criticism: “Hey man, you’re acting quite lazy. If there’s something bothering you, take a break or something. Don’t stress so much and get back to work when you can, quickly if you will. If you need help with something, I suggest…(insert source here)”- a veteran semi-supporter

        This is not criticism: “People HAVE(needless capitalization) been waiting six and a half years for a game that isn’t even completable(this isn’t a word) yet. It’s barely in its alpha stage at this point. Development is moving as slow as molasses. He’s been delaying the release of the demo SINCE 2015, so I think people have been waiting.” – You.

        Don’t spout that he can’t take criticism if you yourself can’t provide it in a professional manner. If someone has to be rude to someone, there’s a 95% chance that it’s that person’s fault or the previous person’s. Most people don’t just spout random bits of rudeness for no reason. The only time this would happen is if someone was already having a bad day and they involuntarily released their anger on someone else who was less rude or they have diagnosed anger problems (diagnosed by a certified therapist/ psychiatrist or one with a license. Not by some random person on the internet).

  11. When I updated the game to the latest Unity 2019 Engine, a lot of weird stuff started happening:
    -Some girls and teachers at school showed up with giant, glitchy breasts that covered a lot of my view.
    -Dafuni Bureiku’s hair physics looked very weird, as her hair were pointing to the sky, same thing with the camera around her neck. It seems that with this specific character the physics just got completely messed up.
    -Some girls had their stockings switched (for example, Kiba Kawaito’s stockings were worn by Beshi Takamine, and vice versa)
    -Whenever I start the Alphabetical Killer Challenge, the bullies are stuck in classroom 3-2, and stand still around Musume’s desk. I don’t know why this happens.
    -When I played the Maid Cafe minigame, the clients showed up completely bald, and some of the hair models were scattered on the screen, glitching. Plus, when I finisihed the inigame (I played at medium difficulty), I didn’t get paid a single dollar.

    If you need to know, I play this game on a laptop.

    Did those bugs and glitches happen to you too? Do they have something to do with the new Unity Engine?

    • I have heard of quite a lot of them. I have the stocking as well as the female student problem; I have heard about the Maid Cafe bug a few times but haven’t been told that there were hairpieces scattered all over the screen. Dafuni is a new problem and I haven’t heard anything about the bullies either.
      If it helps you, I also play this game on a laptop! ^^
      I think these issues may have to do with the new Unity Engine – since these bugs weren’t experienced before.
      I hope that helps you!

    • I’m also having all of these bugs. Other bug that I’m having is that every student routine brokes after the first classtime they
      just sit with their phones forever

    • I also have these problems, but for me playing the maid minigame (in hard mode) the clients showed with their hairs when walking, but it dissapeared when they sat down and also appeared at the screen. I got paid but the money was completely bugged. the first few tips where really high, and in the 3rd line of tips all numbers were 55,55 and I received 555,55 total. In this build with the new engine only tho, and I play on a desktop

  12. Man now i get 60 fps when everyone is in the view yeah there is some stutter but this eases out after a while this build is probably the most gain in performance yet

  13. …When i opened the game there was no students i aslo tried to download it again but it hasn’t worked please help!!!

    • This is one of the bugs that YandereDev needs to fix,you’ll just have to wait for a new bug-fixing build!

  14. I got a question. If you have YandereDev so much why have you come here? If you don’t like him it’s fine but don’t make it a problem publicly.

  15. It’s been 3 days without a fix build, also the comment section is full with haters which is unusual for the blog. I always thought there is some moderation of comments because comments always are sweet and cheering.
    Where’d yandev go?

    • I thinks it’s fine I think Yanderedev should leave them so these YouTube haters stop getting views and getting popular honestly tired of getting recommended some f*** boy who cried and slanders Dev. Then check and see the vies they got 200k then the rest of their videos don’t even go over 10k come tf on those tubers need to get they a** kicked YouTube slander accounts need to be purged

      • i agree, every single week someone on youtube goes “Look he has a cringey past omg and osana is never released” just to get ton of views…

      • I bet all my money you haven’t watched any of the videos on him. Get off your high horse and stop being delusional.

      • God, I cannot tell you how annoyed I am that YanDev hate vids keep popping up in my recommendeds, these people must literally have no lives if they are devoting all of their time to trying to destroy Yan-Sim and slander YanDev

    • @Vistelia
      What does his character have to do with development? Nothing
      What do those videos prove about the development of the game? Nothing
      What does the REPEATED, almost NPC like “complaints” that have already been answered of people like you show? Nothing

      It’s funny how people like you ALWAYS AND ON QUE say “Watch _____ video on him!” when ALL those videos are either out of context or THE SAME COMPLAINTS THAT HAS BEEN ALREADY ANSWERED. Here’s a fact: those videos are a dime a dozen. Seriously every famous and/or successful Youtuber has one and they mean NOTHING. Then again all EXPOSE! videos are like that: meaningless drama and clickbait by nature. I bet you have very little opinions about this topic that AREN’T from those “YouTubers” and like you I’m willing to bet money on that.

      Unlike you, I would win the jackpot and you’ll have an empty table. Heck even IF (and that’s a pretty BIIIIIIIIIIGGG IF considering all current evidence) he “never releases it”, then you people would STILL be the bigger loser in this bet since it takes more energy to hate on something then it does to like and guess who wasted more in that regard? Here’s a hint: *whisper* it’s not us

      Funny how these echoed comments are like what it has to show for them: Nothing

      Tl;Dr (in case that spanking was a bit too hard on you) Mount and Blade Bannerlord. More complex then YandereSIm. Been in development for 8 years. ONLY is still in early access. It has very positive on steam. The same thing would probably happen to YandereSim.


      • I know! I’ve watched the “Yandere Dev gets EXPOSED!!!” videos, and the “YandereDev secretly has a sexual attraction to unicorns!!” BS. YandereDev was spot on when he compared them to tabloids.

        The funniest thing is when people try to accuse him of not knowing what a Switch statement is.

        YanDev has stated multiple times that he knows what a switch statement is, and that the screenshots of the “if else” statements, are either going to be fixed, or rarely run.

        And they laugh at him! Like seriously, anyone that knows the basics of JavaScript would know that it would be nearly impossible to know enough coding to make a game, yet not know how to write a switch statement.

        And people in the comments are like: “I only took one class on coding and even I know how to do a switch statement!” And I’m just like EXACTLY! 😂

  16. Wow so the hate videos aren’t all that accurate I see a lot of hate comments here and apparently Yanderedev deletes them and cries, okay then why are these whiney comments still here bruh I really wanna smack TF out of some of these YouTubers who are only getting popular by talking mad s*** about Yanderedev I did the research they claim and found it all to be lies or highly and grossly embellished.-_-

    • I feel you Nick. Some of them complained about the Corona-chan Easter egg calling it “Ræcist”, the same way how Twitter Twats call Anime drawings mysoginist.

      Seriously, Yansim has a large following but that doesn’t necessarily make that a good thing. Yes, you have more fans, supporters and volunteers knowing about it but that also means more weirdos join the bandwagon and do nothing but complain.
      “Change this” “it makes me offended”, just cry me a river.

      Look at the My Hero academia Fandom for example, it’s a great show and has many fans and supporters but there are also weirdos sending Death threats to Horikoshi on a daily basis. It got so Bad that he had to change the name of One of his Characters just because it resembled some scientist from WW2.

      Absolutely ridiculous. It’s snowflakes like this that makes me feel grateful for being bullied. At Least I grew a tougher skin.

      It’s people like this that today’s games are being censored, Movies are becoming shit and independent Creators are losing their freedom of trying to experiment, improve and hone their Craft.

    • Question: what exactly have you researched and found? What claims are lies or embellished? Any evidence supporting Yandev will help

  17. Is it common for some female students to have breasts that are too large? I don’t know if it’s happening to anyone.

  18. I also kinda hope I can land 30fps again like in late 2018. Right now I’m running 5fps with a newer computer

  19. i love this game, and i was wondering if this game could be downloaded on MacBooks or ps4? love the game, but maybe you can realize the game on other platforms as well. keep up the amazing work!

    • Ah yes! I did some research before, this was my result:
      “While Yandere Simulator is a PC game first, many wish to play the Mac version. The Solution, Yandere Mac Launcher. The free launcher allows you to play Yandere Simulator on your Mac, just like you would on PC. The updates are delivered right to you on your Mac with no additional downloads necessary.”
      I hope that helps!

  20. I’ve finally excepted that this game will NEVER be finished and on the off chance that it does, it will do terribly. I don’t give a crap if he says he’s working on Osana. THAT’S ALL HE EVER SAYS! SINCE 2016!!! No I have never made a video game but I know of many games slimier to this which have been made in half the time because the creator had the balls to act like a fricken adult. I’m sorry to the 8-12 year old’s out there who are being lied to but please just wake the hell up and see that Yandere Dev does not deserve your praise and admiration

    • Sis, no one is asking for you to be here if your just gonna slander the dev and act like a child. If you don’t like the game then fine, but don’t come crying on the fourms because you can’t handle the game is taking awhile. Also don’t bring up “gAmeS haVe tAkeN hAlf ThE tIme” because those are either made by a huge company or had a team behind them. This is a game by ONE man and a few volunteers.

    • Okay Karen. Thanks for taking time out of your hands just to visit the blog page and tell the “children” that they are being manipulated and lied to and All of that nonsense.
      I’ve heard it All before constantly.
      Ever heard of Dwarf fortress? It’s a Game in development since the 90s and is ongoing till this day.
      Honestly, I don’t care if the Game takes 10 years to be finished but I don’t think that’s how long it’s going to take.
      I don’t give a fuck of how long it takes to finish a Game, I give a fuck that it’s being finished at All.
      I wish you did your research before jumping on the bandwagon just to score some virtue points.
      Osana was never the initial part of development.
      First of all, Yandere Dev was adding the environment, the lore of the Game (yes, there is One, the tapes), the characters, the elimination methods, etc.
      Easter eggs only take 60s to add. He doesn’t create the animations, designs or the music of the Easter eggs.
      He only just fixes them together and creates the same Kill a character feature.

      Stop deluding others into thinking Osana is the only thing he’s been working on when it’s the whole background of the Game as whole. He only returned to working on Osana last June.
      At most we might have to wait a Year just to get another Rival.

      And everyone is entitled to their opinions, beliefs, statements and Points of view.
      Just like how it’s up to you whether you want to dislike Him, it’s up to whether I want to continue Watching this grow.

      If Yandere Dev actually is what you are implying him to be, don’t you think these “children” would realize this on their own eventually?

      “Yansim is terrible”. Alright, I’ll accept that popularity doesn’t equate to quality.
      If Yansim is a shit Game as you say it will be, it’ll still be enjoyed by many (just look at All the people who show up to Watch YouTubers play it. Their channels grew up from playing Yandere Simulator. Many of them surpassed 1M subs)
      It might be Trash but I love eating this Trash. Some people enjoy things that you don’t, ever thought about that?

      Just leave if you want to be hater and provide nothing of substance to the table.
      Yes, the Game is taking ridiculously long but I don’t care. I play the Game because I personally enjoy it not because of the person who develops it.

      • You may not have a problem with how long it’s taking but others do. Some have been following since the very beginning, and have had to listen to Dev’s constant false promises. Also it DOES matter how long he drags on development. Do you realize he’s made over 250k on Patron ALONE on this game? That doesn’t even include Yandere Sim merchandise and ads from his videos. Those Patreons deserve a game.

    • Exactly my point. You can’t make a video game like this on your own with what 5 volunteers? You just can’t do that! That’s how you ruin a game’s development. I’ve been following this game since the very beginning. Trust me I know. I used to be so mad at the people spreading shit about Dev and the more I followed the development the more I got fed up with his false promises. “Osana will be finished in a month!!”, he said back in 2016. It’s not just that one time he keeps saying that and I’m just not buying it anymore. Yes there has been successful games that took as long or longer than Yandere Sim but the way this dude is going about it is not ok. If you choose to stick with Dev I ain’t stopping ya. I’m just saying if you do your fair share of research on Dev you might just change your mind.

      • You know, many people don’t give a damn about who YanDev is, what he’s said, what he’s done in live streams (yes, I’ve made some “research”) or anything ! Do you get that some people are satisfied with the debug sandbox ? Some people are satisfied, while waiting for Osana ! They’re excited, sometimes dissapointed when a new build comes out without her in it, but they just roll with it and accept that YanDev needs more time !
        If you used to be mad at people who talk negatively about him, why did it change ? Are you a sheep, following others’ ideas ? Without being rude, that’s how it seems to me.

      • @Vistelia, which false promises?

        SNAP mode? Already in the Game
        He promised the maid Cafe minigame back in February/ March of 2018 along with a small town. The minigame is there and he made a single street as a compromise.
        He promised to fill up the school with characters based on a YouTube audience poll back in 2017
        He delivered the guidance counselor or implemented the blood/ weapons detection mechanic late? Part of the poll and people picked the characters first

        Please give examples of these false promises, and don’t give me nonsense like “He promised he would never open up a patreon” because the idea of promising not to get an insurance sounds outlandishly ridiculous to Me.
        Yes, I’ve seen some of those shit videos and tried not bang my head against a wall after being shocked by the sheer stupidity coming from it.

        Look, Art takes time to be perfected.
        It doesn’t matter how long you’re going to get dinner when you’ll eventually get it.

        Yes, people have been following this Game for 6 years or longer. I’ve seen some of them. They don’t Care that it’s Taking so long either.

        They’ll get their their Game by the first half of this Year, about 3 months from now. Nobody is being forced to donate into the patreon, every single donation is being given voluntarily.

        Tell about Yandere Dev’s false promises.
        I’d love to hear them. Only reasonable ones, not something made up and if it’s something like a tutorial or newer character models, he said those will be implemented after Osana is in the Game.

      • Well firstly, thank you for being respectful and not acting like everyone that doesn’t agree with you are idiots. But, we have to realize this is YanDev’s first game that took more than a few weeks. He heavily underestimated how long it would take to implement Osana. Also, he started with the easier tasks- what he referred to as “low hanging fruit.” And up until Osana, he had never had to spend more than a month implementing something. So it was an honest mistake. Then he realized that the game wasn’t *ready* for Osana. Like think about it, students couldn’t react to blood until like a year and half ago! YanSim was not ready for Osana. He has done so much more than Osana over the past few years. Three years ago, there weren’t more than thirty students. There weren’t bullies, science club, art club, music club, a functional gardening club, functional delinquents etc.

      • 5 volunteers? Really? I visit the fanpage of the Game and it stated there are still 32 known active volunteers still working on the Game. This based on what I recall:
        Including 2 programmers.(I don’t know if the programmer who upgraded the engine is another volunteer)
        3 voice actors that have their own YouTube channels (one of them makes great Music, awesome content. There’s way more than just 3 voice actors but this based on what I remember)
        Modellers, composers, Artists, concept Artists, animators, a QnA assistant and other people. Sounds Alot more than just 5 people. Don’t mix up the development team of DDLC with Yansim. It’s company sized Game, so of course it’s not going to be out so soon, it needs time to be ready and prepared.

        Some people still follow the Game till this day, All the way back in 2015 or 2014. I See them here occasionally.

        I would love to research whatever is Bad about Yandere Dev but problem is most of it is bullshit!
        So don’t give me links to videos like Noble that is strawmanning him constantly just like Gamersleuth and Weird pasta Gaming or Mangakamen that didn’t bother researching the whole situation properly and just checked every single Link in just All the pages from January to March because a “patreon supporter” requested him to (he doesn’t Care about Yandere Dev at All, just needed some drama related content to get views back on his channel) or from an SJW bitch like Aris Akamatsu.
        I would like a much more genuine link that explains in a neutral way completely devoid of bias unlike Kappa Kaiju who makes a Living out of exposing other YouTubers.
        I’d rather take my chances with 4-chan rather than tackle kiwifarms.
        Give me some good sources to research from and not sources that strawman him, do poor skimpy research and point everything out in a negative way as though it’s wrong through Cherry picking
        And personally, I don’t Care who Yandere Dev is as long as he never committed any Criminal Acts (accusations of those are easily debunked by Densetsu).

        As I said before, it doesn’t matter how long the Game takes. What matters is that it is finished at All.
        It’s better to be starved and served dinner Late than to never get dinner at All.

        “Dwarf fortress” is ongoing and started production back in the 90s
        Owlboy took longer than 9 years to complete.

      • I want to clear out that Yanderedev NEVER said that Osana would be done in a month, he said that it would take AT LEAST, a month in 2016, and well, he is right, it took more than a month. You said you are following the game since the very begginning, but it seems like you didn’t pay much attention to what he said in the development (I want to bring a little light that I follow the development since 2015, I’ve read pretty much all the blogposts, official website, saw all his videos more than once and I also accompany his patreon transparency posts every year to know how he is managing the patreon money). Yanderedev did make many promises, but so far from what I read from his own posts and saw in his videos, he does his best to complete all of them, and many of his promises he said from the begginning that it was totally possible that things would take much longer than he expected, like Osana’s case.

      • Ok I’m just gonna end this by saying IDC if you listen to my dumb complaining or not. I’m just saying I really don’t like Yandere Dev and I don’t think he’s that good of a developer. If you don’t agree then that’s fine. I too have seen all of his videos more than once and I kept up with all the updates on this website and I just got fed up with how this guy was doing things. This is just my opinion don’t come after me.😂.

  21. Hey Ari, I know you always respond to those who comment on here. So I was wondering if you’d be interested in debunking this one theory I have. But first, I was wondering do you know how to get in the json files?

    • Yes! I do
      First go to the YandereSimulator_Data file.
      Then, go to Streaming Assets.
      And boom, you’ll find the file “JSON”
      Make sure to be careful though!

  22. I can’t believe some people still think Dev was constantly working on osana since the beggining of the game. He constantly stated in some of his latest videos that since the earliest stages of development from late 2019, he was just adding features that would make the game more challenging and fun (ex. Student council, bullies), He was also adding features that he considered necessary before he releases osana (ex. Snap mode, intro cutscene), and was putting very little time working on Osana. When he added the intro cutscene, which was the last thing he requiered to add before working on Osana, he started working on her and Raibaru and putting almost all of his time on them. Now that Osana is fully functional and has all of her events, he is now working on fixing bugs, removing janky things and exploits, and other things like stabling the framerate and improving the game’s current mechanics.
    What i’m trying to say is that a lot of people got the wrong idea that YanDev was putting his time entirely on Osana since he first announced her, and that’s not true at all. So can u guys stop saying things like “YanDev, you’ve been working on Osana for the past 5 years and did not finish her yet! Hurry the hell up! I’m so disappointed that you didn’t release Osana yet after all these years!” or something like that? If Dev was working on Osana since the very beggining, i’m sure we would already have her since 3 or 4 years, but of course, it would be extremely easy and boring to eliminate her without all the features that Dev added Through the past 6 years. I hope you Finally understand why Osana isn’t in the game yet. Geez.

    • Thank you! Somebody said it… I mean I don’t think YandereDev could have made it clearer. He stated in his blog posts and YouTube videos that he wasn’t *just* working in Osana. If people think that he should work on Osana first then the other features, then they have the right to say that opinion in a polite manner. But these people are acting like he hasn’t made any progress in the past 3 years! Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t have been challenging at all to eliminate her three years ago.

      Students didn’t even react to blood! There were only like 30 students, and most of them stood in one spot the whole morning. That’s not fun! It’ll feel sooo good once Osana is *ready*.

  23. I’ve been waiting for the game to be released since 2015 ( since that year I’ve been following the development) and honestly, I don’t know about game development at all, where did you, such smart people, get out and tell a person at what pace to work? On the Internet, everyone is brave, you can afford to attack a person in droves and demonstrate your stupidity and herd instinct. It is useless to explain to you why it takes so long, why Osana is not his only priority, why all your words demotivate, kill the desire to work on the game. You only hear what you want to hear and you can search for videos and articles that confirm your opinion.
    You can understand that English is not my native language, Im from Russia, but I can read and translate in Google so I did not have any trouble understanding you. As me pisses me off already this whining about Osana>:0

  24. Hi YanDev, in this build i dont have any students. Is this bug ?? Or is this realy in the game? (no student) If it is please add tham….

      • I’m honestly loosing my mind seeing these people. They are talking about people giving money to Yandere Dev. But did this people say something? They could simply stop giving them, that’s not that hard. But they have faith in Yandere Dev like all of us.
        I hope that Yandere Dev won’t feel bad because of them again. And I hope that he won’t break down because of these people and give up on Yandere Simulator… He is so close to releasing the Demo… He just needs time, like all of us… And he has feelings too… No matter what he might have done in the past, if he did something bad.

      • It’s something people understand but don’t take it. I feel really sad seeing how communities can be ruined by awful people.

  25. Guys, stop.
    “He’s so lazy ! He’s procrastinating ! Six years to make a rival ! He’s disgusting !”
    Do you realize that you don’t help ? Stop harrassing YanDev for god’s sake ! He feels guilty for taking so much time, so he’s just making sure that Osana isn’t a dissapointement to players ! She IS done, just a bit buggy maybe ! And stop saying that YanDev “Is releasing a build on the latest Unity engine instead of working on Osana !” Did you guys play it ? It has a HUGE boost, faster loading times and no crashes ! (For me, that is.) There may be a lot of bugs, like no students even in the ABC challenge, but YanDev warned us didn’t he ? But anyway, working on the new engine will speed up developpement. And about the “If a rival takes six years to be complete, the game will never be finished !” thing, this has been answered already in a video. It’s been so long I don’t even remember the title ! The code used for Osana can be re-used, the only different thing is the rival specific eliminations.
    If you don’t care about YanDev’s mental state, AT LEAST shut up so that he doesn’t stop working on the game !!! If he can’t find a purpose to get up every morning, why should he find one to keep developping the game ?
    Hope this made things clear,
    SHUT UP.

  26. Now this is getting on my nerves, If you are too tired of waiting for Osana and posting comments like “OMG yAnDeV iS tAkeIg ToO LoNg He Is TrAsH bLaH bLaH bLaH” you are nothing but a hater, doesn’t matter if you have been following the game’s development since the beginning. I have been a fan of the game since 2016, and I KNOW it’s not as long as some people. But there are things you should keep in mind, HE IS NOT A ROBOT! (He can’t work on Osana 24/7!), Remember that he has done more than 80% of the game’s work (please correct me if I am wrong about the 80%) , and most of all PAST IS PAST, yes he can be an a**hole sometimes, and yes he has made fake promises, but humans are never perfect, are we? He has feelings, he can overreact sometimes, but it is his nature, for example- you can’t just stop a stray dog from eating from a dumpster, can you? And it takes some real balls to work on a project for more than 6 years and bear all the hate. If you are too tired from waiting, THEN JUST LEAVE! It is all the hate you all haters are causing which results in slowing the progress, ”oHh? He CaN jUsT iGnOrE uS!” It is not as easy as it sounds! Do you even have any idea how CLOSE he is from adding Osana? If you can’t bear waiting anymore then just stop following!

  27. Personally, I haven’t experienced any new bugs in the latest build. My main computer is a Mac, so I use an *extremely* crappy PC to play yandere simulator. So I had to keep my graphics at 1/8th Resolution just to get 6-8 FPS. Well now I’m able to play the game at Low Graphics and get like 10-15 FPS! Which is a major improvement for me 😊.

    I’ve noticed a lot of YanDev critics on this post. Just so you guys know, he has a debunking page giving completely logical explanations for your concerns. This can be found at


    And YandereDev, if you’re reading this, I think it might be a good idea to make the debunking page apart of the navigation bar for your site (like with the home, download, and characters tab). It’s really shocking how few of the critics know that you even *have* a debunking page.

  28. It’s good to know you’re getting better FPS!
    I remember I did visit the debunking page once whilst I was doing some research – it seemed that I had stumbled in there somehow. Overall, I really hope these negative comments start to decrease – it seems there are a lot!

  29. When I die:
    “Good news everyone! I released Osana!”
    When I’m in heaven:
    “Great. It’s too late Alex. I waited since I was 10+ and now I’m already dead.”
    Anyway, nice job for better FPS! ^^

  30. the game shuts down when I start kgftbz pose mod. And the students missed. I uninstall game 4 times and they are not showing. Plis fix that. 😦

    • If you mean “the students missed” as in “the students don’t appear at school” then that’s a known bug that affects non-English versions of Windows when trying to read Yandere Simulator’s config files, which stores numbers in an American format (ex: dots for decimals instead of commas for decimals). There should be a fix soon.

  31. I found a bug where if you send a student to the locker and a cooking club member gives them food they go back to what they were doing before and don’t check their locker anymore.

    • Ah, that might have been a hidden bug from before that we only just found out now. There are still so many new bugs though! @-@

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