Video? New build?

EDIT: I’m sorry! It’s been over 48 hours, and the video still isn’t ready yet. Please forgive me! At this point in the video’s production, I can estimate how long it’s going to be: about 12 minutes and 35 seconds. I’ve currently completed 8 minutes and 27 seconds of the video, so it’s about 2/3rds done right now. It’ll definitely be released sometime on October 17th. I hope to have it out as soon as possible! I’m sorry it’s taking so long, and once again, thank you for your patience!

I’ve finished preparing a new build – and it contains something I’ve been discussing for a very long time! I’m currently making a video about it, and I hope to be able to post that video soon – within 48 hours, if possible.

I’d like to keep the details a surprise until the video is released…but, as is tradition, I’ll share some filtered screenshots with you! Here’s the first one:

Yep, I’m keeping it pretty vague. What could this be about? Click “Continue reading” for 6 more screenshots!

Almost too dark to see anything…but the true significance of this screenshot is the fact that it was taken in the same location as the previous one, just one moment prior.

Who’s this? She seems familiar. I feel like I’ve seen her before…exactly 708 days ago.

One of these people, you should know…but the other one, you’ve never seen before.

This one is completely new, though!

Who could this be? Very mysterious…

I wonder if anyone will correctly guess what this is a picture of? I have a feeling it will either be absolutely impossible to guess, or extremely obvious…

Have fun speculating!

I’ll try to get this video out as soon as possible; thank you very much for your patience!

202 thoughts on “Video? New build?

  1. 5th looks like witness-chan. And the boy with the girl on the 4th looks like the principal and his gf/wife? Also last one looks like moutain with water?

  2. Possibly a 1980’s mode because the guy in the 4th picture sorta looks like the young headmaster idk lol just guessing

  3. Oooh, maybe this has something to do with the Yakuza character and the town? It’s all so mysterious! I’m getting excited 😀

  4. Im guessing that’s Kokona and her going out with a guy to help her father out of debt? Wasn’t that a thing she was doing?

  5. I think this might be 1980’s mode as the first picture gives out the appearance of long hair which Yandere-Chan’s mom has/had back when she was a student.

  6. I don’t think that it is the maid cafe place. I think the girl that’s wearing it is maybe a Bakery. Remember when Yandere dev showed us his progress on Osana recently? It showed Amai (second rival) in a bakery and it kinda looks like that. Just a guess tho 🙂

  7. I’m thinking maybe a small town, the last picture kind of looks like an overall view? The second to last picture makes me think that maybe we can start doing work for the Yakuza for a delinquent side story?

    • He’s been working a lot on Osana, so maybe he’s taking a break to implement this feature since he realised that it was a feature for an elimination? Like the match-maker method? Or, like many have said, the Yakuza?

  8. 1 and 2: walking down the road (Also is that the Guidance Counselor?)
    3: entrance to the maid cafe (With Saki Miyu)
    4: Miyo… (?) But that is defiantly Kokona and an older man.
    5: A prostitute in a dark alley (I think..)
    6: The Mafia/Yakuza.
    7: The town is an Island!!!

    (Hope I got them all right.) (>-<')

    • Bruh I don’t think that’s Saki Miyu. She is most likely Witness-chan. He said “708 days ago” which tells about when he uploaded a video with Witness-chan discussing how students react to murder.

      • OMG You’re right!! She is in the “Making Senpai Reject A Love Confession In Yandere Simulator” video which came out 708 days before!!! You’re smart!

  9. i think that the girl in the third photo is witness-chan because the girl has her hairstyle, and also, 708 days ago (november 6, 2017) yan dev posted a vid showing how to sabotage osana and when he was talking about poisoning her food, he said to do it without any witnesses and witness-chan was standing behind yandere-chan

  10. I took a nap and had a dream where you had to eliminate Osana, but not because of Senpai! No, in it you were Goku and you needed Osana out of the way so you could fight Raibaru with no interference and one-on-one. Then I woke up and remembered it was October 15th, new build day. Isn’t that weird?

  11. sMALL TOWN WHERE YOU BUY THE EQUIPMENT AND ALL THAT- if i’m correct, i’m so happy. this will add a lot more volume to the game, as well as strategy!

  12. For me personally, I don’t think this is 1980’s mode. In the picture with the 2 people sitting on the bench, you can clearly tell it’s Kokana. It does look like young headmaster, but it can also be an older person because it can be the guy who she talks about with the whole dating thing. Also, I don’t think the girl who is wearing the apron is a girl from where Yandere Chan works. Again, a blog post Yandere dev posted a month or so ago, he showed us a picture of Amai and Senpai in a bakery. To me, I feel like that is the bakery where eventually Amai will be.

    • Overall I’m really exited to see what this is gonna be 🙂 As for the other people, I think it might actually be Yakuza, and in the first and second clip it looks like the counselor. As we know the delinquents have a backstory with the counselor. If it is Yakuza, then we have some type of back story already when we enter thorough this update . ( If it’s even this, but who knows? Yandere Dev is sneaky 😀 )

  13. Witness chan is in 3rd screenshot; 708 days ago in the making senpai reject a love confession video on November 6th 2017, Witness chan can be seen watching Yan chan poison Osana’s food

  14. November 6, 2017 was 708 days ago. JUST SO HAPPENS THAT THERE WAS A VIDEO ON November 6, 2017! ALSO AN UPDATE POST! That video was all about Osana which is ALSO SOMETHING YOU’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR A LONG TIME AND YOU SAID ” and it contains something I’ve been discussing for a very long time”. I find it very unlikely, so let’s scrap it. There seems to be a young Kocho Shuyona… All that info COULD lead up to 1980S MODE!… But I would consider that a DLC and not 708 days ago so scrapped again… Looks like Hanako….. HANAKO! CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE HANAKO! HANAKO LOOKING FIGURE NEXT TO SENPAI LOOKING FIGURE! HANAKO! HANAKO = RIVAL AND RIVAL = OSANA! MY SUSPICIONS ARE EVEN MORE CONFIRMED, YET EVEN MORE SCRAPPED! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T KNOW! EVERY CLUE ADDS TO OSANA AND ADDS TO MY SCRAPPED IDEAS AT THE SAME TIME! THIS DAMN VIDEO BETTER COME OUT SOON I NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT! DAMN YOU VAGUE PICTURES!

    (p.s. I am the same “owean25” you might see commenting on twitch streams.)

  15. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I feel like this has something to do with Osana’s befriend and betray story. We know she is having trouble with a boy and the 3rd photo kinda looks like Osana. Let me know what you guys think! I hope I’m right!

    • I think you might have a point! Remember when osana and that bully asked her about a guy she saw her with him? Maybe this is another way to reject senpai or osana issue is that the boy is clinging to her and wants to date her and osana asks us to find a way to him hate her so she can have senpai!!!!! 😀

  16. Perhaps, Witness Chan! I hope so, also maybe a town or the yakuza, witness chan is my guess for picture three as if I remember and did the math right, she was last seen exactly 702 days ago! Hope I’m right!

  17. To me it looks like image 1 is a town/single street. 2 is loading in the same street. 3 is saki miyu, probably working at the same cafe as ayano. 4 is kizana and her suitor (?), in front of “Miyou/Miyō”, i assume is owned by saki’s family (she DOES take well to cooking etc). Next, it looks like a maid of some kind? Not sure. I assume the man in the next one is either one of the yakuza, or the guy osana speaks to on the phone. Not really sure about the very last one

    Sorry for poor/bad formatting, I literally made this account to post this

  18. I believe the last picture is water but where? The town! The town has the water again! The Yakuza. Young headmaster. And Witness-Chan!!

  19. I think it’s a street or a small town. And Yes, the fourth picture shows the headmaster, and next to him I don’t know.

  20. 1. Mida Rana walking on the street
    2. A teacher enters in a cáfe
    3. A maid at the enter of the cáfe
    4. Kokona and an old man
    5. A prostitute?
    6. Yakuza?
    7.I don’t know this image XD

  21. Guys, most likely, the last photo represents this very street in a remote corner, surrounded by a blue background.
    And the specific shapes below, thanks to the filter, could create clouds.

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