October 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

It keeps happening! I keep incidentally fixing bugs while getting work done, so I figure I may as well keep uploading new builds. There’s no reason not to, right?

To read a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this adorable illustration from OjikCZ depicting Oka Ruto as a cute maid!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If a Cooking Club member was splashed with water while they were walking around handing out food, a bug would occur. After exiting the locker room, they would perform “holding tray” animations, even though they weren’t holding a tray. They would also put food onto an invisible tray and walk around with an invisible tray, handing out invisible food to other students. This bug has been fixed.
  • In a previous bug-fixing update, I stated that Kokona was going to stop appearing in the street if she was dead or if her father’s debt problems had been fixed. However, that feature wasn’t actually working. As of now, that feature should finally be functioning as intended.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Otohiko to become stuck in the “tripping and falling” state if the player went to class while Otohiko was in the act of tripping and falling. (The effect would only become apparent if the player spoke to him after attending class.)
  • I adjusted the properties of one of the trash cans to make it impossible for that trash can to be used to block a student’s path…but I forgot that there were two trash cans in the school. The second trash can’s properties have now been adjusted, as well.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two students to both try drinking from the same drinking fountain simultaneously, but only if the nearest drinking fountian was the one near the vending machines.
  • Fixed bug that caused students’ pathfinding to break if they were splashed with water while following Yandere-chan, if it was their second time being splashed with water that day.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible for the player to re-experience the Yancord conversations if they had already experienced those conversations once in a previous playthrough.
  • It is no longer possible for a student in a swimsuit to be splashed with liquid; they’ll always dodge it.
  • Fixed bug that caused Musume to sit in midair instead of sit on a bench after being mind-broken.
  • Fixed problems with Yui and Mei’s models that caused their arms to clip through their sleeves.

32 thoughts on “October 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wow, YanDev, you’re really updating the game and I’m happy! I’m sure you’re working hard to put Osana or some other feature finally in the game.

  2. The exterminator and the Developer are having a Field day of dealing with bugs and builds respectively.
    Are you going to add something to the stores on the next build Yandere Dev?
    Just asking. Like hardware equipment or make the Yakuza functional?

      • Fool! I’m not just the undertaker.
        I’m the judge of the underworld who can assign what punishment to give you after your Death.
        I’ve already thought of 15 different ways to Kill you in my mind.
        One of them involve forcing you to listen to modern Music

    • Ah, it really does, doesn’t it? Dang, I miss those days, back when Kokona had a crush on Senpai and we all thought that her father was abusing her…

  3. hey yandere dev,i don’t know if this is a bug or not but if you poison a delinquent’s bento in from of the other delinquents wouldn’t they care since there in their group?I don’t know just wanted to know.Keep up the good work!

  4. My game crashed after I looked at (what I would assume to be a Saikou family member, more than likely Kencho) through the binoculars in the Street.
    Since Megami knows and is aware of who and what Ayano is I believe he would hold that information as well, so he could be spying on her since he is forbidden to interfere with Megami’s life in any way (including meddling with the soul enemy). So he is keeping an eye on her from a distance without any physical, verbal or emotional contact.

    In a more fangirl theory he could be a yandere for Ayano, but if he did he would resent himself for liking the enemy and ahhhhh

  5. Found a glitch,if you kill someone with the life note(via fire or electrocution) and you talk to them right before it happens,it softlocks the game.

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