October 1st Bug-Fixing Build

It’s really hard to break the old tradition of uploading a new build on the 1st and 15th day of every month!

I don’t have a new video for you, but I do have a bug-fixing build. To read about everything that was changed in the latest build, scroll down past this super-cool music video about Ryoba Aishi, created by Eisjon Noaj!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • A stealth attack will now cause a small amount of noise, enough to alert anyone who is extremely close by (within 2 meters). As a result, it is no longer possible to easily kill an entire group of students when they are walking in a “conga line”. (Eventually, I will probably adjust student pathfinding so that they are never forming “conga lines” in the first place…)
  • The game now acknowledges the mech in the science club as an easter egg, meaning that the game will start using “easter egg logic” once Yandere-chan gets into the mech (for example, while the mech is active, the police won’t arrive at school before 6:00 PM, so that your time in the mech isn’t cut short).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to get stuck in place while picking up a dropped object if they were so far away from the player that their animations were disabled.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a delinquent to get stuck in a weird state if they pushed Yandere-chan after being told to go check their locker for a note.
  • The little box that displays the name of a room behind a door is now displaying the proper text when Yandere-chan approaches a toilet stall.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to learn the opinions of dead students by carrying their corpses around school.
  • If the police arrive at school after the player has activated an easter egg, you will now see a special outcome.
  • Delinquents will now refuse to go check their locker for a note unless you have befriended them first.
  • Fixed bug that caused sewing machines to become invisible when viewed in Cinematic Camera Mode.
  • The low-sanity murder hallucinations now carry weapons, and are no longer misaligned.
  • The player is now able to adjust the game’s settings while in Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Replaced the “pushing male student off roof” voice clip with a much better one.
  • The headmaster can no longer taze you if an easter egg is active.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Jojo easter egg from functioning.
  • Moved some props that were clipping into walls.

36 thoughts on “October 1st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Thanks soooooooooo much for your hard work yandere dev. Please add another way do use the “Yakuza” Maybe a relative of Osoro or… SOMETHING ELSE. I and probably many other people loved the idea. Don’t hurry yourself to get Osana out all TRUE fans of you will wait for you. we al love Yandere Simulator and your hard work. B.T.W I was scrolling at the perfect time so randomly I became first.

  2. Great! I wondered why the settings wouldn’t work at home! But I can’t play the game because my computer is really old, and it has bad frame rate. And I have been waiting for him to fix the stealth attacks. I’ve seen YouTubers kill everybody like that, so that means, the game is better and harder now!

  3. I already knew that video from a long time. But it’s a great work of fanart.
    The dedication put in the audio, in the voice acting, the drawings… That’s pretty cool to see.
    The fandom side of the yan sim is as interesting as the game.

  4. I have known the video for quite a while now, I’m happy that you saw it.
    By the way, if we can’t kill students in lines then i can no longer kill everybody in one day 😅 but I guess it’s for the best.

  5. Hello, yandere dev! I am a junior high school girl from China and I especially like the Yandere Simator game. I think it is a very creative and creative game. The female owner of this game is a bit like me. I see boys I like talking to other girls, and I kind of want to frame them. I don’t know much about English, but I love your game! I love yandere Chan! Good luck with this game!

  6. Lovely updates!!!

    Now with the little sound after a stealth attack has been added, it makes everything a little harder than it was before. Now I’m wondering if
    Students will have different conversation around schools on scripted days
    Weapons making a sound when dropped varying what weapon was dropped.
    And clubs using their club items on scripted days.
    Anyway congrats on making it this far!

  7. i been waiting ages and ages to play a new build sadly know matter how low i put the frame rate i allways cant play because the game crashes before i get to the school….

  8. can I get ur google? I trying to send a crossover fanfic with Yan chan in it to you and if you could make a filler vid reviewing it that would be great! thank u!

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