Happy Halloween!

Hello, and Happy Halloween!

Most of you are probably aware that I have a few annual traditions: a silly video on April 1st, a music video on Christmas, etc. One of those traditions takes place on October 31st. I call it a…

 Yandere Sim Spooktacular!

In short, a “Spooktacular” is when I spend a couple of days producing a horror-themed minigame such as Yanvania, Yandertale, or Midori Forest. However, things were a bit different this year.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the past two weeks were pretty rough for me. In short, a lot of very unfortunate things happened in a very short span of time. I simply couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for working on something fun/creative for Halloween. So, instead of making content for a “Spooktacular”, I chose to focus my attention exclusively on Osana/Raibaru and make as much progress as possible.

As a result, I simply don’t have a horror minigame for you this year. I always feel very sad whenever I fail to uphold one of my yearly traditions (like Kuudere Simulator, for example). But, if I try to look at things from the most optimistic perspective possible, I’m sure that there are people who will be happy that I spent my time working on Osana instead of producing a minigame.


Last year, when I updated the Gaming Club, a certain Dude explored the club and expressed his disappointment that a particular prop in the club was not interactive. I thought it would be really fun to add the functionality he wanted…but it was a low priority, so I didn’t take action on it.

Earlier this year, a programmer reached out to me and offered to help me with anything I needed. To test his ability, I asked him to fulfill That Dude‘s request. The programmer completed the task, and now the game has a cool new feature, without any of my time being taken away from Osana!

Even though it’s not horror-themed, Yandere Simulator has a new minigame today. I’ve uploaded a new build of the game containing this new feature, along with a bunch of bug fixes. Overall, there isn’t much new content in this build, but that’s because I was spending all of my time on Osana/Raibaru.

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing Halloween-themed artwork by Nanteka!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause puke to continue spilling out of a puking student’s mouth even after they were dead, if they were killed while puking by any method other than drowning them.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council Members to fail to properly report suspicious weapons to teachers if they had encountered a non-suspicious weapon earlier in the day.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the player to get stuck running up the stairs to the pool area if they ran up the stairs at an extremely specific angle.
  • If Saki witnesses you murder Kokona, she will develop the strength of Budo and attempt to apprehend you. (Same goes for Kokona witnessing you murder Saki.)
  • A student will no longer rotate towards an incorrect angle if distracted by Yandere-chan while returning an object to its original location.
  • A student will no longer get stuck in the incorrect state if distracted by Yandere-chan while picking up a dropped item on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that allowed mind-broken slaves to react to puddles or blood or dropped weapons, and snap out of their mind-broken state.
  • Fixed bug that allowed mind-broken slaves to react to Yandere-chan committing murder, and snap out of their mind-broken state.
  • It should no longer be possible for the player to block a civilian walking down the street from reaching their destination.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Science Club members to get stuck on open doors when trying to walk into the storage rooms.
  • Fixed bug that caused art club members to fail to properly path-find to certain locations within their own clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to be able to see through doors as if they were invisible.
  • It should now be impossible for the player to block the entrance-way to the girls’ locker room.
  • A student will now only be bullied if their reputation is less than negative 33.
  • The manga store clerk now has artwork and new dialogue. (She’s a real cutie!)
  • There is no longer an invisible wall in front of the electronics store.

Addition to the Gaming Club

  • It’s very large. You can’t miss it.
  • This is the first version, so it might be a little buggy.
  • When I test it within the Unity Editor, the framerate is fine. However, when I test it in a standalone build, the framerate is sometimes bad. I haven’t figured out why this happens. I apologize if it’s unplayable in its current form.
  • After you exit, the framerate is about 5 FPS lower for a little while. However, the framerate returns to normal after a short amount of time. (Very weird…)

87 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    • I’m not YandereDev but if you are talking about Osana’s completion i would say she’s around 80-90%. If you mean the whole game i think it’s around 9%

  1. I hope you’re doing a bit better yandere dev. We all do. Take time for yourself if need be. Your dedicated fans would understand if you did. I hope things get better ^_^

  2. This may not be important at all, but just in case, I think there’s a bug with Akane Toryasu (I REALLY hope I spelled her name right lol) I challenged myself to kill the student council members without getting caught, but whenever I sneak up BEHIND Akane to do a stealth attack, it’s like she literally has eyes on the back of her head, she sees me somehow and I get a gameover.

  3. Yo does anyone know where Yandev gets this artwork? Cause I’ve been meaning to post some of my fanart of YanSim and I’d totally freak if he actually saw it

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