January 5th Bug-Fixing Build

While wrapping up Osana, I incidentally fixed a bunch of bugs unrelated to Osana. I want the latest version of the game to be as bug-free as possible, so I’ve uploaded a new build.

To see a list of everything that was fixed/added/changed in the latest build, scroll down past this video of an Osana and Kizana cosplayer walking around a Russian anime convention!

Actually, before I write out the changes in the latest build, I have a short list of other videos I’d also like to share! Click “Continue Reading” to see them!

A Korean fan of the game re-created Yandere Simulator’s intro using pixel artwork! That’s super cool! check it out!

Koumi-senpai, a long-time member of the Yandere Sim fandom, created a ton of really awesome music videos featuring Yandere Sim characters! Here’s an example of one; if you enjoy it, check out the rest of her work!

If you’re a fan of the 1998 game “Half-Life”, you’ll get a kick out of this creative video, which features Half-Life sound effects inserted into Yandere Simulator gameplay:

Hyun’s Dojo Community created an epic pixel art battle between Ayano and Yuno from Mirai Nikki! The battle begins 59 seconds into the video and ends at the 2:42 mark; take a look!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a corpse disposed with the incinerator to magically re-appear outside the incinerator, if the player was sent to the Counselor’s office after using the incinerator to dispose of a corpse.
  • Teachers will now ignore trivial things (like Yandere-chan crouching) if they are doing something important, such as standing guard over a bloody limb while waiting for the police to arrive.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to ignore all suspicous behavior from Yandere-chan, if they had witnessed a dropped weapon on the ground earlier that day, but hadn’t decided to report it.
  • Various bugs related to Pose Mode’s Save/Load feature were fixed. (For example, male students will no longer deform in bizarre ways when loading a pose from a female character.)
  • Changed the models in the plaza so that it’s a mixture of various types of bushes/hedges/structures instead of just one model duplicated over and over.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to freeze in place permanently if they heard the sound of a radio immediately after being distracted by a giggle.
  • From now on, the “dispose of body parts” instruction will not appear underneath the police timer if the player hasn’t actually dismembered a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent teachers from ignoring Yandere-chan’s laughter when they were supposed to be ignoring trivial actions.
  • If a student has become distracted by a radio, a notification will display at the top of the screen to inform the player about it.
  • Fixed bug that caused the three vending machines outside of school to give out free drinks.
  • Added a new Easter Egg to the game – “Vaporwave Mode”. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it “Retrowave Mode”, but Vaporwave is the name I decided to go with, anyway. (It’s purely aesthetic; no special functionality is included in this mode. However, you can still activate any other easter egg after activating Vaporwave Mode.)

41 thoughts on “January 5th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wonderful showcase of fan creations for yandere simulator. The pixel art creator is one of my favorite people to look at when it involves yandere simulator art. I’m so happy you included him. Exciting new Easter egg too. I’m extremely proud and grateful for all the progress you have done over the years. From major issues to smaller ones. It’s been a bumpy road but you have never lost sight of your own goals. Keep tightening up those graphics 🙂

  2. cant wait for the demo of the game
    btw will the game be on steam or on your website
    and will you have to pay for full release?

  3. Anyone else play Azur Lane? The new character named Ryuuhou heavily resembles Yandere-chan

    YandereDev what do you know about this?? XD

  4. Problems with Ayano vs Yuno:

    •Yuno’s diary only shows her about Yukiteru. It should have said nothing about her unless Yukki was involved.
    •Yuno is too op for Ayano at the moment, since she is not yet complete.
    •Ayano just should have won because she’s best girl.

  5. How many cores and threads is the game coded to use? I loaded up msi afterburner to see how it performs and my cpu is less than 30% used. And the gpu isnt a bottleneck because it’s also around 30%

  6. This, of course, is all very cool, but Inkyu’s neck is still unnaturally curved in the portrait…

  7. Yandere dev, you’ve said before that you really don’t like the graphics of the current game but considered the game’s identity…While other forms of media don’t care much about identity as it normally it speaks for its self, but in the case of video games it is formed organically. The graphics should match the identity of the game. Right now the identity is combining anime styles with realistic and dark matters at play. So why can’t you make the graphics hyper realistic and have the charecter’s vibrancy work with this style organically. Obviously you don’t have to listen to me but I hope you consider the idea.

    • For the game to look more organically, there will have to be new student models because the ones right now look very cartoonish. Don’t worry though, because there will be new models after Osana

  8. Great video from Yandere Simulator fans! Thank you for fixing bugs constantly! Keep up the great work! Yandere Dev!

    • I’m pretty sure female senpai will come after Osana, maybe even after the game is finished, because YandereDev would need female animations and female voice lines for the female senpai (and also it’s only a goal if the game succeeds)

      • Strangesaurus, where did you hear Female Senpai was only a goal if the game succeeds. I heard it was only Yan-Kun that was a goal if the game succeeds?

      • I think both Yan-Kun and Senpai-Chan will come together, because they both would need their new animations and voice lines, i don’t really think that Senpai-Chan and Yan-Kun would come separately

  9. I have been waiting to ask and I think this might be the right time, as you said before that there will be a male rival mode. But can you be gay in yandere simulator? Will that be an option in the future? And if so can senpai just be pan or bi so the rivals can be different? What are your plans involving this?

    • From what I have heard Senpai can either be male or female making Yan-Chan and all the rivals lesbian if you pick a female senpai. Yan-Kun and the male rivals will be a crowd-funding goal

  10. Is there a feature that shows dialogue script like in Doki Doki Literature Club? If not, I think it might help.

  11. Ahah, that was not an anime convention, that was game convention.
    Usually it’s not important, but just to point out this project is a game after all.

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