October 20th Bug-Fixing Build

Some bugs were reported while I was working on the street and creating the latest video. I finally got an opportunity to investigate and fix those bugs, so here’s a new build with some issues fixed!

I’ll provide you with a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, but first, I’d like to share some amazing cosplay with oextremelunatics dressed as Shiromi and snarkymcsnarkpants dressed as Aoi!

Wow!! Click “Continue Reading” for more!

Before I start talking about the bug fixes, look at what an amazing job these two ladies did with their cosplay!

I just can’t get over it, this is some of the nicest Yandere Sim cosplay I’ve ever seen!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the gym teacher’s corpse to control the school gate. (If you killed the gym teacher, then dragged her corpse away from the gate’s controls, then opened the gate, then dragged her dead body back to the gate’s controls, the gate would close, as if she was still alive and controlling the gate. Spoooooky ghooooost teacher.)
  • Fixed bug that caused a phone addict’s phone to float around their corpse if they died in certain ways (such as being pushed off the school roof) while their phone was in their hands.
  • Limited the player’s ability to speed up or slow down time in the street scene (slowing down time to 0 would give the impression that the game had crashed).
  • Fixed bug that caused graphical bugs to occur if a character was pushed off the school roof while wearing anything other than their school uniform.
  • Fixed bug that gave Aoi the ability to see through the curtains in the Student Council room as if they were completely transparent for her.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to rip shoes off the feet of barefoot characters when pushing them off the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mei Mio’s glasses from following her animations properly.
  • Fixed bug that caused Oka to wear her socks over her shoes. Silly Oka.
  • Adjusted the post-processing effects in the street scene.
  • Removed smudge from convenience store clerk artwork.

24 thoughts on “October 20th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yay new build! also yandere dev next build can you make it so when you eliminate kokona she will not be in the town because after I eliminate her she is still in the town. Thanks!

  2. Seeing their cosplay makes me want to see Aoi and Shiromi turning on each other in the final game even more.

    Dragons and Tigers always were mortal enemies in Folklore

      • I am pretty sure they meant to ask which storekeeper she will be. And my guess in that matter would be that she will be the shopkeeper of the convenience store (because of the 24/7 logo on her uniform)

  3. Regarding Kubzscoutz latest video I think in the next build you should make Kokona not come after Monday and not come if eliminated.

    Also if you don’t fix her problem will she go out with a different man every couple of days?

  4. Hello, can you add more groups in the Characters page in Yandere Simulator? Cooking Club, Drama Club, Occult Club, Art Club, Light Music Club, Martial Arts Club, Sports Club, Photography Club, Gaming Club, Gardening Club, Delinquents

  5. Niceeeee! Finally fixed the bug about the gym teacher, I thought it was an Easter Egg , and it’s actually a BUG🕷😂 , Happy Halloween 🎃! Yandere Dev.

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