December 1st Bug-Fixing Build (and video)

Today’s video is different from most of the videos I’ve uploaded. It’s directly related to Yandere Simulator, just like all of my videos always have been, but the focus of the video is something else entirely.

You’ve probably seen a lot of YouTubers making videos about a specific subject lately. I’m not making this video because the subject is “topical” or because I want to hop on a bandwagon; I’m making this video because I want to send a loud and clear message.

By the way – want to hear a bit of trivia? When I’m writing a script for a video or editing a video together, I don’t make any effort to avoid certain words or visuals that might cause the video to be demonetized. I frequently say words like “murder” “corpse” “kill” and show violence and blood in almost every video. In short, I just don’t really care whether or not YouTube runs ads on my videos.

With that said…over the past 25 months, only two of my videos have been demonetized. Isn’t that surprising, considering the fact that nearly every one of my videos features blood and murder?

Anyway, here’s the interesting part: Apparently, this new video crosses a line that none of my videos have crossed over the past 25 months, because it was demonetized instantly, as soon as I finished uploading it. It doesn’t matter, though; I don’t care if this video is “not appropriate for all ages”. The purpose of this video is to send a message, not to be family-friendly or make profit.

I bet you’re curious to hear about Osana progress. I’ll describe the stage that I’m currently at:

For a long time, Kokona served as the “guinea pig” for testing out various elimination methods. For example, even though Kokona is not actually a rival, it was possible to report Kokona to the guidance counselor and get her expelled, to test the process of expelling a rival.

As part of the process of implementing Osana, I have to go through the game and hook up the expulsion code to Osana’s expulsion-specific events. At this point in time, the game is no longer using “Kokona debug test” code, and is now set up to actually expel Osana for real. As a result, it’s no longer possible to get Kokona expelled in the current debug sandbox.

That’s a really significant sign of the stage we’re currently at; we’re at the point where you’re actually going to see certain functionality start disappearing from the game, because that functionality is evolving from “placeholder for debug testing” to “fully operational on a real rival”, as it is supposed to be.

In case all of that was too complex to understand, I’ll phrase it a different way:

I wanted you to be able to test the expulsion feature for as long as possible, so I kept it attached to Kokona for a long time. The fact that I’ve moved the expulsion feature from Kokona to Osana means that I’ve reached the stage of development where I finally do the things that I intentionally put at the end of my list. In other words, I’ve nearly reached the very end of the list of things that need to get done for Osana to be complete!

While implementing Osana, a lot of these types of changes piled up. Click “Continue Reading” to read how the game has changed.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is no longer possible to use the Expulsion method on Kokona; as part of implementing Osana, the Expulsion method has been re-worked to function with Osana rather than Kokona. Although it has been disabled, you will be able to experience it again once Osana is out. (As a consequence, it is no longer possible to enter the Counselor’s office and speak with her.)
  • It is now possible to sabotage one of the vending machines with a screwdriver. This will cause the vending machine to eat your money without dispensing any drinks. (This is related to one of Osana’s elimination methods.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to ignore Yandere-chan’s behavior if they reported a weapon to a teacher earlier in the day (and the weapon had been moved from its location by the time the teacher arrived).
  • It is no longer possible to hand a snack to a character if they are still in the process of walking into the school at the start of the day. (This fixes an Osana exploit.)
  • The answer sheet in the faculty room is no longer present on any day except for Friday. (This is related to an Osana event that is exclusive to Friday.)
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to remember corkboard pins and strings even if the player deleted their save data or moved to a different save file.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan from being able to crouch while running if “Toggle Run” was enabled in the Settings Menu.
  • Sakyu Basu will now react to the sight of her ring being stolen. (This is to make one of Osana’s elimination methods more difficult.)
  • It is no longer possible to sneak a box cutter past a metal detector using a cardboard box.
  • Finally gave proper “Student Info” to the martial arts club members.
  • Himari now has enough strength to apprehend Yandere-chan.

61 thoughts on “December 1st Bug-Fixing Build (and video)

  1. Oh, and lol at all the young edgy 13 year old kids who are watching YandereDev’s channel, thinking being a sociopath is “cool” and pretending to be insane. I completely agree with YandereDev’s new video 😁

    • Just saying, I’ve never seen a 13 year old pretend to be insane because of this game, and think murder is cool? Like, no offense but did you just make that up or do you have proof for it.

      • Try the Yandere Simulator Amino, or any other YanSim community out there. Overrun by edgy children exactly like you described.

      • I used to one of those kids with creepypastas. Thankfully I’ve grown past it (Im 19 now) but it still happens

    • As do I. It isn’t exactly considered “cool” to pretend to be insane lol. If anything, people would find it weird.

      • They probably do it because negative attention is often more desired than no attention. Quite sad, honestly. Not in a condescending sense. I legit feel sorry for them.
        That being said, this has nothing to do with Yandev’s new video, it’s not addressed to the community at all, so stop making it about the community.

    • Ok, I know this is not the time or place, but this has been bothering me so much 😦 Dont be mad.
      What if a teacher would get angry at yandere chan if she didn’t have on her inside shoes? It would make the game a bit harder if you forget.

  2. Yandere Dev, stop hiding files!!
    Osana and Raibaru are almost finished, so it´s innecessary to lock that two characters if soon will be unlocked :L

    • YandereDev wants Osana and Raibaru to be 100% working and bug-free before he puts them in the game, that’s the reason why they still aren’t in the game. So he’s not hiding files, and it is still necessary to lock those characters until they are 100% done

      • Please revert the original font Futura Condensed Medium to Yandere Simulator because League Gothic font is not a good font and its cringey!

  3. Yandere Dev, this maybe unnecessary, but I’ll thank you for taking your time to read my words.

    Yandere Simulator is an Anime Game in a Highschool background, so I was wondering it would be cool and perhaps helpful to Mark a student’s shoes with white and a different color depending on their grade.
    Green if they’re a first year
    Red if they’re a second year
    And Blue if they’re a third Year.
    Instead of everyone having Blue and white shoes, I think it would just feel like a nice aesthetic look to colour code a student based on their grade.
    So, Senpai would wear Blue shoes.
    Yan-chan would wear Red shoes with a Red neck ribbon
    And Hanako (I’m just assuming she’ll be in the Game as a first year) would wear green shoes with a green neck ribbon.

    Just wanted to suggest it. Feel free to ignore it if you think it’s unnecessary

  4. I started following Yandere Simulator development when I was 12, and that worked for me really good – my English was really improved.

  5. Thank you, Yandere Dev. I understand what’s going on with YouTube now, thanks to your video. I didn’t understand in other YouTube videos, but your video helped me gain the knowledge I need. Now I am calm and excited again. Can’t wait for Osana and Raibaru!

  6. I love how you this this will change anything.

    Kids watch your videos and play the game like a cod game. Not meant for them but they don’t care.

    Your subreddit that you shouldn’t be owning is FULL of children.

    These comments here look like they were made by some children.

    Stop wasting your time and get back to making the game.

    • Did you even watch the whole video? Of course he knows that kids will still follow and watch his stuff, but he wants to make it clear that his channel and game is “not for kids” under COPPA standards. So if his video gets reviewed after he marked “not for children”, the person will see that he is correct despite the anime look and bright colors, therefore he won’t get an accidental fine for something that was originally correct -_-

    • because kids are TIRED to be taken for babies. C’mon, the violence doesn’t shock some of us who play the game, it’s not realistic. Okay, this is not made for us but no one can stop us from playing as long as we’re enjoying withou complaining about the things we shoudn’t see. Personally, i find it FUN to kill people in the game with the most gory and violent methods. Let the kids play if they are sure that they’re not scared or shocked, if they complain it’s their problem they should know what game they’re playing.

    • He made this video so that COPPA would know that its not for kids. He said that. Actually watch the video for crissake

  7. For a long time, I wondered why there was an animation for the vending machine if it doesn’t display when you buy one, now I finally know why and I’m satisfied with the answer

  8. Hooray! These comments are usually flooded by young kids. Im pretty sure they find the content off popular youtubers, and head straight for here, like evey other popular horror game, their fanbases are absoloutely full of little kids.

  9. Hey, I found a bug that made me confused. When I was playing, I killed then washed the blood off and changed into the gym clothing then desposed the gloves and bloody clothes. When I teleported to the light music club, the leader reacted to me as if I had blood on yanchan after i washed it off. Other characters did to. Idk if this is a one time thng but im just saying

  10. “It is now possible to sabotage one of the vending machines with a screwdriver. This will cause the vending machine to eat your money without dispensing any drinks. (This is related to one of Osana’s elimination methods.)”

    My theory for how this will play out is: You sabotage the vending machine before Osana tries to get a snack; she gets angry that the machine isn’t working/ate her money, and will either kick the machine or try to get her snack in a way that, in a picture, could look like she’s damaging school property. We show a picture of it to the counselor, or just report it, and with the machine being damaged, the counselor ends up giving Osana a warning

  11. I truly despise all the “think of the children!” nonsense. Children are exploited by politicians and by perverts every day and our so-called “leaders” pay more attention to content on TV shows, snack food choices, and out-dated ideas of what adults like than whether or not an actual child is being harmed. They care more about fake children in drawings than real kids.

    • Well children are young, and some of them may think the bad behavior is ok to do it irl if they watch videos of something with bad behavior a lot, but that’s why YouTube Kids exists sooo…
      However i do agree about the other things

      • He didn’t make the video for that!!! He made it so COPPA would know his videos aren’t for kids!

  12. Bijuu mike did a video about YouTube too Yandere Dev! I think that is where you got the idea from bijuu mike to do something about YouTube demonetizing your videos! So shout out to bijuu mike! 😁

  13. I always wondered why he added Kyuji Konagawa into the game. Today I know everything about him and the role he has to serve with Osana.
    That is my theory, even tho i am not 100% sure, I know i am right. 🙂

  14. Yandere Dev, why after the update fights with teachers, students and so on do not work? (At the same time, they may catch me as a group) Is it related to my files that are corrupt or an update?

  15. Yandere Dev, I have a concern here.
    Since the answer sheet is no longer available except on Friday, this means that Ayano cannot join the Delinquents until Friday, when the answer sheet is available, since that is one of their missions. If you need to be a part of the Delinquents before Friday for whatever reason, you’re screwed.
    I think it’s kind of an important issue regarding gameplay.

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