October 4th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! There was one especially bad bug in the previous build, so I’ve prepared a new update where that bug is gone – and to justify the release of a new build, there are several other bug fixes and improvements, as well.

To read a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, please scroll down past this stunning artwork of Kokona by milkiii.tea!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is now impossible for Yandere-chan to dismember a corpse if there are no clean uniforms present at school (because this would create a situation where the player is bloody and cannot possibly switch into a clean uniform.)
  • It is now possible for Yandere-chan to stealth attack a student with a bat or a weight, even if there are no clean uniforms present at school, since the act of doing so would not stain her clothing.
  • The controller will now vibrate in sync with Yandere-chan’s heartbeat when she is near Senpai. (Decrease her sanity as far as possible to experience a very rapid heartbeat!)
  • When spying on Gema, the bullies will no longer fuse into one entity while in their “waiting” pose (they will stand slightly apart from one another).
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from switching to the Phone Addict persona if they witnessed a murder while holding a smartphone.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to get stuck in Yandere-chan’s room if they adjusted the game’s settings while in her room.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from being able to return certain dropped weapons to the weapon’s original position.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to walk between a student and the table they were sitting at, in the Gaming Club.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to drag corpses if “toggle run” was enabled.
  • Fixed bug that caused a sphere to appear inside of the chemistry classroom.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Adjusted Info-chan’s prices. (Something like this may seem minor, but it’s an indication that I’ve reached the stage of Osana testing where I’m moving away from placeholder debug values and committing to values that are equivalent to the item’s actual worth, and how much real work should be done to obtain them.)

Osana/Raibaru Update?

Recently, I’ve been playing through Osana’s week and searching for exploits that make it too easy to eliminate Osana or circumvent Raibaru’s AI. I’ve fixed a LOT of exploits recently! With each day, I fix several critical things that would have resulted in a really disappointing Osana build. I’m also testing all possible outcomes in all events; “What if Raibaru is dead when this event takes place? Does the event break? How does the event change? How does Osana’s routine change?” etc. Pretty soon, I’ll be done with this type of broad “making sure nothing is broke” testing, and my focus will switch to Osana’s expulsion method, suitor, and befriend-betray event. Exciting stuff!!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

79 thoughts on “October 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. YandereDev, I am worrying that you are making this game too hard. The more exploits you remove, the smaller the chance becomes of me ever preventing Osana from confessing her love to Senpai.

    • Just befriend her. Or get a mindslave to do the job. Or matchmake her. Use your brain, you can do it ! 😂 ✊

    • Considering the numerous methods and tricks you can use to remove a rival from the situation, its really not all that hard yet. Not to mention, getting away with murder SHOULD be hard and should have real consequences in the world it occurred in. I think the many options and the real meaningful cause and effect is what draws people to this game to begin with.

    • That is something that me and my friends frequently discuss. Osana is supposed to be the easiest rival
      Is megami going to bring machine guns to school?!

      • I hope so. Maybe YandereDev will come in one beast mode like the Batman who laughs, with three attack Robins on his leash 😃😀. I can dream right

      • i agree, I’ve been thinking about that too lol. maybe she’ll turn every student against ayano? or turn senpai against her if she does anything wrong. that’s the quickest game over maybe

      • Yeah, I feel like Raibaru is waaaay overpowered, especially for the easiest rival. I know there are plenty of methods but if you can’t use every one of them what’s the point?

      • There are actually ways to defeat Raibaru, we just need to use our brain to find out them 🙂

      • I think that in everyday life, even if you had the strongest person, EVER. If you snuck up behind them with incredible stealth, they would not hear you. Raibaru is insanely overpowered. I think that the way to beat Raibaru is to drop weights on her or water or something. Maybe, THE YAKUZA. Just a theory, A GAME THEORY.

    • don’t worry you’ll do just fine with this rival besides if you eliminated the rival in an exploited way, that wouldn’t feel so satisfying would it? this IS the easiest rival after all.

  2. It’s a bit surprising to me that Ayano can’t opt to hide somewhere if she’s stuck in bloody clothing, then sneak off of campus and back home after most people have already left. If that were a feature, it should probably only be available in the high range of school atmosphere, and incur some penalty for the next day because I’d imagine it would prevent her from stalking Senpai on his way home and that would certainly cause her some pretty severe anxiety.
    But I also have no idea how hard that would be to implement. Preventing her from soiling her uniform if there’s nothing else available seems like an all right solution.

  3. You’re forgetting the rooms that still lack furniture, such as the workshop, the biology lab and the English classroom. By the way, I think you are making Osana too hard to be the first rival. She’s supposed to be the easiest of all rivals. If Osana is that hard, I don’t want to imagine how hard Megami will be.

    • I mean there’s already a glimpse of what it’ll be like in Mission Mode. Cameras, Metal detectors, she’ll be in high alert etc. I think it’s great that he’s making Osana hard, it would be a shame if he worked all this time into her for her to be easy.

    • To add for the furniture less rooms, the sewing room feels empty. Like spools of thread on a rack would be something to add in there

  4. Actually, that’s right ! We can use a mindslave to kill Osana, so Raibaru doesn’t break the player’s bones but the mindslave’s !!

  5. in my build everyone is holding book bags,, like kokanas but on their shoulders even teachers…is this apart of the update??

  6. I wonder when the demo comes out who will adventure in the empty rooms in the school? The 6 rainbow girls&boys (if they’re added back.)? This goes along with the bathrooms, cause cleaning time is the only time they will walk in the bathrooms, aside making vomit and bullies. (Also the right of the school is empty.)

  7. Maybe you could add new Easter egg or just a plain hairstyle for Yan-chan and it could be THE BEARD from random encounters.

  8. If the rainbow 6 were added back, they couldn’t carry on the original routine since Saki, Kokona, and Riku are in clubs now, I think that the 4 girls and 5 boys that got taken out should become like walking security cameras. They could be split into 3 groups and walk around the school talking. Especially near Osana’s locations. I think that would be a great feature to the game and it would make the game use more stealth.

  9. I kinda wish the husk demon powers had more powers like you could climb pm the walls with the spider legs that you get or something like that not just summoning husk… But dont get this wrong Yandere Dev, I dont like want to give you more work then you already have but thats just my opinion

  10. I always wish Ayano could say something when Senpai says she is acting creepy but of course she does of embarrassment. It would be cool if you trigger that game over while Senpai is talking to Osana, she would get mad at him for being rude to Ayano when he is supposed to be paying attention to what she is saying.

  11. question. will all rivals be present during each week but for the certain week you have to focus on a certain rival? or will it be one rival appears in school for a week and the other rivals don’t appear until their week come up?

    • The other rivals don’t appear until their week however they will stay in the game after their week if you don’t kill, frame or expel them

  12. You know what you have been saying this a lot of times. You said you have already decide what Osana’s suitor and you show it in your previous video. Also you have been working on this for nearly three months. You do not have any progress. This game is five years old. You should consider for one thing. What should you explain if Osana does not in game when it comes to 2020. Are you really focusing on the game or just always saying the same things about what have you been working on Osana.

    • Ya know now you are being rude to yandere Dev, you just never tried to create a game like yandere simulator, yandere Dev put a lot of time to make that game and this is how you thank him for creating that game

    • Wow…okay you are being very rude. Yandere Dev is YanSIm’s ONLY developer so yeah it’s going to take a while to complete the game. Most games take two-three years to develop and those have a FULL TEAM of developers working on them YanDev is one person doing EVERYTHING! Why don’t you try and develop a AAA game all by yourself and we’ll see how long it takes you

      • There is a developer and publisher called tinyBulid offered to work with the author of the game in March 1 st 2017 , and broke up in December. So how can you explain that ? And there is another thing that you should be curious about , this game has been 5 years already , why there are not any company would want to develop with the author ? And you should really look his video he keeps saying that it would make boring if he puts Osana in the game it will become boring. Yeah he said this for a lot of times. Osana’s suitor , be friend or betray list . He keeps saying without showing any progress. Are you mentally like a Common Ostrich just ignore what this game really facing and tells what people have pointed out what this game really faces rude ?

      • YandereDev does explain why he stopped working with the company in a video or a post
        If you were here for long enough you would know about the drama and the online hate that YandereDev is facing now too… People are harassing him and when he fights back they become the victim, that’s not ok…
        It would be boring to put Osana in the game now because her most exciting elimination method isn’t finished yet (befriend/betray)
        So you want spoilers about her befriend/betray elimination method? Like we all know who the suitor is and how the matchmaking elimination method will go, but i would rather not be spoiled about her befriend/betray elimination method.
        There is a nicer way to ask though.. He could just ask the question, not like some interviewer putting pressure on the person that’s being interviewed..

    • He said he knows who will be Osana’s suitor, not that he has implemented their events yet.
      He was working on Osana in general (the demo is pretty much done at this point, only Osana needs to be implemented) aka her suitor, her befriend/betray elimination method, bug-fixing Osana’s events (if there are any) etc.
      Games take time, be patient and wait. We all want to see what Osana will be like, not just you, but unlike you we do know how to wait and be patient.

    • Why would a game literally about killing and getting away with murder be appropriate for children?. Also, why would you ask such an obvious question? also also this game is probably gotta be more bloody/brutal and stuff when the character models are updated soooo…. why asking?

  13. Also, I would like to report a bug, There’s a glitch if you press K/ Restart day & spawn mindbroken student, After you spawn it if you walk with a dead body near the mindslave they will react to the dead body, I don’t know exactly if this is a glitch or not but thanks!

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