October 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! The build I uploaded yesterday was actually an old build. How embarrassing! Here’s a new build containing all of the fixes that were listed in yesterday’s blog post, along with some additional fixes.

To read a list of everything that was changed in the latest build, scroll down past this amazing Megami cosplay by maree.beam!

One more photo!

Changes, Fixes, Additions

  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause a student to enter a mind-broken state on Monday morning, if that student had been mind-broken during the player’s previous playthrough.
  • Fixed bug that caused Otohiko to arrive at school much earlier than expected if the player practiced with the music club or was sent to the counselor early in the morning.
  • Fixed issue with Yui and Mei’s clothing that would cause the collars of their shirts to stretch out in a strange way when they turned their heads.
  • Increased the quality of the bookshelves in the Cooking Club (they were still using ancient textures from early in Yandere Sim’s history).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Nemesis to lose track of Yandere-chan even though she was in plain sight.
  • Mei, Yuna, and Koharu now have smiles on their faces. (Yui’s not smiling because she’s a grump!)

Manga-centric Changes

  • Manga books have been removed from the school grounds (except the Life Note books in the Photography club).
  • One store in the street now has functionality – the manga store. It is now possible to purchase manga from this store.
  • Five of the manga books available in the store are 18+. To purchase them, you will need to purchase a Fake ID from Info-chan.
  • The shopkeeper’s speech bubble has dialogue for various circumstances (such as when Yandere-chan attempts to purchase adults-only manga without valid ID, or attempts to purchase an item without enough money to afford it).

What’s Next?

Now that I’ve given one of the stores functionality, it would be trivially easy for me to make the rest of the stores become functional, as well! Very promising!

However, I feel dirty when I’m not working on Osana/Raibaru. I have a very strong urge to return to prioritizing Osana/Raibaru progress, so that’s what I intend to do next.

32 thoughts on “October 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hehe, Yui’s a grump
    I hope the removed rainbow students all get slightly more important roles in the future, though now I’m just excited they’re back in the game!
    Keep up the great work, Devpai

    • Me too. I’m just hoping the guys get in to. Especially Sora since I always felt bad for him since he couldn’t stay in the game with Saki. I like the other guys too, I would like to see them in different clothing like the Rainbow Girls

  2. Oh neato! I can’t wait for that scythe. No worries yanderedev, one step at a time, we are humbled with your progress . Fixing bugs now instead of later is beneficial . Osana’s just too shy for us all

  3. Hello,
    I do not understand why you need a fake ID card, as it is indicated at the very beginning of the game, that all the characters are over 18 years old

    • No, she is 17. I think that according to this logic, students of grades 1-1 / 2 are 16 and they also need, like Yan-chan, proof that they are like 18 to buy things that are put only by adults. And Akademi High is not an Institute or University, where all more than eighteen years old.

  4. I told you so. Yandere Dev would make another build. WOW, I’m a psychic.
    Now, have you thought about creating another manga series from where Yandere Chan could learn about manipulation?
    For example, in the Light novels (does it matter if they don’t have enough pictures?), Youjo senki Tanya always was good at using observation and tactical strategy to get rid of lieutenants who disobeyed by making it look like bad luck.
    For example, Tanya transferred two people into a border station guarding the border between Germany and Holy Roman Empire (at Least I think it was HRE).

    It seemed like the border station would be a safe place since it is happening away from the fighting in frontlines of WW1, but in actuality, it’s also at border between the two countries and is just a stationary headquarter.
    A cannon was fired and the station was blown up and everyone inside died as a result.
    To the outside, it seemed like an unfortunate tragedy but in Tanya’s mind it was according to plan. Transfer those 2 lieutenants to the border and leave them to the mercy of Invaders.

    Youjo senki

  5. I am going to miss that the mangas are not going to be at school grounds anymore! 😢 & why does the fake ID have to cost so much panty shots? I wish the fake ID didn’t have to be that much. But overall I love the new update! 😀👍

  6. Pourquoi vous avez mis oka dans les personnages de la ville ça me fait souffrir de plus la voir dans l’école alors si vous me la mettez à un endroit où je peux pas lui parler ça me fait mal

  7. Maybe you should do what Scott did with Five nights at freddys and add a progress bar to see where its close to being done

  8. At the start page it says that all the characters are 18 years old or older. If that is true then why do we need a fake ID

    • It’s a GOOD BOY message for the twitch sjw’s who are offended by everything in their lives. Can’t help when people play this whp should play christian private school simulator instead.

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