Video? New build?

EDIT: I’m sorry! It’s been over 48 hours, and the video still isn’t ready yet. Please forgive me! At this point in the video’s production, I can estimate how long it’s going to be: about 12 minutes and 35 seconds. I’ve currently completed 8 minutes and 27 seconds of the video, so it’s about 2/3rds done right now. It’ll definitely be released sometime on October 17th. I hope to have it out as soon as possible! I’m sorry it’s taking so long, and once again, thank you for your patience!

I’ve finished preparing a new build – and it contains something I’ve been discussing for a very long time! I’m currently making a video about it, and I hope to be able to post that video soon – within 48 hours, if possible.

I’d like to keep the details a surprise until the video is released…but, as is tradition, I’ll share some filtered screenshots with you! Here’s the first one:

Yep, I’m keeping it pretty vague. What could this be about? Click “Continue reading” for 6 more screenshots!

Almost too dark to see anything…but the true significance of this screenshot is the fact that it was taken in the same location as the previous one, just one moment prior.

Who’s this? She seems familiar. I feel like I’ve seen her before…exactly 708 days ago.

One of these people, you should know…but the other one, you’ve never seen before.

This one is completely new, though!

Who could this be? Very mysterious…

I wonder if anyone will correctly guess what this is a picture of? I have a feeling it will either be absolutely impossible to guess, or extremely obvious…

Have fun speculating!

I’ll try to get this video out as soon as possible; thank you very much for your patience!

202 thoughts on “Video? New build?

  1. i’m guessing that the second to last it the yakuza but also i think there’s the small street thingy that he talked about a few years ago

  2. He talks about Osana ! Approximately 708 days ago A video about osana was released we were on Monday, November 6, 2017 the video was released on this date was: Making Senpai reject a love confession In Yandere Simulator.

  3. I think it’s the small town, here’s my theories underneath.

    Picture One: Yandere-chan in new clothes and in the town – around the time when you spawn.
    Picture Two: “The significance in this screenshot is that it was taken in the same location as the last one, just one moment prior.” Think about this, when you spawn in school everyone is already walking around you. Those could just be random people walking around in the town – or it could be some sort of scripted event happening.
    Picture Three: A worker, possibly Witness-chan’s model.
    Picture Four: At first, I thought this could be the headmaster on a date with someone. Possibly 1980’s mode in the small town? Not sure why YandereDev would spend time adding it when he’s so close to Osana’s development being almost complete. But now looking at it, it could be Kokona going on a date with an older man…maybe it could be the headmaster? Who knows, it could just be a version of his model.
    Picture Five: Again, a worker. Although, with him saying it’s completely new, it makes me wonder about the third picture…
    Picture Six: There is no doubt in me that that’s the Yakuza. Could YandereDev have finally implemented him? Or could this be 1980s mode when the Yakuza really was up and at ’em? Judging from the player-model though, it looks like Yandere-chan. Simply, YandereDev had to use one of the hair models already in the game to make Ryoba.
    Picture Seven: I have a few things, it could be a far-away shot of the town, but from the silhouette of a hat and the fact that these are all screenshots could be maybe a police crime scene? Look at the stuff on the ground, that could be blood. Look at the circular things on the sides, they could be police cars.

    Thanks to you if you read it all!

  4. Obviously a town… Those first two pictures have a shop window that says ハートウ something, possibly ハードウェア (hardware)? I have no idea what the last picture is of…

  5. in picture 2 you can see the Teacher just look at the outfit looks same like teacher and the hair style looks like that teacher!

  6. I think he will post between 1 am and 4am beacause normally it is the time he posts the video: WHEN I AM SLEEPING AND HAVE TO WAIT TO BE 6 AM

  7. yandere dev literally said he would make the video today but it’s already 6:00 pm for me and 4:00 pm for him. i seriously think he’s lying because he promised that the video would be out today and it’s already super late in the day

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