Unity 2019 Update

Hey! I’ve uploaded a new build of the game that runs on Unity 2019. This is a big deal, since it has given the game a noteworthy performance boost (better FPS!)

Purely for the sake of tradition, here’s some gorgeous fan art that was sent to me from an artist who wished to remain anonymous:

The only differences between this build and the previous build are:

  • You now choose screen resolution / windowed mode / quality settings after launching the game, rather than before launching it.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Otohiko from spawning during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • The game is now running on a more recent version of the Unity engine!

Personally, for me, the game is running 15 FPS faster than it did before! I used to get 35~40 FPS, but now I get 50~55 FPS! Wow! Getting closer and closer to that target of consistent 60 with every update! Let me know if you see any drastic performance improvement in the latest build!

595 thoughts on “Unity 2019 Update

  1. Yandere-Dev! When I go to the school or ABC Killer Challenge no students appear! It’s only Yan-Chan! And I don’t know what to do! Please help.


    Leave the forum and never come back. You do nobody any favours by being here, least of all yourselves.
    You’re also part of the reason why he has to wrestle with depression, if not the sole contributing factor.
    Oh. Right. That was character attacks, which you are also perpetrating. You want him to release the demo faster? Fine. You think attacking him as a person will accomplish that? Look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll see a terrible person staring back.
    It’s also not a newsflash that the game resembles both Hitman and Persona as he’s gone on record saying that he was heavily inspired by those games.
    I don’t know why you act like this is the only thing you’re waiting for. There’s a lot of other things you could do to fill your time with rather than being a bunch of trolls.

    • This is what it says in the last bug-fixing build’s notes…

      The ability to access the Matchmaking feature has been removed. This is because now the majority of code related to Matchmaking is Osana-centric and no longer compatible with Kokona and Riku.

    • Ah yes! YandereDev has removed this feature as the script is mostly Osana-based. You can use an older build to match-make them though!

      • Ah ok, that makes sense! Can’t wait to play out the Official Rivals! I like the new Unity 2019 build though, FPS is a stable 60+ now. I still get those random freezes when turning when looking around. Only happens when they are clumped up at the beginning of the school. There’s a lot of models to render all at once lol.
        Also, in the future as for future Rivals, I think adding in a part of the game for future like say for ex: On Rival #3 or #4, he could add in a mechanic to set traps at school overnight. The player could go into the faculty room and steal an ID card or key, have Info-chan copy it, and set a trap at school overnight. The player would have to have an extensive understanding of the rival’s routine, which would add more difficulty as the rivals get harder. Thought it’d be a cool thing todo. Maybe like sneaking something into her desk like a knife, stealing something that is needed in the Guidance office, or sabotaging a picture of the Rival with another student and plaster it all over the school hallway exposing her!

  3. Not sure if its just my settings, my PC, or something with this build but I keep getting lag spikes when I turn the camera around quickly. My pc is an Acer Nitro 5, and I have most settings set to high. Could this be a cause?

  4. in the time it’s taken you to not even implement the first rival or get this “game” into barely an ALPHA stage, Scott Cawthon made and released all 6 fnaf games (+ four novels) and Toby Fox made and released both Undertale and Deltarune.

    There’s no excuse anymore, Alex.

    • Ur comparing a mostly 2D games that the AI literally spawns about and all you do is open and close doors while you sit in a chair looking at a fan and cameras.

      Look I’m not saying yandere simulator didn’t make mistakes and yes it’s taking an unusually long time to develop a game, but the dude isn’t the most talented person out there he’s by himself creating a 3D game with maybe too many mechanics that he wants to add which requires a lot of assets that need to be made which he isn’t good at developing so he’s working with some people to get assets which are 3D a big 3D environment and a lot of models.

      I do agree that Osana should just be released so people would stop crying about it but then what’s the point people will still cry even when she’s released.

      I love that he’s adding all these features and trying to make a good demo then he will hold a campaign to raise money to actually get professional game developer team to create the game for him while he directs it so the process will get faster.

      I don’t personally care that much for how long it takes him to release her at least he’s making progress I can feel that it’s pretty close anyway as he’s removing the kokona going out with other character method so it’s compatible as it’s incompatible with her cuz of Osana he’s getting close.

      • Attention to detail should not be priority at this stage in development. He sould add the rivals first and then add mroe polish like the little details

      • When it comes to game development, you’re actually supposed to finish everything else first before making the “stages” and “levels” (IE, rivals)

    • You need to stop being impatient, it’s highly clear there are massive changes coming and Osana won’t be delayed until these small details come. Would you like to be playing with Osana in the game and have lag that could crash your pc? Would you like to also have Osana in the game but have animations older than 5 years? I guess not. If you want to speed up the process go volunteer to help out. If you don’t know how to develop then don’t rush someone who does.

    • remember that this is the first game which yandere dev makes. he haven’t experiense. please understand. If he gonna make his second game then it’s will be faster finish. (sorry for my bad english… i am from germany)

    • @ashleeyybee Seriously, calling YanDev lazy because FNAF took less time to develop is really dumb. By that logic, the developer of Flappy Bird only spent three days making flappy bird, so obviously he’s the best developer ever! If you go on scratch (a website where *kids* can code), you’ll be able to find FNAF copies, that’s how simple the game’s code is.

    • I agree with you. Dont worry about the white knights, just ignore them, I am here.

      For those white knights who attacked this poor soul because they were comparing this game to 2D games, keep in mind that there were not only multiple games, unlike this game and they were actually popular and were even created into books. So yes, those games who by the way were also made by 1 person can be compared to this game.

  5. Will he launch Osana this month? I hope so … or else several of the bugs from the Unity 2019 update.
    This game is getting closer to the end, I’m anxious !! : 3

    My bad for the english … i’m brazilian

      • ami el juego con la actualizacion unity me va a 9-11 FPS pero no me molesta ahora estoy mas que sastisfecho yandere simulator no esta hecho para cualquier tostadora solo algunas computadoras podran correr la demo a 50 fps o mas ami nunca me molesto que el juego valla re lento mientras sea jugable me encanta yo nunca pedi a osana solo pedi que el juego se termine ya que me doleria mucho ver a mi juego (debug) favorito descontinuado ademas mientras mas se actualice e unity mas fps apareceran solo es cuestion de paciencia yandere dev hace todo solo haci que no me molestara esperar hasta 2030 que el juego se termine siempre en cuando se termine voy a estar muy feliz

      • Although I do not know if it was deleted when I published this FORGIVENESS for the old Spanish comment is that I made a mistake in the line I use the google xD translator what I wanted to say is: my game with the unity update goes to 9-11 FPS but it doesn’t bother me now I am more than satisfied yandere simulator no It is made for any toaster, only some computers will be able to run the demo at 50 fps or more. It never bothered me that the game goes slow while it is playable. I love it. I never asked Osana. I just asked that the game be over since it would hurt a lot to see. to my favorite game (debug) discontinued also the more it is updated and unity the more fps will appear it is only a matter of patience yandere dev does everything only so that I would not bother waiting until 2030 that the game ends always when it ends I will be very happy

      • And my laptop is a toaster too 😬 I get 3-17 FPS if I by 4 people I get 5 FPS 🤷🏼‍♀️ and I need to wait 30 minutes until the game has load the school scene

  6. If the framerate improves more then I suppose the rest of the rainbow 12 students could be added back, would be a dream honestly

  7. I’m loaded with Yandery Smelter, but it is old, I mean to update the old, and I don’t know how to make it happen with the latest new 2020 update

    • Wait so you have an old version of Yandere Simulator and you want to update it?
      If so, you can visit yanderesim.com/download
      Hope that helps!

  8. Why can’t haters just keep their minds for themselves? I mean if you gonna hate on this game, try to make one first. Also, you should be happy he’s not charging you to play a sandbox of the game lmao so calm yourselves. Go find better quarantine hobbies than harassing people online and you’ll make everyone happy, you included ❤

  9. I think the cooking club members should their food trays when being slashed with water. And after showering, they should go back to their club room and make a new foods

  10. Hello, I’m having the same bug as I’m sure a lot of other people are. There are 0 people at school. Both in normal mode and alphabet.
    And no matter if I customize senpai or not he’s bald and in 3d glasses being yelled at by Osana.
    I hope this is fixed soon, the game isn’t playable without students.

    • Yeah I have the same problem. I even tried to redownload the game but it didn’t work… :/
      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one though. 🙂

  11. Can you guys stop asking if he can add things in the game he said him self to please not ask to add things in the game

  12. Whatever anyone thinks, I think that YanDev is not perfect, but he is a good human being. If he was not, and would actually attempt to fishing money out of us, then his game would be flooding with ads. Being a patreon on his page is optional, so even if he was fishing money out of them, they chose to be a patreon and can unsubsribe at any time.

  13. Awesome I hope this finally gets my fps back to what it was 2 years ago, I had a dumpier computer then got a new better one and can only manage 20fps I can’t wait to try it out and see what I’m getting

  14. Yanderedev I think I found the problem gor the fps… Well only if you have the shadows on- and that’s thr problem… Shadows makes my game lag so much it makes me anxious that I’ll get caught by another student or a one of the SC members and also I think rendering is also the problem… Cause when you… Spawn in it makes the game lag and when you go toward the gate and then after that it gets smoother

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