March 1st Update

I’ll keep it brief. Here’s a bullet-point list of good news:

  • I finished polishing Osana’s matchmaking elimination, and now the only Osana-related feature that still requires any polish is her Befriend/Betray elimination.
  • A very skilled volunteer has recently returned to the project after a long period of absence. With his help, Osana’s animations and cutscenes can look much, much better!
  • Recently, a fellow programmer with access to Yandere Simulator’s project files has been investigating whether or not there are any issues that would prevent me from being able to upgrade the game’s engine from 2017.3 to 2019.3. So far, while running the game on Unity 2019.3, he has experienced faster loading times, higher FPS, and no crash bugs. It looks like we’ll be able to upgrade to Unity 2019.3 soon, and then Yandere Sim will run faster for everyone!

While working on Osana-related features (and the feature I hinted at near the end of my Jan 1st video) I fixed a lot of bugs along the way, so I’m releasing a new build. Check out the changelog; you might find something interesting in there…

To see a list of all the fixes/changes/additions in the latest build, please scroll down past this chilling artwork of Yandere Sim characters as button-eyed dolls, illustrated by Koumi Senpai!

Bonus fact: This is crossover fan art, combining Yandere Sim with a game called Identity V! I think Koumi captured the aesthetic perfectly!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is now possible to leave multiple notes in lockers throughout the day, instead of being limited to only one note-in-locker per day. (However, you cannot leave a note in someone’s locker if there is already a student who is currently attempting to meet the anonymous person who put a note in their locker.) (This means that previously impossible Multi Mission missions are now possible.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from being able to interact with an object that was being guarded by a teacher, *after* that teacher had been killed and was no longer guarding the object.
  • Re-balanced price of Info-chan’s sedative poison, since it should be much more expensive than the headache poison (which exists to give the player a way to obtain sedative poison).
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to carry a bloody weapon without being considered suspicious, if the weapon was club equipment, and the player was in that club.
  • Gave someone a makeover, in order to differentiate them from another character. Hint: They’re not a student or a faculty member, and they’re not found on the street.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a Teacher from investigating a report from a Teacher’s Pet if the report happened when the Teacher was outside of the faculty room.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council members to tilt at extreme angles when Yandere-chan attracted their attention from the top / bottom of a set of stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the police from discovering the corpses of dead students if more than one student had died by drowning.
  • The text that a student uses when responding to a compliment is now dependent on their Persona and your current reputation.
  • The Delinquents’ weapon cases will no longer clip through the wall behind them when they sit down at a bench.
  • Corpses will no longer leave a trail of blood pools in the air when they are dropped off the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher’s voice to echo when discovering a dismembered limb on the ground.
  • Yandere-chan should no longer be able to attack students through doors when at low sanity.
  • Various code optimizations that should improve the game’s performance on some computers.
  • The background music for the “Near” easter egg now has vocals from the amazing Diwidly!
  • Inkyu’s hair will no longer have weird shading glitches.

By the way, I’ve got a bit of news that might please some easter egg enthusiasts:

Up until now, it has been impossible to activate two easter eggs simultaneously; the easter egg menu would disable itself after an easter egg had been activated. From now on, if you activate an easter egg and then mash the key that opens the easter egg menu 10 times, it will be possible to restore the easter egg menu and activate multiple easter eggs simultaneously. (However, the eggs were never designed to work this way, so I can’t promise that everything will go smoothly!)

On the subject of easter eggs, there’s also something else to mention. An upcoming feature requires some visual effects to achieve a specific look and feel. To achieve these visual effects, I purchased a set of camera filters from the Unity Asset Store. Many of these filters are super cool, so I added an easter egg command that lets you cycle through all of them. With the easter egg active, the controls are:

  • X – Forward
  • Z – Backward
  • Shift + X: Forward by 10
  • Shift + Z: Backward by 10

Mission Mode Update

  • It is now possible to activate Nemesis in Multi-Mission Mode.
  • Nemesis has an additional difficulty level in Multi-Mission Mode; you can decide if she will run at you if she sees you.
  • Nemesis can now spot you from farther away.
  • From now on, upon completing a Mission Mode mission, you will receive a code that grants you a special role in the Yandere Simulator Discord server.

What’s Next?

My current goal is to implement the feature I hinted at near the end of my Jan 1st video. It won’t take 2 full weeks to implement, but it might be released around March 15th, along with an accompanying video about the feature.

In Closing

I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who sent me words of support and encouragement over the past 2 weeks. I’m extremely lucky to have so many patient and understanding fans. I’m going to do my very best to hang in there, and make you proud.

148 thoughts on “March 1st Update

  1. Cant wait for this to come out! You’re doing great Yanderedev, stay with us for as long as you can, and dont burn yourself out.

  2. I’ve been worrying about your well being for weeks. I really love and appreciate all the work you’ve been doing, and I don’t think the people who are spreading this hate are even actually invested in the game. I’ve been following the development since the beginning, and I am not complaining about anything. You take a minute to add an easter egg for fun? That’s cool with me. I work on hard projects too and I know others who do as well, and we throw silly stuff in the background all the time because it makes work so much better when we have fun with it. Had a moment where you break down and say dramatic stuff or get too mad? Been there before, and there’s nothing we can do. We have moments where our brains are too fragile and we didn’t even realize, then we act out and become the bad guy even though that’s not how we actually are. We just have moments where we’re under so much stress that we don’t make rational decisions. I don’t believe you are a bad person. We grow and we change. We’re human. And I’m not even listening to complaints about the game taking too long. Even massive games with professionals and tons of people took a long time. Bioshock Infinite was delayed for three years for Pete’s sake. I’m sorry that there are people who are ganging up on you but don’t let them win. Prove them wrong. I really love the game so far. Thank you for continuing the development of Yandere Simulator.

    • I agree so much. This couldn’t have been said better. I love this game so much and the storyline, think it is very original, and I’m really proud of how far it’s come and how YanDev has progressed. He is very inspiring to me as I am an upcoming musician, and a lot of the songs and lyrics I write have taken some inspiration from this game. (Obviously not copying). I have full hope and faith in this game and I know the final product will be amazing, and I know everyone will be happy. Keep going YanDev, you’re amazing!

  3. devpai …. do not be discouraged … we all love your work for me you are a good game programmer and I would not like my favorite game to be in the trash ……. we will all support you and do not listen to the gossip of others date realize that there are people who guards your game …. cheer up !!!!!

  4. I’m sure every viewer of this post and the last is extremely proud of u for hanging in there! Just don’t make that last sentence a pun😅😓Also the thing u were talking about in the January 1st vid at the end, WE CAN ALL AGREE IT WAS SNAP MODE RIGHT?!?!?!?!? And the made-over character, if it’s not faculty, notba student, not on the streets, is it Info Chan or a rival (besides Oka, who is found wondering the town at night, so she is ELIMINATED from the possibilities or however that sentence would go) Tho they r technically students, their not in school yet (rivals) and don’t go to classes (Info Chan). Or could it be the Yakuza, who is found in an alley between 2 stores (I forgot which stores), who is technically not in the streets, but in the alley NEXT TO the streets? Idk I haven’t watched anyone’s vid on this build yet. Hope things get better!

  5. if there is a crossover between identity V and Yan sim i will have an idea skin for 4 survival
    mechanic: info chan
    budo and ayano:IDK

  6. I’m so happy he seems to be doing ok I was worried after all the last post. Don’t let the haters get to you Yan-dev.

  7. OMG Yanderedev We are super excited! Thats a but-ton of updated. Osana is so close to the finishline! You CAN DO IT!

  8. I honestly don’t see why people want to hate on you for not releasing the game. You’re a one man developer and for you take this much amount of time to make a great game that we all will enjoy is totally understandable. I really appreciate the work you’re doing for us YandereDev. I hope you take your own time in order to give us the best build of Yandere Simulator that we are all looking forward to.

  9. Awesome, great to see that your feeling better.
    Stay strong and never forget how many people are supporting you.

  10. So I’ve been on YouTube like a normal person and seen a shit ton of hate videos, and it’s made me SO MAD- I just- ugh. Anyways, I wrote this in response and I figured I might as well post it here if anyone wants to copy and paste it onto a hate video or something, I doubt it’ll help, but it’s good to get SOME people to know the consequences of their actions. So, uh, here it is:
    “Alright, people are going to fucking hate me for writing this, but it needs to be said. Stop. This IS NOT okay. Yeah, Yandere Dev HAS made mistakes in his life, but SO HAVE YOU. Verbally abusing and trashing his life’s work isn’t gonna get the game to finish faster. If you want a GOOD GAME, you have to wait for it! Quality content takes time, and you hating on the developer to the point where he has no will to live is NOT OKAY. You can call me a kiss up, you can call me a stupid bitch, I don’t care, but take a minute to reflect how STUPID it is to bully a grown man on the internet just because. In fact, if you do end up hating on me, that’s just a reflection on how shitty of a person you are. Grow the fuck up and look at how you’re hurting this man. Hell, he’s stated countless times that he wants to give up, not just the game, but life in general. YOU’D be responsible for his suicide if he ever decided to act on this. YOU could be arrested. YOUR harassment is NOT OKAY.

    I think I might start a hashtag like #JUST STOP or #Do it for DevPai, i don’t know, something like that. The point is, these people need to stop. We love you, YanDev, no matter how long it takes for you to get your groove back and finish the game. Hell, as an artist and a writer (Although my art is SHIT, ngl), I understand at some level of not wanting to continue a project, but I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the hatred of the internet. Don’t get me wrong, (And you probably don’t really care, but I’ve been told hearing from people who’ve experienced similar problems can help, so HERE I AM) I’ve dealt with people being abrasive (to put it mildly), and my mental state has been down in the dump multiple times, and I’ve attempted suicide. It sucks, I know. But at the end of the day, what keeps me going everyday is that I have people who care about me, (Just like YOU do, Yandere Dev,) I have a profession that makes me happy, (Just like YOU do, Yandere Dev, [Or at least, I hope you do]), and that as much as I struggle to believe it, I matter. Just like you. We love you, Alex.

  11. Dude be patient. Osana isn’t the only thing that has to be finished. YanDev had to actually build the actual game before even thinking about putting her in it. The wait will be worth it, and the game will be super fun. Video games are hard to build, and except for a few volunteers, YanDev is working alone. So, be patient and gave him some credit.

  12. I’m so happy for you Yandere Dev! I’m glad your feeling better. I always look forward to your updates and I can’t wait for the demo to come out. Keep up the good work Dev. Love you and everything you do! ❤️


    Listen up! Earlier today, I was strolling through my recommendation list on YouTube and I saw a video for “Why you should’ve support Yandere Dev” and the dam video was full of sh*t that literally NO ONE cares about and/or have seen before. It talked about how your Shame and Hate video was just for attention and that REALLY pissed me off. So you know what I did? Well I disliked it, commented saying that I will NEVER believe that bull crap, (in more detail) and flagged it twice for misleading info and bullying. I MEAN SERIOUSLY ARE YOU F ING KIDDING ME?!?!? Anyways, I love the amount of work you put into the new build, and don’t listen to those jerks. I’m still supporting you, and 2,000,000 people do too, or otherwise they wouldn’t have subscribed to you. I will forever stay here to support until the end, and hopefully you will get better both physically and mentally!! And remember: DONT let idiots ruin your day! Thank you, for following the supporters, of Yandere Simulator. (Omg that last part lol). 🙂

  14. Also, I forgot to mention, since people are bullying you in the comments too, why not disable them? Just a thought!

  15. Ok so you know how in my first comment it mentions that video that I got really triggered at? Well the youtuber who posted that replayed on my comment saying sorry and how that video was old and he wants Yandere Dev to get some professional help, and doesn’t want people to harass him, cause that’s “different” then what he was saying in the video. Funny how people change, ehh?

  16. Okay This is Amazing ! I love IDentity V and Yandere Simulator so Much and Have-ing the Two of them in a FanArt it is just the Best Thing ever!
    *Imagine that Yandere simulator will get it IDentity V at list as a Skin…I will die of Happniess*

  17. Really glad you are feeling better you are fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future brings for Yandere Sim. 🙂

  18. Oh! I almost forgot! The past launcher for the game that I had been using for a very long time and was easy for me to get into has changed and now there is downloading and GBs and KBs and it takes long to “download”, but when it finishes, it still doesn’t work. Can someone please explain to me how to download the new launcher correctly? I really want to play the new download! Thanks!

  19. It’s good everyone shows their support, so you can see people spreading hate, people harassing you are only a minority and that most of your fans are proud of you and your work, and can wait for the game. Your health, your life first.

  20. Yan-Dev … we just want you to know that despite all the hate we see on youtube and the trolls happening on discord, we love you so much! These losers are bringing stuff that happened a decade ago and talking as if they are some sort of angels who committed nothing wrong!
    We love you, we support you, you can talk about your feelings and thoughts as well as the game, you’ll always be protected and loved and understood ♥ Keep pushing forward

  21. Ah dude this is a dope ass update i love it. IF ONLY MY COMPUTER WASNT STUCK IN A REBOOT LOOP AND I CANT BRING IT IN CAUSE IM POOR

  22. Stay strong Yandere Dev, think of these Trolls and Haters as sandpaper.
    Yes, it hurts but overtime they’ll become useless whereas you’ll become polished and shiny

  23. Hi Yanderedev! I’m so excited for the official demo and the feature you mentioned, but take your time and do it at your own pace! Your mental and physical health matter too!

  24. That’s amazing to hear Yandev. I absolutely can’t wait to play the demo, but remember don’t want you to push yourself too hard. Above everything, your health comes first. We all care about you and want you to be happy, so regardless of what happens in the future, we’ll still be proud of you

  25. Never give up :),
    when you look at past videos, and editions of the game, it is obvious,that the game does make progress, and really gets better; as a sandbox, too!
    Good luck finding the nasty bugs (I know that they are professionals at hiding themselves), and bringing the rival and other gameplay features! 🙂

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