October 24th Bug-Fixing Build

As long as I’m racking up bug-fixes while working towards my next goal, I may as well release nightly new builds, right? Can’t hurt!

To read a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this illustration from LexAhorimi that depicts Raibaru breaking Ayano’s arm while being as cute as possible! The act of breaking bones has never looked so adorable!

Fixes, Changes

  • The coin-operated binoculars on the street are now less sensitive depending on how far the player has zoomed in. This should make it much easier to use them, whether the player is using controller or mouse+keyboard.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the bullies from being able to change their clothing at a locker if another student had recently used that locker to change out of wet clothing.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a character to be snapped out of their “reacting to being splashed with water” state if the player distracted them while they were in that state.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to become permanently stuck in place if they witnessed a student council member breaking up a fight between Yandere-chan and a delinquent.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the bullies to remain inside of the locker room permanently unless the player rotated the camera towards the locker room.
  • It should now be impossible for the player to block a character who is attempting to pass through the doorways inside of a locker room building.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a teacher from dropping an object she had picked up after being attacked by the player.
  • It should no longer be possible to trap characters walking past the electronics store by pinning them in a corner.
  • Fixed bug that would cause bullies to go sunbathe in a locker if they heard a radio while sunbathing.
  • Characters walking around on the street will now walk around you if you try to block their path.

77 thoughts on “October 24th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Hey there, Yanderedev! i wanna tell u that i´m so proud of the progress of your work and everything else, such a good job. But i´ve been passing for this since a long time and don´t know how to fix it. The thing is that whatever i do, i can not enter to school because the loading screen just… crashes. My pc it is according to the requirements for get the game and even with that it doesn´t work. What should i do?

      Thank you u so much for create this game, it is so entertaining! Good luck for finish it.

  1. Wow Yandere dev you must be working really hard! You’re Releasing bug fixing builds faster than I can download them! Keep up the great work!

    • Probably after Osana or a little bit before her, but there isn’t really a reason for us to join the Student Council to eliminate Osana so i guess after her, but again maybe it will be implemented before Osana because of the demo

      • It would be great to join tho so in the future you can eliminate Megami by joining. You can also ask students to do favors without befriending them, etc.

      • I know, i’m not saying it wouldn’t be useful to join it, it would be very useful but i don’t think it would be useful for Osana

  2. This is certainly becoming a bug-fixing build streak.

    You’ve definitely been watching Jay and Bijuu Mike finding bugs.
    I’ll be counting how many builds you’ve uploaded since the street update

  3. Can you please bring back “Futura Condensed Medium” font in Yandere Simulator’s next build please… The font “League Gothic” sounds not too good…

  4. Lol! Love the picture! 😂 also love how we can hear the people on the street if we try to block them. 😉 & great work on the update Yandere Dev 😃

  5. A couple of questions that have nothing to do with this update, but something I’ve been wondering. Once the Student Council is implemented as a joinable club, will you be able to join immediately (assuming you meet the prerequisites), or actually have to wait for Megumi? Just wondering because it would make some of my goals for my rivals easier (assuming expelling isn’t drastically changed between now and then).
    On that note, what if you vary your elimination methods (and usually peaceful). I’m planning for 3 Befreingings, 3 matchmakings, 3 expulsions, and only one murder.

    • I actually hope we can join the Student Council club without Megami. I care more about joining the Student Council club.

    • Even if you vary your elimination methods when taking out Rivals, there’s still other factors that will play into what ending you get. Having six out of the ten rivals get befriended or match-made might get you a better ending, but having 3 rivals match-made and 3 expelled, especially if one of those Rivals was Senpai’s little sister, plus a murder, could tip the chances of your game ending becoming a Bad one.

      • Actually, I was planning to befriend Osona, Hanaka, and Megami; planing to match make Ami, Oka, and Asu; and planning to expel Kizana, Muja, and Oroso. The only one I was planning to actually kill is Mida (because I think she’s too perverted). My logic is I don’t want to hurt Senpai, so Osona and Hanaka need to be befriended. I want to prove Megami wrong about Ayano being dangerous wrong. Kizana, Muja, and Oroso deserve to be expelled (Kizana is annoying, Muja doesn’t matter because she’s only there for 1 week, and Oroso so the guidance counselor can continue to bring the delinquents back to the fold). That leaves matchmaking. Ami, Oka, and Asu neither deserve expulsion and sabotaging their interactions hurts Senpai.

  6. I hate when a phone addict takes a photo of a death body and notice yan-chan, Why does yan-chan gets exposed if the phone addict only took a photo of a death body?

      • I think that he/she was talking about a phone addict that first took a photo of a dead body, and then saw yan-chan wearing bloody clothing when phone addict was sending photo to the police, and yan-chan still gets arrested even if they didn’t take a photo of her wearing bloody clothing. I hope you understand

  7. completely unrelated comment. I was thinking about the future of yandere simulator, like past osana and at muja and stuff. then i thought about how akward it was going to be for yandere dev to talk about mida rana

  8. Yandere Dev you are doing so great! Cant wait for Osana!! BAKA! Me and my friend always played the game and we really enjoyed it. We even do traditional drawings of club members but with crossover club members! We even created our ocs and did info for them. I will always enjoy the game hoping that soon there will be Osanaaa!!

  9. Hey YandereDev, I found a bug. I was playing Yandere Simulator and deleted my save in the main menu. When I made a new save, there were still the photos from my old save on the corkboard in Yandere-chans room.

  10. If we own the game already once Amai comes out,do we have to pay to continue the game? Or can we keep playing for free,but we can only play Osana’s week? Or neither,and we can just update the game and pay with Amai free?

    • Wiccan, if you have the game for free it won’t matter. after Amai, you have to buy the game to continue. You can play the game for free but just keep replaying Osan’s week. Don’t worry tho! Yandere Dev said it will be cheap like 5 or 10 dollars.

  11. Hey yandere dev while playing yandere simulator I recently found out that when I press x in the debug menu it restarts the game and makes completes gema taku’s task also when I think this is a bug,after activating Easter egg witch mode when I press the number 0 while I stop the time I directly get teleported to the field changing room.

  12. I wonder if we would have to pay for the game when it’s finished or we just get it for free then YanDev would have more money for the next game
    hopefully, we get a 2nd game with Senpai moving so Yan-Chan has to run away finding him but all of a sudden she blacks out and finds herself meeting the player and you can customize them however you want or descize yourself as a student. but with the player, they blackout and meet Yan-Chan in the woods where they have to run away from the dead rivals getting revenge on the Player and Yan-Chan, and senpai has been locked up by them for bait!!!!!
    I’m getting too excited for another Yandere game, am I?

  13. I found a bug if you kill few students but don’t dispose of them until class time (8:00 am) after you finish dispose of the corpses you can’t longer go to class or go home

  14. Just curious. Does anyone know if the full effects of study points will also be implemented with Osana? Psychology does nothing currently, and neither does Ranks 2-5 of Biology, Chemistry, and Language. The only skills that are fully implemented are Physical Education, Seduction, and Numbness.
    Also, does the gaming boost help if you have rank 5 of a skill already? Example, would the struggle minigame be any easier if you have both Rank 5 of Phys. Ed. AND a physical gaming boost?

  15. I’m exited to see the final game! It looks around 40% finished if you wanted to start the rivals now, but I’m just saying, not trying to be difficult. I also really am exited for the next update! Keep up the great work and don’t forget to take a few breaks here and there. We want you to enjoy life ^-^

  16. Question? would this game be on steam or itch when it is completed because it would be cool if it was.
    I was only thinking though :3

  17. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev!
    I found a bug!
    Alright so:
    I teleported to the LightMusic Club.
    I summoned Midori and killed her.
    then I summoned her again she left.
    then I killed Miyuji.
    after that Akane Toriyasu came in and got into the pepper spray animation.
    But, my game bugged out.

    • Not 100% sure, but I think Kokona’s event has sort of been replaced with Osona’s (although she herself isn’t in the game yet). If you check the Student Info, it doesn’t update on Kokona’s 7:45 am Monday call, and if you check after the conversation between Kokona and Saki, instead of being about the conversation you JUST overheard, the Student Info screen updates to “Has a stalker” which is part of Osona;s friendship quest. Or atleast I think that’s the case.

  18. I got a idea just a seg but what if yandere-chan had a guy that crushed on her and would stop her every now and then :3

    • I’m curious to see how it would be if the Stalker suddenly got stalked by another Stalker.
      The downsides of popularity haven’t been implemented (having admirers who follow you everywhere).
      Will the Stalker persona be implemented soon?

    • The street is finished (except the storekeepers and items in the shop), he’s fixing the bugs on the street while his main focus right now is probably Osana and Raibaru

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