The Final Stage of Osana’s Development

New video, check it out!

A significant portion of the video is about extremely minor changes that I’ve been making recently. It might seem a little boring to hear about such tiny adjustments, but that’s the entire point; to communicate that, at this stage of development, the only things left for me to do are minor fixes, because all of the major stuff is complete!

In short: Osana is fully functional, and what I’m doing right now is testing each one of her elimination methods to make sure there aren’t any problems, so I can prepare her for release. Exciting, right?!

But, don’t get TOO excited, because there is still one last hurdle to overcome before Osana is released. I want the official demo to feel like a significant upgrade from the debug sandbox, so I want to update several aspects of the game before I release the demo. Trust me, it’s going to be worth it.

While I was going through the “quality assurance” phase of Osana’s development, I fixed bugs and removed exploits that were unrelated to Osana. I’ve decided to release a new build so that you have access to the latest and greatest version of the game. Click “Continue Reading” to see a list!

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Students who need to vomit will now travel to the toilet that is nearest to their current location, instead of always traveling to a toilet that is on the east side of the school.
  • Fixed bug that caused Cooking Club members to perform the wrong animations if they were sent to distract a student before they had begun to prepare food.
  • Adjusted the pathfinding grid in the plaza so that students don’t brush against the leaves of the hedges while walking through the plaza.
  • Fixed bug that caused cooking club students’ trays to turn invisible if they were distracted by a giggle while they were preparing food.
  • Delinquents will no longer make snide remarks at you when you’re near their hangout spot, if there is a wall separating you from them.
  • There is now a “Freeze All Students” option in Pose Mode that will instantly freeze all students in school at their current location.
  • It is no longer possible to send a student to distract a teacher; the ability to do so in previous builds was an oversight.
  • It is now possible to electrocute students inside of bathrooms, instead of only at drinking fountains.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai’s eyes to lack white reflections at the Senpai Creation Screen.
  • It is now possible to sit on the benches in the Japanese garden next to the hedge maze.
  • Fixed bug that caused some classroom props to float in midair.

What’s Next?

Putting the finishing touches on Osana, testing everything to make sure that there aren’t any significant bugs / design flaws, upgrading the game from “debug sandbox” to “official demo”, and then finally releasing it! I’ve been waiting years to reach this stage of the game’s development – so exciting!! I hope you’ll look forward to it!

…hmm…aren’t I forgetting something…?…

…oh, yeah, that’s right!


Artwork by Budokas!

118 thoughts on “The Final Stage of Osana’s Development

    • Do you guys remember that a while ago, YandereDev said in a video that we’d be stuck with 1 build of Yandere Simulator for a while, whilst he finishes up Osana, and any other things he needs to finish up, do you think that this might be that build?

  1. There are not words big enough. There is not a hug strong enough. There is not a smile wide enough. All I can offer is a thank you for all that you do and I look forward to a wonderful decade for you and your game’s development . thank you for never giving up!

  2. Ok you should take a break. You have worked so much on Osana…I can see clearly that you put your heart on this game. But you should take a rest. I mean you did this game all by yourself (plus a few volunteers). I wish you the best! A happy new year and a happy new decade!

    • Yes its been a long time with no snap mode,for a moment I tgought he was going to forget that feature but I was wrong

      • Everyone is talking about snap mode, but what about kidnapping male students? Yandere Dev never adds it into the game

      • No one is certain, but it’s been rumored for YEARS! Snap mode has been a menu option that pops up whenever you see a “game over” screen, but it’s never been selectable.

  3. Finally cooking club is fixed and new feature, to electrocute students in bathroom! It is sooooo AMAZING! I’m waiting for demo, but take your time, I love this game so much, so I’ll wait longer! Great job, YandereDev!

  4. I’m not sure about it but are all school subjects functioning? It’s incredible where yandere simulator is arriving after all these years! Keep up

  5. Thank you Yandere Dev for not giving up Osana Najimi development! I will keep waiting. Until the day of the release of the completely new official version Yandere Simulator!

  6. Caramba YandereDev só lança a merda da Demo.

    Faz mais de 6 anos q tu tá enrolando isso, para de ficar enfeitando tudo e enrolando sem nenhum motivo (na vdd tem motivo sim, dinheiro) e lança logo porra.

  7. Hey y’all reading this, I have a question that I’m not sure of the answer to. Will members of the cooking club try to offer yandere-chan food when she is not a member, or will they just avoid her?
    The concept of knowing that someone, somewhere, is tracking you down, could add an extra layer of urgency to everything you do. Or it could be a design issue that yanderedev chooses to ignore. Either way, I’m not sure if its something that happens or not.
    If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

    • YandereDev said he doesn’t want to make the cooking club follow Ayano because they give food to the whole school and that is already a big obstacle on its own because they are witnesses

  8. It’s so exciting to see that YanSim is so close to being released! I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago partly because I wanted to play it. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the release and promotion of Yandere Simulator.

    • yes, finally. snap mode is one of the few main reasons for my patience, but as time passes, more and more reasons became obvious.
      BUT still – snap mode was the initial ”hype”, so i’m happy that yanderedev didn’t ignore it (which was an unterstandable public opinion).

  9. So exciting! But aren’t there rooms that still are empty or at least rooms no students go in? I can’t remember but either way, good job!

  10. are you going to change the character models before releasing the demo? i remember you wanted to get original models to help with better animations and stuff. have you decided against that?

    • i mean she doesn’t know what’s in the water considering it came from a cleaning bucket. also it’s probably hella cold. id wanna take a warm shower, too!

    • Dont when you get wet you take a bath afterward. I just dont find it weird they would do that because ita very common for people to do.

  11. I am looking forward to the demo of the game since I want to play it completely and already optimized because I am doing very bad haha ​​well you do an excellent job yandere dev by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  12. @ A 100% Real Person
    Hello! eh wanted to talk to you, because I need to put you in your place, it is true we are so excited that osana is in the game, that if we all want to play now with osana !, but you do not help, apart from what you know about programming, creating, producing a videogame! He is making the demo something unforgettable and that it is a totally new and improved game so that when we play with the first opponent it is totally exceptional, and apart from all the year he did something great, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU, Don’t be daring because he does his best, that you expect him to do everything in a breath, literally IT’S ONLY A DEVELOPER, ONLY ONE.
    He does NOT HAVE such a large team of programmers if he has the volunteers, but practically he is only creating the game, in all of 2019 what he did is impressive, there are no words to describe all the progress he has made! , he improved a lot of things VERY MUCH, and the truth made Yandere Simulator something more professional than it already is.
    an advice:
    take care of your mouth you are in a professional blog!

    • -but practically just creating the game
      I meant that the program produces and basically takes care of the entire game!

    • lol no reason to get out of the line. everything you said is absolutely right, but there was no reason for caps lmao D:
      Still- one of the games i’m waiting to play is definitely yan-sim.

  13. @succubasu
    ok, you see that you do not know that after launching osana, the game will present a crowdfunding for Yandere Simulator, so he wants to do his best to make criticism a great expectation for the other rivals!
    hey there investors are going to come running!
    and so hiring another programmer to work in another amai and if he manages to raise enough money he could hire several programmers so that they work in other rivals simultaneously.

  14. thanks yandere dev !, GOD I think I will cry because osana will be ready, you are the best video game developer in the world, keep that in mind!

  15. And what is with Yakuza?
    (I hope this question is not annoying I really enjoy the proges of osana♥️♥️♥️♥️)

    • I believe the Yakuza are currently just an easter egg in the town, however if 1980’s mode will become a feature of the game, the Yakuza will be there

      • Whaaaatttt?? YandereDev made a video where he told us that we will able to sell the rival or something like that to him OwO??! Maybe he said that he will not make it but it is then sad 😦

  16. Good! I have seen the video and I think there is one thing that you did not attend! When Osana leaves the counselor’s office, she feels sad but Raibaru would not have to notice Osana’s behavior?
    I could have a raibaru animation trying to comfort osana while they leave, oh and instead of leaving the buckets, mop, chlorine lying on the bathroom floor next to the white sink a closet that has the bucket the chlorine and the mop! So it would be more orderly and clear that Yandere Chan has to return the chlorine bucket and the mop to the closet because someone would have to call attention to not being in their respective place ah and something else! the students could return to the lockers for example a student finds a mop thrown away he could return it to his respective place so it would be noted that the students have their own mind, and regret that he says this but the ui that you presented in the video does not suit me, calm down It’s just my idea! but it could be a more tidy and retouched one, something you did not present in the video is the save system because when osana is ready the save system is the same!

  17. As all of you who are complaining, the League Gothic font is not very cooler forever and it is not fit in Yandere Simulator’s interface…

  18. Ey, YandereDev. Can you put a reaction for male students if they see Yandere in boy’s bathroom? (Correct me if this is already in game)

  19. Happy New Year YandereDev! Super excited to finally get Osana:D If you have a rough idea of when Osana will be ready, you should include it in the next video, but I can see why you might not know and wouldn’t want to guess, since there might happen something unpredictable that could cause a delay. I’m just really looking forward to playing the demo and see all your hard work paying off:3

  20. This is some awesome news! It’s understandable that you want hold back on releasing Osana till all is set and polish. It’s just proves that you are truly dedicated to creating a outstanding game and from what I saw in the video, we are all in for a treat!

    Happy New Year YandereDev! Keep it Up! (But please don’t push yourself to hard)

  21. do i really have to see those type of childish comments every 1 minute-or-so ? this is really ”trash talk” without any basic arguments…

    • I think he said he’ll think about trying out new models after the demo or something like that, since he would have to rework animations to fit the new models and that would take a lot of time

  22. @Takashi kendo
    look at any time I stepped out of the line with him I never said anything bad just that he doesn’t help and he doesn’t have to give any advice because he really isn’t an example, if I already know I was somewhat sulfuric but I was so excited to see the video that after seeing it as I always see comments and I generate a great expectation of his addiction and his reactions !, and I apologize if I was something
    arrogant with my words since I don’t know why I didn’t see his reaction, I just don’t like others talking without being informed about what yandere dev actually does!
    good day!

  23. You DO know that the majority of the development was on the game itself, and not on Osana right? He has made multiple videos stating the progress of his “checklist” of things he wanted to implement BEFORE he started focusing completely on Osana. He’s also stated that for now, he wants to be the only developer until he’s able to hire someone and have the time to catch them up to speed. He did *not* spend 5-6 years on Osana, he spent on the game as a whole, and if you look at his first debug build, he has come a very, VERY long way

  24. Can we just all say how hard Yandere Dev worked on this game. He’s worked day and night on this game also pushing his limit on himself. This game is so fun and very professional. I love it since the first time I watch you tubers and me playing it myself. I want to say thank you to Yandere Dev to putting all of his life and effort on to this game. He deserves this to be recognized.

  25. Hey, this is the first time I’ve put something on here… I’ve been keeping up with this game since 2014, I really love this game and can’t wait for Osana to be in it, keep up the good work Yandere Dev! I actually used to just watch videos about it and some of your videos, it was about half a year ago when I got the game. I love playing it, I play it almost everyday and when I have a friend come over or something they love to see me play it. This is one of my favorite games.

  26. When Yandere Simulator…Excuse me. LOVESICK is going to recieve it’s final update..we’ll look back at the days when all of us would get frustrated when YanDev would delay updates…how we all waited 3 – 4 years for Osana. And we will be grateful for all the hell YanDev has been through to deliver us such an amazing indie game. I honestly KNOW it’s going to do extremely well in the box office.

  27. This isn’t really related to the new build but…I was playing yandere simulator I opened the debug menu I meant to press 1, but I pressed ~…and it erased all the photos that I took in yan sim. I feel like there should be a Do you REALLY want to reset all progress?! I’m just asking because I took some cool photos of some of the poses I did in pose mode.

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