July 18th Bug-Fixing Build

While working on Osana and the Mysterious Obstacle, I’ve been making miscellaneous bug fixes here and there. A significant number of bug fixes have piled up, so I’ve prepared a new build that should have fewer issues than the last one.

To see a list of everything that was fixed/changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this pretty artwork by la_petite_planete!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the Mission Mode game over text to be misleading / incorrect if the player obtained a game over because they were witnessed while disposing of evidence.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to perform the “dumping corpse” animation in front of the incinerator while she was dumping something else, like clothes or a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from acknowledging a correctly-executed mission if the target was killed during the struggle minigame.
  • Fixed bug that would cause nearby students to perform the “group takedown” animation as Yandere-chan was receiving a Game Over from Senpai.
  • The “Bullying” topic has been restored to the list of topics that the player can write about when leaving a note in a locker.
  • Fixed bug that caused female Titans to spawn with towels and male Titans to spawn without face textures.
  • Minor cosmetic changes to some characters’ face textures. (Also, updated portraits for all characters.)
  • Re-positioned some of the props in the Science Club, and added one new prop to the Science Club.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to summon the Pain Demon.
  • The radio will now emit music notes when music is playing.

152 thoughts on “July 18th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. ‘Otaku Interests’ Politician Tarō Yamada Wins Seat in Japanese House of Councillors is something that really happened. I wonder if he knew a Ayano.

  2. Hello Yandere Dev. I know you don’t usually read the comments but I have a few ideas for feautures for Yandere Simulator. You mentioned that you would have to do a task for each deliquent to join their group, I suggest that each delinquent has his less favorite bully, by harming the bully you could complete the task for the delinquent. I also suggest that if the player raises their seduction to the max and has a good reputation, students would develop crushes on her, causing her to be stalked. (I don’t ship Ayano with any other student but Taro though.)
    Isuggest that the cooking club members offer food to Ayano as well, then if Ayano was trying to murder the rival, the cooking club member would walk in to offer her food. It would be even cooler if the students witn an heroic persona would unmask the player and try to aprehend them. I apologize for my awful english.

    • YandereDev mentioned in a video that if you have good reputation some might develop crushes on Ayano

      I don’t think the cooking club members should give Ayano food because they are always circulating between the students they are supposed to give food to (plus that would make the cooking club overpowered because if you commit a murder and a cooking club member walks up to you and sees you commit your crime you would have a witness

      I think the people with the heroic personality will apprehend you regardless of the mask

  3. Hello everyone, I’m new to this game, how could I do an update without launcher? I’m already download latest.zip from this blog, but it was error and couldn’t be compressed, so what should I do?

  4. Uhhh there is a bug that i joined the light music club failed at a song and i when i went to the library to study with kokonas sutior the fail thing was there is this a glitch or a bug

  5. Dear Yandere Dev,

    I’ve been thinking about asking you for a few days:
    1-When will you put in the settings the language change?(cuz I’m Brazilian)

    • 1. The game isn’t done yet, you can’t expect different languages until the game is done
      2. Oka has been removed from the game because she is a rival and she isn’t supposed to appear until her week (the 4th week of gameplay), so you won’t be expecting her anytime soon too

  6. dude. when i try to kidnapp someone then i teleport the body comes with me. and the game crashes very time i go home at the end of the day…

    • YandereDev won’t be fixing bugs that are related to debug menu in debug builds because it won’t be present in final build of the game.

  7. Me when bullying topic was removed: Oh! That makes me sad!
    When bullying topic came back: Wow! Thats great! Lets play again… sometime sooooon…

  8. Hello Yandere-dev, i am thinking (if this is not already in) if you have everything for people to develop crushes on Ayano that the flirting with the counselor option will work, and she will have a crush on you and sometimes will follow you, and then when you go to her office she will look flustered and will stutter and say “i know your a good student” but if you go more and more she will start to stop acting flirty and start to get upset with yandere-chan than say “Oh, I thought you were a good student! I guess i was wrong..” thats it, Bye!

  9. Nemesis is 100% Hanako, big shocker I know *sarcasm* anyway hanako lets her hair down on the left side slightly and Nemesis covers up half her face on the left side. And if you compare the original artwork of both of them their body shapes match to. Also in the short manga that we all just went nuts over in Nemesis backstory you can see that whenever the shadow covers her meeting taro’s grave you can see that hanako still has her Pigtails in and she also has really long hair whenever she’s crying on her bed. AND combining that with the fact that hanako is really obsessed with her brother and doesn’t want him to have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) and that he died in this universe would make her ‘break into a million pieces’ my guess is that Hanako went insane and from there on vowed to kill whoever killed her brother (as shown in the manga) under the name Nemesis

  10. I think your repairs and updates are good, but the game experience version needs better stability, if there are Chinese subtitles. If you have a plan, you can put it on Steam.

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