A Tour of Yandere Simulator’s New Street

I’m sorry it took so long! The new video and build are finally ready. Please enjoy!

In addition to the street, this build also contains a new Headmaster Tape – the first one to be added to the game since 4/26/2018! I hope you’re going to enjoy it!

Click “Continue Reading” for a list of everything that is new or fixed in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to participate in the Photography Club’s club activity, after they had begun sleuthing due to low school atmosphere.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to screw up a teacher’s pathfinding by picking up a suspicious object that the teacher was currently heading towards.
  • It is now possible to purchase a Fake ID from Info-chan’s “Drops” menu. It currently lacks functionality, but may have a purpose in the future.
  • The “stop time” debug command (pause key when the debug menu is open) will now prevent the police timer from counting down.
  • Fixed bug that caused bloody gloves to lose their blood after Yandere-chan took a bath (while not wearing the gloves).
  • Fixed bug that prevented the cassette tape player progress bar from moving as the tape progressed.
  • Adjusted the texture that appears on Yandere-chan’s eyes when she is using Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from recognizing bloody gloves as suspicious.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Jojo Stand easter egg from working properly.
  • Added a new Headmaster cassette tape!

Street Details

  • It is now possible to exit Yandere-chan’s room at nighttime and visit a street.
  • The current street is an experiment/prototype just to test out the concept. There is very little functionality in the current version of the street. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback on how it could benefit the player.
  • It is possible to interact with each store, but it is not possible to buy anything yet. The items listed for sale are placeholders. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on what the stores could sell, and how they could benefit gameplay.
  • I only have one shopkeeper portrait right now, but in the future, each store will have a unique shopkeeper.
  • Besides Yandere-chan and the shopkeepers, there are 15 characters in the street scene. Two of them are well-hidden. Can you spot them all?

What’s Next?

The next build will probably come out very soon; it will add basic functionality to a few of the stores (like the manga store, which would be trivially easy to set up). After that, it’s straight back to work on Osana and Raibaru.

118 thoughts on “A Tour of Yandere Simulator’s New Street

  1. I am so excited! I’m also looking forward of Jay and Bijuu making a vid on this. The game is coming together ladies and gentlemen

  2. I like the addition of the street! I think I said in a comment once before that I’d love a whole open-world town that you can actually walk from your house to the school and the town rather than choose locations from a menu in the bedroom. But I also think you should finish the main game (the school) first so as not to delay it. And then add the open-world town as future DLC.

  3. I really like the street, but the foggy effect kind of makes it hard to look at. I think it would look better if the street was bright and vibrant like when you’re in school.

    • Na versão final eu acho q o trabalho da Yandere-chan poderia ser em 3D, acho q faria mais sentido e o jogo ficaria mais bonito
      Apenas minha opinião

    • Yeah, I couldn’t place what about the town looked a bit weird at first but now that you mention it. It kinda looks like when people try to make an underwater effect in drawings by just adding a blue layer over everything. Hint: makes it all muggy looking. It almost creates a seaside effect and I assume that’s what YanDev is going for since the town seems to be sea-side, but it mostly just makes it feel like your looking through a wet lens.

  4. Hey, I just came from the video and I glad to hear that things are going well. Even if Raibaru is helping you removing evidence. LOL. I may have a suggestion for the music shop. You could make it Ronshaku payday loans, where you have deliver the ransom video while trying to avoid witnesses, or maybe even pawn stuff off there in exchange for rare and/or stolen items (Like a Katana or a vintage guitar) or just for money. It’s just a suggestion.

  5. YandereDev I think that if Yandere chan aproaches to Kokona too much she should be embarassed or angry and then tells her to go away

  6. Maybe the shop keepers could say some lines while they’re waiting for you to buy things? (Like gossip about your current rival 👀)

  7. Idea for the music store if is dosnt work out is maybe putting a cosplay and or clothing store possibly there wouldn’t be much use of it except for the weekends and if you joined the drama and maybe the photography club but I really think it would be a cool idea (also I just want there to be somewhere you can by a scythe were it looks normal😅)

  8. i’ve never actually bought manga when i went to school, but i was a very avid reader. i did it by borrowing manga from classmates who might have them – nowadays i read them all online though. another couple of ideas in this theme: after buying a couple of manga from the store, the store clerk tells you about the website where you can buy manga online for a discount. let’s say, 5 or so manga. and another way to get manga would be to befriend classmates who have the trait “likes manga” or any trait related to that. (you’d also randomly find them reading among other manga readers, or in seclusion from their non-manga-reading classmates)

    any thoughts?

    • I really like your concept of having things like sub traits that could help you gaining items and this could work for other traits like someone who maby builds stuff in there free time like the science club could provide you with various tools

  9. It seems like merely being in town could be very useful just to see if something interesting is going on whether you know about it or not. As long as there’s some resource (such as time) you are spending on this that could be spent on something similarly compelling, this should be a great addition.

  10. You know, this isn’t really exciting because of Osana almost finished, but why even add a small street now? He could’ve waited after the crowd funding campaign, but that means there are even more bugs now! Darn it, Yandere Dev!

    • With a small street, you could buy things that are actually useful to eliminate Osana. It would be boring if eliminating Osana was too easy, like, just get some panty shots and buy a mic and record Osana and blah blah blah. It would be way more interesting if Ayano actually gets to work to get her money and buy a mic. Resuming: The small street is important.

    • The delinquents merely put on facades to cover their true coward selves, but actual shady gang activity happens in the alley (like black market stuff).

  11. i’d also love to be able to access this street without teleporting – maybe ayano lives on that street? (which is opposite to the school, on the same street?)

    • Here’s my ideas-

      Add a snack shop:
      Allowing player to purchase more than one salty snacks at the street , and the snack shop will sell a little bit cheaper than the school’s venting machine.

      Add a Estate:
      If Yandere Chan successful win senpai from the other girls, senpai and Yandere Chan could purchase a department. Allowing them to live together.

      Adding multiple part-time jobs in the game:
      Each part-time jobs should have different salary some jobs have higher salary , some jobs have lower salary. High salary jobs should require Yandere Chan to prove her worth. This time her skills rank would really have a benefits. E.G. if the player wants to be a scientist. Then the biology and chemistry skill ranks should MAX.

      Add a boutique:
      Allowing the player to purchase this will have the similar effect as the panties. (You decides the effect)

      • – Snack shop
        Salty snacks and sodas would probably just be included in the convenience store?

        – Real Estate
        Yandere chan is a highschool student, living at home with her parents. It’s extremely unlikely that she’d be able to afford an apartment.
        I suppose you could use the store as a conduit for Mission Mode so it’s more like a minigame than an alternate mode but otherwise I don’t see the point.

        – Multiple part time jobs
        I think this one is a good idea, more minigames = more replay value. If a player was struggling with the maid minigame it’d be nice to have an alternative.

        – Boutique
        I like this idea, it’d be a good place to buy accessories (permanent ones like how the salon does for hair), panties and just to change the uniform mid play through. Maybe have spare uniforms as well just to cover all bases.

  12. I was thinking… It’s so easy to poison someone’s food. You just need to giggle behind a wall or make a distraction with a radio and then poison his food. The only strange thing is… The person that you poisoned the food sees you walking away from his food, so why he just ignores Ayano suddenly appearing out of nowhere? I get it if the poison is lethal and he dies immediatly, but I don’t get it when he eats a food with headache poison. Also, the people that actually see Ayano poisoning will just low her reputation. They could actually tell the person you poisoned that it was you or tell the police.
    “Ayano wants to poison Kokona’s bento, but Riku it’s sitting next to her. Ayano distracts Kokona and poison her bento, but Riku saw it.
    Kokona eats her bento and dies. Riku tells a teacher and call the police. The police arrives and Riku tell the police that they saw Ayano poisoning Kokona’s bento. But, since he can’t prove it, the police investigation ends and the students are free to leave. The next day, Riku begins to tell everyone, including Senpai, that they saw Ayano poisoning Kokona’s bento.”
    I hope that this comment is clear, my english is pretty bad.

  13. Who enters in a music store nowdays?!!!! well my dear friend, only the ones whose are searching for a nice place to hear it and/or buy it.
    Maybe someone knows about a “SECRET MENU” at this store, only reserved for those with a hidden and deep affinity for the “MUSIC”.

    it could be an interesting store, especially because is really different than the others, is not “COMMON” for the youngest go there, but who knows, maybe an innocent CANARY will sing a forbidden song and become a RAVEN.

    now that I read that, it kinda sound like another invocation or something, I prefer the first one (a secret stash of something, keeped by a “k”anary).

    • most of the time when it doesnt update when i update it with the ‘update now’ button i delete the game (not the launcher) and download it again. i hope that helps! and sorry if it doesnt..

  14. I think changing the music store to a clothing store would be a good idea. Not that I dislike the idea of having a music store, but I think giving the player the option to buy clothes makes a lot more sense. There are many ways in which giving the payer the ability to purchase clothing that would be beneficial. For example: when you burn your uniform in the incinerator and haven’t befriended the sewing student. Not having any spare uniforms can make it impossible in some cases to eliminate your rival. I think being able to buy a spare uniform in the town would not only be convenient but also save players a lot of time. Another benefit of having a clothing store would be character customization. This is more of a “want” than a “need” but I think it would be fun! I think having different casual outfits for yandere would be really cute, and give the game a bit more personality! This also brings me to my next point which is disguises. I think adding shopkeepers/characters to the town is really cool, but saying that yandere chan is a student, don’t you think the adults would treat her a certain way? Having a clothing store would allow the player to buy clothes that could affect the way NPCs talk to you in the street. More importantly, it could hide your identity! Perhaps you wanted to spy on a student visiting the street, I’m sure it would damage yandere chan’s reputation if the student caught them no? Having a clothing store would be EXTREMELY helpful because of that! It would provide more opportunities to the player to get information or items from NPCs! Maybe if yandere chan looked like an adult, the cashier from the convenience store wouldn’t bother asking for an ID card? Though, that seems a bit too OP so I think disguises would work only 2/3 of the time, so it’s still a risk! I also think it would be cool if yandere could buy panties to give herself buffs from the clothing store, since giving them to the player right away makes the game less challenging. I’m not sure if the panties mechanic will stay in the final game but even so, the ability to give yandere chan special buffs is fun, so I’d like it to stay if possible lol. I wrote a whole lot, but I would really like it if anyone else could add onto my idea for the clothing store! I feel like it would be an awesome addition to the game 🙂

    • I’d like your ideas I’ve come up with a boutique idea too! We are similar, if buying clothes can grant player the similar effect as the panties. I think it would be much better!

  15. Here’s my Here’s my ideas-

    Add a snack shop:
    Allowing player to purchase more than one salty snacks at the street , and the snack shop will sell a little bit cheaper than the school’s venting machine.

    Add a Estate:
    If Yandere Chan successful win senpai from the other girls, senpai and Yandere Chan could purchase a department. Allowing them to live together.

    Adding multiple part-time jobs in the game:
    Each part-time jobs should have different salary some jobs have higher salary , some jobs have lower salary. High salary jobs should require Yandere Chan to prove her worth. This time her skills rank would really have a benefits. E.G. if the player wants to be a scientist. Then the biology and chemistry skill ranks should MAX.

    Add a boutique:
    Allowing the player to purchase this will have the similar effect as the panties. (You decides the effect) ideas-

    Last post: 18/10/2019 10:12 HKT

  16. Just gonna throw this out there since you said your cool with suggestions on the town. The ramen shop and the music store could be other jobs/mini-games to help Yandere-Chan make money. Also since the video games serve no purpose other then fun side games, the video game store could give Yandere-Chan “Free test copies” of these games under the pretense of “Beta testing” so that if she can beat them, then report back she’ll get money for it. Those are my suggestions.

  17. Yakuza Yakuza Yakuza!!! I was so worried when you seemed disinterested in having the Yakuza, but now Im super mega hype!!!

  18. This will probably be drowned out by all the other suggestions, but I was thinking maybe it would be cool if you could get a job at shops you can also buy from. Kills two birds with one stone. A location to work, and a location to shop. You could probably get discounts for the shop items too if you do a good enough job. (e.g. work at hardware store, get discounted screwdrivers) I know most would probably be too similar to each other, but a restaurant and hair salon mini-game sounds like it would be fun.
    Also I can see the restaurant and cafe having more than one benefit. Perhaps you can purchase foods from them and take them to school. You can use it to gain the trust of rivals (like a certain food-loving rival perhaps?) Or poison it and leave it somewhere where there are already prepared food (like in the kitchen or an important school event) so someone would consume it. You would have to stalk that someone and figure out what food they like so you know what they’ll go eat first and thus, what to purchase.
    I looked up what ‘strip malls’ (which is kinda what the street is) would have. Loads of good ideas there. I personally like the pharmacy. Perhaps after reading a certain book, researching online or getting biology level high enough, Ayano can buy ingredients from the pharmacy and make some of the poisons?

  19. You’re such a hard worker,the game its getting better and better,you deserve the best^^,thank you for giving us such an amazing game keep up the good work^^

  20. What about a clothing store? It would be fun to pick outfits for Ayano to wear, or even purchase as gifts for Senpai or for the ‘Befriending’ part of the game

  21. Hey Yandere Dev! Asian culture is , when they eat , they put their hands on the table!! I think it would be better, I saw the ramen restaurant. Those girl’s hands just so strange!

  22. Yandere Dev, some opinion for the buying process. Would you mind just add a background instead of bluring the scene when Yandere Chan go into a shop. It is weird because it seems Yandere Chan buying things outside the shop.

  23. I have a idea for the music store you could make it so you can get a job there, maybe to get the job you have to be in the Light Music Club because one of the band members is friends with the person who works there and if you do a task for that band member they could ask there friend to offer you a job there. It could be like a soundtrack trivia like mini game, you could buy the Yandere Simulator OST from there store and play it on a music player and go through the soundtrack and then later or the next day you could go to work at the music store and it would ask you multiple choice questions like some could play snip it’s of songs from the soundtrack and you have to pick which of the four choices the tracks named as, or you could be asked what song(s) would be good for certain moods like upbeat tracks, mellow tracks, frightening tracks, or sinister tracks and you pick the best ones to match those tones that fit the mood that there going for.

  24. First, I love the return of the Rainbow Six, I hope they’ll sneak their way back to the school too one day.

    The street has a great feel, but a few additions would be nice.

    1 – a lingere shop – here Ayano could buy her buff panties (not all of them should be available from the start, but maybe just say three)
    2 – a sport-shop – here Ayano could buy replacments for the sport equipments (baseball bat, dumbel, extra gym and swiming uniform, and maybe the sport pants should be sold here)
    3 – a toy shop – here she could buy items which she could give to the suitor to gift it to the rival in the matchmaking game. I think of plushed animals, matching bracelets, phone charms, ect… all the cute things which

    On first run, that’s all I could come up with.

  25. Did anyone figure out what the last picture in the previous post was? I’ve scoured the video and couldn’t find what it relates to. Can someone help, please?

    Also hyyyyypppe! Seeing some form of the town after hearing about it years ago is like….a dream you know? I can’t believe it’s been 5 years and the OG 6 are coming back too. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

  26. So I really like the new small town 🙂
    My ideas for the music and ramen shop.

    1. Flower shop
    You could buy flowers for matchmaking, for Senpai (like a creepy gift from a stranger) or for yourself as a sort of “room decoration” (this is not very important for the gameplay, but it’s a nice way to make the player have a unique room.

    2. Karaoke/Arcade/Bar
    Here you could hang out with people to gain some information about your rivals, max out your skills or simply spy on Senpai while he’s dating a rival.

    3. Cinema
    Pretty much the same as the second point, but in addition, here you could send your rivals on dates with other males/females to matchmake them.

    4. Smoking area
    Here you could catch your rivals in the act of smoking to give them a bad name.

    5. Gym
    A Gym to gain sporty skills or hang out with people (maybe with Asu).

    6. Part-time-jobs
    Other than the Maid-job you should gain money thanks to other jobs too, if you’re having trouble beating the Maid-minigame.
    You could work in the flower shop for example.

    Yeah thats it. Sorry for my broken english haha

  27. YandereDev, I think you need a character about a man standing in the market place in a white lab coat in a black suit. Hes a black man, 29 years old, arms folded. Ryoba fears him for a serious relationship keep her distance. The man calls himself The Psychologist, he never lose his stance even around women.

    The Psychologist:
    So you are Ayano, Ryoba’s daughter. (Grunt)….. Do you believe the criminals and creeps of this world should have their personal space in their brain LITERALLY respected?


    The Psychologist:
    What if my actions is detention of correctional forced onto wayward souls by force for the best?

    What are you up too?

    The Psychologist:
    (Grunt)… Let’s just say you and Ryoba need IT badly. Hahaha. Here’s a hint, enjoy your wayward mind while you still can. Very soon ….oh uh never mind.

    I will resist, they will resist.

    The Psychologist:
    Sure about that? Haha. What I’m plotting WILL even drive Satan himself from the Bible straight out of business in ruin permanently, way to fast aross the planet. (Cough) I don’t need a weapon nor violence nor power nor be around to go after wayward souls and win every century.

    (Nervous) You- Your that guy mom avoids for classified reasons she won’t say.

    The Psychologist:
    I’m her fated archenemies the hero to Ryoba. Except I’m the one that insist always being up to something. Don’t think for a second Im not watching you to. Try to fight my plans please do, that just makes team good doctors victory a lot more sweet . Enjoy your last wayward soul freedoms while you still can. Hahaha!

    Tell me!

    The Psychologist:
    Imagine a peaceful utopian world for all eternity where no one has the ability to be corrupt nor lazy. The only brain folks have is to practice the positive emotions only be it.

    It will be corrupted by others?

    The Psychologist:
    Sure about that? I planned for that to a zillion times over. Have fun wayward souls while you still can. I see a time limit going to zero. Can’t wait when the real party start. Hahaha! Permanent victory in the bag princess, WE good guys already won permanently

  28. OMG THE YACUZA !!!! I guess if the stores don’t sell for now he doesn’t either… But I’m so happy that he’s there ! I really think he’s cool.
    Also, in the video there was Yui Rio, Yuna Hine and Koharu right ? But does that mean that they transfered to another school or will they be removed later or will the come back to Akademi High ?

  29. The street is so mesmerizing! And I totally exited cuz of there will be another location! But I remember when I went to Japan, the street is really bright and full with the beautiful lamps. Exatcly likes on anime or Japan’s game. You can see the street in Japan usually decored with colorful and unique lamp sign and bulb. I hope in the future the locations is more advanced and upgraded ^^ I believe the same tho cuz you’re the best Yan-Dev!

    And instead only option in front of the door, is there will be map for choosing location? You know, in some games we can choose where we want to go by moving console in map then go to the location by choosing the image. Maybe is there any hope? Because I found it is pretty awkward just go to the location by seeing door in front of you 😅 Thank you Yan Dev ❤

  30. I’m kinda glad that this street exists. If we saw Amai and Senpai interactions in school only. That would be so boring and nothing different from Osana and Senpai interactions.
    Now we get to anticipate Senpai appearing on the Odayaka bakery after school and interacting with Amai
    It certainly adds some color into the Game, though just a little.
    The street is just a start.

  31. I think maybe you should change the scythe (if it actually even makes it) into an item at the anime store. It doesn’t really make sense of why there is a LITERAL scythe in a weapon store. It would make more sense if it was there in the anime shop to be used as a collectible or something used for anime cosplay. I think that every store might need something specific to that shop that you can use as a weapon. For example, the scythe or the Miyuki staff could be in the anime store. The hair salon could have hair spray that blinds people or a razor. But, if you have been wondering, isn’t that too easy?? It honestly would depend on the shop. Some shops have easier to access items, but others are harder. Maybe the hair spray and razor could be found in the storage of the building, on a high shelf, or it requires you to pickpocket the person.

    Uses for the Ramen shop
    1. It could be potentially used as what Yandere Dev said in the video, which was a place to eavesdrop on a conversation.
    2. It could be another part-time job. It doesn’t have to be entirely new assets, you could maybe reskin the maid cafe into a ramen place background.
    3. You can choose to go there for the befriend, betray elimination. It would give you a harder time to betray them because you would have to sneakily put poison or something in it.
    4. It could just be a regular ramen shop you can eat at.

  32. This is a interesting approach! Implementing a street with few different stores seems like a good solutions to the whole town thing. Especially when buying weapons and other things. (better then my idea of Info-chan dark web business.) I’m a little curious as to why it’s somewhat blurry when you go there?

    And as much as I like the idea of catching your rival, wouldn’t it be a bit odd if you can find all your rivals’ secrets (like Kokona’s compensated dating) on the same street? And out in the open for that? I feel like you might need to implement more locations for players to look around in hopes to find their target in questionable situations. Maybe I’m just over thinking it?

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