April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I gave the player a few more tools to use in the Alphabet Killer Challenge. There! Now I’m satisfied. This is probably the last update that the challenge will get.

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this comic by LogicPuzzle!

Alphabet Killer Update

  • After activating the Alphabet Killer Challenge, a “weapon bag” will appear in the Student Council room. This is the same type of bag that the delinquents wear. You can put any weapon inside of this bag. This will allow you to transport a weapon like a baseball bat without being considered suspicious. (This feature has a very high chance of becoming an official feature in the main game, outside of the challenge.)
  • The player now also has access to stink bombs. Dropping a stink bomb will cause nearby students to run away, and eventually return to their routine. (This feature has a possibility of becoming an official feature in the main game, outside of the challenge.)
  • The player now also has access to “amnesia bombs”. Dropping an amnesia bomb will cause nearby students to completely forget that they just witnessed a murder, and return to their routine.
  • You can carry 5 smoke bombs and 5 stink bombs at a time…but you can only carry 1 amnesia bomb at a time. The number and type of bomb that you currently possess is indicated at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • The debug menu, easter egg menu, turtle, and Void Goddess are no longer available in the Alphabet Killer Challenge. Obviously, any run that involves cheats or easter eggs is completely invalid!
  • Once again adjusted how students spawn at the beginning of the Alphabet Killer Challenge so that the player doesn’t need to spend time waiting for them to arrive in their clubrooms at the beginning of the day.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to think that there were no clean uniforms at school if the player committed murder while wearing club attire (such as the art club’s apron).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student council member to fail to perform the pepper-spraying animation while pepper-spraying Yandere-chan.
  • Kenko (the health-conscious student) will now reject junk food, so that his actions are consistent with his profile.
  • Made an optimization that should reduce the loading time of the School Scene.

118 thoughts on “April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Nice! I seriously hope all of these features actually become features in the official game to make the game more feasible!:)
    Keep going YanDev!!!!!!

  2. YandereDev! YandereDev! (I had to lol) I don’t play YanSim but are the easter eggs that you type in (aka shipgirl) disabled as well? And are amnesia bombs even a thing?

  3. Wow, this will definitely made things more interesting (though I think amnesia bombs seem a little too OP).

  4. The stink bomb is interesting. I was stuck when i had to kill the guys who always spend their day together. Use a dropped prohibited weapon to move their ass was quite boring.
    The delinquent bag is a nice feature too but later i think Ayano have to become a delinquent to use it. Else, i am sure she would be a little suspect.

  5. I am so used to having a new build every 15 days, how are you doing this everyday.
    I guess now haters can’t say that your not doing any work!
    You have already gotten rid of the child pornography issue many talk about (Not including me) now all you need to do is change your attitude a little bit and maybe your reputation on the internet will get better!
    Keep up the good work Yandere Dev!

  6. YandereDev! Could you make it so the teachers don’t find the bodies if they are in the lockers when you go to class, i was around 10 students into the challenge when i had to go to class (to make it lunch) because i couldn’t find a way to continue with everyone in their classes. The police were called because a teacher found a body (though i am 100% sure i hid everyone in lockers), which led me to a game over. it happened twice and was quite frustrating because I couldn’t get the bodies out of the lockers once i put them in, which made it impossible for me to dispose of corpses when i was hiding them.
    Now that i think about it, it would also be an issue at the end of the day even if you don’t go to class, im not sure if this only is happening to me but i thought i would let you know in case it is just a bug.
    Love the game so far and i am hyped for Osana’s release.
    Keep up the good work!!!

      • Ari, I’ve tried in the last build of trying to lure students out with a giggle or the radio when they were in class and it didn’t work for me. It’s like they are too busy focusing on the teacher’s lecture (which they should be). I’ll try it when the April 7th build is downloaded.
        And Mrs. Potato Head, when I was playing the alphabet killer challenge, it’s like the game resets but you keep your progress. So basically, there was only the morning and lunch but no club time. So basically (my new sentence statement lol), an endless time loop.

        And Yandere Dev, how are teachers finding the corpses when they are in lockers (not to sound judgmental)? Do the teachers just smell something funky and open a locker? LOL. I wonder, which teacher found a corpse? I want to say the gym teacher even though she’s only guarding the faculty room. I feel we should have an option to go to class and not get caught if we can’t lure students and teachers out with a giggle or the radio since trying to pass the time while students are in class are tiring to look at. I’ve stalked Senpai so many times. However, from Ari’s description, it sounds like I might be in the few that could have trouble luring students and teachers out when it’s class time. The only time I can get a student’s attention in a classroom is when I laugh my yandere ass off. But then, that attracts all the students to look at me and ask what’s wrong with me. The giggle and radio works otherwise when it’s not class time. I didn’t think of this as a bug at all because I thought luring a student out of a classroom with a giggle or the radio was meant to not be in the the challenge. It makes sense because if I heard a giggle, I would be curious but I wouldn’t leave the classroom. If there was a radio, maybe. But if I was asked to go investigate the sound by a teacher and I didn’t come back soon, then I feel the teacher or someone would come looking for me. I haven’t tried luring the student nor teachers out of the classroom when I do giggle or use the radio when I’m not in the challenge yet.

      • That’s understandable, I apologise for suggesting a method that didn’t work for you! I hope that there will be something available to kill the students whilst it’s class in the near future!

    • This actually makes sense, it’s kind of ruining the advantage of hiding bodies in lockers if you’re later caught…

  7. anyone…how am i supposed to get the new update i downloaded the last build yesterday should i download the game again..?sorry if it seems like an extra dumb question ;-;

    • If you go to the download page on the Yandere Simulator website, you’ll find the latest.zip file. Or you can go here: yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/ and use the variety of options there. I hope that helps!

      • The same happend to me, i did it twice and nothing happend, i only have the game and the file data but i don’t have the launcher, i don’t know why…how do i update the game…???

      • By using the links provided on the website – or the latest.zip file – I don’t think you’ll get the launcher.

  8. I like how hiding weapons in the “weapon bag” is like hiding weapons in the cello case ^^
    But these qualities in the Alphabet Killer challenge are just astonishing! I can’t say anything else because of how amazed I am overall!
    Thank you for working hard on the updates YanDev – it’s great to see a new post at least everyday or two! ^^

  9. The stink bombs seem like a good idea!

    And the bag too! But I’m wondering what would be the requirements to get it. Maybe you have to buy it in town or something. I kind of want to try this challenge too. Just the advantage of having the little science buggy to pick up all the blood is nice enough

  10. In my opinion the student council is way to overpowered with their pepperspray. Once one member of the council sees you committing murder theres no chance you can get out of it while teachers can be fight back if they try to apprehend you.

    • That’s because Megami doesn’t care whether the members are op or not. She wants the killer aprehended and wants Ayano dead with all the ones like her.

  11. I’m sure that Ayano will look gorgous with the weapon bag and a delinquent mask !
    Also, Yanderedev, I know there are other ways to download builds and that you have other priorities right now, but maybe for the official demo build, you could fix the launcher ? I reinstalled it thrice and it doesn’t work anymore…

    • It seems everyone is have this problem with the launcher not working. I use a link from this website to download the latest build: yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/

  12. Wow! Yandex Dev! You are frequent with updates! This is shocking! I look forward to the full version of the game! In the meantime, I’ll try to get through the Alphabet Killer Challenge. Thank you for creating such a wonderful game! I use Google translator, as I don’t know English, there may be errors

  13. I can’t download the game anymore. Before it was saying that I should try again later because something happened and now I can’t go to your official website to download the latest zip. Are you fixing your website or something? I can’t play. );

  14. When I start the day the number of students to kill is at the bottom but when i press abcdefg nothing changes and the smoke bombs, amnesia and the other kind are loaded in even with out the challange you can grab them but cant use them. I also dont know how to use them because a menu doesn’t show up how to use them. Even after I tried to activate the challenge nothing changed I was looking forward to it but it just desided not to work.

  15. yanderedev the official site is down and not working! i can’t download the latest build :(! it wont even load! is everything alright???

    • Don’t worry – here’s a website with a variety of options to download the game’s newest build: yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/

    • If you don’t like it just ignore it ps. he works very hard to make everyone happy and as I noticed you’re the only one that is bothered about it.

  16. If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure you have the whole week – if you dispose of the weapons/clothing and don’t get arrested.

    • Actually – I think I am mistaken because if the police get called at the end of the day, then that’s a big “Challenge Failed”

  17. Amazing updates in the last week, Dev! The ABC Killer Challenge is so fun and challenging! I love it! Also, is it still planned to upgrade to Unity 2019 on April 10th? And, will it be an update or will it just be upgraded with no update needed. Thanks!

  18. Feel free to stab Midori over this:

    My only problem with the “weapon bag” as an officialized item is the times when/if there will be a random bag check. I don’t know how common it is in Japan, but I’ve been told random bag checks are a thing in their schools. It’s supposed to discourage students from bringing contraband, illegal and other banned items (like weapons) onto school grounds, especially if there’s reason to believe the item in question caused harm or even killed a student. Students can get expelled and/or arrested for having such items at that point. I guess for the demo and/or official version this shouldn’t be a problem since “She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named” is Yandere’s first victim, but as time goes on it could be an added.

  19. Nice Yandere Dev! Hopefully you keep the bag because when I played it it was very hard transporting the baseball bat and the radio and it can also be a strategy in the official demo.

  20. The weapon bag is a really good addition and I hope you do add it to the main game. Getting an instant game over for accidentally bumping into a student council member while holding a baseball bat when you’re IN the SPORTS club is just unfair and annoying. And it’s more realistic because carrying a bat on your shoulder through crowded hallways would still freak people out a little bit even if you’re in a sports club, but if it’s in a bag I think people would be more comfortable with it. If the bag is too OP, maybe it could be baked into the mechanics of the club instead of being a separate item that you can just pick up? What I mean by that is: if you’re not in the sports club, picking up the bat will make Ayano carry it on her shoulder. If you ARE in the club, picking it up will automatically put in a bag on her back. The implication is that club leaders would give you a way to “officially” transport dangerous objects when you join their club so that it’s easy for faculty to determine that you’re allowed to be carrying those items.

    • I think the bag should be a delinquent exclusive item, just like when you join the Light Music Club, you get a guitar case where you can also hide weapons. And even if you’re not in a club, there still is a way to transfer a weapon around and not get pepper sprayed, you can just use the trash can and nobody will spot you.

  21. Hi everyone!I downloaded the launcher but when I started installig the game it told me that the site was temporarily down?How long do I have to wait? I can’t use the other links because they don’t work either T-T

  22. Henlo YanDev. I’m just wondering, is it possible to update off the launcher yet? Because it said I could a few days ago but now it says no update available. Can’t wait to be able to see the changes and keep doing your best 🙂

  23. Will we be able to take all of the panty shots again after osanas week and then in amais week? Because if not we would be limited to only about 40 pantyshots throughout the whole game.

    • Hm, that’s a good point. Maybe we might have to use the panty shots wisely. I don’t think we’ll be limited to at least 40 panty shots – maybe more. Who knows?

  24. Hi yanderedev! i was wondering, is there a possibility in the future in which, yandere-chan would be able to have a female senpai? and vice versa for yandere-kun.

    • I think the feature may be implemented later on in the future – like how snap was done. There is a name for the female senpai (Taeko Yamada) and the male rivals are planned – so that may be a clue. Oh well, it might take a while though.

  25. The site of the game is unavailable for some reason and I cant download the game because of it. Im putting this here so that you are aware of this situation in case you are not.

  26. Hey Yandere Dev, I like the additions you’ve decided for the game. I think the weapon bag really should be in the official game, don’t you think it would make sense for Ayano to have one as a delinquent like the rest?

  27. Question – Since you already have the voice acting for when Yan Chan activates Snap in the Guidance Counselors office, when do you think that will be finished? I know you still need the animations, but do you have a prediction for when that comes?

  28. I have two questions:
    1) Has anyone been able to take the baseball bat out of the bag whether you wear the bag or not? If so, what key do you press on the keyboard? I tried left ctrl like you do with trying to get the box off of Ayano but that didn’t work. If no one has an answer for this, I guess only the concept of being able to wear a bag containing the baseball bat and being able to attack someone later with it has not been fully implemented yet.
    2) I don’t know if this is a bug or this feature was removed in the game since I’m still trying to catch up on the updates, but can you still electrocute someone by unscrewing the light switch in the bathrooms or even trying to unscrew and mess with the wires to electrocute victims at the water fountain? Is this possible to do in the alphabet killer challenge (I’ve only tried in the alphabet killer challenge)? I’ve tried to mess with the water fountain but I can’t unscrew and mess with the wiring in the wall since nothing pops up for it.

      • Actually, I figured it out. I had to press “4” as what Yasmine stated. I just saw Yasmine’s statement. Also, I just realized the problem with why I couldn’t mess with the water fountain was because I forgot about the plug in. But, I’ve been recovering from a lot of fevers. I may or may not have the virus but I’m taking social distancing very seriously even though I haven’t been anywhere; but, I could be at risk because of the clients I dealt with in my music therapy practicum sessions.

      • Oh! I hope you get well soon and I hope you don’t have the virus either!! I was asking if you used the pipe wrench to mess with the water fountain?

      • Thanks Ari. I did use a pipe wrench but I just forgot about the plug in. I’m sure what I’m feeling is just due to stress. It’s not easy when my lover coming up 6 years is in a different country (at least it is with his family) because of this virus. So, I worry a lot about him; although, now it appears he is at a lower risk considering the US is climbing the death tolls.

      • I see, don’t worry though – everything will be okay! Stay strong and hope for the best; you don’t deserve to stress! ^^

    • actually yes you can take the baseball bat out , click on 4 on your keyboard to drop the bag , and then the option to remove the bat from it will be available , i wish we can take it out without having to drop the bag , also the only student who can be electrocuted with the unscrewing the light switch in the bathroom is kokona haruka in wednesday after pouring water on her . you can drown students at the fountain but we can’t electrocute them in it .

  29. hi yandere dev ! thank you for adding this challenge to the game ! it was really fun and challenging . it’s a clever idea to add challenges to the game so we don’t feel bored while waiting for the demo , but i was thinking … how can a new player know about the abc challenge ? maybe … you can add this challenge in a list or something , or even add more other challenges like this to the game , like kill everyone …etc i’m not sure if it’s a good idea , also .. will there be a way to save the progress we made in the challenge ? because everytime i get closer to finishing the challenge i lose because of a glitch or a bug . and it really pisses me off because i have to repeat everything from the start

  30. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, you can add weapons in the yandere simulator shop because they are used for Yandere Chan to buy weapons and use them for school in case if you first burned the weapons. Yandere Dev can you add this feature for the next Yandere Simulator update please?

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