Yandere Simulator 2014 Prototype

There is an archive where you can download old builds of Yandere Sim from as far back as 2014. The oldest builds are simply benchmarking tests / school environment previews, with no gameplay.

However, there is an even earlier build of Yandere Simulator that was never put online – the one featured in this video. Someone recently asked me to make it publicly available, and I can’t see any reason why not, so I’ve decided to release it today!

You can download it here:


This prototype contains more than just one small test environment. In this build, you can see:

  • The original “YandereDev logo” I planned to use
  • The original title screen
  • The original intro cutscenes
  • A gameplay sandbox
  • A school environment
  • A small environment for testing the “stuff body parts into a guitar case” feature

Please keep in mind that this prototype was created in 2014, and is extremely incomplete. For example:

  • The menus can only be navigated using keyboard. No controller support.
  • Sometimes you advance using the spacebar, sometimes you advance using the enter key. It’s inconsistent.
  • The gameplay sections are only compatible with controller. No mouse+keyboard support.

I’m releasing this prototype for its novelty value; simply because it might be entertaining to look at an old, primitive version of Yandere Sim. Fixing the flaws described above would not be a productive use of my time, so I’m simply releasing it “as-is”.


  • To return the level select screen, use the Esc key to return.
  • If it freezes while loading into a specific level, use the Esc key to return to the level select screen, then try again.
  • There are three characters located somewhere in the school scene! Can you find them?

Have fun!

48 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator 2014 Prototype

  1. I love watching your old videos of Yandere Simulator and how it slowly changed into a fun game that looks lively and colorful and I love it! I think the game should also have more small animals in the background like birds or butterflies at the school and the town. I’m sorry if this thought might be a waste of time while you are working on Osana. I hope your work becomes a success 😁

  2. I’m extremely happy you uploaded this. I enjoy going through older builds and reliving memories of how yandere simulator has improved over the years. What is absolutely fascinating is seeing the features being implemented into the game. piece by piece. Dedication and constantly improving mechanics and game features is really very cool to see. Often with my photography, whenever I am doubtful of my abilities, I tend to go back to my older works and it gives me a fresh perspective on how far I have come. I hope this gives you the same confidence and even if you lack confidence in your abilities, you have plenty of fans and people who do believe in you as a person and as a developer. Keep tightening up those graphics 😉

  3. This is the earliest build of Yansim?
    I remember you said that you had a talent for making prototypes ASAP.
    You weren’t kidding.
    I hope watching playthroughs of it helps you in any way.
    Jay mentioned how dope the first build was.
    Seeing that and now seeing what we currently have gives an idea of how far you’ve come.
    You once said you wanted to make a video of Yandere Simulator’s history. I wouldn’t mind seeing it and learning more about the Game from your perspective

  4. What about Osana? We’re you able to work on her and share this report about the old build back in 2014? At the same time?

  5. It would be great that at the end of December or beginning of January Osana is implemented to the game, it would be a great Christmas gift! 😀

  6. This time it’s an old version! But I can’t experiment because I play on a computer. sad. Keep up the good work. YandereDev!

  7. Guys what’s YandereDev email,I want to send him a bug report,and I already read the bug report page and the bug fits the criteria on the page

  8. Off-topic question: will there be any new way to frame a person in Yandere Simulator?
    While playing the game, I noticed that some students, such as the delinquents, if asked to exctract the cutter out of the box, they’ll simply answer “Suspicious question. Ask another one.” (or something like that). This left me a question: if not all the students can be framed for murder, then how can I frame the “unframable” ones?
    In the “Raibaru and Osana Progress” video, you said that even though Raibaru can’t be framed, there’ll be some events where Osana asks her to extract a cutter out of a box and Raibaru will help her, so that you can steal the cutter from Osana and commit a murder. Anyway, in a very old video, you once said that rivals are more important than students, as their routine involves spending time with Senpai – so that it’s harder to eliminate them, so they will have events that can be sabotaged. However, one of my other questions is: will “normal” students have also events, where they do something the player can take advantage from?
    If not, how can I frame the unframable students if they can’t be framed?
    Normal students aren’t as “powerful” and “significant” for the game, as their death won’t affect Senpai’s sanity and they won’t somehow shape the plot depending on how they died, but – after all – rivals *are* students, so (for me) they shouldn’t be almost impossible to get killed (like Raibaru, whose “invincible strenght” makes Osana’s elimination become harder and harder – even though she’s the tutorial rival!); besides, I think to re-equilibrate the difficulty of getting away with a student’s murder and getting away with a rival’s murder is to “allow” the students to have some of the rival-only elimination methods (*except* for the unique rival elimination method, of course), like the matchmaking method and the kidnapping method (even though it’s already avaiable on every – female – students, which – I think – will only be available for rivals as the game becomes an actual game).
    Anyways, here are my doubts.
    Whoever reads this comment, thank you for taking time to read this comment and I hope you have a good day/night!

    • I think that if there are students with an event, they are probably students with some “section” on the official website of Yandere Simulator (like Geiju Tsuka or Budo). I sincerely believe that they would have some event since, unlike the others, they have somehow,
      relevance in the game (although this is only for being a club leader). It occurs to me that in some of these students, they can raise their reputation considerably to Yandere and be loved but at the same time feared or respected. Anyway I imagine that if they add it it could be in Amai’s week, you know, so as not to delay the arrival of Osana.

      If I have not been well understood, I am sorry, I do not speak English and I am using the translator. Ah, and have a good day or night :3

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