Joining the Delinquent Gang in Yandere Simulator

A new feature has been implemented as a side-effect of putting Osana into the game! Here’s a video all about it:

By the way – the Nemesis manga has been translated into Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Italian! Wow!! I’m so grateful to everyone who helped to translate the manga into so many different languages!! You can find links to every version of the manga in the original blog post about it!

In addition to the ability to join the delinquents, the latest build also contains some other new content, as well! Click “Continue Reading” to see a list!

Delinquent-Centric Changes

  • Each of the delinquents now has a task; this means that it is now possible to befriend all of the delinquents.
  • Normal students will do favors for you after you befriend them. However, delinquents function differently; they won’t do favors for you, even if you befriend them. Instead, befriending a delinquent offers different benefits.
  • If you befriend a delinquent, they will no longer shove you when you get close, or become alarmed when they see you with a weapon. However, the true benefit of befriending the delinquents is something else entirely:
  • If you befriend all delinquents, dye your hair blonde, lower your reputation below -33%, and use the “Tough” persona, you will be able to speak to Umeji (the delinquent in the yellow shirt) about joining their gang.
  • If you join the delinquents, your reputation will never be able to rise higher than -33%, but you will gain a new command, “Intimidate”, which forces students to do favors for you without needing to befriend them first.
  • It is now possible to purchase blonde hair dye from the online store accessed in your home.
  • When wearing a delinquent mask, press the Left Alt key to change the texture on the mask.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a delinquent to repeatedly say his “shoving Yandere-chan away” voiced lines if he came near Yandere-chan while she was in a conversation with someone.
  • Replaced the “teacher counters attack” animation with a new one. The original animation was weird, it looked like something an anime villain would do.
  • Balanced maid minigame payouts so that it’s possible to achieve $100 on easy mode with perfect gameplay, and $200 on hard mode with perfect gameplay.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a phone addict’s picture-in-picture “chase camera” to be visible while completing a Mission in Mission Mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause 3D models to stop rendering when the camera was rotated to certain angles inside the Photography Club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the student council to break up a practice fight in the Martial Arts clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a character to become poisoned and splashed with water at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong text to be displayed when accepting Hazu’s Task.
  • Fixed bug that caused Sukubi Dubudi’s gym uniform to use the wrong texture.
  • Updated music, credits, and menu background artwork for maid minigame.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a new easter egg to the game. When you activate this easter egg, there will be new functionality on the X button, Y button, and RB button. (On keyboard, it’s the F key, R key, and left ctrl key.) (However, I highly recommend playing Yandere Sim with a controller.)
  • Updated the “Berserker Mode” easter egg. The Drakeslayer weapon now has unique attack animations when pressing the X or Y buttons (F key or R key).
  • PSA: The new easter egg is activated by the “F8” key. If you are using OBS to record footage of Yandere Simulator, make sure that “F8” isn’t a hotkey that turns off the recording, or starts a live-stream, or anything like that.

88 thoughts on “Joining the Delinquent Gang in Yandere Simulator

      • Finally Yan Dev got off his lazy ass from streaming video gameplays on twitch and finally did something with his fucking life.

      • At least YandereDev can make an entire game and go through years of people rushing him and hating in him for no apparent reason
        It’s his choice he can stop making the game all together but he didn’t
        Before you call him lazy think about all the time and effort he has put into YandereSimulator as well as all the hate and rushing
        I’d like to see you try make YandereSimulator or rather a very detailed game like YandereSimulator with people with people telling you to get this done get that done over and over and over again
        I’d rather not get Osana done or any of the rivals because of how happy YandereDev is
        Did you ever think about what could be happening in his personal life?
        I’m not saying something definitely is but something could be and all this rushing and hate isn’t going to help him
        If you watched one if the videos he made he said he would need more money for programmers and said it would be better with their coding in my opinion YandereSimulator would be perfect with just YandereDev’s coding but if it helps him any way it could I’d say YandereDev should get “professionals” but he still has to raise money for it
        This is kinda hard for YanereDev o deal with if you want it so bad how about you get your lazy ass up and volunteer to help him
        I suggest you think of all these things before you go saying you should of had this done or saying he’s lazy

      • Len Dolfie what the heck is wrong with you? you are the type of people that slow down the development for posting such dump comments. I would say you’re lazy.

      • Same. Though it seems from looking through other comments other people have been able to get it?

      • This always happens to me, I’m usually able to get the build 24 hours after it’s released. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s to do with where I live, it just happens.

      • The launcher is always like that, I suggest that you use the links in the Download section (I use MediaFire)

  1. Oh awesome! I was wondering if this feature was going to be implemented for the demo and looky here! Awesome job Yandere Dev!

  2. I got a question so i saw in the video that when a slave attacks raibaru she stop the slave but then after that does the slave kills itself or it continues to fight?

  3. As a realistic note: You can’t completely ‘dye Blonde’ from Black. If you want to add another step, I’d add a Hair Bleach, then maybe Dyes. Bleach strips pigmentation from the hair, Dye then adds pigmentation. This could open opportunities to help Suitors change their appearance for your Rival with the player providing items to the Suitor.

    • Uh? Taro doesn’t care about your status (unless all school sharing rumors about your extremely small reputation), he cares about you as a persona.

    • Well Senpai will still love you even if you are a deliquent because he is that kind of person that thinks everybody can be nice and change theirselves in better persons

  4. I don’t know about you guys but hearing YandereDev cal Yan-chan a dirty cheater made me laugh in public a bit. Strange looks aside, he forgot to explain how to raise our reputations back to -33% after we intimidate someone. Otherwise you’re only gonna use it like once or twice throughout the entire game only.


  5. Merhaba Yanderedev, seni ve oyununu çok seviyorum çok güzel ve üstünde çok uğraşılmış bir oyun zevkle oyunuyorum ve neden manganın bu kadar dile çevirilmesine şasırdın ki?

  6. I want yandere chan’s hair changed,I thing game needs to have a big town,I very want to join student council I hope it will be add faster and the delinquents just stands in them area soo this means delinquents look delinquents acting like bad but they not realy doing bad things like pry the teacher for she comming

    • That’s the thing, the delinquents are just pretending to be bad to avoid being bullied/mistreated and use it as a protective bubble against their past mistreatment and block off their emotions.

    • 1. The models are not final (both the hair and the body models) so don’t worry.

      2. I don’t think there should be a small town because you can order anything on the Internet these days and there is no reason for a small town.

      3. The Student Council will be joinable but that feature isn’t implemented yet.

      • Also, a town was planned but ultimately scrapped.
        You could originally cycle to school but I kept getting lost or in the river.

  7. What an interesting approach. I was wondering what kind of perk joining the delinquents will give (beside getting close to Osoro) that be worth a try. But I wonder if this might also effect Genka Kunahito in the story of gameplay in anyway?

  8. And of course amazing update! I even don’t believed, that this ability, to join delinquents, will be sooner, then Osoro! And this new teacher’s animation is awesome, and more realistic! Update is super awesome!
    P.S. Still wondering, will be a feature in future, that allows Ayano, to imitate hairstyles of other students (for mask etc.), or there will be ignoring of hair, like in many shows. :3

  9. Finally! You get to join the delinquents! & I thought you only get to join clubs there. 😅 keep up the great work yandere dev! Can’t wait for Osana to come into the game! 😉

  10. But when yandere dev sayed there are gonna be extras in final game and no easter eggs, does that mean that like if I want falcon mode then I just write it in extras and when I come to game I will be the falcon-chan, because if it is like that I would like like an ghost mode that there will be cutscene that ayano comitts suicide and then she will become ghost!

  11. You should make it so that if you color your hair blonde you’ll have it blonde in minigames as well, I’m thinking that could look awesome 🙂 great process!!

  12. Yan Dev
    This didn’t work
    sorry for annoying you for this but
    I downloaded this once I saw this video and… I either have to tell you or re-download the launcher
    also, the game keeps crashing before the second day so… yeah

    • You can try downloading the game with another link, such as the mediafire link.(You can find that if you click the three bars at the top of this page, then click the “Download” option and then keep scrolling down to find the link)

  13. omg i killed a bunch of people with the new easter egg and the gaming club when to take a picture but i killed them before they could and miku and their phones were floating over their bodies XD

  14. I am wondering if their should be two tasks per delinquent, because of the Yakuza and Guidance counselor wanting to ‘redeem’ or help the Delinquent’s from no longer being Delinquent’s anymore. I am curious how the player will truly befriend them and help them. I don’t know if this ‘befriending’ can be triggered from finding the Counselor’s tape for I doubt she’d ask help from a student or the Yakuza himself about his brother.

    • Finding Genka’s tape and then being able to reform the delinquents is an interesting idea. But I don’t think double tasks are necessary because of that

  15. This is awesome. I waited for that since then you told that it will be possible to join the delinquents. I’ll wait the time when you can join the student council, but I think this will be one of the latest thing that should be done.

    Keep going Yandere Dev!

    P.S.: so Rival-chan is immune to the mind broken slave, uh? Damn! xD Will we be able to crush her head whit a bucket full of dumbells?

  16. Also if you become a Delinquent and are not ‘redeeming’ the Delinquent’s wouldn’t the Guidance Counseler be concern and try to speak to the player to see why they became a Delinquent in the first place and help through their problem?

  17. Anyone think that you will have to dye your hair if you play as Yandere Kun. I hope. I understand this is rather small and pointless but I hope you do have to.

  18. *yes I’m aware Yandev isn’t taking suggestions but I’m just leaving this here*
    Alternatively, instead of/in addition to having cheat codes in the final game, you could have a sandbox mode.
    Sandbox mode would be similar to how the game works now except that there is no ‘Friday deadline’; the game would run without a time limit. All rivals and Senpai would spawn at school, but no scripted events would happen; everyone would just have vanilla routines (Senpai sits at the fountain, club leaders do whatever their club does, etc.)
    You can’t win achievements in this mode, but you can do anything that doesn’t require a scripted event, and all the debug commands are available.
    This mode would let new players mess around with various features without having to commit to one strategy to eliminate a rival, and it would let YouTubers and streamers (assuming Twitch lets YanSim back on…) try various fan challenges like the Alphabet Killer challenge that would normally be impossible in the regular full game.
    Obviously I wouldn’t expect Yandev to implement a mode like this until Osana is done because right now it would be redundant but I hope to see it in the final game.

    • I liked the idea but I think YandereDev would only do that after osana or when he finishes all rival girls and start implementing the modes

  19. I’ve been quite swamped with work recently and I’ve totally forgot to check the blog yesterday, so when I saw that BijuuMike uploaded his new video a few minutes ago my initial reaction was pretty much:

    “What? What?! WHAT?!” before frantically visiting the blog and being greeted with this glorious post 😀

  20. I am curious about something: one of his videos he said that to join the delinquents aside the bad reputation and the tough persona you would have to win the combat minigame for each delinquent I think he forgot about that or he just wanted to be easy

    • Maybe he changed his mind? It does seem kinda weird to beat up people so you can befriend them later on (I know it’s for respect but it’s still kinda weird to me)

  21. Am I the only one who always hopes Midori will show up at the end of a video to annoy YandereDev, and checks the video time when it’s ending to see if thee’s still a minute left for her to mess around with him?

  22. Tested Out The New Build, Loved It! Although There Are Things That Can Change. For Example: Extra Beneficts When Joining The Delinquents. Like, Being Capable Of Theatening The Counselor, Or Fixes In The Display Of Some Text When Speaking To Students. I Was Going To Mention The Ability Of Avoiding The Reputation Game Over, But It Wouldn’t Be Kind Of Fair.

    This Are Just My Thoughts, And This Is Actually An Early Phase Of This New Feature. Either Way I Really Enjoyed It. And I’m Really Excited To See What You Have In Store For Us.

    • I don’t think you should be able to threat the Guidance Counselor in the first place because she would just expel you from school

  23. The feature is nice but instead of a mask like the old female delinquents had as an accessory for joining the delinquents, it’ll be cooler to have those things the delinquents have on their backs (idk what they are called), so you could hide big weapons. Also Osoro and the other delinquents don’t have masks so why should Yandere-chan wear one.

  24. am i the only one who cant get the update..? The launcher says the game is up to date, but none of the delinquents have tasks and blonde hair dye is not available in the store.

      • I’m not so sure about that, Strange. The launcher I use works just fine. Might be a firewall issue.

  25. I’m so excited!!! Also, I couldn’t get the update immediately, but it seems to be working now! Can’t wait to test this out! 😀

  26. I’ve seen some rude comments on here but, I’m super happy about this update. Every update is just one tiny (or sometimes huge) step towards the finished product. I don’t care how fast production is. I don’t care about how much time it’ll take to make this beautiful game. Me and most people just want you to be healthy and you to take time on your game. Me and other people know that it’ll probably take years to finish Yandere Simulator. But we’ll wait. So, all I’m trying to say is, focus on your health and things that are most important to you. If you want to work on the game and then take a break after, that’s totally fine! Don’t listen to the people who bring you down. True fans will support you even if you aren’t working on the game for most of your time. Stay positive, Yandev! ❤

  27. yan dev its great that progress is going good but if you need a vacation thats fine too the people who are truly supporting you dont care how long it will take to finish the game so dont think you have to push yourself to the limit

  28. Are you going to update the school subjects? Those have been sitting there for quite a while without any changes to higher levels of education. Also, when will you update Budo’s martial arts abilities? If he was strong enough to overpower Raibaru, then he should be just as strong as her and serve as another student-terminator patrolling the hallways.

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