Video when? Progress report?

Sorry – no video today. I decided that it was more important to spend time working on Osana/Raibaru. If you’d like to hear details about specifically what I’ve been doing recently, I’ll elaborate below, along with screenshots.

As usual, I’d like to share a fan creation with you! Sakura Media has created another episode of LOVESICK! Check it out!

I really love the way Ayano is portrayed here – this video does a great job of depicting her obsession! It reminded me about a feature that is currently missing from Yandere Sim; the ability to collect items that Senpai leaves behind. This is how the player will fill the Senpai shrine. (It’s not supposed to have items at the beginning of the game.)

I’ve uploaded a new build with some bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements. To read a list of all the changes in the new build, and to read a progress report about what I’ve been doing recently, click “Continue Reading”.

Will there be a video? Do you have progress to report?

In 2015, I created something for Yandere Simulator, but never publicly revealed it or told anyone about it. I put a lot of effort into it, so it’s kind of a shame that it never saw the light of day. I think that the story behind it would make an interesting video, so I wrote a script for a video about it. I even requested some Dev/Midori illustrations for the video; I was planning to have a little skit where Dev/Midori comically bicker with one another, which eventually leads to a conversation about that forgotten creation from 2015.

I really wanted to release that video on September 1st. I thought it would be super fun to reveal a “lost chapter” from Yandere Simulator’s history. However, it would be a “filler” video, not a true progress report video, so I knew that some people would be annoyed, and would say, “You should have spent your time working on Yandere Sim instead of making this video!” I started feeling really anxious about how the video would be received, and in the end, I simply decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble. I felt that the value of making Osana/Raibaru progress outweighed the value of the video.

I always feel nervous when I say, “I can’t show you what I’ve been working on, it’s a spoiler!” because there’s no way for me to prove my words are true without showing evidence, and any evidence would be a spoiler. I try to resolve this by showing short clips or screenshots which demonstrate something that doesn’t spoil too much…but I’m sure that there are people who are still doubtful.

As a result, I’d like to elaborate about exactly what I’ve been working on lately (to the degree that I can, without spoilers). Because Osana’s “Senpai Interaction Events” were implemented before Raibaru was implemented, there isn’t any code telling Raibaru what to do during an event, so she just stands around awkwardly. What I’ve been doing recently is going through all of Osana’s events and finding a purpose for Raibaru in each event.

This takes a tremendous amount of time; testing a change to one of Osana’s events can sometimes require me to play through an entire school day (since the consequences of an event can affect other events occurring that day). Want to see proof? Each time I play through a day, I have to attend class. I’ve attended class enough times that I’ve fully maxed-out all of the school subjects! (Multiple times, in fact!)

However, what takes up the most time is fixing various problems that I observe during the process of implementing Raibaru. I really want to avoid a “janky” Raibaru, so I’m taking time to add as much polish as possible, and fix every problem I see.

At this point, I’ve implemented Raibaru into all of Osana’s events from Monday through Thursday. After completing Friday, it’ll be time to implement Osana’s suitor, and then her Befriend/Betray event. I still need some assets for her Befriend/Betray event, so it’s possible that we’ll reach a point where I go back to implementing minor improvements for a week or two, while waiting for some of the remaining assets I need.

Over the course of Yandere Simulator’s development, I have occasionally been asked if Yandere Simulator has a “development roadmap”. It always existed in my mind, but I never created a document or an image to convey it to others. Recently, I’ve been working on an image that, hopefully, communicates my plans for Yandere Simulator’s future. Please take a look at it and let me know if it’s adequate! If not, I’ll consider updating it to convey information more clearly.

Click here for a larger version!

I think that’s everything there is to say regarding the Osana/Raibaru situation for now! I hope that this post answered any questions you might have had about the current state of development!

As mentioned above, I’ve uploaded a new build today with some bug fixes. Here’s a list of everything that I fixed or changed:

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • In a student’s profile, you can see a list of their likes/dislikes. Most social butterflies dislike the topic of “Gossip”, but were responding positively if the player left a note in their locker about the subject of “Juicy Gossip”. To fix this contradiction, I have removed the “Juicy Gossip” option and replaced it with something else that social butterflies would respond positively to.
  • Students will now become suspicious of you at 2x the speed that they previously would. (This is a sign that we’ve reached a stage of the game’s development where the game is complete enough to begin accurately judging the overall experience of playing the game, and tweak the balance of the difficulty accordingly.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to get distracted by dropped weapons even though they were supposed to be running out of the school in a panic (due to Info-chan’s Send Home service).
  • Fixed bug that would prevent some characters from returning to their normal routines after rejecting a note that was placed in their locker.
  • Fixed bug that caused some male students’ hair to have an outline in Yandere Vision, even if they had not yet been photographed.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to soft-lock if the player spoke to Supana Churu about her task, and then rejected the task.
  • Fixed bug that would cause male students to hold notes in a very awkward way, after retrieving a note from their locker.
  • Teachers will no longer scold you for being late to class if they are not present in the classroom.
  • Restored “Near Mode” to the easter egg menu (accidentally removed it in the last build, whoops).
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to complete some students’ Tasks.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sliding doors from being able to fully close.
  • Prevented Osana/Raibaru’s hair from being accessed through Pose Mode. This was an oversight; they were never supposed to be available through Pose Mode.
  • Trying something new for the first time – using one of Unity’s compression options to lower the file size of the build. Not sure yet if it’ll have adverse side-effects (like prolonging loading times). This is a test-drive to see if it negatively impacts the build.

122 thoughts on “Video when? Progress report?

  1. I think I know how to get rid of Raibaru! First sneak into her house. Turn off her alarm and when she gets to school late make her trip in front of the gate. Close the gate and crush her head!

    • Whoa, that’s a cool idea! But how will you make her trip? It’s one thing when Otohiko runs in late, but he is just clumsy and falls. Raibaru probably won’t trip unless you do something to make her trip.

    • actually, that photo of the house is part of osana’s task. You have to sneak into one of her family member’s house and do something. you can find this info on the volunteering spread sheet. but that is a good point

  2. The roadmap was very well made and understandable (though I had to save the picture and open it on photo shop to read it).

    I’m sorry you feel anxious about posting any video that isn’t about the game’s progress but you can always post it after when you done implemented Osana and get enough crowdfunding to hire professional programmers to help with the rest.

    And please remember: as much as you got those people that would criticize you, you have many more who would support you no matter what!

  3. I honestly cant wait until the game is complete! its going to bo a challenge, FINALLY! I can go through a game having trouble the whole time wich makes it 100% better! I was also thinking of a BNHA (Boku No Hero Acadamia for all you weirdos that dont know what it is) easter egg like a todoroki one because the game already has a fire ability (Fire Demon power) and an ice power (Cirno Mode) so a todoroki easter egg would be easy (I think, I dont really know what it is like to be a game developer. also without taking too much time off Raibaru and Osana all you wuld have to do is get a female todoroki hairstyle and combine Cirno Mode and the Flame Demon power but instead of the Cirno thing were it would just kill the person who you hit it would use the petrification effect but making it like blue and some ice particles to make the effect of being frozen and maybe a kind of change between the two abilitys would be like Gazer or Gazor Mode (I cant remember how it is spelt) were you would press the “Yandere Button”to change between the two. I know this is a long comment but I like the idea of it being a side project if it was big enough. I dont know why but this had popped into my head while playing Yandere simulator after using the Flame Demon powers and Cirno Mode. Congrats if you finnish reading this because of how long it thanks for reading!

    • I think the idea is great! However, some people like to play as yandere kun, so I think depending on the gender someone picks at the beginning of the game(or during) should also effect easter eggs and stuff like that.

  4. Yandere dev for me it would not be good for the game to come out silver and not many will be able to buy the game and enjoy the end of the game so please don’t let the game out of money

    • …what do you mean by this? Are you really telling dev to make the game free forever? You do know the target audience is more *actual adults* rather than *10 year olds that can’t afford anything and beg for money from their parents*

      • I copied this from the ABOUT page :
        Yandere Simulator will be free until I am ready to include two rivals in the game. After that point, the game will have so much content that it will no longer be reasonable to give it away for free, and I’ll have to start charging money for it. After the second rival has been implemented, but before the final release date of the game, Yandere Simulator will be sold for a very cheap price (probably something along the lines of $5).

        The price and release date of the final game will depend on a lot of different factors. The most important factor is the fund-raising campaign.

        If the fundraiser doesn’t reach its goal, the final game may have low production values, and might not have all of the features that I’ve been talking about. The game would be released a few months after the fundraiser, and the price would be pretty low; around $5 – $10.

        If the Kickstarter raises the bare minimum amount of money required to fund the project, the final game will have everything I’ve promised. It will probably be released about one year after the Kickstarter ends, and will probably cost $10 – $15.

        If the Kickstarter raises a ton of money and reaches some of its “stretch” goals, then I would be able to implement many of the features that people have been asking for. This would mean that the game would remain in development for a longer period of time, but would be a much better product. In this scenario, the game would probably cost $15 ~ $20.

      • laser bean, this means if we pay earlier we only ha
        ve to pay it for 5 dollars? if thats a great deal for me

  5. Bug/ hello yanderedev my name and Cauã the bug I want to report and a bug when I get in the game is all pink and not to play please help me too I want to talk about another on the other computer I get in time to get in game it crashes and pops up yandere simulator.exe has stopped working …

  6. Yandere Dev can read this comment is important, Yandere Chan must be able to enter the student council club. Yandere Dev can you put this function for the next update of yandere simulator please?

  7. Yandere dev
    i think in the final game people will want easter eggs to mess around,i have a solution and a few requests
    I think when you finish the final game there should be a “week select” where you select with rival you wanna elinimate again
    I also think that when you finish the game, there will always be an option to play again i think that you should be able to play as your rivals and yandere chan will be like nemisis and you have to avoid her
    I think that you should be able to play as your senpai and you have to protect and warn all your rivals of ayano
    I think that when you finish the game or play the game (your choice) you should workm and find stuff for easter eggs

    hope you like my suggestions

    • Pretty sure that Dev said he’d have the keys for things like easter eggs. There will most likely be a week select that you can choose from once you’ve unlocked that specific week, and having the player be able to play as a rival and have yanchan be similar to nemesis chan would possibly be an interesting “woo senpai” minigame, but it would take a lot of work to implement. You see, game development, especially for indie games, cannot happen in the blink of an eye, therefore it may take a few years for something like that to even be considered.

  8. Created an account just to say thanks for bringing back Near Easter egg however I am hopeful and curious about the abandoned script. I hope you change your mind one day

  9. I wonder who raibaru’s suitor would be. I was just wondering but i like where the game is going !Keep up the good work yandere dev!

    • It would be Budo, or someone of the cooking club who isn’t the club leader. (I think she and the cooking club match pretty well.

  10. It would be a little funny and interesting if Raibaru ended up being the suitor. That’s likely not what it is, but just a thought I had xD

  11. Just once, I’d like to see a story where a yandere becomes self-aware and can make an effort to change. I feel like too often we just treat those people like they are monsters instead of just monstrous people. Crazy people are still people. Often they can still change. I just wished our media gave them a chance 😦

    • Not sure what you’re looking for exactly, but there are viable options to go non-lethal y’know. For example, the befriending or the matchmaking methods. If the befriending is still too “monstrous” for you due to the methods done to befriend, then the matchmaking will do 🙂

      • I think what Forrest is expressing is just that he’s grievously saddened by the portrayal of people who’v made bad choices by media. The media portrays these people as bad people rather than ordinary people that have made bad choices.
        IMO, what he’s asking for is kind of a “redemption arc” for Yan-chan.

    |>🍕> sorry for yelling here’s a pizza.

    • game development is often a long and tedious process. you can’t just snap your fingers and it becomes a completed game. nice pizza

  13. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the image host you’re using…images often take a while to load or often error out. I still got the gist of the post and am happy to see that YanSim is going along quite well-and now that I have a comp that can REALLY play it!

  14. I think that to finish The matchmaking suitor and the befriend/betray sequence he could use some of the scripts that were used on Kokona but he said that he needs to make a diferent routine for the suitor and needs more assests for the betray sequence and while he was working I thought the idea that he would use all of the scripts for kokona on Osana but I don’t think now that this is gonna happen

  15. “After Friday, it’ll be time to implement Osana’s suitor.”
    Anyone else still think it might turn out to be Raibaru?

    I wouldn’t call this wishful thinking, but I get a peculiar vibe from watching Raibaru around Osana.

    • It’s not Raibaru,It’s the red headed guy that leans on one of the metal boxes on the top floor near where the basu sister’s talk,he has ???? as a crush and yandere dev has posted a blur image of someone inside a room with alot of magical girl pretty miyuki which means that the “someone” in the room is a huge fan of the series,and if you notice,Osana looks similar to Miyuki.

  16. Hi YandereDev!

    I also love LoveSick as a fan series. Ultimately, I do hope that Yandere Simulator does get picked up for some kind of official animated adaptation just because the lore you have created through the characters and underlying story of the game would be beautifully explored through such a medium.

    To me personally, a game’s story and characters are its most important aspects, with actual gameplay best being used to assist in the process of storytelling, like you demonstrate through the ‘stalking’ feature being useful in gather information.

    That being said, I admit I am a very casual game player, and as a result, mini games like Magical Girl Miyuki, the Light Music Club, and the Ayano’s maid cafe job are definitely challenging for me, even at their easiest settings. If those mini games, were to be slowed by just a bit, I’m sure I would have a much easier time with them.

    Anywho, that’s about everything I wanted to say. Keep up the excellent work and maybe if I have some free time in the near, I will take a crack at doodling up some fan art.

    All the best,


  17. Another great build! Don’t worry Yandere Dev! i know you won’t disappoint us! Take your time! We’ll be patient ❤

  18. Yandere Dev can read this comment is important, Yandere Chan must be able to enter the student council club. Yandere Dev if you have time you can put this function for the next update of yandere simulator please?

    • Marco please stop spamming the same question… You will be able to join the student council in the final game but it may be implemented after Osana because i can’t think of a reason for it to be implemented before of Osana (and also there are no connections between the Student Council and Osana, unlike Megami and the Student Council)

  19. So close to finishing, yet so far. I cannot wait until it’s finished. I just want to see the first rival in action, keep the good work Yandere Dev!!!

  20. SENPAI WOULD LEAVE BEHIND HIS UNDERWEAR ?????! I dunno, it seems weird… Except if we can sneak into the boys’ bathroom…

  21. im not sure but, if we buy the game at 5 dollars when the game is at steam and folow the development we dont have to pay20 dollars when the final stage comes in? if im correct im definetely buying the game

  22. im not sure but, if we buy the game at 5 dollars when the game is at steam and folow the development we dont have to pay20 dollars when the final stage comes in? if im correct im definetely buying the game.

  23. Yandev I have an idea it called the traumatization elimination method. First the steps the player will have to take to do it: Befriend any student from your class. You will have the option give phone. Once back in class your phone will be on your desk, and it will have a picture of SENPAI on it, he will be in a pose as if he’s attempting to kiss someone. Once home, take a pic of yourself. If you get close to your bed after this, you will have the option to Photoshop. Select that option to get access to the final step, which occurs the next morning.(Yes, this elimination method takes place over the course of 2 days!) Show your rival the picture and watch her run from school in horror. O also implement a student with upward drills xd

  24. Not to be nitpicky or something, but if the game reaches more at crowdfunding campaign, the game should at least cost 30 dollars. It is kinda weak for such a good game. And it will give you more money and ability to create ”DLC” rivals and new gameplay modes.

    I wish you uploaded that video. So long it is about a game and potentional new feature I…”WE” wanna hear about it. And you are awesome and good luck at programing!

    • Oh and also I think that stealth attacks should have sanity anims. I mean it is a lot of work but still though it would be awesome. And yan chan since she gains sanity when near senpai, she should lose sanity when near rival at much more faster rate.

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