August 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

While working on Osana, I fixed some miscellaneous bugs that were floating around in the previous build. I’ve prepared a new build with some fixes and additions!

Before I give you the changelog, I’d like to share some phenomenal delinquent-themed artwork that I’ve received from Kuushi,, Liliavellana, and TheGreyEyes!

Scroll down to see bigger versions of their astounding artwork! has an inaccurate username, and a badass illustration of Delinquent Ayano!

Kuushi drew Ayano wearing a very intimidating face mask – I want to add it to the game!

Liliavellana drew Ayano in the school uniform I designed several years ago! That takes me way back!

TheGreyEyes drew four illustrations of Ayano, and each one is fantastic!

Now that I’ve finished sharing this outstanding artwork with you, I can get to the changelog!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Removed exploit that allowed players to keep a character stationary indefinitely by talking to a student about their Task and never dismissing the Task Window.
  • Fixed bug that caused delinquents to pick up dropped weapons and return them to their rightful places, like good students.
  • Adjusted the pathfinding grid so that it should be less likely for a student’s path to the male locker room to be blocked.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers / student council members to react to panty shots with the wrong line of dialogue.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to softlock if the player tried to attack a delinquent after befriending him.
  • Added voice lines for the “Generic Placeholder” task. (Female only; no voiced lines for males yet.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s delinquent mask to turn invisible during a game over.
  • Turned down the volume of the delinquent leader’s voiced lines, since they were distorted.
  • Changed the animation that Yandere-chan performs when she uses the Intimidate option.
  • Finally finished implementing the “Tasks” screen accessed from the pause menu.
  • Adjusted subtitles for students reacting to certain types of weapons.
  • Added a new easter egg – “Witch Mode”. Press RB (left ctrl) to activate her power, and then press X (the F key) to activate her secondary power.

52 thoughts on “August 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi so I’ve been playing yandere sim and I’ve trying to join the delinquents but it wont let me because when I end the day to go home at the end message it always says error and then yandere sin closes out.

  2. Could you add the Raibaru on the tree poseable? I sometimes want to pose with her but I can’t, I’m not saying to make her move, but, when you’re in Pose Mod, be able to pose her, sorry if this is confusing.

  3. Love this! I wish I had a better computer because my game lags up when I play, it doesn’t give me the options to interact with people when I open their talk menu, buttttt, I’ll just ask for a better computer for my birthday or Christmas XD (I’m most excited about changing the intimidation motion when you talk to students, I wonder what it looks like!

  4. Yandere Dev Stop Litsening To Little Kids And Stop adding thing that you could have done in 2014- 2017! Dev I don’t think that when you add pointless things or minor things in the game you can actually try to create better character models instead of buying them from Unity Asset Store. I’ve been with the game since the beginning and we don’t have a demo. To honest I liked the Yandere Chan model you showed in one of your videos this year but,I’m curious about how long your gonna try to keep up the fact that Osana and Raibaru are both are not even almost finish. Now don’t take this as if I’m trying to shove some Kyrtonyte straight up your or anyone who is reading this asses like other immature kids/teens try to do. Now I would love an interview but I know you don’t even have the time to even do that and I know you don’t even read your wordpress anyway soooooooo……..

    • It’s been years what you waiting for? It’s obvious this isn’t going to finish anytime soon. I’d drop support on patreon if you did and buy diffrent games that are available and done. I get it, some fans have a passion and are willing to wait more years. But after years I care little to no more.

      Goals: Implement osana and raiburu to start a kickstarter
      If kickstarter fails, this is the finished tech demo. No more updates.
      If kickstarter went ok, finish all the other rivals. Make the actual game.
      Refrence can be found in his v-slice explain video.

      Go play diffrent games, this project is helpless. Almost nobody will have that much passion to feed him patreon money for another decade just to add an objective.

      • If you didn’t care, why are you still here? Still giving advice and criticism? This guy has put years of work into this game and “fans” like you are complaining. No matter what he did, you would still be upset. If he released the game fully, it’ll be too quick and you’ll get bored easily. But if he does this, you get mad at it. He’s being smart, it makes us want to wait for the next update. Give the dude a break. Also, you can’t be a dev too, especially with all the grammar mistakes in your complaint.

        How about, stop being a Karen (“Can I speak to the manager, please?”) and either deal with it, it isn’t about you, it’s about all of the fans…or you can’t stop playing and just leave us and him alone.

        Have a terrible day!

    • Don’t be a dick to YandereDev he is working his ass off to get this game done do you even know how hard it is to make textures, get voiced lines, get 3D models, and ect. yes maybe his game might succeed yes it might fail but no one can judge this no one can tell if its going to fail right now. My opinion that I think he is going to succeed at making this beautiful game and I want to see it unravel as an actual true game in the future remember he is probably the only one working on this and he is probably trying to get more important things done than work on Osana or Raibaru. So shut the fuck up and stick your nasty comment up your nasty ass and maybe even taste it on the way up.

      • Maybe you grow up while you wait to showcase a less inmature behaviour. Go out and play, maybe you learn how to interact with other human being on a civiled level. All I did was made a point, I don’t lowball on personal insults as you do. Also I develop A.I based on q learning.

    • Do you even read the update logs or watch his videos? If you do, your comment makes completely no sense at all, because at least 4 things in it have been done or explained.
      Those “pointless minor things” is what makes the game more detailed. The falling cherry blossoms? The fountain water sound effects? The posters around school? Do you call those pointless? If you don’t find something, then alright, if you do find something, then you could be like “woah, I didn’t notice this before!” Would you rather have a bland ass school like in 2016 before he expanded? If you’re talking about the Easter eggs, than wtf do you want him to do while we wait for updates? Plus, it doesn’t even take him that long to add said Easter egg, that’s why they’re so many. He’s adding them for US so we can have FUN. Easter eggs won’t be in the finale game anyways, unless you find them.
      “You can actually try to create better character models instead of buying them from the Unity Asset Store” – He has stated that he was not going to focus on that until sometime after the demo would be released, since if he got new models, he would have to re rig/adjust every single animation to make the new model’s body parts don’t clip unnecessarily. That would take a LOT of time. You have to keep in mind that he’s the only developer on the game, because only HE would know what way he wanted something be like. Everyone else are either volunteers or people who work on other things that don’t involve coding. He’s said that a game like this would require a team to be released at an appropriate time, but he stuck with it anyways, because there’s NO ONE who would this game finished more than him.
      “How long are you gonna try to keep up the fact that Osana and Raibaru and both not even almost finished.” – It’s literally the only thing he’s doing besides the recent “joining the delinquents” and bug fixes if you went back a few update logs. He’s taken so long on Osana because he wanted to polish the game BEFORE Osana was in it, not after (like he’s said so many times in his videos on his pregame checklist). You might be pleased, but it would suck if Osana was completely buggy or everything ELSE was very buggy/ugly. He’s also stated that he won’t inclose any Osana/Raibaru information until he’s done.
      If you want, he’s done an interview with the YouTuber Bijuu Mike. It’s nothing professional, but give it a watch. Sorry for the super long comment! I run into a lot of people that are misinformed or don’t watch his content. 🙂

    • Wow your comment is super rude. There’s nothing wrong with adding more minor things into the game, since they can make the gameplay more immersive and more enjoyable for the players. YandereDev wants this to be a good game, so some things can take lots of time to create and implement into the game. He said that he would get better models and work on better animations eventually, but I think he wants to focus more on the actual game right now rather than change the way the models look. If you watch his videos on his YouTube channel, you would know that Osana is almost ready to be added into the game, which means the demo is almost ready to be released. You need to be patient.

  5. Yandere Dev, Even in the update there was a mistake when I was active with the offenders 5.00 – 5.30 then the game could fail.

    • My game crashed twice when it hit 5 pm is anyone else having this problem, it has been running smoothly until…

  6. I was wondering…
    What if in Mission Mode Nemesis could spawn as a male when disguised as a student?

    However, Good Job Yandere Dev 😉

  7. nagyon jo és érdekesnek nézki… nem lehetne esetleg egy olyan játékot csinálni őszre hogy Kurushitsuji is legyen ez a játék …ezt ugy értem hogy Sebastian Michaelis fö szereplőnk és Ciel Phantomhive gróf a mi Sempai unk.
    ez cssak egy ajánlás….

  8. Am i the only one who has the game crash no matter the resolution? I get that maybe i do not have enough RAM but i can run games like The Witcher 3 with no problem. Am i doing something wrong or is this debug build just way too huge?

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