January 17th Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve been fixing a LOT of bugs during the process of preparing the official demo. The latest version of the game is way less buggy/janky than it was before, so I’ve decided to release a new build.

To read a list of everything that is different in the latest build (and maybe read about something else, too…) scroll down past this super-cool illustration by Nanteka!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Adjusted some of the text that displays when the player leaves school at the end of the day. Because Senpai will leave school with Osana before 6:00 PM, text like “Yandere-chan stood at the entrance of the school and waited for Senpai…” wouldn’t make sense if the player is leaving school after Senpai had already left school. The latest version of the text has been adjusted so that it accounts for whether or not Senpai has already left school.
  • Info-chan’s “Purchase Dark Secret” service now applies to Osana instead of Kokona. But, since Osana isn’t in the game, this pretty much means that it’s a service that won’t be useful to the player in the debug build. (On the positive side, though, this means that I’m quickly chewing through the list of everything that needs to be done to prepare Osana for release!)
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to trap Nemesis inside of the greenhouse. (But, it would be cool if the player was given the ability to lock doors to trap students inside of rooms…this was actually a feature I planned to put into the game, back in 2014…)
  • Fixed bug that caused Heroic students to completely ignore the fact that Yandere-chan was a murderer if they were on their way to report a corpse to a teacher before they witnessed Yandere-chan commit murder.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to zoom over to Senpai if a teacher noticed a corpse and also noticed Yandere-chan looking suspicious a large distance away from the corpse, on the same frame.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from responding to the “Send Home” command if they were in the middle of reacting to Yandere-chans’ camera when the command was used.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Heroic student to run in place if they were waiting for Yandere-chan to finish a killing animation before engaging in a struggle with her.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to respond incorrectly to distractions/alarming things if they had placed a dropped weapon in the faculty room earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the gym teacher to open/close the school gate while on the other side of the wall that contains the gate control switch.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to fail to enter the “electrocuted” animation if they were electrocuted while investigating a giggle.
  • Fixed bug that would cause swimming characters to react to murder while swimming, then run across the surface of water to apprehend you.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a teacher from being able to apprehend Yandere-chan if Yandere-chan sat down in a chair while being chased.
  • Fixed bug that would cause text displayed on both sides of the “Random Mission” screen to be inconsistent when creating a random mission.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use the “Send Home” command on students that they had not collected a photograph of.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to softlock if a teacher was chasing after Yandere-chan, but couldn’t pathfind to her.
  • Fixed bug that gave the player the ability to look at the information of students they had not taken a picture of.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from correctly tracking the player’s money if they restarted a day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze if the player took a photograph of Nemesis’ panties.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to choose students 06~09 for a mission mode.

If I listed every single change I’ve made to the game that was related to preparing Osana and the official demo for release, this list would be twice as long. However, you don’t need to hear stuff like “Fixed bug that made Osana fly into the sky” because you’ve never had a build where you were able to encounter that bug, anyway.

I should mention that this is probably the last build that will allow the player to matchmake Kokona and Riku. To put the finishing touches on Osana’s matchmaking elimination method, I will have to make changes that are incompatible with Kokona/Riku, so in the next build, you’ll see that feature just sort of disappear. Again, I consider this thing to be a very clear sign of how close the official demo is; I’m at the stage where I’m ripping out placeholder/debug functionality and replacing it with “final” functionality.

11 Years of Streaming

On January 17th, 2009, I streamed a video game for the first time. It completely changed my life; once I experienced the thrill of playing video games while interacting with a big audience, I didn’t want to do anything else! For a period of several years, I streamed every day, usually for 12 hours straight!

Every year, during the month of January, I take two days off from work to celebrate the anniversary of the first time I ever streamed a video game by replaying the first two games I ever streamed. On January 17th, I play Resident Evil 4, and on January 19th, I play Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

If you’d like to join me, you can find me at twitch.tv/yanderedev, starting at 12:00 noon in the PST timezone. Even if you only pop in for a few minutes just to say hello, I would be very happy to see you there!

81 thoughts on “January 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Now that’s a birthday present. And I didn’t know you started streaming for the first time on January 1st! Have a nice day off (I am, too)!

  2. I’m waiting for bijuuu mike to make a video on today’s build💚
    And u really worked hard yandere Dev and we will wait until Osana is Finished and take your time💜💜

  3. well… I send you a report of a bug…. did you read it….?
    it was about haering kokonas phone call trough the wall

  4. I saw one of KubScouts videos on how he feels about the game now in 2020, and I just have to say…

    I respect his opinion, but some of the comments in his comment section are atrocious.

  5. he is done with osana the only thing he to do is update his game engine fix the frame rate implement snap mode and give the game a whole new coat of paint

  6. Hello Yandere Dev!
    Before you release the demo, I wanted to suggest some more ideas, so Yandere Simulator could be a more interesting game:
    Weather could be a really cool, because it could give advantantage, like no cleaning blood and stuff like that, In real life there isn’t a chance that the whole 10 weeks will be sunny.
    Something you suggested a few years ago, this is an amazing idea. I would love to see it in game.
    It could be a really good addition, because some students won’t talk to you when they are angry, but you could learn some more information by eavesdropping, etc.
    I hope you will use some of those ideas, because I really want it to be in your game. Thanks for reading!

  7. First of all Great work. The list is huge, I was wondering if there would be a version for Laptos of medium and low range. I have a Lapto of 8 ram and 1Tera. The game is going well for me, but it takes me a while to start. and when it is time to enter when many students go to class, it becomes slow. I have an application that increases the frames per second fps but I still have difficulties to enjoy this great game at 100% and happy anniversary of January 17, I would definitely like to see you play a live game.

  8. Hey YanDev, I can’t believe that we are so close to the demo! I think that every new feature, fixed bug and every new build is exciting, and we’re going to wait until you think your masterpiece is perfect. Thank you for allowing us to see all the new things you implement in Yandere Simulator.

    From: A huge fan from Colombia!
    To: The best developer in the world 🙂

  9. do you know how long it takes to make and test a game with only one person working on it? if you REALLY things its that easy then make something yourself!

  10. Hi Yandere Dev!
    This is just a quick thing that kind of bothered my about the girls’ uniform. In Japanese schools (I know because I’m half Japanese) the boys wear the indoor shoes that have the blue tips, but the girls wear the indoor shoes with the red tips.
    BTW i love this game even though its not the official demo!

  11. By the way, are there any ribbons or ties or anything about high-school uniforms that can help discern which student is in which year? I’m just curious. I would love to know how students of different years discern from one another

  12. It’s going to be finished one day, but if each of the rivals take 1 year to be complete, then… we have to wait a very long time. Yandere dev’s been saying that Osana is almost finished since September…

    Don’t get me wrong, I love yandere dev and I understand that he’s just one person working on a big project, but maybe he shouldn’t have hyped the game so much when it’s so far from being finished.

    • Once Osana is complete, he just copies the code, makes 1 rival-specific elimination and the rival is complete, so stop complaining. He was saying that in one in his videos.

  13. I can’t wait for Osana-baka-chan to get into the game!! But…if Osana is in the game, do we have to PAY for the game?

  14. Hey yandere Dev i just want to have a say real quick can you make this game for other devices ive been dieing to play and my family dosent have much money to get me a better laptor i only have an Acer Chrome.. so if youll read this please take it and make this game more world wide… thanks for creating this amazing game..and thanks for taking the time to read this!! -GameLover

  15. I am going to miss going to put Kokona and Riku into matchmaking cause those two where SO perfect for each other! In the final game I hope they still can be together and love one another! 😭

  16. Ok yes updates are slow but do you know how long it takes to program and CODE a game? It can take at a minimum of 2 years to program a CUTSCENE even! And if the game is gonna have multiple weeks then dont judge him for taking his time and putting in effort on this game

  17. Hey Yandere dev, why dony you put the buggy osana on the Debug build and let others find game flaws or bugs? It would be really helpful for the upcoming rivals if Osana has taken 6 years, you would have less problems checking every single detail by yourself. Even Jay suggested it!

    • Osana did not take 6 years… YandereDev was building the whole game from scratch and updating it. From those 6 years i would say 1 year (2 years max) was Osana work and the other was school building. Also it wouldn’t really be a good idea to publicly release a build with Osana that’s also buggy (because of the haters that would immediately pop out with videos or tweets saying: ‘You spent so much time on Osana and we get this at the end!’). I suggest that YandereDev gives like a testing build to some people, but now i don’t think it’s really necessary because he’s almost done with bug-fixing and he’s probably de-janking Yandere Simulator.

      • No we won’t have to wait one year, i forgot to mention that he had to implement the elimination methods which i counted in the Osana part. Each rival will have their own unique elimination method and unique cutscenes and routines so i doubt each rival will take one year

  18. I don’t know if you are going to see this comment, but after the player defeat all the rivals, will there be a week for yandere-chan to make senpai be in love with her? Because would be strange if out of nowhere he start to love so suddenly

  19. I have a suggestion about if Yanderedev add couples into the game to give it a little more real feel.Like when we start the demo Kokona and Riko could be dating.

  20. Comparing the old and new builds of Yandere Simulator, the newest build has changed a lot! Even if Osana comes out late, slowly fixing it will make YandereSimulator a more beautiful game.

  21. is Yua Yamada related to Senpai?
    I discovered her when I killed all the teachers and she came the next day! PS:Love your game and videos on Youtube<3

  22. I have been DYING to suggest something. Btw I am so happy about how close we are to the demo version of the game!
    Alrighty, here’s my suggestion: (Btw I don’t want to be a Midori and send suggestions to YanDev after he’s asked us not to do that)
    What if Taro (senpai) actually did stuff that would make it understandable as to why people like him? I mean, all he really does is sit at a fountain and read. I don’t get why so many people love him. But, what if he walked around school and talked to people or something? Helped people if they wanted a selfie with friends or needed help with a task? It would also be harder for Yandere-Chan to kill people or bringing bodies to the incinerator cause he’d be talking to people or helping them take a selfie or something.
    It’d really make it more realistic and it’d make the game understandably difficult.

    • According to Yansim fandom wiki, Senpai is sitting on the “Main character’s chair”.
      So, basically, Senpai is a dense Harem protagonist who magically attracts girls to him like flies to a lantern

  23. Excellent job yandere dev, keep up the great work! However, why would the heroes wait for you to kill someone before fighting you!? that’s janky as hell (and evil, they’ve got the nerve to call themselves heroes, even though they act like this). It would be pretty disappointing if in the demo they won’t first stop you from killing someone before attacking you.

  24. guys yandere dev announced in his discord server that osana is finally finishes he only needs to fix some “janky stuff” and all and then the demo will be released

    • YAYTATAGHAGGAGYSAGDQY7ARFGAUEIGNFIQUABGOpad hi9pg8saf90wea8rtgf89qwAFG78AGBF98AQGF 087 OSANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. There is a saying that ‘No news is good news’ … I’m looking forward to a new build. But I do not expect it to be exaggerated. I believe a new build will be released soon.

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