April 10th Bug-Fixing Build

Had to get in one last bug-fixing build before the big upgrade from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019!

The next build is going to be running on the Unity 2019 game engine. When that build comes out, compare it to this one, and let me know if you observed a significant boost in performance!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll past this gorgeous artwork by Yiki chan:

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • After receiving assistance and guidance from a fellow programmer, made miscellaneous improvements throughout the code that should improve performance. You might get a better framerate in this build than the previous build! (And it’s only going to get better when we upgrade to Unity 2019!)
  • Time no longer moves forward in Alphabet Killer Challenge. This prevents a situation where the target is in class and the player is forced to wait an extremely long time for the character to leave the classroom.
  • The ability to access the Matchmaking feature has been removed. This is because now the majority of code related to Matchmaking is Osana-centric and no longer compatible with Kokona and Riku.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Cooking Club students to prepare food in midair if they were splashed with water before they had a chance to prepare food that day.
  • Smoke bombs will no longer work on students who are currently charging at you with intent to apprehend you.
  • Fixed bug that caused the video camera in the basement to not fully render the environment in front of it.
  • Reduced chance of blood-cleaner robot getting stuck when trying to pathfind to its next destination.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing button prompts from appearing for the cassette tapes in the basement.
  • Fixed bug that made Alphabet Killer Challenge skip over the 61st student, Shima Shita.
  • Delinquents will no longer ignore giggles coming from the incinerator area.
  • Implemented optimizations that sped up the game’s loading times.
  • Fixed Vaporwave Mode, which was broken in the past few builds.
  • In the previous build, I updated the Ebola-chan easter egg to give the player the option of cosplaying as “Corona-chan”. I really like the red china dress, and I want it to be accessible without activating an easter egg that is associated with death/disease. As of now, the china dress has been removed from the Ebola-chan easter egg. You can now access the china dress anytime by finding it in the “Meme Closet” along with the Doki Doki Literature Club cosplay and Crush Crush cosplay.
  • Also, fixed bug that made Yandere-chan’s panties turn invisible while she was wearing the china dress. Oops!

93 thoughts on “April 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Looks awesome! I can’t wait to see the huge improvement!! I’m super pleased ^^
    I feel like YandereSim is just getting better every single update – actually, it is! Thank you for these amazing updates YanDev; I feel honoured to be a part of the fanbase – the game is super! ^o^

    • Alright – just a small note: I just wanna say I’m extremely fascinated by all the artwork you get! I love scrolling past them to read the latest updates/bugfixes/ additions! So if any of the artists read this, you are amazingly talented too!!

    • I have installed the new build, assessed it and I am mind-blown! The loading time was expeditious (around 2-3 minutes); it was a gleeful experience trying at least most of the refinements too!
      Additionally, I had quite an untroubled gameplay! I can’t wait for the game to run on the Unity 2019 Engine!

  2. I still can’t update. I’m sorry for posting this on every update but i’m really upset because I can’t get the new game. Can you do something about it so I can update from the launcher. I can’t use winzip anymore and it’s unfair because the only way to download other than the launcher uses winzip, as do the links you provide.

    • Wait!!! Ceridwen, you don’t need WinZip!! I did some research and this was the result: “You don’t have to have WinZip to unzip files! Since Windows-XP was introduced there has been a free un-zipping program built into Windows.”

      • I don’t get how WinZip is “unfair” but then again, I don’t use it anymore.
        Either 7Zip or WinRAR will do you fine. Just get the version that’s right for your OS.

      • For some reason I cannot find the free un-zipping program. Do you know it’s name. Whenever I try to open a zip file it opens winzip.

    • 7zip is free. Also, the launcher has been updated yesterday. (The launcher doesn’t warn you because a change was made to the Yandere Simulator website that drops connection attempts from the launcher. Specifically, YandereDev switched to TLS 1.2 from TLS 1.0 during the outages that started on Thursday, April 2nd.)

  3. Wait!…. The panties were invisible while wearing the dress? You could have just left it the way it was.

    Anyway, jokes aside, I can’t wait to See the Game’s performance in the next build.
    Also, in case you don’t mind me asking.
    Are we going to expect the Demo out by next month or next week?

    • Alright, so I emailed YanDev, and he said an estimate demo release. I didn’t want to make this public, because I wanted it to be a surprise. I won’t say the exact date, but i’ll give some teases.
      We will expect a demo version and Osana within the next 3 months 🙂

      • That’s cool and all xgerald, but YanDev told me you e-mailed him saying “please, my sister is dying! Give us the demo and let her eliminate osana before she dies!” You tried playing with a human’s emotions for your own advantage, so he realized that and didn’t give an exact date like you said. He just said that Osana will probably come out within 3 months. Do you understand how twisted it is to do that? I would’ve contacted you privately but I didn’t know your e-mail or anything. But for what you did i think you deserve to feel a little bit of shame and honestly, feel lucky that it’s online. Don’t do such selfish things. If your sister was indeed dying, which is, kinda ridiculous that she would’ve wanted to eliminate Osana in her last moments instead of spending time with her loved ones, then, my condolences, but it still doesn’t give you validation to demand someone to give you their hard work without being ready.

  4. Um YandereDev I just want to point out (i don’t know if this is true or not) that Inkyu Basu isn’t in it either

  5. I cant keep up with these updates lol

    Glad you’re making so much progress!

    Also I’m kinda glad the dress was removed. When I saw it in bijuus video I didnt like the association. And I was sad cuz that’s such a cute dress ):

    I’m glad it’s in the closet now ♡

    • Man! Yandere Sim has come a long way. I remember the time when all students were yan chan with blue hair and senpai and raiburu used to just stand by the trees in the front. I really want to play the official demo. And I know, because yandere dev is a great developer, that Osana is going to be the first of many great rivals to come.

  6. I don’t agree with removing matchmaking for Kokona, you could keep it there to change the atmosphere at school. For example there is 80% atmosphere before matchmaking and after matchmaking there would be 90% atmosphere. That would be great in the game.

    Sorry for disagreement, that’s just my thought about removing matchmaking for Kokona Haruka and Riku Soma

  7. HOLY SHIT! CORONA~CHAN IS GONNA BE THERE AS A Easter egg?! THAT”S SO FUCKING COOL! And plus, I never knew that yandere dev always have a new update every day, LOL 😂.

  8. He is taking this seriously! He’s added a numerous amount of features over the past few days; you can tell by what people are saying in the comments! Furthermore, he has pretty much updated the game every 2 days or so; something most of his fanbase hold in esteem! Honestly, he has tried his best to fix every bug or make an addition to the game! Please realise how much work he has done in recent days! I really don’t intend to start any sort of conflict with you – I do understand you have the right to say your opinion!

  9. Dude he is not lazy he is trying his best to finish the game and osana is almost done you should be patient video games are very hard to make

  10. _Smoke bombs will no longer work on students who are currently charging at you with intent to apprehend you._ I hate you!

    • Hehe. Looks like I just responded to you! I respond to a lot of comments; mostly because people need help or I just want to make things lively! ^^

  11. Hey Yandere-Dev, i have a question that i would like you to answer. I know that i’m about 2 years late but it still bugs me. Question is that in the 2018(i think) you talked about an yakuza character. İn the end of the video, you said that due to the yakuza’s being more common on 90’s you might put yakuza in to the 90’s mode that we play as Ayano’s mother. But again you said that the second leader of the delinquents is his younger brother and one of the favors for yakuza is to convince his brother to chose a way other than his way. How conection will be? (sorry for any gramer mistakes)

    • The demo hasn’t been released yet – if that answers your question! According to someone who has emailed YanDev, we will expect Osana + the demo to be released in approximately 3 months. If what I have said doesn’t answer your question, I am very sorry!!

  12. I have been having issues when sometimes I will log on to my game and when it says press any button to continue I would press a random button and it wont work.

  13. YanDev, I have a problem! I normally use the links you leave at the downloads page, but for some reason, I download the April 9th build over an over… (I tried the Yandere Simulator official’s page link, mediafire’s link, and mega’s link and still don’t work)

    • That’s quite weird, I had no problem downloading the file from MediaFire. Maybe try checking how much storage you have, or try to delete any of the previous YandereSim builds you may also have. That’s all I can advise; hope it helps!

    • Well, a person that had emailed YandereDev, said that we will expect Osana + the demo to be out in approximately 3 months. Right now, it is April; in three months, it will be July – which is where it’s summer.
      So to answer your question, probably. I am not sure so forgive me if I’m mistaken!!

  14. im glad time doesn’t pass now, because that was my main issue with beating the challenge. i might be able to beat it now!

  15. A character like Osana’s bodyguard is something to balance the gameplay. If you do not like it, or think that the game will never be finished, that’s simply your opinion. I have no problem with your opinion. However, please keep your thoughts to yourself. Most of these ‘rumors’ about YanDev never finishing the game, started around two months ago. And yes, he works really hard on it. The Demo WILL be released within the next 3 months (most likely June).

  16. In the past few months I admit I haven’t been playing Yandere Sim that much but now with these almost new daily updates (even though most of them are just bug fixes) and especially with the Alphabet Killer Challenge I’ve been playing it a lot and I can’t wait for the upgrade to Unity 19!!

  17. If you don’t like the way the development is going you can always try making a game from scratch all on your own and see how that works out for you. It’s not exactly easy…

  18. Hey, YandereDev? Not sure if you’ll see this but when I clicked “Check for updates” on the Launcher to download this one, it said that there were no updates available. I’m not able to get the April 10th build, and I’m kinda disappointed because I really liked this update.

  19. My dude is getting back on track! He uploaded 3 builds within the span of just one week! Keep up the great work and I hope Osana gets published soon because I get the vibe she will be released very soon! (maybe sometime this month but idk) Keep up the great work! 🙂

  20. To everybody who told me about 7zip thank you so much!! I’ve finally updated my game!! I appreciate your help so much!! Now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go try out snap mode!

    • I don’t think they will since Kokona isn’t an official rival; she was only a ‘test subject’ for us. It would be nice if they were already a couple if you started the final game – it could tell you how you can match-make your rival. Oh well!

  21. Delinquents will no longer ignore giggles coming from the incinerator area.

    “Dude, you know it’s just that creepy freshman girl.”
    “Don’t you want to know what she’s always giggling about back there? And why she keeps dumping stuff back there, even when it’s not time to clean?”
    “Maybe she’s just a neat freak alongside her normal freakiness.”
    “Ugh, you’re so oblivious. I bet you didn’t even notice Osoro stealing your sodas. I’m checking on her.”
    “Yeah, yeah, knock yourself out.”

    Ayano walks out

    “Wait, what did you say about my soda? …Huh, he’s not in there. Did I miss him leave?”

  22. Are tasks not enabled in the alphabet killer challenge? Because I can’t do any tasks for any student.

  23. Sadly coronachan has been coronafied, well thank you haters for not taking a joke,yes corona is a deadly disease but ebola is a woerse desease and pass over it? Yandere dev pls add corona chan back or atleast brong her back when this epidemic has passed she was really fun to play whit

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