A Tour of Yandere Simulator’s New Street

I’m sorry it took so long! The new video and build are finally ready. Please enjoy!

In addition to the street, this build also contains a new Headmaster Tape – the first one to be added to the game since 4/26/2018! I hope you’re going to enjoy it!

Click “Continue Reading” for a list of everything that is new or fixed in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to participate in the Photography Club’s club activity, after they had begun sleuthing due to low school atmosphere.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to screw up a teacher’s pathfinding by picking up a suspicious object that the teacher was currently heading towards.
  • It is now possible to purchase a Fake ID from Info-chan’s “Drops” menu. It currently lacks functionality, but may have a purpose in the future.
  • The “stop time” debug command (pause key when the debug menu is open) will now prevent the police timer from counting down.
  • Fixed bug that caused bloody gloves to lose their blood after Yandere-chan took a bath (while not wearing the gloves).
  • Fixed bug that prevented the cassette tape player progress bar from moving as the tape progressed.
  • Adjusted the texture that appears on Yandere-chan’s eyes when she is using Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from recognizing bloody gloves as suspicious.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Jojo Stand easter egg from working properly.
  • Added a new Headmaster cassette tape!

Street Details

  • It is now possible to exit Yandere-chan’s room at nighttime and visit a street.
  • The current street is an experiment/prototype just to test out the concept. There is very little functionality in the current version of the street. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback on how it could benefit the player.
  • It is possible to interact with each store, but it is not possible to buy anything yet. The items listed for sale are placeholders. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on what the stores could sell, and how they could benefit gameplay.
  • I only have one shopkeeper portrait right now, but in the future, each store will have a unique shopkeeper.
  • Besides Yandere-chan and the shopkeepers, there are 15 characters in the street scene. Two of them are well-hidden. Can you spot them all?

What’s Next?

The next build will probably come out very soon; it will add basic functionality to a few of the stores (like the manga store, which would be trivially easy to set up). After that, it’s straight back to work on Osana and Raibaru.

118 thoughts on “A Tour of Yandere Simulator’s New Street

  1. WAIT ! YANDEREDEV. I THINK YOU FORGOT SOMETHING PRETTY DARN IMPORTANT. If you kill someone on friday after hours (instead of the current rival) and let the rival see the corpse. Or in Osana’s case let Raibaru see it and then flee the school with Osana then will she be considered eliminated ? Or if Senpai spots a corpse on the deadline ? What are the consequences ? Will the Rival attempt to confess the next week ?

  2. Maybe, and this is really just a maybe, but if Yan chan learned how to cook ramen (perhaps through a series of books, or lessons), and “got her hands on” some slow acting poison, she could eliminate a rival through the ramen stand. She could only do this once, ot else it would become suspicious, and she could only do it to late-game rivals (because of the preparation time) , excluding Megami, because she is cautious, or “doesn’t like ramen”.

  3. The Music Shop should have unlockable music tracks! I would LOVE to have unlockable bonuses that i get to view, maybe you could put other collectibles in there too(you might have to change the shop but still), like stickers, story cutscenes, artwork, figurines, etc. Basically anything worth earning! I love to earn things in games so please keep this idea in mind.

    • With the clothing store you should buy different clothes because i highly doubt she can sell you stuff with a school uniform. Also maybe you could buy a school uniform with more pockets to hide more things for example: MORE BUSHES!!! :p

  4. Hey, for some reason my game just won’t update? I first tried to force redownload, didn’t work. I deleted the game files and just redownloaded the whole thing, that didn’t work either. I’m stuck on the october 4th build. I don’t know if this is a common problem or if it’s just my computer, if anyone knows anything I would like to hear it. Thanks

  5. In my opinion the street is way too Grey, I know that It Will be changed in the future but a bit more colour would be nice.

  6. The new Yandere Sim update is fantastic! Hey, you wanted us to give feedback, I think there should be a store where you can buy clothes and make it available that we can buy all the current outfits/uniforms in said shop. Not sure about the prices. I know there are a bunch of female outside school outfits and I’d love to be able to choose outfits to wear in town and maybe at school too?

  7. Somehow, I actually kind of feel like the Raiburu finds Osana’s dead body then carries it away bug could be tweaked into something cool. Add unique dialogue and reactions then have Raiburu pick up Osana’s body and run to get her “help” because she can’t believe her friend is actually dead or beyond saving. It could be part of a very difficult to pull off elimination method that results in a mentally broken Raiburu essentially “disposing” of Osana’s body herself and taking on all suspicion of murdering her even if it can’t be proven. Due to psychological trauma, she drops out of school and possibly suicides out. (Super dark idea but a great way to turn a bug into a legend. The Creeper from “Minecraft” started out as a simple bug and then became iconic to the game too).

    Love the street and I think the style is actually kinda charming. The variety of stores is good. Love the idea of having to catch certain events in person there, kind of like how in “Persona 4: Golden” you have different days where you can catch up with different social links.

    I’m hoping that this bit with Kokona is further proof that she’ll get to be a really important NPC or side character throughout the game. I think she’s gotten too much time to just be tossed aside as a non-rival.

    Actually, all of the characters in this game are pretty interesting! Huh, I thought I saw someone very interesting in the alleyway but . . . nah, must be my imagination!

    I think the only major problem with the street right now is that it feels far too straight and linear which makes it feel less dynamic. Having it at an angle like in “P4:G” would give it more oomph.

  8. Maybe the Electronics store could have new phones that have a better camera, battery life, or just more storage to download cool apps but keep It simple if you like.

    It coud also have a portable console that you could bring to school to distract students that you befriended.

  9. Thoughts on the Ramenshop:

    1. The ramen shop could act as a part-time job where you earn less money for the job itself, but gain alternate benefits instead. For example, perhaps working an entire shift would allow the player to stay longer and listen to extra conversations from other students who came by.Maybe another event is happening at school tomorrow, or maybe a store is giving a discount on some items on a specific day.

    1b. Another option would be making it a way to interfere with certain rivals schedules.This part-time job could be something the player can only do on specific days (due to how much people come on particular days) and if they do it enough times they would be allowed to help with making ramen instead of just taking peoples orders or other tasks. If a rival ate there and you have the right items you could have the option to tamper with their food and make them sick and miss the next day at school (For example, if the cooking rival planned to make him a boxed lunch on a specific day). I thought something like this would be an interesting alternative than just poison, though it would likely need to have a set amount of uses.

    2. Allowing for Yandere-chan to spend money to eat there for a slight buff the following day could be useful.

    Random Thought

    Anyone else reminded of Larry from the Amazing World of Gumball when they see the same shopkeeper in every store. I thought that was kind of funny XD. Honestly, “the one shopkeeper in the entire town” could be a funny Easter egg when the games released.

  10. I’m really excited for this game, it’s come so far, I really hope to play it in the future.

    and for once i had some slight ideas… but probably nothing all that good. (I also tried to look up stores that are still popular in Japan and such)

    Random suggestion for the electronics store. I wasn’t too sure what use a drone would have in the game, unless it was some kind of bonus for being able to look around the school if the drone had a camera or could be used to spy on people, but I think the drone would be too obvious in that case. Or maybe a tape player if we can’t automatically get one in the game. But that’s unlikely.

    and maybe instead of a music store, the store could be another restaurant or cafe of sorts so you could possibly stalk your rival on a date with senpai. Or it could just be another dating spot or spot you can spy on people that isn’t just a restaurant. Like an arcade or something. Or maybe that could be the ‘for sale’ store. Idk

    Maybe another thing could be a clothes store where you can maybe buy more outfits? just for fun? kind of a bonus thing similar to the music store. Maybe you can unlock unlockable outfits in the future? Actually speaking of which, maybe you can buy cosmetic items, like make-up, perfume, such and such, maybe to up your seduction trait? that idea just came to mind.

    and maybe you could add some kind of gift shop or store where you can maybe buy gifts for senpai? if that’s necessary in the future?

  11. I’m so excited that Yandere Sim has a new environment!
    Here are some ideas i came up with.

    1) I think to make the street even better, there should be faceless npc’s who would walk through the street, eat at the ramen shop, go in and out of stores, stop by stores, ect… (Kinda like in Persona). It would give so much more life in the street, you wouldn’t be able to interact with them but it gives the street a population of some sort.

    2) Students from school could be in the street like Kokona. If the player goes out after school, i think it would be cool to see students from Akademi High in the street, they could be in there uniforms, but in the weekends they could be in Casual clothing. They could hang out outside some stores depending pf their likes and dislikes. Like, Gaming club could be by the gaming store or Manga store, Cooking club could be by the bakery or Ramen shop or it would be even cooler if some students had part-time jobs.

    3) What is the Music store was changed to a clothing store. I saw a comment suggesting the same thing and I think it’s a good idea. Ayano could buy new outfits, accessories, shoes, socks, stockings. She could even wear the accessories, shoes, socks, stockings to school.

    These are all the ideas I can think of, I love the street and it looks amazing! Best of luck for developing the game. Thank you!

  12. So a few months ago I came up with the theory that mr Saiko is Yandere-Chans dad and because of the new tape I only thinking its more true, like changing the subject of Ryoba knowing her what she did tolerating Ayano on school but doesn’t let Megami in school. Hes has silver hair Ryoba black and Ayano more of a gray-ish black. Megami always talking about a sister. Like what if he left her for another woman and changed his name to Saiko. Kencho stalking you on the boat letting the police only investgate for 6 hours im sorry but it perfectly fits in this is what i think. (sorry for my bad grammer I am from the Netherlands)

    • Many suggets that the music store could be replaced by a clothes store, and I think this could be a great idea! The idea to work at the ramen place seems great too.
      Also, the fact that you could take a picture of Kokona when she’s compensating dating it make more sense that just post it on Kaobook. I mean, how can the bullies know that isn’t a lie? Because if you post everything else it will be considered a lie.

      Now the street is kind of blurry and that’s a shame because you can’t really see the evironment. But I think that this will be fix soon enough.
      (Why Oka is in the street but not at school? What is she doing? 😂 GO TO SCHOOL OKA!)

  13. I think that there should be a clothing store added. Since in the final game, the debug menu probably won’t exist, and the Easter eggs might not make it into the final game. Seeing that, you can at least take the character skins you can and transfer them into the clothing shop for a price, as well as add other popular characters. The Easter egg menu for now has a purpose of giving the player fun little characters that have special abilities, but since that won’t really be in the end game most likely ( cause it makes the game too easy ), you now have the choice of putting character skins that are popular and loved, but didn’t really have a special ability. For example, any of the Doki Doki Litterature Club girls or Danganronpa characters.

    Someone else also suggested it, but I feel some type of restaurant or hangout would be a good place for characters and rivals in the game go to chill, talking about their plans and what they’re doing. This way the player can eavesdrop in on conversation and plan a way to be sneaky.

    I think the other shops would be a good second option of getting items needed to complete certain objectives or plan certain murders, that way the player doesn’t have to rely too heavily on Info Chan or the school to get their items, or if Info Chan doesn’t have a certain item. That gives the player a second option if need be. They can also be where you get cute little accessories, because I feel as though the costume store would be more of place to get full body skins instead of things like simple top hats and stuff. The music store can be full of nice unique tracks that the player can buy to play in the background of their game.

    The last idea I had was that there could be a little store to get gifts and toys, mostly for Senpai. I feel as though even if you’re trying to get rid of the competition and even if you propose your love under the cherry tree at the end, courtship is still a little important. It actually puts you in the running as an actual rival I feel, making you an actual contestant in a love game that you’re determined to win. It also puts up a friendly front, convincing Senpai that you are a nice person and the right one for him. It’s also like an indirect connection, which means you’ll be able to get close to him without having to do it physically. I know the whole point is to make sure he doesn’t notice you, but if you write it anonymously as a secret admirer, sending him notes with every gift, it helps to make it to where if Ayano ever does confess he can feel a little spark instead of feeling like he’s talking to a complete stranger. That would also make a good mini game now that I think about it. Assuming Yan-Chan is able to get his locker combination somehow, there can be a mini game where you have a few seconds to fit the gift and note into the locker before Senpai or another student comes through and notices you in another student’s locker. That would also be good for sabotage, like stuffing a stink bomb in a rival’s locker or taking something from them.

    Those are all of my ideas, hope they’re good and helpful.

    • Those are brilliant ideas! And, the rival locker thing just made me think of something. What if, when you frame rivals for stealing too many times, teachers start doing random locker checks? For example, if later in the game, Ayano can stash weapons in her locker, she would be caught and expelled. That way, the player wouldn’t frame rivals for theft too many times.

  14. I like the idea of the music store, but what if it was a boutique instead? That would be the way you could buy different panties that give different boosts.

  15. Oooh, Mafia Dude returns! How mysterious!
    Or maybe he’s just a reference. Who knows yet?
    As for the music store, how about a boutique for day clothes/disguises/cosplay instead? I think that would be more beneficial to the player.

  16. After playing the update I can honestly say I like it but the blur is kind of annoying, but this could just be because I have horrible eyesight in general. It’s also nice to see some of the rainbow girls again.

  17. Perhaps, if the player is able to select a soundtrack to play in an area of the game (like the school), starting the game with the “default tracks” and allowing the player to purchase other soundtracks to play in the game’s background. Having other background tracks available for the player at the music store. They can listen to the track first, then purchase it (if they like that track). You could probably change the soundtrack on Ayano’s phone, choose what track to play, then the player would hear that track in the area (which they changed the soundtrack) and it would remain on that track, till the player changes it again. This may give the music/record store a more useful purpose to the player. [Also, the soundtracks available in the store could be restricted to certain areas/maps of the game. Like a few tracks would only be heard while at school, home, the town street, or even the basement as well.]
    Plus, if the idea of leaving senpai gifts for him to restore his sanity is put into the game, then the player could buy him gifts at the shops and maybe something to put the gifts in. And if the gardening club shuts down, or the player needs a specific flower to give the suitor for the match making elimination, there could be a flower shop or stand in the town.

  18. Please add descriptions for items, theyd be really helpful in places like the Manga store. Even vague hints would be nice. Without descriptions about the manga series, the player is unsure what the comic could possible help them with.

    I could see the manga store clerk being really into manga, and explaining or talking about a series when you hover over a manga series, this way it doesnt interfere with the layout of the shop screen or make it appear cluttered, and gives the shopkeep some personality.

    Something like “Oh, I love this series! the way the main girl gets the boys to fall in love with her is genius!” from the shopkeep could give you a clue that the manga could help you gain seduction points, or if they said “I’ve heard this series has a lot of gore! I’ve been too squeamish to read it…” that could give the player a clue that the book might give them ideas on different elimination methods, etc.

    Super love the street idea, really hoping it stays! Maybe the music store could be replaced with a costume/clothing store? This way you could purchase things like gloves, masks or props that could be used in elimination methods if ones at school are destroyed/confiscated/unavailable.

  19. The maid cafe is a good idea, however since you’ve created a street, perhaps you could create two job options for the player – the other being either the ramen stand or one of the other locations there, such as the hair salon. These would have to be different game styles since the player should have a choice in how they earn money. The play style of the ramen shop could be similar to “va-11 hall-a” from Sukeban Games or “papa’s pizzeria” from Flipline Studios. The feature of listening in on rivals should still be available, but being able to also work their would give the player a level of changeability. In other cases, like the hair salon, you could set it up as a series of tasks per customer in the game, and rate each by execution to determine how much money the player would earn. Lastly, for a regular shop – such as the music store – the player could have simple tasks, like re-organizing items on shelves, sorting memory games, and cleaning mechanics – the point with stores like these is that they could do different tasks that would make sense for the store. The options on how you choose to set them up are very open. In the case that you choose to do this, it would offer a rooftop location that you can meet with people outside of school for the place that you work at.

    Additionally, on the note of clothing – many people say there should be a method of buying clothes hands on, such as the panties that provide you buffs. This would be nice for the player to have that option through either online or a store, which would be nice to have provided.

  20. I think Yandere-Chan should have the option to rob some of the stores for extra cash or for the Yakuza. Maybe she could frame the robbery on one of her rivals too.

  21. I think it’d be cool if the ramen shop was a burger boss style game. Another opportunity for players to make money if they’re bad at the maid game!

  22. I think it would be a great idea to replace the music store for a clothing store, where you can buy accesories (following the concept of a hair salon for changing Yan-chan’s hairstyle) and uniforms.

  23. I think being able to purchase cute snacks from the maid cafe would be really cool! On it’s own it sounds pretty useless but I think there could be several benefits. I remember the Osana video that yandere dev made, he said something along the lines that “senpai’s sanity will also have an impact on the games ending”. I found this idea interesting so here’s what I came up with:
    I know that having yandere chan interact with senpai kinda ruins the point of the game, but I think there is still a way. There are several ways to eliminate your rival, most of which include their death or something that could traumatize senpai in another way. Because of this lowering senpai’s sanity is pretty easy. But having senpai’s sanity at such a low state could negatively effect the player in numerous ways no? Would it not be better if senpai’s sanity was kept at a more beneficial state? Since the player has the ability to lower senpai’s sanity, don’t you think they should be able to increase it too?
    At the maid cafe you would be able to buy a variety of cute snacks and objects that you could hide in senpai’s locker or book bag. Doing this would make senpai feel as though there was someone out there who actually cared, while chaos bloomed around him. Of course, these treats would be kept entirely anonymous and giving them to senpai would be no easy task. Since yandere chan can’t control herself around senpai, she would have to find a stealthier way to give them to him. It would be even more challenging for the player if senpai was near his book bag at all times and there were usually witnesses at his locker. If that were the case then yandere chan would have to carefully create distractions, and get characters out of certain situations in order to execute her plan. Making it difficult is a good idea since not only does it make the game more challenging, but it also encourages the player to be more mindful of senpais sanity when eliminating their rivals.

    Another use for the treats could be for bribery. What if the player doesn’t have time to befriend a student, but needs them to get out of the area fast? Bribing a student with a treat might be a quick way to do that. If you give a student a treat from the maid cafe they may be willing to do a favour for you without being the players friend. Certain students might like certain snacks too! It would probably depend on their personality. I think this mechanic would be a bit too overpowered, so I think the student should get upset at the player if they try to bribe them more than once throughout a week. Bribing a student too much may decrease your reputation too. I think this feature would be really handy for players that are new to the game and don’t know the layout of the school well (since quickly completing a task would be more difficult for them).

    I also think buying things from the maid cafe could be incorporated into some student tasks. For example a student from the cooking club might want to try replicating an omelet from the maid cafe so they’d ask the player to buy it for them to reference it. Since this feature seems a bit too easy I think that students would only want to try things that aren’t normally sold. I mean, the town is nearby and I’m sure that if they wanted something they’d just get it themselves no? Maybe at the ramen shop you could hear rumours about the maid cafe’s “secret menu” and that the students at akademi are interested in what it’s all about? I think it would be more interesting if after yandere chan got the job, she got access to a secret menu. After a shift a special shop will open up where you can buy items exclusive to employees. Of course the player would be able to buy items normally too, but the benefits of buying special items would be a lot better. Like maybe a for buff, or for a special task, or maybe you can only give senpai special items? The possibilities are endless!

    Dang, a wrote a lot again but I hope you guys liked this idea! Please let me know if there’s anything else that could add into this feature! ♡

  24. I think the town should be affected by school atmosphere as well. If murders are happening in a local school, I would imagine the surrounding town would be on edge, too, even if the atmosphere isn’t as low. This could affect gameplay in that it should be harder to buy items that could be used as weapons. Also, if your character has stalkers, maybe they should follow you in town instead of just at school which would mean they’d catch you using a fake ID and report you. A clothing store might also be nice; maybe instead of having the different panties at the start of the game, you’d have to buy them. It could also be a place where you could buy different stockings or accessories for Ayano.

    Just some food for thought.

  25. YAYAY A TOWN sksksksk I love it! Another amazing update from yandev kun ^D^

    I actually have a few small (or big) ideas regarding this, (so beforehand, pardon my english, since it’s not my first language)(also, pardon, but this reply will be wayyyyy to long).

    1. Couldn’t the hardware store turn into.. well some kind of supply store? Like where people buy pencils, erasers, notebooks, tape, scissors, backpacks, box cutters, etc. And maybe, there could be “different kinds” of pencils or backpacks for an example? Like, you could be able to choose between a plain backpack, a backpack with heart and glitter on it and a black backpack with skulls on it, and based on what you buy, studens at the school would be able to try to imagine what kind of person you are. Idk if japanese schools can have anything like that though..;;

    2. Upgrades for the maid cafe game. Like, speed, more money earnings, a seconds floor maybe?

    3. (I love how you added a hairsaloon) Again, depending on what hair and hair color you have, I think it should make out what kind of person yan-chan will be at school.

    4. Hair accessories. I know some of the hairs have it but it would be a nice touch to add or remove accessories to any hair.

    5. In the future, I think that the ramen restaurant should have a minigame to it as well. I have a few ideas for what the minigame could be. It can be a game where you just have plain ramen in front of you and you have to drag the right ingredients to it (there will be an order that says which ingredients). Another idea is that it can be one of those balance games where you need to balance as many ramens stacked to eachother as possible, but I know how quickly those kinds of games can get boring..;;

    6. The ability to enter the shops and lets you search for the item inside the shop, instead of a list. There is TOO many games that have a shop with a list and I think that entering the shop and walking around searching for what to buy could be creative. In the long run however, it might get boring for players to spend more time than intended on stuff like that, bu to each their own I guess.

    6.5. the ability to also enter the cafe/ramen place. and based on how well you do at the minigame/s, the more/less people will show up at that place.

    7. Being able to get fired from a job.

    8. Multiple minigames for a job. I know that it can take forever, but playing the same minigame over and over will get boring. However, you said in the video that there will be multiple ways to earn cash, so maybe people might not play the minigame as much as I think they will..

    9. You know that scene in catherine/catherine full body when you have drinked up that glas of.. whisky? after a played have done that, there is a small sequence when someone says a small “drink fact”. I think that something similar could be done if two people sat down at the ramen place. They could tell eachother tips about certain things as you mentioned, but also some interesting facts.

    10. The music store could be a way to purchase certain sound for the radio? And depending on the sound, only a certain type of person will react and turn it off? Or you could buy soundtrack from the game (as mentioned) and have it in the background at certain times?

    11. A clothing store. Maybe being able to change the look of the school uniform?

    12. maybe event will take place in the town at certain points? Like there could be sale at one shop at some point?

    • 5. I think you’re thinking of something like those Papa’s games, and I think that would be a great idea.
      8. What if you only got the other minigames by being promoted? Like if you do the normal maid cafe minigame three or four times you’d get promoted to chef and have to do something like the games mentioned in 5

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