Happy Halloween!

Hello, and Happy Halloween!

Most of you are probably aware that I have a few annual traditions: a silly video on April 1st, a music video on Christmas, etc. One of those traditions takes place on October 31st. I call it a…

 Yandere Sim Spooktacular!

In short, a “Spooktacular” is when I spend a couple of days producing a horror-themed minigame such as Yanvania, Yandertale, or Midori Forest. However, things were a bit different this year.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the past two weeks were pretty rough for me. In short, a lot of very unfortunate things happened in a very short span of time. I simply couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for working on something fun/creative for Halloween. So, instead of making content for a “Spooktacular”, I chose to focus my attention exclusively on Osana/Raibaru and make as much progress as possible.

As a result, I simply don’t have a horror minigame for you this year. I always feel very sad whenever I fail to uphold one of my yearly traditions (like Kuudere Simulator, for example). But, if I try to look at things from the most optimistic perspective possible, I’m sure that there are people who will be happy that I spent my time working on Osana instead of producing a minigame.


Last year, when I updated the Gaming Club, a certain Dude explored the club and expressed his disappointment that a particular prop in the club was not interactive. I thought it would be really fun to add the functionality he wanted…but it was a low priority, so I didn’t take action on it.

Earlier this year, a programmer reached out to me and offered to help me with anything I needed. To test his ability, I asked him to fulfill That Dude‘s request. The programmer completed the task, and now the game has a cool new feature, without any of my time being taken away from Osana!

Even though it’s not horror-themed, Yandere Simulator has a new minigame today. I’ve uploaded a new build of the game containing this new feature, along with a bunch of bug fixes. Overall, there isn’t much new content in this build, but that’s because I was spending all of my time on Osana/Raibaru.

To read a list of everything that is new in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing Halloween-themed artwork by Nanteka!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause puke to continue spilling out of a puking student’s mouth even after they were dead, if they were killed while puking by any method other than drowning them.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council Members to fail to properly report suspicious weapons to teachers if they had encountered a non-suspicious weapon earlier in the day.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the player to get stuck running up the stairs to the pool area if they ran up the stairs at an extremely specific angle.
  • If Saki witnesses you murder Kokona, she will develop the strength of Budo and attempt to apprehend you. (Same goes for Kokona witnessing you murder Saki.)
  • A student will no longer rotate towards an incorrect angle if distracted by Yandere-chan while returning an object to its original location.
  • A student will no longer get stuck in the incorrect state if distracted by Yandere-chan while picking up a dropped item on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that allowed mind-broken slaves to react to puddles or blood or dropped weapons, and snap out of their mind-broken state.
  • Fixed bug that allowed mind-broken slaves to react to Yandere-chan committing murder, and snap out of their mind-broken state.
  • It should no longer be possible for the player to block a civilian walking down the street from reaching their destination.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Science Club members to get stuck on open doors when trying to walk into the storage rooms.
  • Fixed bug that caused art club members to fail to properly path-find to certain locations within their own clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to be able to see through doors as if they were invisible.
  • It should now be impossible for the player to block the entrance-way to the girls’ locker room.
  • A student will now only be bullied if their reputation is less than negative 33.
  • The manga store clerk now has artwork and new dialogue. (She’s a real cutie!)
  • There is no longer an invisible wall in front of the electronics store.

Addition to the Gaming Club

  • It’s very large. You can’t miss it.
  • This is the first version, so it might be a little buggy.
  • When I test it within the Unity Editor, the framerate is fine. However, when I test it in a standalone build, the framerate is sometimes bad. I haven’t figured out why this happens. I apologize if it’s unplayable in its current form.
  • After you exit, the framerate is about 5 FPS lower for a little while. However, the framerate returns to normal after a short amount of time. (Very weird…)

87 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween. I hope things get better for you. Remember that you are amazing and give us excellent communication and fun builds. Never lose hope. Keep up the good work as always

  2. IS IT THE DANCE THING?? like the thing where you move your feet to the music or was that removed?
    he is definetely that dude

  3. I’m glad that you’ve been working on Osana. I think the menu screens need to be adjusted before the demo as well. Currently, they’re a little bland. Good luck.

    • You can still kidnap people, but it’s more complicated than before. Heres how you do it ^^
      1. Get Headache poison from info-chan
      2. Poison someone at lunch
      3. get tranq from the infirmary when the student goes to get medicine (It’s in the medicine case)
      4. Get the syringe
      5. Go to the gym with someone following you (Can’t be a male)
      6. Go to the room with a box, close the door, and then tranq them :3
      Hope this helped!

  4. I matched Riku and Kokona and accidentally entered camera mode before the cutscene, it played through the phone but after they just spun around.

  5. I love this new update! & thanks that Dude for suggesting something to Yandere Dev! 😎 we are all going to enjoy this new update! 🕶

  6. I’m the only one that can’t do the task for Geiju Tsuka? Also, does somebody has problem with the Kokona information? (When I listen her talk to the phone, that doesn’t change anything, and when I listen her talk with Saki appears the sentence: “She had a stalker”)

    • It seems that Geiju Tsuka has no task, maybe because it would be complicated, I mean, just talk with phrases of only two words. And with Kokona, the same thing happens to me.
      Sorry if you do not understand well, I do not know English very well, also use the translator.

      • Oh, thank you, at least I’m not the only one who noticed that. Also for Kokona I don’t know if it’s a bug or else… Anyway I tried to send to YandereDev an email about this two things, but apparently he doesn’t have enough time for that.
        Thank you again! ^^

  7. Plz make it possible, to joins the bullies (if u have time)

    Idea: gossip incease, your dont lose your reputation that much, you can manipulate the bullies to bully your rival, i have more idea but i hope you Will see this

    I love your works BTW ❤

  8. What would be cool would be that we could put in custom IDs for the dance machine, like our favourite song or something. Because when I got this build, I wanted to dance to BTS songs and stuff.

    Please try to add this, though I don’t wanna take your time from working on Osana ♡^▽^♡

  9. I’ve only recently started following the game’s development, but I’ve found an old video where you asked for any ideas for alternative kidnapping methods, so I’ve thought of one.

    1: Obtain pepper spray (either by joining the student council, stealing from them, or by sneaking one into school).
    2: Have a high enough reputation.
    3: Find a way to pepper spray the student you want to kidnap, such that you can convince them that it was an accident. (You must make sure there were no witnesses).
    4: Yan-chan will automatically apologise and offer to take the student home/their next lesson.
    5: You must take the student home/to their next lesson if too many people saw you guiding temporarily blinded student, otherwise you are free to walk them to your character’s home (or the gym, insinorator, or that thing used to fill buckets of blood).

    I had this Idea after a discussion on reddit.

  10. Yandere dev you said that Saki will have strength like Budo when Yandere-chan kill Kokona, well i tried but she runned away and didn’t fight her, thats a bug

  11. I took pictures of the figures near the game club and therefore sat down so that they could be seen better, but the girl who sat and painted, for some reason decided that I was taking pictures of her underpants, although she sits in a different place. I do not want to lose my reputation because of such nonsense о.О

  12. I have an idea for the later rivals –
    Maybe there could be a holiday on one of the days of the week (but not Friday) so you have less time to interact with students/the rival? Like Labor Day (I dont think they have that in Japan,but something similar), so they’d have a day off from school.
    Just an idea 🙂

  13. I am really hoping that there was a character in school has a very, very huge crush on Ayano Aishi, and willing to do anything for Ayano-chan. Maybe the player can use him/her as a person who always gets item from Info-chan, something like that. I really want this feature to happen, Yan Dev! This character can also help the player to get an update on where is the rival’s location by stalking them. But, if he/she finds out that Ayano-chan is murdering or doing other suspicious acts, he/she will keep their mouth shut because in their opinion, as long as their crush is happy, they’ll be happy too! I’m sorry if this sounds messed up, but I really hope that Yan Dev would apply this feature in future builds! (With more improvements, this is just an idea from a fan of Yandere Simulator, me!)

    • For That I believe Yan-chan has to compliment them, befriend them and get popular. That kind of character is better earned than just handed out. Otherwise, he’d be too overpowered.

      I proposed an idea regarding phones weeks ago and as compensation my idea was converted to a remote control radio.

  14. Dear Yandev,

    I know things are being rough right now for you, and I hope that you get better sooner or later, but my advice why not take a break just let it all process through your mind, like going on a Vacation I heard San-Francisco, or if that’s not your cup of tea, I suggest going to the local Bar and get a few drinks just don’t accidentally punch someone square in the face, Trust me not a fun experience, and last resort just watch some bad kung fu movies while eating some fried chicken. it hasn’t failed yet tho, But seriousness I hope you get better, I don’t really mind waiting at all so take care and please don’t commit suicide I heard we are getting a new Guilty Gear game I wouldn’t like you to miss it

    From Y-AL-J

    • Um i’m pretty sure you didn’t kinda think through for what you said, and that you mean the best for YandereDev but next time don’t include things like suicide or drinking… Again i’m pretty sure that you want the best for YandereDev but don’t be so open about it (i don’t even think there is a reason for YandereDev to commit suicide or anything like that) because some people can get this very wrong and lash out at you in the comments

    • No, Ayano’s father is clearly not gay because he’s married to Ayano’s mother (even though he doesn’t truly love her, i’m pretty sure he’s straight)

    • He’s working Osana and Raibaru right now.
      Must be making ends meet because there hasn’t been a single since Halloween.
      We could expect progress by November 15.
      I’m hyped

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