Valentine’s Day Update

On January 1st, I looked at the amount of progress remaining to be done before I could release the game’s official demo, and calculated that there was less than 2 months of work remaining. I planned to release Osana on February 14th – Valentine’s Day. Today is the day that Osana was going to be released…but it’s not happening.

Over the past 25 days, I’ve been subjected to the largest avalanche of hate and harassment that I’ve ever experienced. It’s several orders of magnitude worse than what I was put through in 2018, which prompted the Hate and Shame video. Every day, I consider making an “I quit, I can’t do this anymore!” video, because absolutely nothing is worth the amount of abuse that I’m receiving.

I was already morbidly depressed before this happened, but recent events have pushed me down to the lowest point I’ve ever been at. The severity of what I’ve been put through has completely killed my enthusiasm for the project and robbed me of all motivation to work on the game. It’s impossible to be productive under these circumstances. The only thing more difficult than finding a reason to keep working on Yandere Simulator is finding a reason to keep living.

The longest-ever gap between two of my videos was 50 days, occurring between the Live-Action Trailer and Guidance Counselor video. In 7 days, on Feb 21th, we’re unfortunately going to break that record. I’ll try to release something on March 1st, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible to find the energy required to make a video, when it’s already hard enough just to convince myself to get out of bed in the morning.

I fixed some bugs over the past couple of weeks, so I’ve uploaded a new build that is more stable than the last one. I’ll include a changelog later in this blog post.

On the bright side, I did get some cool fan art recently, which makes me feel a lot better. Here’s a really outstanding illustration from milkiii.tea:

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I love how this artwork from toxic-potato makes Akademi High feel active, energetic, and like it’s full of distinct characters who are each living a unique life:

I simply can’t get enough of dreamcharlie‘s art style, and I love the way she draws Yandere-chan:

This illustration from PastelUnicornElise makes Yandere-chan look so cute and charming!

Orion’s Waifu drew a very scary Yandere-chan:

AbbsWithAbs drew the ever-popular delinquent Yandere-chan:

DigiAndromeda drew a super-cute tiny bride Yandere-chan in a box:

And a few days after Valentine’s Day, I received this beautiful artwork from a Chinese fan called Yiki-chan:

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If Yandere-chan is caught misbehaving by an authority figure (either a teacher or a student council member) and sent to the guidance counselor’s office while she is wearing a mask, she will be forced to remove the mask before speaking to the counselor.
  • One of the accessories (a mask) had special functionality that was activated by the spacebar key. Because the spacebar is now used to open the map, I’ve changed the mask so that its functionality is activated by the left Alt key, instead.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to freeze in place if she was a very long distance away from the player while she was supposed to be performing a “look at suspicious object on ground” animation.
  • The hill with the mythical cherry tree behind the school has been reshaped to have a flat surface for the Art Club to stand on, so that it doesn’t need an ugly wooden platform attached to it.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to make a student snap out of a “dying from poison” animation by aiming a camera at them while they were dying.
  • Fixed bug that prevented any dialogue from displaying when Yandere-chan apologized to a student who witnessed her stealing something.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to “walk up the wall” in the Martial Arts Club, using the blue practice baton as a ramp.
  • The canvases at the mythical tree hill will no longer appear if the Art Club is disbanded and isn’t going to use them.
  • Entering a boy’s bathroom is now considered to be suspicious behavior that will damage your reputation.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent collision detection from properly occuring in boys’ bathrooms.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan’s hair from appearing blonde while in her room.
  • Fixed a rendering error with the plants in the Headmaster’s office.
  • A new launcher is now available at – this one should be much more reliable than the previous one!

Why does everything suck so badly right now?

Some people have a sadistic desire to abuse and mistreat others. In order to do these things, they first need to feel like they are justified in doing so. Once they believe that they have found valid justification for treating someone like trash, they become unable to view that person as a human who deserves compassion or empathy, choosing instead to view their target as nothing more than a receptacle for abuse and harassment.

Having justification to torment a victim is incredibly valuable to them. They receive intense pleasure from abusing and harassing a target, and they don’t want to lose that ability. Even if they were actually harassing an innocent person, they would refuse to acknowledge it. They would reject facts, truth, logic, reality, and counter-evidence, all in favor of continuing to believe in a false narrative that allows them justify cruelty and abuse.

There are people who have created a narrative that I’m a pedophile scam artist who can’t code and treats his fans badly. This narrative provides sadistic people with justification for treating me like garbage, so I’m an attractive target for anyone that enjoys acts of cruelty. I’m not actually a pedophile, I’m not actually a scam artist, I’m not actually a bad programmer, and I don’t actually treat my fans badly. I already debunked that stuff years ago.

However, the truth doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is a narrative that permits sadistic people to abuse and harass a target.

362 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Update

  1. Wow. You thought of that all alone? What a snowflake little buddy! “Hey man! Don’t pay attention of that thousands total strangers who’s constantly harass you, makes of your life a living hell absolutely every fucking single day just for the pleasure of doing so, and keep working you dumbass! Abandon your existence, friends or family, who’s needs that after all!” How intelligent! You’re a genius Timmy!

    • Sometimes it’s not as simple as ignoring it. Sometimes you see it by accident when trying to reply to real fans. Sometimes you just see the bombardment of hate comments and emails. Sometimes your fear that whatever you do isn’t good enough. It gets to you even when you try not to. Knowing what to do doesn’t make it any easier.

  2. I was looking at some of the hate comments and i felt how wrong it was. So. I’m not the type of person to criticize, and i don’t get mad at 12 year old’s who hate on people for absolutely no reason. If you claim that he has or does do this, every single one of your claims HAS to be backed by proof. A rumor is not proof either. These are just some kids seeking attention and/or looking to hate on vulnerable people because they’re behind a screen and no one knows who they are, and that gives them a sense of power. Like they have stated, in those hate comments, he “hates his fans.” Why create a game and gain a good following just to harass them? See how stupid that sounds? While it may seem like he’s a crybaby over these things it brings up the question everyone would ask you. How would you feel if you were him? Tormented daily by former fans who lost interest in the game because you were taking your time and wanted the game to be good. Getting abused by people who just come across the game randomly and hate on it cause they don’t like it. It sucks. And it makes you feel bad, depressed. Something you’ve spent years on. I know not everyone is nice and criticism is good sometimes but that’s when its constructive. If you hate the game or the person making the game, just leave them alone. No need to harass no need to be hurtful. If you see something wrong with the game try the best you can to, at the very least, politely tell the person what is up with the game. Creating a game is not easy stuff, keeping people interested in the game isn’t easy either. Dealing with harassment isn’t easy. What i’m saying is, yandere dev is trying his best to deal with all this and create his game at the same time. Sure it’s hard but we all know you’ll pull through yandere dev! Giving up is so tempting especially since its so easy to do so. But when we don’t give up and keep going at the end the reward is usually so much better. We support you from the beginning to the end. And remember it’s okay to take a break.

  3. yandere dev, you cant imagine how people in brazil love this game! you can give yourself a break and seek help. we are hoping for your recovery, beijos do brasil!!!!

  4. Stay strong and try to ignore all the hate. I dont know why so many people are hating when you are trying your best. I just hope people will understand someday that there is only 1 person working on Yandere sim and it will take some time. I am looking forward to Yandere sim but if you need a break or decide to not continue I will 100% understand. I hope you feel better.

    • Who do I need to hurt for hurting yandev like this he does not need this kind of abuse it’s very easy to get out of bed think about all the positive in your life you are an
      awesome game maker never doubt yourself

  5. Yandere Dev…i know this probs wont help you feel any better…after all im just some random person who doesnt really know anything at all..but think about this…you said it would only be around two months until Osana would be released…or around that…TWO…thats it…If you said you would be launching a kickstarter…Im pretty sure all of us here would be fine with you releasing a slightly buggy osana a bit earlier or doing the kickstarter a tad bit earlier.If you feel like you need to then as long as people are ok with it then maybe you could do it a bit earlier…whatever you want to do.Its your game.Good luck Yandere Dev.

    • And if it makes you feel any better you have inspired me to make my own little project.Sure im just some dumb teenager who has no idea what the hell he is doing…but still!Its the idea that you inspired someone to make their own thing!Again probs wont help but still!

    • I don’t care if it takes you another month, and I don’t care if you don’t publish the game till next year. I just want you to take as much time as you need and I don’t want you to rush to get this out. I believe in you! Please take care of yourself YanDev~ If you don’t, then I will!

  6. I am so sorry that anyone would ever treat you so awful- you really don’t deserve that. It’ll get better soon, I know that right now it seems like you should give up, but that is never the answer. And even though there are people who think they have the right to treat you like this. I guarantee there are far more people that value you and love you and all of your work! I know how you feel, but it. will. get. better.

  7. YandereDev, I can’t relate to what you’re going through too much, but I know how it feels to be at your absolute lowest point, to feel as if no matter what you do or say it’s not enough, and to struggle to find a reason to keep going. I feel for you as a human being and I just want you to know that you’re not alone. You’ll always have people who will support you, people you can talk to, and reasons to laugh or smile. To quote from Kingdom Hearts: “Even in the deepest darkness, there is always a light”, whether that be the fan-art that you clearly love so much, a game you can play for fun, or even just one person you can vent to. Please don’t lose your light. There are people who are cheering for you and who will be with you no matter what. Thank you for sharing the development of Yandere Simulator.

  8. Bonjour YandereDev, je me permets d’écrire un commentaire pour vous soutenir car moi aussi je sais ce que c’est d’être harcelé, d’après ce que j’ai lu sur votre blog, vous en êtes au plus bas, mais ces personnes qui vous insultent sont des ordures, ils se permettent de vous insulter, de vous rabaisser, alors qu’ils jouent certainement à votre jeu Yandere Simulator, c’est normal qu’il y ait quelques bugs, mais regardez combien de bugs vous avez corrigés, vous pouvez comprendre ça de plusieurs façons, je ne reproche pas qu’il y ait des bugs, justement, je vous félicite car vous avez pu en corriger énormément, il restera toujours des bugs, mais ça se corrige, tout le monde fait des erreurs, même les plus grands ! OUI, vous faites partie des meilleurs ! Je sais que c’est difficile d’ignorer les rageux, les jaloux, mais essayez au moins, bien évidemment, je suis persuadée que vous essayez déjà, courage, pour votre vie et continuez s’il vous plaît de développer Yandere Simulator, beaucoup de personnes se plaignent que ça fait trois ans qu’on attend Osana, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, nous préférons attendre un peu plus et avoir des mises à jour plus courtes mais plus fréquentes qu’attendre 1 an sans mise à jour, si ils ne sont pas contents, qu’ils arrêtent de jouer au jeu ! C’est votre jeu, pas le leur ! Voilà, désolée de vous avoir dérangé, bon courage ! ❤️

  9. Hi yanderedev, I know it’s already been a few days since you posted this but I guess I just want to add my voice to all the people telling you we care about you and hate to see you going through this. I’ve also been struggling with depression for years but I can’t claim to know what it must be like for you to receive all this abuse and harassment. I (and a lot of other people) have noticed this sort of trend in anime/fandom spaces of younger people entertaining themselves by accusing innocent people of being pedos, scammers, etc. like you described. I don’t know why it’s happening and I don’t know how to stop it. I really, really wish I knew how to fix this because it is absolutely poisoning this community that’s supposed to be about having fun. I just don’t know what else to say besides… I’m sorry this is happening to you. You don’t deserve this.

  10. Hi, Dear Yanderedev

    I don’t know if you will read my comment, and you can say that my wrotes are stupid, that i’m just look like silly, like if i’m here to make drama… i will never be mad at it, it’s ok. But i think it’s time for me to act, stop being silent, just pop up to say how much i am grateful to you. And i certified that all i am writting are true.

    (I even create an account just to post this comment!)

    I know, i will make a lot of mistakes, but, i do my best in english! And, Please everyone, don’t be rude at me!
    And.. yes, i think it will be a looong long everlasting comment… sorry to make wasting your precious time Yanderedev (if you read it, of course)

    Without knowing absolutely nothing, Yanderedev you are a savior for me. Your game save my mind, my life, and your blog post of developpement improve my english like never any english teacher in France can do.

    Lemme explain! 😀

    I am…. a weird person. Unnable to make easely some friends, because I’m NOT normal. I have an autistic syndrome nammed “Asperger”. (And i only know that i have this, this years. It took me 23 years to finaly have a diagnostic!!) But i was raised like a normal person, in a normal world, with normal people.
    So, each school years, even if I was just alone, run to library at each breaks of the day, and don’t speak with someone, i was just… always the “weird poor girl who is always bullied because it’s funny”. Each years all my classmate always make fun at me: insult, laught at me, ashamed, beat me, reject me, etc… i always think about suicide, but i never do a thing about that. I got depress a lot of time, but i manage to always give an image of “having a good day”.

    One day (in 2015), i discovered an article wich speak about yandere sim “this game learns you how to kill someone without being noticed”. What the fuck is that? It’s looked so crazy! But… i upload the game, and play. It was so funny! So, every time i had a bad day, i played. This game release my stress. And without this stress… i started to feel better. And, i slowly stopped to think about bad things. It saved my mind, It saved my life.

    Do you know that? France are a terrible country if you want to learn how to speak english or another language. Well: in my case, i had a teacher who was ever … never here. I one year, This absent teacher never give us a proper lesson. And, even if i had other teacher, in a class of 25-30 pupils who doesn’t want to work… you just CAN’T work and learn anything. So… for long long looong time i was never able to make a proper speech or text in english.

    By upload the game, i discovered this blog post (wich i never ever comment before today). The fact that you always triying to uptade this game 2 times in a month gave me reading. Your videos, (that i wasn’t able to understand what you was saiyed on before), i watch them. And re-watch. I never stop to re-re-re-re-rewatching your videos. Absolutely ALL of them! I even watch Deolink and Squeezi giving a french translation of your videos, and you know what? It gave me a real intense training in english! I’ve become more confident in this language, and i even tried other games all in english, like Undertale! From my 5/20 (very bad note) when i was 12 years old, now, at my 23 years old, i had a 20/20 in english at my diploma! Do you believed that? I CAN’T! Just… woah look ho much lines of text i wrote! This is so crazy! I can’t believe that i was so bad before! Your efforts gave me an incomensurable treasure: the liberty to speak, and understand, in no matter what language it is. (But yeah, i do some mistakes)

    Can you imagine how thankfull and gratefull i am? You even inspired me, i wan’t to make video games, but i never do that, so i don’t know how to programming… but, if i try, and create a video game, will i be able to share some little sparkles of joy like you did?

    If bad things happens to you, you have the right to just slow down. Take a break, go on hollidays, eat chocolate, see friends, do whatever you want, if that makes you feel better. You are precious. Not only for me, but for us. Real fan will understand that you need to rest. For me, it’s okay, that’s fine. You can even take the best long break of your life and release Osana on the game 6 years after today, or even if you never release her it’s okay too! I will wait, like the other true fans. So take your time, but, please, care about yourself at first.
    We all loves you, and be at your side. You are the best!

    • That’s awesome! I have Asperger’s Syndrome as well (I was also diagnosed at age 23!! What a bizarre coincidence…), and I know how hard it can be some days.

      Let me know you need someone to help you practice English, or if you just need to chat 🙂

      • Bonjour! 😀

        Woah, that’s so strange, what a coincidence! XD

        Well, the two solutions will just help me to learn and practice. But more important: if you see mistakes, i will be glad if you warn me, and gave me some explanations. I need to learn how to have a correct language 🙂

  11. please continue with the game i think you’re brilliant and have been such a huge inspiration to me and others in my computer science classes.
    its thanks to you I want to pursue a career in video game development so please please continue, don’t give up.

  12. Strength, Yanderedev. The voices of those who hate are a lot louder and frequent than those of us who silently watch your progress with a smile. We’re here too, we’re just a lot quieter by nature.

  13. Oh my! Dude! I know of depression (struggling myself) and by the looks of it, I would strongly advice you to honor your mind and body and take a looooooong deserved break!!!! (Even a year if you need that!)
    Forget about other people for a moment and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FOCUS ON YOURSELF! If you get demotivated and depressed about this it sooooooo is NOT WORTH IT!
    Please don’t force yourself to work on something that no longer brings you joy at the moment.

  14. hi Yanderedev..
    keep up the good work, you’re doing great! we will wait for the necessary time about the release of osana, so don’t worry!

  15. I know that is not of my bussiness or anything but I think that you should stay strong and don’t listen to those people that make your life impossible, take it how it is: a bunch of nobodys jealous of your work, they think that making you feel like garbaje will make you to stop doing what you like and that’s what you have to aviod. Don’t listen to them, I know how hard it is but just focus on what really matters, and never stop following your dreams!
    It doesn’t matter if you can’t release Osana right now, focus on going back to normal, your true fans will wait paciently. After all, we’ve been waiting until now right?
    PS: sorry for my bad english :p

  16. Please stay strong Yanderedev! you got a great project and it would be a great loss if you quit! Beside those haters you got a whole community who is with you and wishe you the best! And maybe after you released Osana you could take a break from work, even internet, for a while? Either way in the actual situation the most important thing is not what others think, what important is YOU and your mental health so please don’t listen those gremlins, take care of yourself and remember that all your fans are behind you! ^_^

  17. I feel sorry for your awful experience. We know how much you’ve put into this project and how awsome the game is. Maybe it’s time to take a rest, we will wait for the update until you feel better? After all, your well-being is the most important thing. Thank you for all your hard work and I wish you a pleasant day.

  18. You are one of my game dev heroes; no lie. I’m a hobby developer trying to get into more serious game making and following your work has been a huge inspiration. Watching how this project has grown and continues to grow from a rough tech demo. Fuck the haters. You do good work and you work hard. You. Kick. Ass. Yandere Sim is my personal goal for what I want my own solo projects to look like.

    Take care of yourself, keep it up, and don’t stop rocking.

  19. Honestly, I dont know if you are getting help, but please, if you haven´t, go for it. We can wait for the release of osana. And all those who made those videos about you are just looking for attention, sadly you were unlucky enough to become the target. Most of the commenters are people who can´t have an opinion for themselves. You earned my greatest respect for working on this project so ambitiously and inspired so many people to do the same.

  20. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!

    You can’t give up where you’re at right now! Stupid losers that are calling you those things are just jealous of you that you’re able to make a fully functional game by yourself, without a team of people! Don’t listen to those a**holes, you don’t deserve to stop 8 years of work because of them.

    I don’t know what happened in your personal life that’s making you feel even worse, but I’ll assure you, I’ll get better soon. I used to be suicidal – it was hard, as I took it all in of what people said about me and made it who I was. But my friend found me cutting myself and told me that there is NO reason why I should kill misled because I them. So I stopped.

    I hope that everything in your life gets better. Remember not to listen to mean people, and think about how excited you could be when you finish Osana! And there are literally millions of people who care about you and your game! So don’t give up!

    Hopefully this helped you a little bit at least!

  21. I think it’s always hard to folowing a scheme, a deadline, we want to have, while everything can happen in a life.
    It’s true that he got money, but because he have difficulties to finish the game, and makes everyone waiting is not and never an excuse to create an amout of harassement: look, you paid, so stop act like this or he will never be able to finish!
    He doesn’t give up, and even if he have dificulties, we can see at the previous post that he did something really big :3
    And even the slightest of debug fixing build are always a good job to make the game more better!

    I think he did some mistakes, like every human on earth can do, but actualy, he need courage to achieve something real! Be a litle more patient! Can’t you see how much the game had improved from 2014?

  22. listen dude. You are inspiring a lot of people with your work, and even when there so much hate out there, and the noise inside of your head is getting worst and worst, do not give up. Don’t quit, tomorrow cannot be better if you are not there to see it, and not only our fans needs you and respect you, the people who criticize are in fact pulled over with your greatness. Do not do this for us or for then, do not do it for yourself if you don’t feel like it. Do it for Yandere-Chan. Your creation needs you and even when the day is at it’s darkness and cold moment, tomorrow will be another day to kill for sempai. Feel free to reach for help or to talk, you are not alone, and trust me, the ones who care for you and want you to live and keep with your legacy are a lot more than the haters. You are not alone… and everything will be alright.

  23. I am so sorry that you feel like this,and I sincerely hope you can find help (because it seems like you absolutely need some)and get better. I would love to see you manage to complete the game, but I really understand (and think most of us do, just the silent ones) if you can’t and you just need to let it go to work on yourself.
    Although if it helps, you have really inspired me to go for an artistic job and do something that I love. Thnak you for that. Take the time you need to feel better. Know that so many people really like you and your work!
    Good luck!

  24. YandereDev, I’m from India and I love your game. I’ve been supporting you since 2016 and me and my bunch of friends are very excited for your game’s release. You’ve got fans worldwide who love you. So don’t give up, YandereDev! Stay strong and all the very best! 😄

  25. Hi! i think that would be good to you to get a psychologist! I have one and they helped me a lot. I was depressed for years. I’m recovering now. You really receive a big amount of hate and you should take care of your mental health! One thing that helps me is just continue one thing at a time. Do your thing take a break if you feel down eat your favorite food do your favorite thing go to a psychologist and keep going. you can finally finish this commitment and go on. Things are gonna get better and you gonna be ok! Just stay here with us 🙂 there are very beaultiful things you need to know yet God bless you! Jesus loves you. I will put you in my prays

  26. These people make me sick. Harassing someone to the point where they are depressed? What’s Yandere Dev ever done to you, huh? Leave him alone! He’s already pushing himself to the limit working on the game, he doesn’t need you making his life worse. He doesn’t deserve that.

  27. Created this account for the sole purpose of telling you that I’m so proud of this project and how far you’ve come along. I think your well being should be valued above anything, though. I support whatever decision you think is right for you. It really bothers me that the “criticism” has gotten to this extent, I can only imagine how disheartening that is. You’ve got this!

  28. Hey… yandere dev, i dunno if you’re reading this but I love you, y’know man? I’ve been following yandere simulator for a long time since 2016. I know what you’ve been through, AND YOU DON’T DESERVE THESE HARASSMENT. You, always gives us news for some updates EVERY WEEK and I enjoyed those every time. Making this game alone is hard. I don’t care if the game progress is slow, you’re the only man make this game! You can’t help it, right?! Please… just take your time to recover and you don’t have to listen those ‘people’. They didn’t know anything about you! For now, just don’t check some message that will distract you and only focus at the game. You can check those later after you’ve done all of your business. I always waiting for you yandere dev, don’t underestimate my patience :3

    I’m sorry if some of these sounds misleading, my English is bad :”)

  29. Hi Yandev,

    You’re welcome to delete this message after you’ve read it, I’d understand your reasons why and I really don’t care anyway.
    I’ve heard people talk about you, and quite frankly, while their words don’t make you look good, it certainly makes them look a lot worse.

    Seriously, they’re trying to document the fact that you were socially-awkward, but what kind of asshole stalks somebody over the internet, posts captions of messages that go fucking years back, posts their real life address online, spreads pictures of them, and spend their whole fucking day mindlessly hating on them?

    I don’t care who you are or who you used to be and I don’t fucking care about your private life. I don’t care if you never finish the game, or if it takes you 10 more years to program it – I have other stuff to occupy my life with, which is apparently not the case of some people.

    If you’ve had people close to you telling you that you should take some time off the internet and developing the game, they’re probably right and I would encourage that. I would also advise getting a lawyer and then make a public announcement about it, just to remind people that there are consequences to their actions. It’s clear that you did stuff that you are obviously ashamed of, but while you were being a prick, the things THEY are doing is a criminal offense in apparently many states.

    Hope you read my message, if you didn’t that’s fine since I’m sure your haters will have made a caption of it and will gladly comment on it till the rest of their life

  30. YandereDev, you’re an inspiration to me. Everything gets hate, so the best thing to do is to just focus on what makes you happy instead. I’m excited whenever I see new builds and especially when it’s video-worthy. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t let anyone hold you back. (of course take breaks when you need to, but still)

  31. Despite everyone being a jerk to you, remember there are thousands more that love you. Those who have nothing better to do than harass you are just lonely little trolls. I don’t actually like anime… like.. AT ALL.. but I absolutely LOVE this game. If you can make someone who hates anime like this, you can do anything! I love running around and seeing the new things and easter eggs you add, even if I don’t get all of them. I love all the hard work and dedication you put into it and I’m sorry that people are ruining that for you because you should be doing something because you love doing it, not because it’s expected. Yes, I’d love this game to be released, but we’ve waited this long and if you need to take a small break, do it. Sometimes that’s all you need is to take a week or two maybe a month off and just shut off all social media, discord etc and refresh yourself. But know that you have so many fans and people who care about you for you, not just your game. I don’t expect to get a reply, that’s alright. But if you want, I have a large list of things I do to help me from self harming. Not saying you are, but you hinted you were suicidal possibly, so I just would very much like to help. If you havent seen it, at least watch To This Day by Shane Koyczan. That’s my go to poem when I’m feeling down and it’s a slow start but I love it. I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated, my email / inbox w/e is always open. 🙂 ❤ Stay Strong My Darling! ❤

  32. Hi Yandere dev

    I made this account just to comment on this.

    I don’t care how long it takes to get Osana or the official demo out, as long as you feel like it’s good enough and that you take care of yourself and think about your mental health. To every dark side there is a light side and I hope I and many others showed you that there is a light side to even this.

    I hope that you’ll get better
    -random stranger from the internet

  33. YandereDev,

    your work has inspired people like me in so many different ways. You shouldn’t stop that just because some people are assholes and bullies. You should remember that your identity is more than just a machine that mindlessly produces a video game. You are an actual person with actual problems. Some people don’t get that, and they think its okay to bully you and harass you,. You should also get some help like going to a counselor to help with both the issues in your personal life, and the overwhelming stress that comes from working on Yandere Simulator. You should remember your humanity, it’s okay if you are a little late with Osana because you go to a counselor. If you ever feel like you want to harm yourself, just think of all the people that you have inspired to persevere and stay determined.

    I hope you listen to what I said and take my advice. If you don’t, I understand too.

  34. Yandere dev,
    In your video about hate and shame, you mention how others see your coding method of long if-then statements messy and impractical.
    You also mention that no one bothers to ask you about it. I personally have some developing experience and have entered a few game jams. Could you explain why you use these methods, as to me they do seem a bit unnecessary.

      • I don’t believe that the if-else statements are the only problem pointed out in the code by your critiques.
        -Too many transformations
        -Too many get component calls
        are some examples.

        But that readability issue can be addressed by just using a comment.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by “transformations” in this context. But, as for GetComponent calls…

        There were an abundance of GetComponent calls in Update() functions prior to July 2017. In July 2017, GetComponent calls were removed from Update() functions wherever possible. I think my “critics” are attempting to critique outdated versions of scripts that were already refactored 3 years ago.

        When I talk about “readability”, I’m not talking about identifying *what* the code does; I’m talking about easily understanding *how* it works at a glance.

  35. I’d like to address the people suggesting that Dev see a psychiatrist. I say this with all due respect because I know you mean well, but maybe you shouldn’t suggest it. I think the people suggesting this are either very rich or live in a country with socialized medicine. Here in the US, the health care system is broken. Ordinary doctors are expensive and psychiatrists are astronomically expensive. No one cares if people can’t afford ordinary health care and mental health is treated like a joke. It’s a sad reality. The only people in America who can afford psychiatric health had nothing more traumatic happen than the parents divorcing and they didn’t know whether to go with Daddy who got the yacht and married the babysitter or Mommy who got the mansion and BMW. (The only thing worse than first world problems is one percenter problems.)

    Personally, I do not presume to advise Dev to do anything beyond realize there are people who care about him. It’s all up to him.

    That’s all. Thank you.

    • Hi! I know health systhem in the usa is difficult :/ but i suggested that because he has been depressed for years and deal with a LOT of hate on the internet and i was depressed for years and things just got better when i seek for professional help i know everybody is different but by following his posts i am really worried with his mental health and i know that has people who care about you can totally be ignored by your mind
      Also he receive money from patreon and i can totally say investing in your mental health is 100% worth it

    • I mean, I live in the US and while yes, accessibility to health care is a huge issue, there are a number of affordable options if you’re willing to search for it. I grew up in poverty. I had one dead parent and one that only worked part-time as a janitor. We didn’t have central heating or air, our house was falling apart, and we lived on food stamps and charity food drives. But, when I was a teen and my mom found out that I was deeply suicidal, we found a mental health clinic that accepted Medicaid so I could get therapy at almost no cost to us. It wasn’t the best quality (it was a training clinic, which tends to be more affordable even if you don’t have insurance, but the affordability comes at the cost of not getting to see someone with a lot of experience) but, it was a hell of a lot better than not getting treatment at all. If I hadn’t been able to go to that clinic I don’t think I would even be alive today (or, even if I didn’t take my life, I would be in a much worse spot mentally and probably wouldn’t have been able to go to college or achieve any of the things I’ve achieved).
      I understand I was lucky enough to have access to Medicaid. If my family had been, say, lower middle class rather than impoverished (so just above the income brackets to be eligible for government assistance), paradoxically enough, it would have been much harder for me to have access to physical or mental health care. Again, I understand that the accessibility and cost of healthcare is a huge problem in this country, and I’m not in any way trying to diminish that, but I don’t think it’s right to discourage someone from seeking counseling they need. There are affordable options for people who can’t otherwise afford it. Like I mentioned, training clinics tend to be cheaper. There are also clinics that do sliding scale prices based on your income. There ARE options even in the US if you’re willing to look for them.
      In fact, I spent five seconds on Google and found an article on how to find affordable counseling options if you’re uninsured or underinsured:

      • I’m so happy with your comment! Thank you for it and the information you gave us! And it is really great to see that it worked to you! God bless you! And i totally agree with “it isn’t right to discourage someone to seek help”

  36. Today I used the new YandereSimulator launcher. Many things have changed and are convenient! I noticed a slight change in the text that appears after running YandereSimulator.

  37. Yandere Dev, I’ve been watching some Yansim let’s plays recently and people really like the Game.
    Like it enough to consider studying up and researching what to do.
    They get stuck from time to time and sometimes don’t know what to do but they always try playing it again and again to get better at it.

    I just recently came back from Watching a Man with whom you once spoke with stream your Game. And he recently learned how to engage into combat with the delinquents.

    What I’m saying is, even if 1000 people say the Game is trash there are still 10000 more people who will disagree and say it’s one of the best games they ever played.

    Along with Persona 4 and DDLC of course.
    You can do this Yandere Dev.
    We’re still here to support you no matter what happens.

    You’re our developer! Not the one we need but definitely the One we deserve.

    Best wishes from Bangladesh

  38. I absolutely love this game and realise it’s definitely a complex game to create. I don’t understand the hate, myself and my kids absolutely love to play it even with bugs. We know sometimes things don’t pan out in time, this game is absolutely impressive, creative, different and extremely fun already! I look forward to every update and don’t care how long it takes. Know your work and time is very appreciated and I am happy you aren’t going to stop because of the negativity. There’s a lot of us cheering for you. Sending good energy. Keep up the fantastic work!

  39. Dear Yandere Dev,

    This is my first time posting here, but I’d like to tell you that everything will be okay. Pretty sure that the fanbase is understanding and is willing to wait a bit longer.

    As for those uh… What did you call them again? Gremlins? Yeah, gremlins. I can safely say that karma exists and it will come back to bite them hard. Years ago when I was bullied and frankly it has hindered my ability to make friends and trust. It wasn’t until recently when I learned that karma has wrecked their lives in ways that I couldn’t even fathom. It’s only a matter of time for them. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose any further since I am not allowed to due to a certain contract I signed. Also as a matter of professional etiquette as well. However, please believe me when I say it did happen and it will happen to them too.

    Until then, please know that you do in fact have a loyal fanbase and we are understanding.


    A fan

  40. @azupetitpoulet Well, to be honest my life is not easy, but I do know that my perspective is disrupted by my highly developed society. I know it could be far more worse, for example take a look at the children in Bangladesh (living the whole live on flooded trash), or people who lost their families in war across the world. Anyway, I am not here because of my problems, they don’t really matter. I am here because of the will to develop my knwolege about the “postmarxist postmodern mental threats” in international society.The entire process is called “anticulture”, which means that since the middle of XX century western propagada downgreads culture to the barbrian, pogan level. By this I mean for example toilet in the museum, screaming lady as concert, silence as music and paintings painted in irrational way or painted by eggs thrown from somebody’s as-s. Yeah, that is anticulture. To be hoest I am not capable of descraibing you this phenomenon in rational way. I do not have time, nor knowlage in order to pretend to be an expert. I am here, because for the last few years this game had nothing to offer except of thoughtless murdering of students. No plot, nor the reason and targets to be killed. Nor the mechanic is even good. Yet, here we are and this man has managed to develop community around the person of psychotic killer.

  41. I’m so sorry you are going through this, NOTHING justifies the amount of harassment and hate you have received. People are disgusting, truly, I just really hope You can get through this, not the game, but YOU. You matter, you deserve happiness and joy, and you have all the right to defend yourself and live. Please don’t give up on your life, this project is just a game and just know you have truly tried your best, and that there is still people who love, support and believe in you. But, your mental health is way more important.

  42. Greetings, YandereDev!

    Bob Bob is my name. A comical “Lets Play” introduced your game to me a few years ago and I have silently followed it ever since. I’m a few versions behind and I am eagerly anticipating the release of the next version for Osana to jump in to and see what is new for myself.

    As for the issues described on this update? Fuck those guys.
    There is no better way to say it. We now live in an age where shit-slinging from behind a keyboard is so easy and common a pastime for some truly sad and pathetic people. I myself suffer from stigma and abuse where I live from people who have nothing better to do than judge others due to stagnant-minded dogma here. I get it personally and behind my back. Been stabbed twice too. Online harassment isn’t something I have to deal with as I am not on a platform, but from my understanding it is sadly part and parcel with being an online identity as a more and more growing popular creator.

    The only advice I have to give you? Do not give in to it. Giving up gives naysayers, hate preachers and all other manner of pointless sadacts the win they are looking for. Defy it. Deny them the hollow victories they crave. Do not rise to their baiting or lower yourself to their level.

    I myself have had a miserable start to 2020. Almost in to March and there is little that has gone in my favour. I fell in to a really bad way a few weeks back and was ready to give up on everything. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Even as low as I was feeling, I couldn’t lose to the likes of them.

    So I’ll say it again. Do not give in to it. Giving up gives naysayers, hate preachers and all other manner of pointless sadacts the win they are looking for. Defy it. Deny them the hollow victories they crave. Do not rise to their baiting or lower yourself to their level.

    So yes. I am looking forward to the next big update. You’ve got plenty of time to do it. If you need to take a break then take a break, so long as that isn’t an excuse to run away from it.

    From a fan and wannabe writer/creator myself…you can do it. If you can get this far then you can go all the way!

    • Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go eliminate any potential competition…


      …he doesn’t have a choice…

  43. Take your time, if you feel like doing nothing one day then follow your instinc. I discovered this game a week ago and I really love it, but if ur communities is trash talking you then your right, don’t release the game and make them wait even more longer. Take care of yourself and f*ck those jerks. Do what you love and live your best life.

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