August 25th De-Janking Build

There were some miscellaneous things in Yandere Simulator that felt very “janky”, so I took the time to fix them. Since this build focuses on minor improvements rather than bug fixes, I’m choosing to call it a “De-Janking” build rather than a “Bug-Fixing” build.

Before I present you with a list of all the janky things that got de-janked, I’d like to share a video created by a group of Chinese fans! It’s a video about Osana and Senpai, set to a Chinese song with lyrics that are appropriate for them. There are English subtitles so that you can enjoy it even without speaking Chinese!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Moved the delinquents to different classrooms (they are 2nd-years and 3rd-years, so they can’t occupy 1st-year classrooms). Horuda and Kuu Dere have been moved to 1st-year classrooms.
  • If Yandere-chan talks to a student while standing extremely close to them, she will now back up to a more reasonable distance.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to turn in certain students’ Tasks (Kokona, Saki, Ryuto).
  • The “Learned Topic” and “Learned Opinion” messages will now specify exactly what topic/opinion was learned.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s panties to be unaffected by changes in lighting.
  • The text on the welcome mat in front of the boys’ locker room is no longer reversed.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “Send Student To Locker” feature from working.
  • Fixed hairstyles that turned invisible when Yandere-chan received a game over.
  • Doors will no longer shove Yandere-chan when they are opening/closing.
  • Added sound effects and voices to the maid minigame.


I didn’t learn about it until today, but someone turned my favorite video into a Yandere Simulator MMD! I love it!

55 thoughts on “August 25th De-Janking Build

  1. I don’t know if this was on purpose, but the names for Dairoku and Hayanari are switched. Just thought I’d let you know.

    • Isn’t Horuda just a placeholder?
      Her name is literally “hold place” in a Japanese accent, and her description says so too.
      I also don’t agree anyway, since Kuu Dere has the loner persona and so will prefer being alone to being with anyone else.

  2. I think the reason why the delinquents are not on 1st grade it is because they have a long backstory that one make sence if just joined Akademi

  3. yandere dev! yandere dev! i just wanted to know: you said that a way to eliminate osana was to tie her hair to something heavy and dump her in the water
    but will raibaru be there too?

  4. I hope you read my comment yandere dev bcs i have been played yandere simulator for 2 years and i want to you know that your game is the best. And i had one suggestion why don’t you make create character for yan-chan even though this suggestion is a lot of work and a lot of planning that’s okay. Your game is still awesome the way it is
    Hope your game will success.

  5. Guys I opened the Json folder beacause I wanted to change some things and without I want I discovered a information about Kokona Haruka, did you saw that too?

  6. *watches Fine Day vid*
    Well. Up till now I was undecided on how to handle Osana. Now I have come to the conclusion that her smile is precious and we must protect it at all costs, on all playthroughs. Shut up, I’m not crying! You’re crying!

  7. oh hey .. Gay frogs with Genka . have not seen that one

    but have seen a lot with Ayano and the student council girls .

  8. Uuh i want gay frogs to be an elimination method. Just turn all girls gay and then you can have senpai to yourself. Although if senpai turns gay you just have to get gender reassignment surgery. Nothing is to much for senpai!

  9. You know, this is kinda unrelated to this update, but, I’m kinda surprised that a mode like Witch mode, with time stopping and throwing knives while time is frozen, wasn’t made to reference Touhou Luna Nights
    I just kinda thought it’d fit perfectly

  10. Yandere Dev can read this comment is important, Yandere Chan must be able to enter the student council club. Yandere Dev can you put this function for the next update of yandere simulator please?

  11. GUYS I THINK I KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF RAIBARU! Sneak into her house. Turn off her alarm. Then when she gets to school late make her trip somehow then close the gate and crush her head!

    • That would be kinda cool. Like climbing up her fence but being sneaky so she’s late to school, but if your in the delenquent gang, like they could push her down in the fence and hold her there. But you’d need to pay them with something cuz they dont wanna do it cuz your friends.

    • that actually kind of makes sense because there’s a thing where yandere-chan sneaks into someone’s house at night at least in devpai’s video there was lmao

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