April 9th Bug-Fixing Build

Yandere Simulator is currently running on the Unity 2017 game engine. Upgrading the game engine to the latest stable version of Unity (2019) would come with numerous benefits, such as improved framerate, improved loading times, and access to new features within the Unity editor that will speed up development.

Moving from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019 is a complicated process, because some scripts/objects/shaders that were compatible with 2017 need to be adjusted or re-created to be compatible with 2019. A lot of new bugs are always created when transferring from one game engine to another.

Over the past few weeks, a volunteer with access to Yandere Simulator’s project files has been going through the process of transferring Yandere Sim from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019, so that the upgrade doesn’t become a roadblock that slows me down. He has recently succeeded in resolving all issues that stem from migrating Yandere Sim from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019, and we are now ready to leave Unity 2017 behind! This bug-fixing update may be the last time that I ever release a build that runs on the Unity 2017 game engine!

I anticipate that the first Unity 2019 build of Yandere Simulator will be released sometime around April 11th…maybe a day or two later, depending on whether or not I encounter issues during testing. This is going to be a big milestone in the game’s development, and a huge leap forward towards the goal of a stable demo version!

To read a list of everything that was changed in the latest bug-fixing build, scroll down below this Demon Slayer-inspired artwork by Skarmy Han!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Added some experimental grass outside of the entrance of the school. Thorough testing will be required before determining whether or not it will stay in the game; the determining factor is how much it impacts the framerate when it’s covering the majority of the school grounds.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council members to instantly break out of the effects of a stink bomb / amnesia bomb if the player caught their attention by running nearby or bumping into them.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a stink bomb from causing a student to run away if the student was standing still at the time that the stink bomb was set off.
  • Mission Mode now incorporates the top-of-screen arrow from the Alphabet Killer Challenge (but not if it’s a multi-mission).
  • A student who is solving a puzzle cube will no longer continue solving the cube while inside of a stink bomb cloud.
  • A stink bomb will now cause students to run away for 15 seconds, instead of running inside of the hedge maze.
  • Yandere-chan now begins the Alphabet Challenge standing beside her desk, instead of standing on top of her desk.
  • Fixed bug that caused Alphabet Challenge UI elements to display onscreen outside of the Alphabet Challenge.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain Alphabet Challenge assets to be available during normal gameplay.
  • Improved the marker that appears at the top of the screen during the Alphabet Killer Challenge.
  • Being spotted trespassing by a teacher will no longer lower Yandere-chan’s reputation.
  • Yandere-chan’s low sanity hallucinations now look more ghostly.
  • It is now possible for the blood-cleaning robot to open doors.
  • Moved light switches that were clipping into windows.
  • With Ebola Mode active, press the “V” key 10 times to change your appearance.

74 thoughts on “April 9th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I iterally just finished downloading the april seventh build when this one came out lol. You’re doing such an amazing job on the game and updates! Although, there is a bug where if you have the lowest settings on for framrate, when you’re assisting the suitor for matchmaking, the game stops and freezes completely when the menu comes up for the interaction. To fix this I hve to change the “disable distant anims” setting to 20 meters at least.

    • If you want to report a bug, you have to go to the bug reporting page and email him. I’m not sure if he reads these comments and he prefers emails anyway, I think (I can’t speak for him though).

  2. “It is now possible for the blood-cleaning robot to open doors.”
    Wow this school has really advanced robots!

  3. Jeez calm down with the new builds!
    But this is kinda cool ngl!
    Keep up the good work, I will continue to support you indirectly (I have a strict budget).
    C ya

  4. I was wondering whether you’d release a build today. It’s fun how you now update the game almost everyday !

  5. I can’t update my game. Is this meant to be happening? You’ve been updating the game so much and it’s made it so the launcher doesn’t know that the updates are there. I think that’s it atleast. Can you look into it? I just really want to update and I can’t use the other links, or winzip.

  6. Well after years of developing a game such as this, it’s worth it in my opinion. And I may be just another fan who says the same thing as other fans do, but I’m truly happy that you’ve been here making Yandere Simulator an even better game for all of us. I look forward to the day that this game will be officially completed, so don’t stop making this game better and better every time you upload a new build to the public. Thank you, Yandere Dev.

  7. I can’t update the game. This really annoys me. Every time I try it’s always winzip. I can’t use winzip. Everybody else can update this amazing game and i’m stuck on an old build. I’m really upset. Can you try to fix this so that I can use the launcher to update.

      • Oh right. I am quite confused as to why your computer/laptop can’t use Winzip like most can. I hope you find a solution so you can play the game! I’m crossing my fingers for the launcher to work!

      • I can’t use winzip as I can’t afford to buy it and my trial is over. Even though I have renewed the trial alot of times now it just won’t work ;-;

    • You can still use qinzip. But how old is it computer? Most computers you just right clock the fille say extract.

      Either way winzio can still be used. If not then theres a bunch if free zip programs. You just have toGoogle. .

  8. yanderedev my yanderee file is gone;< no laughing sound no blood sound no student profil IS GONE idk about that

  9. We went from Unity 4 to Unity 5, then to Unity 6, then to Unity 7, then to Unity 2019 and in less that a year you probably want to update to unity 2020…i feel like this is a huge sink of time and its not worth keep upgrading unless the game cannot advance without the new engine, even if a someone else takes the job of porting the game now the Dev needs to learn and get used to the new engine , that will spawn a lot new bugs AND it will just be replaced next year, this kind of things are worrisome YandereDev.

    • Snap mode is not a POINTLESS addition. It’s a way for players to let out their anger if they get frustrated over a game over. Without these small additions, Osana will be added into a rather bland game, there’s no denying that.

    • If a tool that’ll help things goes faster and look better is available why not use it? If you cant wait then dont. Go some where else. What you’re saying prioritizes finish a product and not caring about quality vrs delivery a quality project. If you find a game that is as ambitious as this that runs well on a unity 6 or 7 engine and provides the same length AND meets the standards of today’s games then I can understand.

  10. Woohoo! Goodbye Unity 2017, hello Unity 2019!! I think these updates are awesome as always!! I can never say anything better because everything is excellent!
    Kepp it up YanDev! You’re making great progress!!

  11. Really great to upgrade to Unity 2019. I hope that it will fix my crashing problem, but if it doesn’t, that’s fine as well!

  12. Hello YandereDev… I have a serious question for you! If all the students in YanDim are 18 or older, Why Yandere-Chan needs a fake ID to buy some things in the town?

  13. Unity 2019?! That’s great! I love the grass and the new costume for Ebola Mode! Keep up the great work Yandere Dev! 😆

  14. What button do you press for cinematic mode? I tried the left alt key but it doesn’t work. Did you remove it?

  15. Also – since a club shuts down when one of them is killed, what if you joined the club and then killed a member of that club. Shouldn’t the club stay open because it still has enough club members in it, including you?

    • I think the button is left control. I might be mistaken. Also, yes, the club should stay open. As long as there are five (?) members in the club, it will/should remain open.

  16. I kind of need to know. Is anyone able to lure students out of the classroom in the alphabet killer challenge? I can’t lure anyone out with a giggle nor the radio during classtime. I’m not sure if Yandere Dev disabled it or it’s just a glitch on my end. When it’s not class time, I can lure students and teachers out.

  17. Since you added grass, maybe certain of students at the cleaning time will mow it? I dont really think that it’s possible and needed to make it grow, but I’m sure it wont take a lot if time and animations, and it would make some witnesses during the cleaning time except the people burning trash and etc, sorry that I’m interrupting and my english is very bad :c

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