December 15th Progress Report and Bug-Fixing Build

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been making tons of progress on Osana. In case you’re curious exactly what I’ve been doing, I’ll write out a progress report below. But first, I want to share this cosplay by Sulkucosp!

Super artistic!! I love it!!

I’m always so impressed by the artwork and cosplay that comes out of the Russian fan community for Yandere Simulator! I think the primary reason why Yandere Simulator has such a large and active fanbase in Russia is due to the efforts of a group of people who operate a Yandere Sim fan page on VKontakte, which is basically the Russian equivalent of Facebook (and the 12th most-visited website in the world)! Not only do they post fan art and cosplay almost every day, but they also translate my blog posts to Russian! I’m extremely grateful to the lovesick_yandersimulator group on, because they are basically my official representatives in Russia!

As I scroll down their page, I see a dozen illustrations and cosplay photos that I want to share…but I’ll contain my excitement for now, and move on to the “Progress Report” part of the blog post, followed by the changelog for the latest build.

In the video that I uploaded one month ago, I tried to explain that implementing Osana involves a whole lot more than just programming a bunch of ways to kill her, and letting her show up at school. “Working on Osana” spans across several different categories, such as Senpai’s reaction to her death, how her death affects other characters’ routines, and how other characters’ deaths affect her events. Over the past 2 weeks, what I’ve been working on belongs in entirely different categories altogether:

In the “debug sandbox” version of the game, when you reach Friday, you simply see a message that tells you, “the game isn’t finished yet.” However, in the “official demo”, the player will be able to advance past that point.

After the calendar screen advances from Friday to Saturday, you will see a cutscene…

…followed by another cutscene…

…followed by one final cutscene, which is quite significant to the game’s lore! So significant, I’ve gotta blur it!

After that, there will probably be some sort of “Thank you for playing” sequence, explaining what kind of content will be featured in the full game that wasn’t in the demo. More rivals, better character models and environment models, more weapon variety, etc.

In short, I’ve been spending time on “Post-Osana” events, because that’s virtually all that remains to be done! Working on these cutscenes has been a welcome change of pace, after the heavy emphasis on gameplay mechanics during October and November. It reminds me of working on the “intro cutscenes” that were made back in 2014!

Of course, I’ve also been making progress on the last remaining pieces of Osana gameplay that still remain to be implemented. It’s come down to bug-fixing, removing exploits, and sometimes just moving parts of the game’s environment so that I can position characters in specific spots so that it’s not too easy to eliminate Osana without doing some work to get rid of potential witnesses beforehand. A lot of miscellaneous “odds and ends” type of stuff.

As usual, I made various bug fixes and improvements while getting work done on Osana, which you can read about below!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Pose Mode now has a “Save/Load” feature, for making a character instantly switch to a previously-saved pose. It is currently in its earliest stages, and isn’t 100% functional yet, but if it is developed further, then in the future, you’ll be able to save/load what you create in Pose Mode! (Remember to “Stop Animation” before loading a pose, or else the character’s current animation will immediately snap them out of the pose you’re trying to load.) Poses are saved in YandereSimulator\Assets\StreamingAssets\Poses
  • Removed items from the Senpai Shrine. Those items are meant to be unlocked once per week over the course of the full game. Because the game is approaching the “official demo” phase, those items have been removed so that the player will actually be able to collect/unlock them through gameplay in the near future.
  • A notification will now display onscreen when attempting to enter the boys’ locker room or when attempting to leave the girls’ locker room while only wearing a towel.
  • It should no longer be possible for Inkyu/Sakyu to get stuck on Senpai’s body when walking past him to investigate a giggle on the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student dying of poison to stop rendering if their original location was not within the camera’s view frustum.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Yandere-chan’s camera to take a photo even if the player wasn’t pressing the “take photo” button.
  • Multiple characters can now investigate screams (instead of just one character investigating, as is the case with giggles).
  • Students can no longer notice dropped weapons/limbs/blood pools while in the middle of a conversation with Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that made it difficult to see the button prompts for planting Info-chan’s covert listening devices.
  • Characters without the “Hero” Persona will now investigate screams.
  • Kiba Kawaito’s hair will no longer clip through walls.
  • Severed limbs now have bloodier textures.

70 thoughts on “December 15th Progress Report and Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Akhor online.
    Yandere Dev has noticed us! Thanks for the attention and acknowledgement! We will try our best to stay on top of things in the Yandere Simulator development and support! And, of course, my translations are always with you!

  2. I can’t wait for Osana to be done! I’ve been a fan and I’ve been watching this game grow since 2017! I’m so proud of the progress this game has made

  3. Keep up the good work! I can’t believe that we are already this far. It was a fun time watching your videos and seeing, how the game’s fanbase grew. I hope, the official demo will be released soon!

  4. Oi Dev Man Sensei! Merry early Christmas!
    I’m looking forward to the new Christmas spin-off song video you’ll be uploading on December 25th.
    I checked my phone one last time before going to bed to See Your latest update.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. hope that when the demo comes it also includes that Osana will be harder to kill in the demo cause it is suppose to demonstrate how the full game will be and that Osana will be easier to kill in the full game so people wouldn’t be like “the demo is to hard to beat or so”

  6. Don’t forget about Mai Waifu!! Her hair also has a tendency to go though walls during lunch time.
    Also I’m sooo exited about the updates!! GREAT WORK!!

    • Me too! It looked like his back was turned to the window. Maybe it is something linked to the tapes and Mr Saikou! Well done yandere dev

  7. well I was almost impressed and we will have osana !, for me that the next update should be presenting the snap mode and obviously a functional saving system in another next video so we could remove that from the list, ah! and I forgot you could also think of a change of interface in the game since a more modern one would be much better!

  8. Outstanding cosplay! It’s so wonderful seeing yandere simulator fans from other countries, I’m happy they are extremely supportive because you deserve every bit of attention and love for your dedication and progress on your game. Keep up the good work!

  9. The picture with the game over screen made me realize yandere des hasn’t said a word about the snap mode. Is it going to be functional when Osana is there? I’m guessing it’s like a “I give up” option, like killing the current rival, then killing senpai and at the end killing yourself. Any thoughts?

  10. Oh, Amai’s hair less flaffy, as it meant to be, but that’s okay.
    Lol, Amai’s mother has more similar hairstyle, than her daughter XD

  11. Oh, Amai’s hair less fluffy, as it meant to be, but that’s okay.
    Lol, Amai’s mother has more similar hairstyle, than her daughter XD

  12. I do not get why you cannot access the boys restroom while people are not watching but you can murder. I get there are probably some coding hurdles, Dev, but locking a person out of something that in game should makes sense is not the best idea.

    • She knows that’s wrong (This also includes killing and manipulating. I believe she knows they are wrong but doesn’t care about that as long as she gets what she wants)

    • What purpose would Yan-Chan have to go into the boy’s locker room. All of the rivals are female so none of them would use it. It would be a completely useless function to allow Yan-Chan in there

  13. EEEEEE I Really Cant Wait For The full Game! I’ve been around ever since 2016. I cant 2ait for Osana! And Then my 1st favorite rival Is at works! 2 of the best rivals first!

  14. Any progress on the “SNAP” mode? or is that not gonna be a feature anymore? Still curious as to what it is.

  15. Shouldnt yandere chan be able to go into the boys locker room? She doesnt have any morals for that kind of thing. Just a thought but i love the game ❤

  16. I waited for a new patch! I will be cheering that Osana will be released soon and the game will be more detailed. Excellent YandereDev!

  17. I’m so excited!!! But I have to say that I’m not a fan at all of Amai’s new hair model…It looks rushed, very thicc bangs while the rest of her hair’s so flat (when Amai’s hair is supposed to be very “fluffy”)…It looks very bad compared to Osana’s hair model. I hope one of your volunteers will fix this! (or that the new models will be implemented after the Osana demo is released). I can’t wait for the official demo to be released!

  18. The final scene says that followed by the final scene of the cut, which is the legend of the game! Very important. I have to blur! It’s the school director of Yandere-chan. Who are you talking to? I can’t wait to see the official launch of Osana anymore.

  19. I guess when Senpai met Amai, I thought Amai would say Senpai had encouragement before she left. And meet again on the 2nd Monday of the week. Who will the character who is the obstacle to Yandere-chan when Amai comes to school?

  20. We have seen models of Osana Amai Kizana Oka Osoro Hanako and Megami, but I have never seen models in Asu Muja and mida games. Have you ever seen all 10 rival models in the game when Yanadere dev talked about Raibaru?

  21. I guess when the megami saikou arrived at the school before Friday We will know the dark story. Before confessing love to Senpai. But Megami, we can match her with Science Club Leader Other competitors, such as Osana, Kauji Amai, and Kizana Oka Osoro are paired with the club leader or gang leader. Mida and Muja may not have, because she is just a teacher. No partner, Hanako paired with Toga Asu, paired with members of the white-haired sports club I guess like this

  22. Soon we will see an easter egg featuring Ayano wearing typical russian clothes and having a hoe and a hammer as weapons.

  23. Ooo, I am so excited about Osana! Keep up the good work Yandere Dev, its perfect! And I remember you said ‘SNAP mode is coming before Osana’ or something like that. Its Okay with me if it wont be complete before Osana but since its going to be a Demo from V-slice, it should have SNAP mode.

  24. Woah! Osana is almost out and v-slice becoming official demo?! This is amazing! I still love playing even if it’s not finished! 😆❤️

  25. Yandere Dev what if you get rid of a rival without lowering senpai’s sanity like setting them up with another rival or befriending them it won’t lower senpai’s sanity so you wouldn’t need to give him any gifts and so he will just see you as some random girl who has a crush on him.

    • I think that if you befriend all the rivals, Senpai will start to think that no girl loves him and that they are just friend-zoning him. And i think matchmaking will have the same effect but lower his sanity a bit more because he’s watching the people he has been hanging out with and thought he had a connection with, suddenly get a boyfriend

  26. Is it possible that yandere dev must finish with other competitors first? Before releasing Osana for us to play

    • No, once he’s done with Osana he will release her, we won’t wait for the other rivals to get finished so he can release Osana

      • Probably yes because I can’t wait for other competitors to finish first. I really want to play Osana.

  27. I think Yandere dev would not let the second competitor easily manage. I think there must be something that will definitely challenge players. Except Senpai’s sister

  28. I’m guessing that the second Yandere-chan’s obstacle after Raibaru would be Aija, a cooking club member. But whatever method she comes, causing Yandere-chan to end the game. I guess if there are no obstacles in eliminating Amai, it will be easy.

    • I was wondering this thing:
      Asu-Itachi(Or any other member of the Sports club)
      Osoro-Umeji(Or any other delinquent)
      Maybe these are the obstacles.(Remembering that it is just what I think)

      • My guess is that since the function of the cooking club is to bring snacks to other students, Amai’s obstacle will be that she’s always surrounded by a lot of witnesses. Kizana’s obstacle might be that she has a small group of fans or admirers that are following her around. The Occult club mostly stay in their club room, so Oka’s obstacle would be the other members who are always around her. Asu is the leader of the Sports club, so she’s quite capable on her own and might not need an obstacle, and the same goes for Muja and Mida who, as facculty, are trained in self defense. Osoro has both the other delinquents, but even without them, according to her backstory, she’s taken on multiple students at once in a fight and won, plus, given that she’s a delinquent, she’ll push you away if you get too close. Hanako is going to spend most of her time with Senpai, so I do think Senpai will work as a Raibaru-esque obstacle, but unlike Raibaru, we can’t get rid of Senpai. According to her character bio, Megami is both adept at self defense and is the most popular girl in school; if Kizana has fans/admirers, Megami will no doubt have some too, she will be as skilled in self defense as Raibaru, push you away if you get too close like Osoro, have pepper spray and get you insta-expelled if she sees you with a weapon, and she might even stay close to Senpai like Hanako because she’s aware that there is a murderer in school, and she wants to protect Senpai.

        That’s how I think it’s gonna pan out anyway

    • yes, maybe we will finally have Osana in our hands since only YandereDev has finished doing post-Osana events, maybe at the end of the month or early 2020

  29. I think Amai will have a phone call in the morning like Osana and Aija will talk to her about cleaning. I think what Amai said in the morning would be about her mother’s Odayaka Bakery, if this event came into the game for week 2 of the game.

  30. I’m so excited!!!!! The most thing I’m curious about is this hidden stories in the game!!!! Like Megami and Kenjo’s conflict, info-chan’s true intentions, what is with the Headmaster’s line “The deal is off”, overall the Saiko’s story and for me that one scene that I can’t forget is when the headmaster visits the Saiko’s office and I think Yan-chan’s mom get into the office and somehow disappear……

    I’m excited about the rivals but I also really wanna knkw the truth around this stories😆😆😆😆

  31. I’m so excited!!!!! The most thing I’m curious about is this hidden stories in the game!!!! Like Megami and Kenjo’s conflict, info-chan’s true intentions, what is with the Headmaster’s line “The deal is off”, overall the Saiko’s story and for me that one scene that I can’t forget is when the headmaster visits the Saiko’s office and I think Yan-chan’s mom get into the office and somehow disappear……

    I’m excited about the rivals but I also really wanna knkw the truth around this stories

  32. when will the phone menu glitch be fixed? (sometimes when we enter the menu, it doubles our commands for Up-Down and/or Left-Right, that is preety anoying when we try to acess a specific menu, such as favors.);-;

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