August 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! The last build had some really unfortunate bugs in it. I’ve uploaded a new build where those issues are fixed!

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this awesome artwork of Delinquent Ayano by!

And also, this equally-awesome artwork by SakuraNoNeko!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the counselor to believe that the delinquents were not present at school if only one of them was missing from the school. (This affects a dialogue option when the player attempts to blame her behavior on the delinquents when being lectured by the guidance counselor.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Light Music Club’s minigame to fail to unload properly and remain active in the school scene even after the minigame had ended.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to complete a delinquent’s task even if their objective had not actually been fulfilled.
  • Changed the drama club’s silk gloves from white to black, because it looks cooler and matches Yandere-chan’s color scheme.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the money label in Yandere-chan’s room from updating properly whenever she spent money online.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent delinquents from being able to react to murder properly if the player befriended them.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to crash when attempting to do the delinquents’ club activity.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to clip in to the plushie desk in the Sewing Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused the cardboard box in the Meme Closet to disappear.
  • Fixed the glitchy physics of Yandere-chan’s latest hairstyle.


84 thoughts on “August 17th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Hey YandereDev, my mom won’t let me play the game because panty shots are a form of currency. I told her I wouldn’t take panty shots, but she still doesn’t want me playing the game because panty shots are a part of it. So maybe you could like make a switch in settings so you could pay Info-Chan with, say, money, or something along those lines. I’d be extremely grateful, and I bet there are others with my same problem too.

      • There’s bugs you can place around the school that count for 5 points. I think YandereDev is planning on adding more forms of payment, but for now there’s hidden bugs you can place around the school. Alternatively, if you open up the debug menu by pressing (\) and then pressing (p) you get some panty shots for free. Hope that helps.

      • I think you’re not old enough to play this game. Your mother cares about panty shots and doesn’t care about stabbing NPC with knife?

      • You can tell her, that there is an option on the debug menu where you can censor them, as well as the blood.

      • Hi, Yanderedev. It is a pleasure can talk with you. Sorry I ask you. But how much time missing for Osana?

      • Really?? Oh, I really like the shadows un Yandere-Sim because the graphics are beautiful and with the shadows the graphics are fantastic. I hope he leave the shadows
        I remember that in one build the shadows were disabled but he activated one more time.

    • this version will be – the remake won’t. yandev explains this in one of his videos, that this is like a…. a sort of, tech demo, then when he finishes adding the very last girl, he’ll hire a whole team to remake the game from scratch and do a proper triple-A release

    • The game will new free when Osana is in it, but when Amai is in it the game won’t be free (I’m not sure if the rivals will be separate purchases or one purchase for the whole game

      • I thought he was making the Osana demo, and then charging for the rest of the game. I may be wrong, so if I am can I get a link to that video? I just dont expect to pay nothing for any video game.

      • He’s getting my money when he starts charging for it.
        Alex deserves to be paid for all the time, grief and effort that’s gone into making this happen.

      • Correction: (and this forum needs an “Edit” feature)
        Though I agree he deserves to be paid for his work, if the rivals are paid-for DLC it’ll just remind me of how cashgrabby recent Mortal Kombat titles have been.

      • Oh wait, i found it in the About page on the official Yandere Simulator site:

        “Is the game going to be free? How much is it going to cost?”

        It says that after two rivals are implemented the game will be sold as a whole but at a cheap price (but the price of the final game is depending on other stuff too, so i suggest that you go and read the whole thing –

      • Oh wait, i found it in the About page on the official Yandere Simulator site:

        “Is the game going to be free? How much is it going to cost?”

        It says that after two rivals are implemented the game will be sold as a whole but at a cheap price (but the price of the final game is depending on other stuff too, so i suggest that you go and read the whole thing)

  1. I want join to the group of the bullies… i think what this is neccesary for the game…. beneficts like talk with everyone, win and make to lose reputation of the others students and abuse of them.

    • it could be usefull when tormenting your rival and driving them to suicide, maybe if we had certain items and if the teachers arent around, we could use those items to bully a student. (like musume with the erasers) or we could get a student to follow us and then place her near a trashcan, pushing her in (there would be reputation penalties of course.) As for reputation, maybe if a teacher sees you bullying a student, you get sent to the councilers office. Or if a student sees you its reputation penalty or defending (heroic persona could defend the bullied student by pushing u away). Anyway if yan dere dev implemented joining the bullies theres actually many benefits, like boosting reputation, bullying students untill they are driven to suicide instead of just gossping about them.

      • Honestly i feel like if you join the bullies you are too overpowered. The bullies have always a high reputation which would grant Ayano the ability to basically drive every person to suicide without reputation loss (i don’t see any other benefit other than no reputation loss), but if there are stalkers in the game, Ayano would be stalked, however that is not enough to balance the ‘no reputation loss’ which the bullies would (i guess) grant if you joined them. But YandereDev stated that he doesn’t see a benefit for joining the bullies in the video where he introduces them (i think), so i guess we’ll just wait and see (maybe he’ll change his mind)

  2. Ok YandereDev I have a question: Why the game crashes when I want to enter the school? I have a laptop with 8 GB RAM and I can’t still get in with the lowest graphics (1/8 res)?!?!?

      • “I think RAM only has to do with textures, not graphics. I’m not sure though so don’t quote me on that.” – Joelwino

      • ‘“I think RAM only has to do with textures, not graphics. I’m not sure though so don’t quote me on that.” – Joelwino’ – Gacha Pie.

        Just making a joke here, ok

  3. Yandere dev, it would be good if in addition to being able to dye you blond you can dye other colors (brown, red, etc)

    • Download the launcher. If there is a new build, it’ll update for you, and you have to click the “Download/Update (idk, i haven’t used the launcer for a long time)” button to update.

      • The launcher has a bug though, you always have to wait like a day after the update is released in order to update your game, if you want to download the new update asap i suggest that you use one of the download links in ‘Download’ (i usually download the game through MediaFire)

  4. I have a question, if the delinquents’ behavior tolerable for 9 weeks then why does Yandere Chan get in trouble?

  5. Hello. I’ve tried to update the game, but whenever it “finishes” updating”, it asks me to move the launcher to “C:/Program Files” or check if the firewall didn’t block acces to the internet. Since the firewall didn’t block access to the internet, I searched “C:/Program Files” on my computer’s files. I couldn’t seem to find it. Can someone help me?

  6. I like your idea for allowing players to access the cheat menu. But I don’t like that you’re taking the debug menu away. If it were me doing it, I would allow access to the debug menu as a reward after winning the game — but not before.

    • The cheat code still makes sense as you cannot win the game with cheats and besides i like that theres a cheat code hardly any games use them anymore

  7. There were some fixed I like, but some of the features from this update doesn’t make sense. I thought the bullies intimidated the delinquents not the other way around. It’s stated in their lore. Another thing is that you’re blaming the delinquents for anything to the guidance counselor when you’re in the delinquents. you’re admitting yourself to the counselor. Eventually, I’m hoping this will get fixed. I know you’re working on Osana, but will there be a purpose or opportunity to kidnap male students? Anyways, keep up the good work Yandere Dev 👌

    • When the delinquents became the delinquents, no one wanted to interact with them (not even the bullies), so their bullying stopped
      You can blame the delinquents so that the guidance counselor expels them, which would give you a big advantage over Osoro (the delinquent rival)

  8. Hey Yandere dev I was wondering, is Nozama permanent? You offered the idea of a small street with shops and yet it I am not sure if it’ll be removed in the final game once the street is done.

    • The current street is just for background, you’ll be able to order stuff online through Nozama (because mostly everyone orders stuff online nowadays)

  9. Is anyone else experiencing severe errors? Like Info-chan’s tutorial comes out as blank and when I get close to senpai my screen goes black and more often then not the entire thing crashes. my laptop is indeed a toaster but I can play other games just fine? Tried deleting and reinstalling but that didn’t work either? Should I report this as a bug or not? I don’t wanna waste YanDev’s time.

  10. I still haven’t downloaded the game but I like to follow its development ^^ I can’t wait to gather enough money to by a good quality PC and the game (I guess it’ll be finished by the time I get to work x)) Anyways, thank you YandereDev for all the features you implement in the game ^^ I will be happy and glad to play your game once it is finished ^^ keep up the good work ^^ tons of support and happyness to you ^^

    • You will be able to join the Student Council but not the bullies (YandereDev said that in the video where he introduces the bullies)

  11. Hi Yandere Dev! I don’t think there are much people who take the time to give you some motivation, so i just wanna say that your doing really good. Yandere sim is one of my favourite games and it’s getting better and better! Keep up the good work.

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