March 2020 Progress Report

I’ve got two conundrums:

(1) I want to routinely upload videos to demonstrate that I’m actively working on the game, consistently making solid progress towards my next goal, and regularly improving the game in meaningful ways. However, there are people who will be very disappointed with me if I upload a video about anything other than the release of Osana, and I’m not ready to release Osana yet.

(2) Producing a video can take multiple days away from development time, and right now, I want to focus the majority of my time on development only.

These two things have prevented me from releasing any videos recently. After thinking about it, I came up with a compromise: creating a short, simple, minimalist video, and uploading it with “Unlisted” status so that it can only be viewed by people who have the link. This way, I can provide a progress report to people who want to see what I’ve been doing lately, without notifying millions of subscribers or taking several days away from development.

Most of my videos take several days to produce, but this one was put together in less than 4 hours – writing the script, recording the narration, and editing the footage went by in a flash. Obviously, the production values are far beneath the standards of my usual content, but that’s exactly why it’s an Unlisted video for hardcore fans, instead of a proper video going out to millions of subscribers.

To read a list of everything that is new, fixed, or different in the latest build, click Continue Reading!

New Phone Theft Mechanic

  • All of Info-chan’s favors (Schemes, Services, Drops) require you to compensate her by doing unethical things for her, such as providing her with panty shots or placing covert listening devices around school for her. I’ve always wanted to provide the player with more ways to earn favors from Info-chan, so that if the player is opposed to the idea of taking panty shots, they have plenty of alternatives.
  • As of the latest build, there is now a new way to earn favors from Info-chan: providing her with stolen phones. Previously, it was only possible to steal a student’s phone during a scripted event (like Kokona’s shower event). It is now possible to steal any female student’s phone when they leave their phone in their locker before taking a shower.
  • When you provide Info-chan with a stolen phone, she installs software on that phone that allows her to remotely access it. Then, she gives the phone back to you so that you can return the stolen phone to its owner by placing the phone on the owner’s desk.
  • With remote access to the student’s phone, Info-chan can learn everything that the student does with her phone, which can provide Info-chan with blackmail over that student.
  • In a future update, perhaps it will become possible to pay Info-chan to gain remote access to a student’s phone. This would create the potential for gameplay mechanics that revolve around impersonating a student by sending text messages from their phone.
  • At the end of the school day, any student who cannot locate their phone will tell the faculty about it. The faculty will check your belongings and expel you if they discover stolen goods in your inventory.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • The “Follow Me” feature offers the player a massive advantage, since it can be used to lure a student to a place with no witnesses, or keep a student distracted for multiple hours. To balance the feature, there is now a timer on how long students will follow Yandere-chan – and the timer is linked to your reputation. The lower your reputation is, the less time students will follow you for, and the higher your reputation is, the more time students will follow you for. By default, students will only follow you for 35 seconds. A reputation of -100 will cause students to only follow you for 10 seconds, whereas a reputation of +100 will cause students to follow you for a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • There was a bug where, if you were sent to the Counselor’s office for having blood on your clothing, you could alarm a teacher or council member immediately after exiting the Counselor’s office, and instantly get sent *back* into the Counselor’s office, even though you just walked out of it. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Light Music Club members to play their instruments while running, if the player put a note in that student’s locker to arrange a meeting that is supposed to take place while the Light Music Club member is meant to be playing an instrument.
  • From now on, when exiting the counselor’s office, there is a short “grace period” where students will not be alarmed by you, so that you don’t automatically get in trouble for being bloody without getting a chance to run and change out of your bloody clothing.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to immediately be accused of stealing and sent to the counselor’s office, if a student council member witnessed Yandere-chan exiting the Counselor’s office after she had been accused of stealing previously in the day.
  • Students will no longer investigate giggles coming from bathrooms, locker rooms, the delinquent’s territory, or the headmaster’s room. This could lead to situations where students were willingly walking into areas where they know they’re not supposed to be.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to ignore Yandere-chan being bloody / carrying a dismembered body part / otherwise looking highly suspicious, while the teacher was guarding something while waiting for the police to arrive.
  • If Yandere-chan is spotted by Senpai and saying “No…wait…” you can now make the sequence go by a bit quicker by pressing the E key (or the A button on controller) to speed it up.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Student Council members to completely ignore you charging straight towards them with a weapon if they were running to inform a teacher about something.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a mission to start from the Mission Mode main menu if the player designed a Multi Mission, backed out of that menu, then tried to enter another menu.
  • As an experiment, windows are transparent in this build. Students can’t see through windows, though. I’m not sure whether or not I will keep things this way or change it back.
  • From now on, if a student council member or teacher sees Yandere-chan fighting with a delinquent, only that character will interfere; other characters will not get involved.
  • From now on, if you complete a mission in Mission Mode, you can access a special screen that will grant you a special role in the Official Yandere Simulator Discord Server!
  • Fixed Mission Mode bug that would cause the “No Witnesses” game over condition to be triggered if a student council member witnessed Yandere-chan fighting a delinquent.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to become permanently unable to react to Yandere-chan’s behavior if they had reported something to a teacher earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause any student with a reason to run somewhere to teleport to Yandere-chan’s location if Yandere-chan was engaged in a struggle at the time.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to freeze in place for a very long time before chasing Yandere-chan, if they witnessed Yandere-chan kill another teacher.
  • Delinquents will no longer damage your reputation with gossip after seeing you commit murder, because they don’t gossip with other students.
  • Improved the animation that plays when Yandere-chan is spotted by Senpai and says “No…wait…” right before the “HEARTBROKEN” screen.
  • Fixed bug with “Six” easter egg that would prevent the eating animation from playing at the correct distance from the victim.
  • The price of Info-chan’s “Send Student Home” favor has increased, due to the huge advantage it can grant the player.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the “automatically commit murder at low sanity” feature from working as intended.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from having a memorial service if their death was disguised as a suicide.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to attack Otohiko while he was running late to school.
  • The “Camera Filters” easter egg can now apply to the cinematic camera in addition to the gameplay camera.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Nemesis from being able to kill the player while during certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause blood trails to spawn in the air after dropping a corpse off the rooftop.
  • Drowning male students will now use a male voice instead of a female voice.
  • After 5 years, there are now props in the basement! Whoa, technology!
  • Fixed bug that would cause the nurse to see through walls.
  • Rivals now have silhouettes in the Student Info menu.
  • Added two new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Nemesis’ pathfinding has improved.
  • Added one new easter egg.

Hey, didn’t you say…

Yes, 2 weeks ago, I said that the next feature “won’t take 2 full weeks to implement.” And, true to my word, I finished all of the necessary programming work within 2 weeks. However, the feature requires some new animations and voiced lines in order to be complete, and it’s taking longer than expected for those assets to be delivered.

I’ve done all I can do from the programming side, but in order to proceed and complete the feature, I need to wait until I receive those animations and voiced lines.

297 thoughts on “March 2020 Progress Report

  1. The headmaster tapes are in the headmaster´s office
    The basement tapes are in the basement
    Journalist tapes are on the floor?
    Where will the journalist tapes be in the final game?
    Continue the great work!!

  2. Hi yandere dev! I can’t wait for the game to release! Anyway, about this corona virus, you know, i’m italian and it’s like the second more infected country, i’m scared but at least i get a smile on my face playing yandere simulator! You’re doing a great job with the game!

  3. I found a bug when you talk to a stdent and they will follow you and then i seted a bucket of water and tye student walked truth it and she started running to school and got stuck into a pole with school uniform.

  4. Hii yandere dev, how are you?
    I have a question. In the official demo, will we be able to play with yandere-kun? Where do we have to eliminate male rivals? Good job greetings from portugal 😀

  5. Will you implement the type of elimination you brought up a long time ago where the rival kills a bully? (AKA: Kokona killed Musume since Musume insulted her and her dad)

  6. I’ve been following the development of the game for a while now, and it has taken a very long time. There were times that I was losing hope, but its slowly going back now. You should focus on the main goal, and add the other features after the release. And please don’t focus on any features that won’t be in the demo. Anyways, your doing a good job, keep up the good work.

  7. Been following the game for a long time now. And since you are replying to some people i wanted to ask: When you make a full version of the game, how much would it cost to buy it? And in wich plattaform you would put it? Like Steam or Gamejolt. Since the last time i tried to purchase i an indie website of a program, i ended up been “”scammed””

  8. Just wondering – if the player gets a mindslave to eliminate Osana, that’s not got much challenge at all. Here’s an example for how easy it is:
    Join the Gaming Club and get your biology stat up.
    Find a random girl.
    Kidnap her.
    Press a few buttons and let your reputation drop slightly.
    Go back to school and find a weapon.
    Tell the mindslave to go after Osana.
    Will it be changed in the future, or has something or is there something in place where Raibaru feels like Osana is in danger? It’s another loophole for the player.

    And a couple bugs as I’m leaving a comment anyway:
    1. The bullies get stuck in the locker room after they have sunbathed. Then they sit down by the locker attached to each other…
    2. Not sure if this is a bug: The delinquents now don’t insult you when you compliment them.

    • Hi, to answer your question, I don’t remember which video exactly but in one of Yandev’s more recent videos it showed a brief clip of Raibaru fending off a mindslave from attacking Osana. So you would probably have to get rid of Raibaru before using this tactic which I’m assuming would be very time consuming and difficult.

      • Hello ! Yes, I remember this too, but maybe Raibaru was reacting to a mindslave that was going for HER instead ? I’m not really sure, it may work for both Osana and Raibaru. But then what if you used Horuda Puresu (aka the Fragile student) to go for Osana and a mindslave to go for Raibaru ? She may be at peek physical strength and be a martial arts master, she can’t fight two broken students at once, can she ? Would she save her friend or herself then ?

  9. Hi !
    I found the clear windows really great, it make the game more immersive and beautiful. But seeing it with this modification made me understood the strange sensation i had when wandering in the corridors : there should not be windows on both side of a classroom !
    As far as I remember of my school period, and as my rapid research on the Internet has shown me, there is always windows showing the exterior of a classroom, and never showing the corridor. I think the reason is simple : it avoid students from being disturbed by what happen in the corridor, i.e. students going to toilets, bringing back some paper sheets to a professor, the student counsellor taking a break etc. Generally, you can find windows in the corridors giving on the other side of the building (in this case, the fountain in the internal courtyard, which would be beautiful).
    In terms of gameplay, I think that allowing students to see through windows would considerably raise the difficulty level, or at least reduce the use of most of the classroom or club room as kill room.
    I hope that my opinion help you a little bit, and in any case, thank you for your amazing work !

  10. I have a small question, when you dump water on a student they take a shower, will it be like that in the final game?

  11. Realmente me gusta como ah ido el desarrollo del proyecto de Yandere Simulator.. y llevo mucho tiempo siguiendo tus avances.. como un seguidor mas solo quisiera decirte que.. Espero algun dia puedas terminar tu juego.. Me gustaria verlo terminado algun dia. 🙂
    Un saludo desde México.

  12. Yandere Dev would you like to make Yandere Simulator on phone? I think it would make game more popular because it’s amazing game and a lot of people want to play it but if you don’t want I understand it.

    • Hello ! I am not YandereDev but I think this is very unlikely to happen, and maybe not because he doesn’t want to, but because it would be complicated. On phone, you would have to use a keyboard and since there are many keys to press, he can’t really do otherwise. He can’t just put the keys in the corners of the screen, there are too many of them and it would hide the sanity meter, the reputation meter, the day, hour and period and the police count down. He would have to make the game available on Google Play or App Store or whatever… It may not be compatible with some devices etc… I think right now YandereDev has much more to worry about, without adding this.
      Sorry if I sound rude, it’s not my intention.

    • Last night, I received the missing animations and implemented them.

      The only thing I’m missing now are some sound effects and voiced lines. I hope to have them very soon.

  13. I really enjoy the small details of accessories and hairstyles. Perhaps instead of having those be Easter eggs, allow people to go to town to buy them. Different accessories, hair colors, hair styles, the like.
    The maid cafe is a good way to earn money. Perhaps other ways to earn money would be perhaps be a delivery service or a part-time desk job. Maybe if Ayano raises up a skill (ie strength/intelligence) high enough, she can tutor/coach others for money.
    Another thing that’s been on my mind is the school subjects. Those haven’t been changed in a long time. When will you add more to those? More benefits from each level of school subject? Examples: at Language level 3, lies will be convincing with the counselor and will be another possible avenue to try with her.

    • Yanderedev (or anyone) won’t be able to help you if you just say that. Maybe you can’t play because of the crash bugs ? What happens when you launch the game ?

    • Akademi High is a Japanese school. I don’t know if there are windows inside in Japan for sure, for I don’t live in Japan (how unlucky) but I know usually there are in anime or games that take place in Japan (for example, Doki Doki Literature Club has ones)
      It may sound weird to you, but personally I never found it weird… Well everybody’s different right ?

      • Guess You’re right 🙂 I was curious about these windows because Yanderedev is always trying to make game realistic. If there are windows like that in Japan – cool. But if it’s not common so why will he makes extra work? Idk if adding windows will improve gameplay. In my opinion it’s not that neccesary…

  14. hi yandere dev, one thing
    when you splash a student with water, blood etc, in the afternoon students say that they need to change their clothes because they can’t go to class like that, however, they don’t attend class in the afternoon, so if they aren’t in a club they should say:
    “I can’t walk home like this I need to change my clothes.”
    if they belong to a club they should say:
    “I can’t do club activities like this I need to change my clothes.”

  15. Yandere dev if all the characters are suppose to be 18 years old why we need to obtain a fake ID in order to buy adult Manga?

  16. Hello, I am so sorry to bother you on such a horrific time period. I have a suggestion and a question.

    1. If Ribaru finds Osana’s body, the next day shouldn’t she have the sleuth persona actively looking for the person who murdered her best friend? Kind of like the Vengeful persona but different in a way.

    2. If you choose to be a boy and have male rivals, shouldn’t the person you can matchmake Osano with be Ribaru? This would help and it would save you time from making Osana’s matchmake a girl.

    • Either March 31st, April 2nd. Can’t release one on April 1st, as it would be seen as a prank.

      My next video will be elaborate; it may take a few days longer than usual to produce, so you might get an update a few days later, instead.

  17. Hello YandereDev ! Sorry if this bothers you, but will the Easter eggs be accessible in the demo or finl game ? What about the demons ? They will have something to do with Oka’s week, right ? You don’t have to answer this one, I was just wondering whether we would be able to send a husk eat up Raibaru.

    • The player will have to use a cheat code to access any of those things. The player won’t unlock cheat codes unless they’ve beaten the demo at least once without cheats.

  18. Hi Yandere Dev! You don’t have to read this only if you want to. I was wondering if the player will be able to customize Ayano Aishi ino the Senpai customization screen. I think that would be great being able to play with Yandere chan looking however the player wants without entering in the game files to edit her or something. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best! Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night!

    • I’ve considered it many times. I think it would be a big improvement to the game, but it would take time to implement, and I don’t want to spend time on anything that pushes Osana’s release date farther back.

  19. Yander dev, I have a big problem because if my Yandere Chan washes up after the murder, gets rid of his gun and gets rid of his condition, the students still suspect me because I have bloody clothes. What is wrong?

  20. In the Final Game if a rival club leader dies will the assistant club leader take over? So we dont lose that benefit of the club since most rival club leaders are very early in the game.

  21. Question, Why is it that if a rival is caught stealing or framed for stealing she is given a slap on the wrist and progress towards her explusion but if yandere-chan is caught stealing she is instantly expelled?

  22. Yander dev, keep going, it’s a beautiful, fun (and not just murderous) sophisticated game and you see that you really care. Plus, you’re a great developer because you respond to your fans’ comments and try to overcome all obstacles (Coronavirus) 😊

  23. Hello YandereDev, if you read this hope you’re okay, I get a lot of conflicts can build up that lead to a lot of stress and no sleep, please take care of yourself ❤ you've done so much and you are so close to the finish line, don't give up ! You're a big inspiration for me.

  24. A few years back you talked about a possible Yakuza that could be added into the game, and he’s already in the street alley. Will he be functional when Osana comes out, when the final game comes out, or will he not be implemented?

  25. YandereDev, are you sure that Raibaru is the best thing for Osana? If she’s supposed to be the easiest rival, then maybe it’s better she doesn’t have a ‘personal bodyguard’. Save Raibaru for a future rival who would be harder to eliminate. Instead of Raibaru, implement say 5-10 more students per classroom who’s sole purpose is to meet up and hang out in places around the school. They don’t need to be as fleshed out as the other 90 students, but their only job is to make it harder for Ayano to murder.
    Or add more classrooms and more teachers to have more students who will hang around the school to chat in different areas. Random names and faces who have no importance besides being in places and talking for endless amounts of time. They’ll have personalities to determine their reactions, but nothing special. Maybe to mix it up, have some of the original 90 talk with them time to time (think the ‘chat icons’ that come from peoples heads instead of programmed dialogue). Maybe at certain times, certain teachers will wander place to place.

    • Raibaru is essential for making a good impression for the official Demo.

      Osana is the easiest Rival but in the demo she’s given a difficulty level of say lvl 5 but in the final game, She’ll be of lvl 1.

      The difficulty in the Demo is meant to reflect the Game as whole instead of just One Rival

  26. Wait what happens if you send a mindslave after Ribaru? Will she be killed or will there be an epic fight?

  27. Wait what happens if you send a mindslave after Ribaru? Will she be killed or will there be an epic fight?

  28. I do have questions about the number of students (and these may be stupid questions). And knowing that the game’s frame rate is still being worked on, so things don’t become slow or laggy with multiple students moving around on screen.
    1. Aside from rivals, their equivalent of bodyguard(s), and suitors, will there be more students added in? (And if so, would any of them appear later on in the game, like a week or so later into the game [such as transfers/suspended/students who were away due to illnesses or a relative’s funeral]?)
    2. Will there be more than five members in each club?

    Also, having NPCs being able to see through windows seems like an added challenge for the player to get by rooms, while dragging a corpse or carrying other “suspicious things” from indoors to the incinerator. The player would probably have to find another way around, or go under the windows. Right?

      • You once suggested using faceless/featureless students to populate the school, students who serve no purpose other than to populate the school more and serve as obstacles for Ayano. Perhaps do that to improve the population and the frame rate. Like the randomly-generated high school population for Mission Mode but the students have less-defined features, names, and they all have the same generic profile information.

    • Yandere Sim takes place in Buraza Town.

      Kokona’s date takes place in Shisuta Town.

      You can see Kokona on a date in Buraza Town because I wanted to populate the street with characters. It probably won’t remain that way in the future.

  29. Yandere Dev, just something that’s been on my mind.
    After the official Demo is complete would you begin implementing additional buffs gained from study points? Because I really like the feature and want to See it reach it’s full potential.

    Would you start asking for Player feedback on what types of study point buffs can be added into the Game?

    For example, instead of purchasing or looking for the 4 poisons Ayano could just construct them on chemistry level 2.
    Or perhaps create a semi-solid substance that can be made flexible if heated but hardens as hard as steel after a few minutes of cooling.
    That substance could be used to be shaped into a substance or restraint for locking doors or could be shaped into goggles for protection against pepperspray. At chemistry level 3 or 5 if you think it’s too OP.

    Just wanted to know if study points will eventually be fully implemented.

  30. Hey,i have a question,if you buy the game in early acess with only 2 rivals,do you will have acess to the final game when it’s ready,or you have to buy it twice?

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