August 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

A bunch of bug fixes piled up today, so here’s a new build with all of those bugs fixed!

To read a list of all the bugs that were fixed in this build, please scroll down past this cool artwork by _Maple_Leaf_108_!

By the way, the Nemesis manga has been translated into French! Now French fans of Yandere Simulator can enjoy it more easily!

Fixes, Changes

  • Fixed bugs with the Pause Screen that would occur if the player pressed the “confirm” button and “back” button simultaneously.
  • It is no longer possible to collide with the cardboard box in the meme closet, because it could be exploited in various ways.
  • Attempted to fix exploit that would allow Yandere-chan to brute-force her way into the boys’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s head to remain tilted even after recovering all her Sanity.
  • Fixed bug that caused fog to be rendered improperly after Yandere-chan stopped aiming her camera.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to walk out of the locker room while wearing a towel.
  • Fixed visible gap/seam that was visible on Yandere-chan’s neck when using her towel model.
  • The Science Club’s blood-cleaning robot now moves 4x faster and can travel up stairs.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up certain soda cans.
  • Fixed bug that caused Nemesis to always disguise herself as the same student.
  • Fixed Discord Rich Presence, which had been broken in the past few builds.
  • Fixed bug that prevented an outline from appearing around Kyuji’s hair.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from functioning properly.

102 thoughts on “August 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

      • Listen, if you thinks that YandereDev is SOOO BAD, then, do your YANDERE SIMULATOR better than YanDev your imature Kid

      • OKAY EVERYBODY CALM THE HELL DOWN. This person has every right to dislike/detest YandereDev: it is HIS/HER opinion, not YOURS. And no, I am indeed a supporter of YanDev and his work, but, honestly, helis makes animations merely posted a ONE-word comment; it is neither a 30-page essay filled with swear words nor is it an outrageous post making false claims. This is NOT a big deal, stop making a mountain out of a molehill – this only escalated because many people replied to his/her initial comment in a tone which could’ve been much gentler.
        Anyhow, this ends HERE, helis makes animations keeps his/her opinions to his/herself, everyone else does the same, the matter is resolved, end of story.

        Why am I stepping in like I have any power/authority, and I why am I commenting on a week-old thread? I have honestly no clue.

      • You have your right to your opinions, that’s fine, I’m not going to detest or try and make your opinions seem invalid. The comment I’m writing is to your other comments too. I’m relatively sure Yandere Dev is working extremely hard on Osana, and is trying his best to get her out as fast as possible, while trying not to make the code look sloppy.

        I’m a huge fan of this game. However, we all need to be realistic. The games development has been drastically slow. These are my honest opinions. You can’t hate on my for that. The games been in development for just over 5 years, yet the first rival isn’t implemented. I know Yandere-Dev is and has been working so hard into this game. However, he has reassured us that once Osana is implemented, which should be in the next foreseeable future, that development will be a lot swifter as he has previous code.

        I will always continue to support this game, for however Yandere-Dev does. The game is great fun when a new feature comes out. But the issue is, you can only really play Yandere-Simulator for an hour maximum, before closing it down. But the game is unique and extremely fun.

  1. why don’t you live stream while working on osana sense you keep saying that you are working so hard on her. now you have added the stuff you wanted to add now work on osana. go live and work and fix your coding. take some criticism. you are an adult.

    • Oooh yeah awesome.. Saying you are wanting to surprise the players.. And than stream a slow coding progress to spoil everything🙄… If you dont his way of doing.. Don’t play it

    • Well, if he adds in Osana right now, it’ll be too easy to eliminate her. So, the Raibaru needs to go in around the same time. She’s not finished yet AFAIK. Post implementation there has to be some assurance that she functions as intended. Please stop ordering the man around. Since when are YOU in charge of the project?

      • i never was. btw he said a year ago that she was soon done just needed some coding. now it’s 2019 and she still isn’t done. he keeps saying that he is working hard but then he starts to stream

    • Look, I’m not trying to be rude (okay maybe-) but you’re not his boss here to talk like that. That guy has a life too, and take it easy jesus. Since* Not sense. “sorry but your bad grammar is killing me.”. Lmfao logged in just to comment this kwjdkjjw

    • Ofc my grammar isn’t great😂I am not from America or the United Kingdom… Just a foreign girl that thinks you are stupid to complain about stuff…. And stupid to try to spread hate for no reason than to amuse yourself

    • Do you think that he isn’t working on Osana? If you think that, you should know that these are only bug fixes… I’m pretty sure that YandereDev is working on her and Raibaru a lot (because they are the only thing left besides Snap Mode).

      Why would he livestream himself working on Osana lmao? Just to prove some hater that didn’t follow the game’s progress in like 2 years wrong? And learn how to spell “Since”, because “Sense” isn’t the same, take some criticism, you are a hater

    • Dude, chill out. No need to insult the wonderful creator! I’m sure he is fully aware he is an adult, but he’s been working on this for years, and he’s trying to build up suspense to grant a really big surprise for the players. How many years have you worked on a game that has gained such popularity even when it’s still a debug? Correct! Please try to be a bit more thoughtful when writing comments like these. I hope you are having a good day/night, none the less. 🙂

    • What a great idea Helis
      Let the person who said ” I can’t show you what i’m doing at the moment ” to go live streaming and spoil all his work and progress
      He’s already taken criticism from his volunteers tbh everyone have no problem in waiting…. Just you


    • First of all, you’re still brainwashed?
      Second of all, tf are you doing here?
      Third of all, he works on osana, but he can’t stream it as he would spoil the game more than it already is.
      Fourth of all, he’s working already, he doesn’t need your hate to notice that he has to work on the game.
      Sixth of all, he takes criticism, did you watch his video whee he explains why he didn’t take criticism?

    • He’d be spoiling the story of Osana if he did do a livestream working on Osana. Did you even consider that when you made this dumbass comment?

    • u-umm..well… Yandere dev said that he has worked a lot on Osana, and maybe she’s already finished, but he’s not implementing her right now because there are more features that need to be added to the game, some bugs that need to be fixed, so you just need to be patient.

    • Dude it isnt easy and he wants to keep it a suprise… if you hate him so much then stop following the development of yandere simulator

    • Just look up “yandere dev debunk” and look. Better yet, do something actually productive with your life, instead of boring us all with your whining.

    • Well …Yan Dev adjusted all what happened and all the drama
      You would know that only if you’re fellowing his progress which you’re not
      Tbh all I see in you is a guy who beleives some rumors that he watched from the “internet” of a successful Dev now coming here to spoil it
      believe me but u’re way won’t work but good luck anyway it’s pethatic to see you even try

    • Stop whining about the game, if you have a problem with how he dies things then leave, he has worked his ass off for 6 years give the man a break im sure he is aware

  2. k wtf all im tryna do is play roblox but i got a notification someone logged into my acc. listen y’all beauy queens whoever keeps posting comments here is not the user but a dumbass idek who

    • Idek what you did m8 but do you know how to disable notifications lmao also ik i already said it but when someone just randomly posts here using my acc afterwards just ignore it because its an dumbass who keeps logging into weird websites with my email

  3. I found a bug! If you enable shadows in the menu and set the settings to max quality there are no shadows in game nor is there the sun!

  4. • It is no longer possible to collide with the cardboard box in the meme closet, because it could be exploited in various ways.
    that screenshot’s access is denied:

    Access to was denied
    You don’t have authorization to view this page.
    HTTP ERROR 403

  5. I wonder what video would be published first! 😀 [I hope it’d be “Let’s Examine Tokimeki Memorial” 😀 oh, and btw, Dev, do you remember that you promised to also make “Let’s Examine Yakuza” video back in mid-2016?]

  6. Thank you Yandere Dev for fixing the bug that could cause Nemesis to disguise herself as the same student every time!
    When I played Mission Mode, I always had Himari Fujita as the Nemesis.
    Good job! 🙂

  7. yandere dev! good job for all of coding you did. making a game is HELLA hard but you managed to make a good game! I can see why you haven’t added Osana ye

  8. Hey, could someone tell me where you can find the autor(s) of the french translation of “retribution”? I would like to contact him/her/them.

  9. Hey Yandere Dev, I know you won’t read this but I’m just bored so yeah.

    You’re making a very good game. I wonder how you can have the skill and mental to make and get criticize from your haters. I know that there are a lot people who dislike you, But that’s fine because, If you have at least 1 person support you, It’ll reduce the pain. And you have thousands of people there who support you. So, Don’t ever tink that making Yandere Simulator is a waste of time. It’s because a lot of people are counting on you to be entertained by a game called Yandere Simulator. Thank you, GBU.

    PS. sorry for bad grammar I’m a foreigner from Asia.

  10. I’m so excited about this build! It means that you’re more and more close to the end of the development!

    I hope to see the rest of the classrom finished soon!

    Keep going! ^^

  11. Is anybody else having a problem with the build not updating to the current one? I’ve reported it to the launcher with no response back so far (it’s only been 1 day). So, the problem started with the August 1st build. I was able to push update but it didn’t update to the August 1st build. It was still stuck on the previous build. I even re-downloaded several times and nothing. The August 2nd build came, it updated to the August 1st build. Again, I re-downloaded it and it still was the August 1st build instead of the August 2nd build. Then, the August 3rd build came. I updated it but then it went to the August 2nd build. I kept re-downloading it and it was still stuck on the August 2nd build. So basically, anytime I update Yandere Simulator, it seems to go back to the previous build.
    So for those that had trouble with the August 1st build, are you still having trouble with updating to the current build? If you had trouble with the August 1st build but got it finally updated to the current build, please let me know how you did it if there were any additional steps taken. I want to play the current build of Yandere Simulator so bad!!! 😦

    • I had the same bug with the launcher. If you wait until a day after the build comes out, it should work.

      • Thank you Will The Mountain Dog Eater! I did re-download it through my hot spot rather than my wifi. However, I did wait at least a day after I re-downloaded it and now I’m on the current build. Now I can go back to murdering, I mean being a good school girl and acting innocent throughout so many disappearances.

    • The launcher is always like that… You can download new builds with the download links in Download (i use Mediafire, and the link is also in Download)

      • Thanks Strangesaurus. I’ll remember that next time if waiting a day after the download doesn’t work. I am on the current build now.

  12. hey yandere dev have you ever thought about a hidden rival. Like say after you kill all ten rivals leave a note in senpai’s locker then a cut scene for the hidden rival appears.Ten the player will get 10 minutes to kill the rival, not get caught, clean up,and despose of the corpse and weapons and return to senpai to confess. it would be like a little challenge for the player and they could also have the option to skip if they wanted to. i know that the game takes up a lot but it was just an idea of mine >~< KEEP UP DA AWESOME WORK YANDERE DEV WE ALL SUPPORT YOU

    • I don’t think there would be a hidden rival because rivals are the main thing for Yandere Simulator and you need to know all of the rivals, and 10 minutes is too little time

    • You are all literally elemenary school kids fighting over a comment that has A FUCKING WORD IN IT. With an attitude. This is great. Annoying. But great. Getting defensive for one FUCKING COMMENT.
      Bruh it’s straight up like
      Someone : hate.
      Everybody else : say sike right now.

      • Sorry in advance for the long reply (and this comment doesn’t express hate towards Laser Bean Animations, so don’t think that i’m hating on him/her when you are reading this lol)

        Honestly, how would you feel if someone expressed a lot of hate towards you? That’s why we are defending YandereDev. As you can see the person that commented “great” didn’t even say why he/she commented that (so we just assumed that he/she was hating on YandereDev, and the people that don’t hate him (the people on this website) started defending him). No one likes haters, and that is what happens when you enter a fandom’s territory if you are a hater of the fandom’s subject. I think that almost every fandom gets defensive when the thing the fandom likes (for ex. YandereDev because he’s getting most of the hate but not Yandere Simulator) gets hated, so they start attacking the hater.

      • Well i mean I’ve been follow Yandere Simulator’s Development basically ever since the beggining…but i normally decide to ignore those people because i hate getting in the middle of those things. I commented that because I really couldn’t stand all that drama and really just wanted to put a stop to it. I guess i should’ve picked my words much more correctly.
        Sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. YandereDev, I have an Idea for a DLC rival, picture this, if you kill all members of the gaming club but midori (Gemma, Pippi, Riutu ect) and all phone addicts, sleuths and student council members, Midori will get very angry. Since she is able to have fourth wall breaks, she knows that yandere chan is a killer who is out to kill students. Midori will be so sad that Ayano killed her friends and authority that she will get revenge on yandere chan. She could be just like Nemesis, but more dangerous. For one thing, she will have all of her stats at the highest level because she plays video games at home and not just at school. Second, she can’t be killed directly or even with a stealth attack, this is because she knows the core mechanics of the game, she knows that Ayano can sneak up on her so she will always be cautious, she can’t be killed with a direct attack. Even if you do manage to kill her, she will of course come back to life the next day. Third, because she is a phone addict herself, she will ruin yandere chans reputation by 20 every day the atmosphere is under 50%. This happens because she posts about Ayano on social media talking about how her she is a killer. Lastly: When her friends in the gaming club die, she will take matters into her own hands and will learn all about computers, enough to build a tracker and she will be able to track yandere chan on her phone, and since her stats are all 100% she will have enough seduction to convince people to set traps in the places she knows yandere chan will be next. Midori as a DLC rival is something cool to imagine and I hope that you will be able to implement this after Osana, but heres the rules to recap
    1. You activate midori nemesis mode if you kill all members of the gaming club, phone addicts, sleuths and student council members (this is so that once there’s no authority left she will add up as authorithy)
    2. She cannot be killed by any direct attack and even if you do manage to kill her she will re- spawn the next day
    3. she will ruin Ayano’s reputation by 20% for every day the atmosphere is under 50%
    4. She will be able to set traps for Ayano even when she isn’t near you
    I hope you can implement this after osana.

      • I don’t think the other rivals will get bodyguards like Raibaru because with the rivals the school’s population is 100 people which YandereDev was trying to achieve and he did. But if the frame-rate improves he may bring back the rainbow 9 (i don’t know about bodyguards like Raibaru because he didn’t mention anything about the other rivals having bodyguard-like people following their every step)

      • Oh and the suitors are already implemented (some of the male students have their crush as ??????? which probably means that they will be a rival’s suitor)

      • Other Rival would have bodyguards too,Osana has Raibaru,Amai has Cooking club members and so does all the rival that is a club leader/president as they will have their members as their guard,Muja might have a students visiting the infirmary at times,Mida has the teachers,Osoro has the Delinquent,Hanako will be inseperable from Senpai,And for what i’ve known megami has actual literal bodyguards.

      • I don’t think YandereDev said that, but if the other rivals do have bodyguards i meant that they won’t be like Raibaru (because for example you can kill the whole cooking club)

  14. Ok I have a question. SO why I can’t run thid game with 8 GB RAM? I tried all options for the resolution but it did not work. What else can I do?

    • I feel your pain, dude, it runs slow on mine, too. Don’t know what my RAM is but yeah. It is improving as he improves the code, so all I can say is wait for him to iron out the bugs and redo the slow code. Trust me, it’s improved a lot in a few months. Should be fine by the time the demo comes out

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