February 1st Update

When you think about it, it’s actually kind of a miracle that, over the course of the past 70 months, there haven’t been any events that took me away from development for an extended period of time. No jury duty, no family emergencies, no health issues, etc. But, unfortunately, that good luck couldn’t last forever.

The past 2 weeks were dominated by problems going on in my personal life, and as a result, I wasn’t able to work on the game as much as I wanted to. I was planning for the February 1st update to contain something really special: a long-awaited feature that I alluded to at the end of my previous video. However, it didn’t get to happen, because I rarely got an opportunity to sit down and work on the game. This is a pretty rare circumstance, and hopefully it’s not something that is going to extend into the future.

Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to make a big new addition to the game, I still found the time to make dozens of meaningful changes. The latest build contains 30 fixes/changes/additions, 3x more than the average build. All of these adjustments to the game will make the Osana demo much more enjoyably, and less janky! But before I share a list of all the changes in the latest build, I’d like to share a few videos with you:

First, Sakura Media released a new episode of LOVESICK! It’s really good – check it out!

YouTuber Chris.J Red created a really cool Yandere Simulator AMV set to a remix of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”! He really went the extra mile, and even created hand-drawn animation for it! Give it a watch!

Last but not least, SeanFilmProduction re-created my Promo Concept video entirely within Minecraft. I was unaware that Minecraft machinima had progressed to this point; I’m impressed with what he was able to accomplish!

Seeing so many awesome fan-made creations really warms my heart and fills me with determination to give you the best product I possibly can!

Anyway, without further ado, click “Continue Reading” to read the changelog for the latest build.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to permanently walk around all day with an object in their hands if the player attended class while that character was holding a dropped object (like a fire extinguisher). (This could lead to some ridiculous situations…)
  • Fixed bug that was preventing teachers from using unique voice lines when realizing that Yandere-chan was guilty of murder (for example, if a teacher sees a corpse and then later sees Yandere-chan covered in blood, she deduces that Yandere-chan must be the killer, and she has a voiced line for this).
  • Fixed bug on the yanderesimulator.com website that would make the “Wife” character cover up the text in her biography. (But, just to let you know, if this ever happens again, simply re-size the window to shrink the character, and the character won’t cover up the text anymore.)
  • If the player killed a student while standing directly behind a student council member, this would activate a “dead-alive” bug where the game believed that the player had a game over, but the player was still allowed to walk around freely. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a phone addict to make you go to jail, if they realized you were guilty of a murder after taking a photo of a corpse (even though they didn’t actually have an incriminating photo of you, specifically).
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to instantly become alarmed by Yandere-chan, if Yandere-chan was doing something suspicious within their cone of vision while the student was alarmed by a suspicious object on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student council member to instantly pepper-spray Yandere-chan from across the map, if they realized that Yandere-chan was a murderer while on their way to report a corpse to a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai to walk in place if the player caught his attention with a giggle, entered his “pink screen range”, freaked him out, and then walked out of his “pink screen range”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weird animation glitches to happen if Yandere-chan was shoved by a student council member at the same time as she was in the middle of a “lifting heavy weight” animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher’s pet to permanently freeze in place if the teacher thought that the pet was pranking them, then got distracted by a laugh as they were leaving the area.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a teacher from having a proper reaction to a corpse if she spotted a corpse while on her way to investigate something else that a student had reported to her.
  • If you are playing the game with a keyboard, the loading screen will display a keyboard. If you are playing the game with a gamepad, the loading screen will display a gamepad.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to freeze in place while performing their “drinking water” animation if they were a certain distance from the player.
  • Fixed bug that made it difficult/impossible for a teacher to pathfind to a corpse that died between two floors (for example, in a stairway area).
  • Fixed bug that would cause blood pools to spawn in places that the player could not reach, if the player dismembered a corpse on a stairwell.
  • Added hills/trees around the school environment, so that the player can’t see a giant empty void when peeking outside of the school walls.
  • Corpses will no longer bleed when dropped in the burial area of the gardening club (because the blood would be impossible to clean up).
  • Fixed bug that would prevent delinquents from reacting properly to the sight of a bloody weapon, dismembered limb, or puddle of blood.
  • Finished replacing all instances of “Yandere-chan” from the end-of-day sequence. (That sequence should only use the name “Ayano”.)
  • Saki/Kokona will now attack Yandere-chan if either of those two characters witnesses Yandere-chan attacking the other character.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Heroic student to magically drop dead if three Heroic students witnessed a death simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to wear two pairs of panties simultaneously, if she was using Uniform #3, #4, or #5.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to send a mind-broken slave to kill Kokona while the Matchmaking minigame was active.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to drag/carry Horuda’s corpse if she died at the spot where she sits on the rooftop.
  • Removed the “Manga will make you late to school” text box, since that feature was removed from the game a while ago.
  • Updated Unagi’s reputation points (liked/feared/respected) to better reflect his profile’s description.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to see Mission Mode HUD elements inside of Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to soft-lock if someone caught Yandere-chan pickpocketing.
  • A student who witnesses pickpocketing will now alert the student that you were stealing from.
  • Changed the school bell sound effect to one that has much higher audio quality.

113 thoughts on “February 1st Update


      • Sometimes, the launcher doesn’t work. Sometimes, the same thing happens to me. Simply, just download the zip file and extract the file the zip comes in. You should be able to play the game eventually. Or, if you don’t want the zip file, try to delete the launcher and try again. I’m sorry if I wasn’t making at sense; at least I can say I tried. If you want, you can look up a tutorial on how to fix it if I wasn’t specific.

  1. With „that feature“ you wanted to drop today, how about you just wait until April 1st? Make it look like it’s for April fools, and then if isn’t.

    Well whatever lol. I hope whatever caught you away the past two weeks wasn’t too unpleasant! Thanks for the great work YanDev!

    • I disagree. Because that would mean the demo wouldn’t be ready in April, we are so close that I genuinely HOPE it’s done by April.

      I saw an image of Dev on Discord saying that the demo wouldn’t be out THIS YEAR… Please I hope that isn’t true.

      • Please don’t spread misinformation.

        The demo will definitely be out this year. The amount of work remaining to be done is so small, it can’t possibly take an entire year to complete it.

      • ulu don’t hate for no reason… you are not YandereDev and you don’t know what needs to be done to 100% finish the demo.

      • [@ulu]
        It never fails to amaze me how little work people assume goes into games…or any other creative work, really, but all the artistic demands and technical challenges posed by video games make peoples’ assertions that Dev X is just “lazy” still more absurd. The fact that Yandere Dev got as far as he has is proof for his diligence.
        Criticize the choices a creator makes all you like, if you feel there’s truly something wrong with them, but *never* call them lazy. I’ll relax this rule for people who have actually done comparable work [e.g. Dan Olsen of Folding Ideas has worked as a film editor, so I’m fine with him calling a movie’s editing lazy], but most random people on the Internet haven’t even thrown together a buggy little mod, let alone a full-fledged game prototype.

    • DON”T LISTEN TO HIM! IF YOU CAN, DON’T WAIT 3 MONTHES FOR A SINGLE FEATURE! IT’S BETTER TO GET IT DONE EARLY! (Don’t stress anything though, if you still have famiy problems, that’s perfectly fine)

    • That feature was removed since it contained many bugs and was not necessary in any way since the teacher/people apprehending the player/student council girls would catch up with the player anyway, there was no point in it other than messing around and so it is extremely unlikely it will be added again

      • I don’t see how it’s “not necessary”. It gives you the advantage of running to a hidden spot where you can kill a person who is chasing you. On the student council this doesn’t work, but with teachers, heroes and so on it was great to get rid of them, without getting spotted by people.

  2. After Snap mode is implemented, will we get the latest version of unity in order to improve the frame rate?
    If the frame rate improves, do the rainbow students stay in the town or return to the School? Just curious.

    Also, what about the study points at school? Will those be fully implemented in the official Demo?

    • Most likely, yes,but to run over 30 fps you still need a high quality computer to do so.

      Since the school already has 100 students, the rainbow characters are not coming back in the main game. YandereDev has stated that
      they might return in 1980’s mode or there might be a reference to them as “School Idols” in the future.

      About the study points, I’m not sure actually. YandereDev did suggest removing the classroom feature all together.

    • In one of the videos, yandere dev said that one of the resons the framerate was so bad was because the school are just walls sticked together instead of a single complete model. Rendering that much when you spawn in is like cooking an egg on Arizona streets. It works ( unfortunately ) but not that good

      • It makes sense when you’re throwing a temporary school building together for a prototype (especially if you haven’t finalized the school layout yet, since otherwise you’d need to make new models every time you added a room or changed a hallway). Here’s hoping a more permanent solution is implemented for the Official Demo.

  3. Who else wants Osana to be released on February 14??🧐 It’s exactly 2 weeks from now and unless yandere dev runs into a huge bug or game design flaw it is possible🤗 I wish he would release every rival on the 14th of February, it would give the players a date to be excited for! Other than knowing that it’s Valentine’s Day😂

  4. It’s kinda weird that the beginning of this post is extremely similar the the beginning of the January 2017 Progress Report video.

  5. Honestly, I think you should only release Snap mode on the official demo, because it’s as hyped as Osana, so that would do a great hype and a feeling of “Wow… This is the demo I’ve been waiting for for years”. I believe that’d be a good idea because changing the UI and the menus will, of course, look different but it wouldn’t make us feel the demo was anything different from all the builds.

    Keep it up Dev, do your best in this time, we’re so close. I just don’t wanna lose my hope on you.
    Good luck!

    • But the rivals are the main feature of the game… The demo should contain at least one rival in my opinion because again they are the main feature of the game, not Snap Mode.

      • Well yeah but changing the UI and menus has nothing to do with rivals but Yandere Dev will do it in the demo,it will be great to have SNAP mode in the demo and not now,the demo will feel so much different and even if has nothing to do with rivals (it kind does) the player will feel “wow…it feels so different and better now” since people wants Osana and SNAP mode for a very long time it would be and awesome combo,well atleast at my opinion

  6. Love Yandere Simulator and the lorr, and ur doing a great job, Yandere Dev!!! Congrats on almost making it to the finished Osana Demo, and I hope whatever personal problems u have goin’ on will go away soon, cuz no one wants a Sad Yandere Dev because we want u to feel the same joy u make us feel!! Also we can all agree that the “big change” u didn’t get to implement is SNAP MODE RIGHT?!?!? RIGHT?!!??!?

  7. We really love you YandereDev! Rest if you cannot work!
    That function is SNAP mode ?!
    I will be very happy if this is so 🙂

    I love YanSim!
    Sorry for the mistakes, I’m from Russia. And even in our country, many love this game: 3

  8. A lot of the changes aren’t cosmetic. Obviously it would look the same; he’s been focusing on game play.

    The game didn’t start development until 2014. What year are you living in?

    • I’m pretty sure that you can’t lure students outside if they are already in their classroom already, also making students go to the bathroom during class while you are not in class will make them even easier targets to kill

  9. I dunno if you will read this or not, But I am so happy that the demo is going to come out this year. Thank you!

    • You do know that Japan mostly is “white” and a game is not necessarily racist if it doesn’t add different colored characters because it does not fit in with the setting. You can’t just scream racist at everything you dislike.

      • they didnt say anything about racism, and also, japan isn’t “white”, its japanese.. and japanese skintones come in a wide variety. its not that all japanese are light-skinned, its that thats the beauty standard in japan

  10. Is anyone else getting a crash at random times during the game? It’s super weird and annoying. It’s never happened before and I’ve only gotten crashes with a modded game, but I didn’t mod this build…

  11. I Really cant wait for the game to be finished, but please don’t over work YanDev! We all care about you and your health..

  12. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! Is there an official Yandere Simulator Fan Site?!!?! I’ve searched it on WordPress but only found “Yandere Simulator Fan HotSpot.” Is that it?! I’m a huge fan and would definitely follow the site if it existed. Do u know if it exists?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!

  13. Ur doing great work Yandere Dev!!!!! Thank u for the gift of Yandere Simulator, the fans r eternally greatful!!!!!!!!! Hope ur person stuff smooths over!!!

  14. There are advertisements for yandere sim now??? saw one in a video and it sent me to a pcgamernerds website. I don’t think its real so I still just use the launcher and download from the official site. Anyone else get it or know what it is?

  15. I like how many of these bugs painted a picture of a school becoming desensitized to Ayano’s violence.

    Fixed bug that would cause a phone addict to make you go to jail, if they realized you were guilty of a murder after taking a photo of a corpse (even though they didn’t actually have an incriminating photo of you, specifically).
    “Ayano, I realize we don’t have any direct evidence that you killed this student…but come on, we all know it was you.”

    Fixed bug that would prevent a teacher from having a proper reaction to a corpse if she spotted a corpse while on her way to investigate something else that a student had reported to her.
    “Ugh, not another one. Maybe someone else will handle it if I pretend not to notice…”

    Fixed bug that would cause a student to freeze in place while performing their “drinking water” animation if they were a certain distance from the player.
    “Maybe if I just stand still she won’t notice me…”

    A student who witnesses pickpocketing will now alert the student that you were stealing from.
    “At least she’s not killing them…”

  16. Man, I just clicked on a Yandere Dev hate video saying he was a pedo and blah blah. I got very internally angry at the video and comment section going on how the fans are all 12 year olds when they themselves were acting as such. I didn’t say anything despite me really wanting too. It’s like Yandere Dev said, there is no way of reasoning with people like that.
    It’s all honestly quite disturbing to me.

    Anyway sorry about that, I just felt the need to vent this. This game has come so far and I can not wait until the demo is ready!
    I know my pc can’t handle it unfortunately but seeing so much effort and time put into this project and it surviving all these hardships is truly inspiring!

  17. Yandere Dev please don’t pay attention to these people. Don’t check your email if you have to. Please get some rest.

    Your fans won’t want you to be upset over this. You just have to be well rested and continue the game’s development.
    There are still people who support you.
    I don’t care whether you read this or not but there are people who still despite All the Drama are defending you and just want you to be at perfect health.

    Please just ignore these harassers

  18. Yandere Dev please don’t give these people any attention. Take a break if you have to. Let All of this die down and do nothing till then.

  19. Yandere Dev, I, as a real fan of Yandere Simulator, want to say…. that you need to rest…. I worry about you every day… you don’t post updates for a long time…. and that bothers me…. We want you to rest…..
    I want to say….. what
    we are proud of you…. Yandere Dev….take a vacation ……. we’ll wait….. Thanks….

      • Work at whatever pace he desires. Being so devoted to his game for such a long time, he definitely deserves a break . Any person
        would understand that sometimes life hands you lemons and we all need a breather from time to time. *really wanted to insert a portal 2 Joke*

  20. He must have been stressed because he was dedicated to game development. Even if Yandere Dev’s development of Yandere Simulator is late, he must have healthy health. Yandere Dev! Don’t overdo it! I’m worried he’s going to be hard. I’d like to sponsor $ 100, but I don’t have enough money. I love the Yandere Simulator very much and watched it evolve over time. He fixed many of the Yandere Simulators. Without his dedication, the latest version of YandereSimulator would not have been there. I can wait. Please take a rest. Yandere Dev.

  21. Yandere Dev, please don’t feel bad.
    If you’re feeling stressed because of All of this then just relax for sometime.
    I understand if you’re next update is delayed.
    Please get some rest and get well soon Sir.
    A fan from Asia

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